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Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 - (8 GB - 256 GB SSD - Mac OS Sierra) MLVP2HN - A(13 inch, 1.37 kg)
Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 - (8 GB - 256 GB SSD - Mac OS Sierra) MLVP2HN - A(13 inch, 1.37 kg)
Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 - (8 GB - 256 GB SSD - Mac OS Sierra) MLVP2HN - A(13 inch, 1.37 kg)
Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 - (8 GB - 256 GB SSD - Mac OS Sierra) MLVP2HN - A(13 inch, 1.37 kg)
Item Code: 34mfbjfbe540i

Apple Macbook Pro Core i5 - (8 GB - 256 GB SSD - Mac OS Sierra) MLVP2HN - A(13 inch, 1.37 kg)

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  • Core i5
  • 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5
  • 2.9GHz Intel Core i5 processor



Model Id
Core i5
2.9 GHz Intel Core i5
2.9GHz Intel Core i5 processor
Model Name
MacBook Pro
Screen Size
33.02 cm (13 inch)
Hdd Capacity
256 GB SSD
Product Code
Battery Type
Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
In Sales Package
MacBook Pro, Power adapter, AC wall plug, Power lead
Hard Disk
256 GB Solid State
Processor Brand
Data Rate
Return Policy
10 Days Replacement Policy - Product replacement is accepted by seller within 10 days of product delivery only in case a wrong or damaged product has been delivered. Cancellation allowed.
Laptop Bag
Processor Count
Operating System
Mac OS X Yosemite
Screen Type
Retina Display
Gaming Laptops
8 GB
8 GB
2560 x 1600 pixels
Graphic Processor
Intel Iris Graphics 550
Suitable For
Travel & Business, Processing & Multitasking, Everyday Use
Clock Speed
2.9 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 3.3 GHz
4 MB
Os Architecture
64 bit
Wireless Lan
IEEE 802.11ac
304.04 x 212.34 x 14.99 mm
1.37 kg
Web Camera
FaceTime HD Camera
Full Size Backlit Keyboard
Pointer Device
Force Touch Trackpad
Warranty Summary
1 Year Warranty
Part Number
Power Supply
61 W USB-C Power Adapter
Usb Port
2 x Thunderbolt 3.0 (USB Type-C)
Built-in Speakers
Internal Mic
Dual Microphones
Sound Properties
Stereo Speakers with High Dynamic Range
Included Software
Built-in Apps: Siri, Safari, App Store, iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote, FaceTime, iBooks, iTunes
Additional Features
Lithium Polymer Battery, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Compatible, Ambient Light Sensor, Accessibility: Reduce Motion, Siri and Dictation, Text to Speech, Switch Control
Personal Computer
0.586613 Inches
11.972417 Inches
8.362188 Inches
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

I'm happy I bought this from amazon

I'm happy I bought this from amazon..I was bit worried about purchasing laptop online but it was a nice experience. the laptop itself is very nice. the 3d sound is amazing. when playing a movie it feels as if the sound comes from somewhere in the room ! it is that good.

Amazon Customer on 25 April 2017

Poor from amazon

Poor from amazon. I bought the laptop on 29 April 2018. When I tried to register for warranty online, I found out that the warranty will expire on 30 July 2018 instead of the one year period. Apple customer care told me that maximum the warranty can be extended to Sept 2018. This is an old laptop which was imported in may 2017.

laka on 9 May 2018

Bad experience the battery doesn’t charge from day one have ...

Bad experience the battery doesn’t charge from day one have sent in request an engineer from TVS visited and confirmed to replace till date no action

