Affiliate Terms And Conditions


In these terms and conditions, unless the context specifies otherwise:

1. “LSRPL” shall mean Loyalty Solutions & Research Private Limited a Company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at Ground and First Floor, Plot No. 34, Sector 44, Institutional Area, Gurgaon, Haryana 122003, India and such expression shall, unless it be repugnant to the subject or context thereof, include its successors, assigns, representatives and transferees.

2. PAYBACK Member (s) means an individual enrolled by PAYBACK Partner holding a valid PAYBACK card/ membership number. These terms and conditions are in addition to PAYBCK terms & condition displayed at and only applicable for Affiliate business. These rules set by LSRPL for this program which are subject to change any time as per the sole discretion of LSRPL.

3. Affiliate Business shall mean redirection of the PAYBACK Member to the Merchant (s) website via or

4. PAYBACK Partner means any or all of the present or future entities, partners, shops, departmental stores, airlines, hotels, restaurants, car rental companies and other participating establishments in the program whether with online or offline presence, in agreement with LSRPL, where members can accumulate PAYBACK Points for purchase of goods and services.

5. PAYBACK Point (s) are Loyalty Points that are issued by its Coalition Partners upon any purchase or availing of services by Member from Partner. LSRPL may also as per its discretion can issue Loyalty Points to it Members as per it sole discretion.

6. PAYBACK Card means a PAYBACK multi partner loyalty program card issued to a PAYBACK Member by LSRPL where a unique membership is given to every PAYBACK member.

7. PAYABCK Membership Account/ PAYABACK Membership means the account where the PAYBACK Member’s PAYBACK Points will be accumulated.

8. Merchant (s) means any independent third party responsible for sale of goods and services. All orders & services are managed by the Merchants (s).

9. Blocked Status shall mean the status where the PAYBACK Points will be credited but cannot be redeemed.

10. Unblocked Status shall mean the status where the PAYBACK Points credited can be redeemed by the PAYABCK Member.

11. Linked Mobile Number shall mean the mobile number of the PAYBACK Member which is linked with the PAYBACK Card.

Terms & Conditions:

1. LSRPL reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions and such changes shall be deemed effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms & Conditions on

2. This platform is an independent third party platform for displaying goods & services extended by Merchant (s) to PAYBACK Members.

3. The complete list of Merchant (s) is available on

4. LSRPL shall not be liable for selling/ rendering the goods and Services.

5. To become eligible for any points issued by LSRPL, PAYBACK Member (s) must go on or http//, APP Banners and Notifications, Browser Notification and Tool Bar extensions, LSRPL promotional emails and SMSs, Digital Platform posts and paid advertisement including but not limited to Facebook, Google Ads and other new Marketing Channels that may be made available to LSRPL.

6. The PAYBACK Member (s) initiating transactions/ shopping through the PAYBACK Marketing Channel (s) shall be re-directed to Merchant (s) website, from where the PAYBACK Member (s) may select across a range of goods and services.

7. Before reaching the merchant website, the PAYBACK Member (s) will be prompted to input their PAYBACK Membership Account or the Linked Mobile Number.

8. The PAYBACK Member’s Membership Account or linked Mobile Number will be passed on to the Merchant which shall be passed back to LSRPL upon successful completion of the transaction.

9. In case of PAYBACK initiated Email or SMS communication, PAYBACK Membership Account will be embedded in the link and will be securely passed on to the Merchant once the PAYBACK Member (s) clicks on the “Shop Now” button.

10. The PAYBACK Member seeking to obtain goods & Services from the Merchant (s) must start with an empty cart at the Merchant’s website. The goods and services already in the cart and selected later shall not accrue PAYBACK Points, if the cart is not empty.

11. To be eligible for PAYBACK Points the PAYBACK Member (s) shall complete the transaction in the same session within 24 (Twenty four) hours. PAYBACK Points will not be accrued if the transaction is paused and resumed later.

12. To accrue PAYBACK Points the transaction must be completed within 24 hours of adding the good (s) to the cart on the Merchant’s website.

13. For eligible transactions, 4 PAYABCK Points per INR 100 spent will be credited within 1 week from the date of transaction in blocked status and the PAYBACK Points will be in unblocked status within 120 days from the date of transaction.

14. To be eligible for PAYBACK Points, the PAYBACK Member (s) must not use any coupon at the time of transaction.

15. The orders cancelled or returned will not be eligible for PAYBACK Points.

16. LSRPL gives no warranty (whether implied or expressed) whatsoever with respect to the goods and services purchased by the PAYBACK Member (s) from the Merchant. In particular, LSRPL gives no warranty with the quality of goods and services.

17. LSRPL shall not be responsible for the delay in receiving goods and services.

18. LSRPL reserves the right to terminate the program, by giving 30 working days notice to all PAYBACK Members.

Disclaimer :

LSRPL shall not be held liable for any deficiency in service/ product or defect or dispute with regard to the product. Any dispute with regard to the defect or deficiency of the services and product shall be dealt by the member.