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Tupperware Classic Lunch With Bag
Tupperware Classic Lunch With Bag
Tupperware Classic Lunch With Bag
Tupperware Classic Lunch With Bag
Tupperware Classic Lunch With Bag
Tupperware Classic Lunch With Bag
Item Code: 16896

Tupperware Classic Lunch With Bag


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  • Inclusive of:3 Piece
    Brand: Tupperware
  • Microwave safe and dishwasher friendly
    Product Material: Polyethylene & Polypropylene


A Comprehensive Lunch Box

The Tupperware Classic lunch box with bag comes with an air-tight seal to keep your meal fresh till lunch time so that your home-cooked food tastes all the more relishing. Carry food safely and conveniently in this Classic lunch box set that includes two round containers, one big and the other small. The bigger of the two bowls has a maximum capacity of 500ml and can be used to pack steamed rice, chapattis, pilaf, risotto, idlis, parathas and more. The smaller one has a capacity of 230ml and is perfect for storing dals, curries, kedgerees, etc.

Seamlessly Blends Functionalities with Looks

This Classic lunch box with bag has been robustly designed to keep food items fresh and nutritious for long time periods. Fabricated from polypropylene and polyethylene, the lunch boxes are durable and resistant to stains. The lids or covers fit perfectly on the containers sealing them hermetically. This helps to prevent spillages and leaks. Furthermore, the containers are fairly translucent letting you see the contents quite clearly. Evidently, the Tupperware lunch box with bag offers a splendid way for storing and carrying nearly all kinds of food items conveniently and comfortably.

  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, environment friendly
  • Microwave safe and dishwasher friendly
  • Air-tight, liquid-tight seal containers ensuring spill-proof transferability
  • Includes one large bowls (500ml), one tropical twin bowl (230ml) and one carry case
From the Manufacturer

People who prefer to carry home-cooked food with them wherever they go, can consider looking at the Tupperware classic lunch box. These products from the world famous Tupperware brand offer excellent utility when it comes to the storage of food. Available in the colour of blue, this lunch box set comes with two containers, with each of them having a different size. These containers also come with a bag for easy storage and added convenience, giving them the ability to be carried around as pleased.

The bigger container from lunch box set, has a carrying capacity of 500 ml. With a diameter of 16.6 cm, this large handy bowl can be used for a variety of food storage purposes such as safely carrying your parathas or rice. The sheer base on both the containers aids in easier identification of the food being carried.

The containers of Tupperware lunch box are made with non toxic, non carcinogenic materials, keeping your hot food safe to consume. The smaller container has a volume of 230 ml, and can be ideally used to carry foods such as curd, curries, and chutney.

Coming with an air tight design, the lids on these plastic based lunch boxes are spill proof, and can be safely used to store liquid based food materials. If you are someone looking for containers that can provide an easy and safe method for storing food, Tupperware classic lunch box is a good option to consider.

Product Features
  • The lunch box set comes with two containers and a carrying bag.
  • Both the containers have spill proof lids.
  • Blue colour is maintained for the set.
  • Plastic is the material used for make the containers.
  • A sheer base helps in easy identification of the food inside.
Note: Product color may vary as per stock availability.

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