Nithyakumar on 29 April 2018


First impressions -1. The camera is better. Sharper focus, less grainy but still not great.2. The keyboard has an outstanding feel and I can type very fast on it. Much faster than the 2015 Pro.3. The Touch ID is everything to love. Easy to get used to. You will take four minutes. Then it predicts all for you. The finger Touch ID and touch bar as excellent additions.4. The sound is much louder and clearer. The previous generation was already good. The Macbook 12 had a decent sound system too. But this is better than both without being obnoxiously loud. You won’t need that JBL flip you lug around.5. It is lighter than the previous generation without losing a premium feel. The build quality and construction might justify why the cost went up by 50%. That is , I purchased 2015 Pro for a lakh and this one…6. The brightness is 25% more than the previous gen. The MacBook Air was very bright. In comparison the 2015 Pro was less bright. This is a marriage of both. With added accuracy of color.7. I was away from home and connected to my android easily using SHARE IT. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you know how to make things work, I guess importing music and films to watch on this laptop was not difficult at all.8. The trackpad is larger than before but this is not a bad thing and doesn’t seem to interfere with my typing.9. The charger curiously says 61W.10. Unlike the iPhone, the Touch ID button acts as both the Touch ID button (or home/menu) plus Power button. In a simpler sentence, the Touch ID button is also the power button situated on the top right above delete button.11. I don’t miss F1 keys.12. Youtube video scrolling is 3x cool as I thought I would find it because the functionality is seamless.13. Another very cool feature of the macbook is that it can be charged from any of the four ports if a charger is attached. So you’re not restricted by keeping it at only left or right hand side.After all of these impressions and the first 2-3 hours passed, I realized I was a little bored because the rest of the computer looks and feels the same way.I will update you on pros and cons shortly…but for now this is the impression.AFTER 3 DAYSLet me say that when I got the 2015 MacBook Pro I spent 100k on it. It seemed like an outlandish amount. I still have it. There is hardly anything to dislike about it. And after a year of using it felt like it is worth it.Presently this is priced at 140K. It has better specifications and all the new features I mentioned in my first impression.Is the 40k worth the extra? It depends on you. If you have a 2015 MBP Retina, I suggest you wait another 2 years before changing your computer.If you have a MacBook Air and if you can afford it, then please buy this machine. You won't regret it.If you have any other non apple computer, I suggest you try it too. You will be blown away since Apple is about 2 and a half times as good as any windows computer in my opinion.What do I hate about this? Nothing really. I am ok having no usb slots. I am ok with no SDXC slots. I wish the camera was slightly better. I wish it didn't cost so much. But lets be honest. You will be able to sell this for at least 70% of the amount (60% at the very worst) even after using for a year or two.PROSScreen is outstanding. Less reflective. More bright than before.The sound comes at you in a way I have not heard any laptop. Loud, crystal clear, speech is 100% better it seems.I fear that after 3 days of using it my old 2015 looks kind of out dated.The keyboard will make you type more accurate and fast.Touch ID is worthyTouch Bar is much better than expectedSlightly smaller than previous generationYou can use any port to charge the machineStarts at 256GB SSD (people overlook the difference in price)This now comes in two colors, space grey and the old silverCons -For the price they should have included a 512GB ssd as a starter model and 1TB as the secondary. Especially when I know they can afford it.The battery should have improved by 2 hoursDoesn't include a USB DongleThe trackpad seems dodgy and big. God knows why they increased the size.Some people will complain about Apple logo no longer glowing.I had three replacement chargers for my old Macbook which are useless now. How is that helping the environment?Mac OS Sierra is so blah. I don't like it.I wish iTunes becomes simpler. It is still complicated and annoying. Bring back the one from 2011.Finder doesn't always show all files and needs some tweaking.NO HDMI Port (biggest con) I will need to invest money now.Conclusion - Read review again. I'll update my review soon.PS I hardly do anything productive on my laptop except write, watch films and videos. Occasionally use iMovie.**UPDATE 23/10/2017**I have been using it for some months now and want to say the following things1) This is not worth the price. This costs roughly 40k more than the previous generation did. Not worth the extra cost.2) Not a good upgrade for anyone cause I have ended up buying every conceivable accessory so diminished utility with respect to ports and lack of cdmi3) Changing my rating from four to 3 stars4) Somehow appears smaller than previous generation5) Gets hot while charging if the charger is kept plugged in for longer than needed by say 2 hours6) Battery life is worse than previous generation7) Speakers initially sounded great - now sound OK8) The keyboard is noisy for night time use when my wife is asleep9) I miss the SD Card slot.10) I miss the HDMI port.11) Touch ID is boring and I never use it.OVERALL UNDERWHELMED.**UPDATED 19th May 2018**A year has passed since I have had this machine and it has honestly grown on me. I'm gonna write about a few thing I have noticed -1) No reduction in speed despite upgrade to OS HIGH SIERRA. Everything is zippy, instant and this is gratifying. If my machine is in stand by mode, it comes to life in an instant and completes tasks almost instantly.2) The keyboard is something I have grown to love. It really has not aged badly and I am super fast on it.3) After 212 Battery Cycles, the battery level is at 94% and I think this is very very good. 4063MaH is maximum battery capacity. At this rate, this will easily go for another 3-4 years without the battery going below 80-85% threshold.4) Battery life is 4hours for my use. Granted it is not good but I have understood how to use it. Of course if you reduce brightness, it will last longer. But I keep it at 80% brightness all the time.5) Dents and knicks have been picked up along the way6) 256GB SSD has proved sufficient for all my purposes. Wont complain.CONCLUSION - This is still the best Apple offers. I Still give it three stars. The upgrade slots are a pain. But I am happy with my macbook touchbar. Believe it or not.

Kanwar Anand on 3 March 2017

Full marks !!!!

Amazing marvel !!! Speed of booting, screen clarity , finger print sensor all features are just amazing ! Worth buying .

