What is PAYBACK?

a.    PAYBACK is a multi-brand loyalty program that lets you earn and redeem points on every shopping. With a wide range of in-store and online partners, you can earn points on groceries, fuel, entertainment, travel, apparel and more. Members can stack up points and redeem these points for free shopping.

b.    Members earn PAYBACK Points by swiping the PAYBACK Card or by quoting the Linked Mobile Number at the time of check-out at our participating partners. 

c.    Points earned can be redeemed for a host of reward options from the PAYBACK Rewards e-Catalogue or for free shopping across multiple in-store and online partner brands.

a.       PAYBACK Membership comes at no cost and offers a host of benefits. Members earn and redeem PAYBACK Points at over 100+ in-store and offline partner brands. Points can be earned by booking movie tickets, fuelling up vehicle, for shopping at a variety of online shopping websites, buying groceries, publishing reviews, shopping for apparel and a lot more. Earned points can further be redeemed for rewards at the PAYBACK Rewards e-Catalogue or for refuelling the vehicle, booking travel and a lot more. For more details, visit www.payback.in

b.      PAYBACK Points earned by a member at our partner brands gets accumulated under the same membership account thus ensuring the member accumulates points at a faster pace. To link all your card accounts, please call the Contact Centre.

a.    One should be above the age of 18 years; while some of PAYBACK Partners are enrolling with age less than 18 years as well.

b.   One should be a resident of India.

We have over 100+ in-store and online partners where you can earn and redeem PAYBACK Points. To view the complete list of partners where you can earn points, please click here and to view the list of partners where you can redeem your points, please click here

Finding our partner stores is very easy. Go to Partner search, type location or category / partner name to know the outlets you are looking for. For e.g. Type 'Bangalore' to know our partners in Bangalore.

You can reach us on 1860-258-5000 (Local call charges apply). We are available from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

You can enrol for a free membership into the PAYBACK loyalty program through its online/offline partner brands.  You would get a unique 16 digit virtual card number. The mobile number used for getting PAYBACK membership would be linked to your account.  You can use same mobile number to earn and redeem points at our partner network


What is a PAYBACK Card?

   a.    A PAYBACK Card is your membership card to the PAYBACK Loyalty Program. Now your mobile number is also your PAYBACK Number. To link your mobile number, please call the Contact Centre.
     b.    The card uniquely identifies every member with his/her membership/card number
     c.    This is not a credit / debit card.

     d.    The card enables you to earn and redeem points from our various partners.

     e.  Earn more benefit being a member  of PAYBACK.

PAYBACK Membership is offered for a lifetime

PAYBACK Card will have the following information:         

     .    16 digit card number
     .    PAYBACK Contact Centre details
     .    Barcoding of the card information

The mobile number used while registration is your PAYBACK Card.
You can use the same to earn and redeem points at our partner network.
The member must report the lost card details to the PAYBACK Contact Centre. Once a card is reported lost, it will be blocked.

Member can also send SMS short code < PBBLOCK > to number 92121246468 from their registered mobile number.

No new fresh card will be issued as you can quote your mobile number for all your transactions at our partners network
The mobile number used while registration is your PAYBACK Card.
You can use the same to earn and redeem points at our partner network..
No new fresh card will be issued as you can quote your mobile number for all your transactions at our partners network


How do I login to my new PAYBACK Account?

Visit payback.in and enter your 16 digit PAYBACK Number / Linked Mobile Number to activate your account online. To view your point balance or update your profile or to redeem PAYBACK Points, you need to enter your 4-digit PIN.
PIN is a 4 digit numeric value providing access to your PAYBACK Account. In case you do not have a PIN, click the ‘Forgot PIN’ link and you will be sent a PIN on your Linked Mobile Number and registered email id.

     a.    View all your transactions, request for a new PIN, etc.
     b.    Update and edit your personal details
     c.    Access Rewards e-Catalogue and place redemption orders online
     d.    Contact us via our website www.payback.in

Yes, your multiple PAYBACK Accounts can be merged subject to certain conditions. To know more about this, please call our Contact Center.

You may update your information through any of the following channels:
     a.    Register yourself on www.payback.in  and get access to update your information instantly.
     b.    You may also call our Contact Center and place the request for updating your information and within 2 working days your information will be updated.

     If you would like to change your existing PIN –
     a.    Login to your PAYBACK Account.
     b.    Go to My Account page.
     c.    Click on Change PIN
    d.  Alternatively, call the Contact Center to update the PIN.

If you have forgotten your PIN – You can call our Contact Center and request for a PIN reset. Customers can also log into our website and click on ‘FORGOT PIN’ link.

Once PAYBACK Membership is issued to an individual, the same cannot be transferred to anybody.

Points can be transferred if he/she is a PAYBACK Plus member.   

Upon the death of a member, his/her PAYBACK Membership account will be closed and all outstanding PAYBACK Points will expire.

A member may terminate his/her PAYBACK Membership by calling the Contact Center and requesting for termination. Post cancellation of membership, the PAYBACK Points already earned and to be earned will continue to be purged and not refunded back to the member. Therefore, please ensure to redeem your points before cancelling the membership.

Cancelled accounts can’t be re activated.


How do I earn PAYBACK Points?

Earning PAYBACK points is easy. For the complete list of our partner brands, please visit payback.in/earn and payback.in/redeem

             Please allow a maximum time period of 45 working days for PAYBACK Points to get credited to your PAYBACK Membership account.

   a.    Visit rewards.payback.in and choose the product from the PAYBACK Rewards Catalogue. Redeem your points and order from the website or you can call our Contact Centre but don’t forget to quote the item code of the product you wish to redeem.
     b.    Alternatively, you can also redeem your PAYBACK Points to shop at our partner brands in-store or online.

You can manage your PAYBACK Points by registering on our website or by calling our Contact Centre or by sending SMS <PBBAL> to 9212146468 from your registered Mobile Number (SMS charges apply)

You can redeem your PAYBACK points at HPCL outlets to get fuel by swiping your PAYBACK Card or quoting your Linked Mobile Number and by entering your PAYBACK PIN.

Please write to us through the Contact Us page on our website or you may call our Contact Center to register your request.

PAYBACK Points will expire in 3 years from the date of transaction.

PAYBACK Points earning is dependent on the partner. To know more, please visit www.payback.in


What kinds of products are available to redeem my PAYBACK Points?

You can choose your favourite reward from a wide variety of options from the PAYBACK Rewards e-Catalogue. You can redeem your favourite rewards with PAYBACK Points either by placing the order online or calling our Contact Centre.

We will try to deliver the desired product in 10 working days. However, if there is any unforeseen delay, then delivery can take longer than 10 days. You can also get in touch with the Contact Centre to get the details.

If in case it happens, you can call our Contact Centre within 7 days from the receipt of the product and we would re-ship the right product to your mailing address.

Yes, you can. Please call our Contact Centre to place the redemption order request or visit rewards.payback.in to convert the points online.

Yes, you can. Please call our Contact Center to place the redemption order request or visit rewards.payback.in to convert the points online.

Orders placed through the PAYBACK Rewards e-Catalogue can be cancelled only by calling the Contact Center within 24 hours from placing the order. Contact Center operates from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Only catalogue orders can be cancelled within 24 hours.

Please visit payback.in and update your mailing address and place the redemption order, else you can also call our Contact Center and place the request.


What is an eCoupon?

An eCoupon is a special offer just for the customer, where she/he will get Bonus Points with a PAYBACK Partner in case they activate the coupon from the partner and then shop during the validity period of the offer, as mentioned in the coupon.

     You can use your eCoupon by following the below simple steps –
     a.   Please visit www.payback.in
     b.   Visit the Coupon Center.
     c.   Input your PAYBACK Card number/username.
     d   You would be able to see your set of eCoupons.
     e    Activate the eCoupon of your choice.
     f    Shop at the respective partner – online or retail outlet.
     g    Bonus points will be automatically credited to your account.

PAYBACK eCoupons are different as they are completely online, easy to use and hassle free. You just need to activate them online and shop to earn the benefits. There is no hassle of carrying the physical coupon.

eCoupons are not transferable and what you activate will be applicable only for your PAYBACK Card number

eCoupons are partner specific. You can activate the eCoupon by visiting www.payback.in and then shop at the respective PAYBACK Partner be it online or at the retail partner outlet to earn bonus points.

The validity and usage terms might vary across the eCoupons. Please read through the offer and TnC for each eCoupon.

eCoupon is valid for a specific time period as defined in the eCoupon itself. Please read the offer details mentioned in the eCoupon.

Bonus points will be credited within 30 days from the offer end date for all coupons except for ICICI Bank & Affiliate partners.
     a.    For ICICI Bank, bonus points will be based on the billing cycle.
     b.    For Affiliate partner, bonus points will be credited within 60 days post the campaign completion

     PAYBACK eCoupons cannot be clubbed with any other offers/eCoupons. Below rules are applicable when multiple offers/eCoupons are available.
     a.    Multiple eCoupons from the same Partner – The eCoupon activated first will only be valid.
     b.    eCoupon & Generic Offer – Only eCoupons will be valid.


How I upgrade to PAYBACK PLUS Membership and what are the special benefits offered?

PAYBACK PLUS is an annual membership upgrade to reward PAYBACK’s loyal customers. The membership offers our members an opportunity to earn greater rewards every time they shop across PAYBACK Partners. You can upgrade to PAYBACK PLUS by redeeming 1,980 PAYBACK Points from your point balance. To upgrade, please click here

As a member, you can unlock 3000 Bonus Points per annum, enjoy 10% discount on points redemption at the Rewards e-Catalogue and 25% Bonus JP Miles on converting PAYBACK Points to Jet Miles and a world of other offers and discounts across leading brands. 

For more information, visit our website www.payback.in or get in touch with the Contact Center.

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Your Mobile number is now your PAYBACK Card. You can use your Mobile number for all your PAYBACK Transactions. Now experience the joy of earning PAYBACK points with your Mobile number! Use your Mobile number to shop at any PAYBACK partner brands. Please ensure your Mobile number is linked to your PAYBACK card. you can link your Mobile number to your PAYBACK account by visiting our website www.payback.in or use our IVR system (Integrated Voice Response).

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