RANJAN UPADHYAY on 22 January 2017

Good Buy But Pricey

I've got the 13 inch touch version in space grey variant and it is a good one to use and it's look definitely slays as usual... But only problem is with the only ports available are USB c ports and luckily a 3.5mm headphone jack... I miss the glowing apple logo too

Anirudh Vempaty on 20 December 2016

awesome one, loved my space grey

only people who have money to blow would be purchasing this from online websites, i bought this 2 weeks ago from croma delhi @ 133000 and it was 512gb . So yeah had to write review so that people can compare store price and online price.about this mac: awesome one , loved my space grey, touchbar with finger scanner, and awesome sleek laptop, i was very confused between this and asus rog gl553. but after a lot of research and thoughts i went for mac.

Aswin on 31 August 2017

Awesome upgrade but too expensive!

This model is silver color and 13.3-inch screen and weight are 1.4kg. The built quality is awesome if we compare with other laptops that I reviewed in past it has the best-built quality. The screen is nice built and one-handed open. The hinges are very strong and perfectly tuned. The material is flexible and the laptop is super thin.This model has 2 ports on both sides are USB Type C and support Thunderbolt 3 and a headphone jack. There is no SD Card slot. So, if you are a photographer or video producer then you should buy an external adapter. If you are charging your mac then you have an only single port to use! Very disappointed with Apple.The keyboard is good. It has 2nd generation butterfly switches. The quality is much improved compare to the previous generation. Spacing is good and very comfortable for typing. The keyboard is more responsive compared to the previous generation.It has also LED backlight that is much improved compare to the previous generation. Particular keys get their own LED light. It looks pretty good and LEDs are brighter. It has also LED backlight that is much improved compare to the previous generation. Particular keys get their own LED light. It looks pretty good and LEDs are brighter.The display is amazing and brighter. It is 67% brighter and 25% more color. The resolution is same as the previous generation is 2560*1600 224 pixel per inch. It is a very sharp retina display.It has wide viewing angle and bezels are very thin. The image is good but you have to calibrate it first. Overall display quality is awesome. It has wide viewing angle and bezels are very thin. The image is good but you have to calibrate it first. Overall display quality is awesome.The webcam is 720p FaceTime HD camera with green LED indicator is good but not great. The trackpad is relatively big but overall it’s a best one. Buttons are good and more responsive. When you are typing your palm accidentally touches to trackpad but don’t worry you can use palm rejection to avoid this.Speakers are good and it is both sides of the keyboard. It has clean audio and no distortion at full volume. So, it’s a nice thing about it. Audio is very loud and deeper bass. It feels good even at high volume. The best thing about this model is Touch bar and touch ID. It is awesome and fully functional. You can use it for final cut pro editing, web browsing, and much more. I really like touch bar.It has so many awesome features. There is no functions key but you can access from touch bar but it is virtual keys. You can also adjust volume and brightness of display from touch bar.The drives are fast and the base model is 2.9GHz Intel Core i5 6360U dual-core sky lake processor. It has lower clock speed and performance is same as before. It has internal GPU and it’s running in Intel Iris Graphics 550. You can connect the 4K and 5K display with it. You can also connect external GPU for gaming. It has 8GB 2133MHz DDR3 RAM with 256GB of PCIE based SSD, which is very fast for memory storage. It has 3 microphones. This model will cost you around $1800.The battery is 61WH and battery performance is good. For regular work, you will get 9 hours of battery life.This model cost you around $1800 and you will get awesome built quality, amazing display, speakers and keyboard and awesome touch bar.In my opinion, I really enjoy the touch bar and other features of MacBook Pro 2016 13-inch but it is very expensive. If you use baseline model of 2016 MacBook you will not get touch bar and it’s around $1500. I think it is very expensive compared to the previous generation MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. No doubt it has more features and some important upgrades but it is expensive.If you have the previous generation MacBook Pro then I think you shouldn’t upgrade to 2016 model otherwise if you want to experience touch bar then go for it. It is awesome! If you are new for MacBook Pro then definitely you shouldn’t purchase this because in this price you will get best laptops with super configurations.Thank You.Apple MacBook Pro MLVP2HN/A Laptop 2016 (Core i5/8GB/256GB/Mac OS/Integrated Graphics/Touch Bar), Silver

Mac Specialist on 31 March 2017

otherwise its just awesome lappi.

NOTE : My review is posted below which i posted one year back... I am now using this laptop for more then 15 months.. Still i love this Laptop., nothing will replace this laptop., only if apple comes out with something new next year...Old review..Whatever reviews you may read.... if you can effort it.. just go it.. when i was about to buy pro 2016 (touch bar), i read quite of negative reviews from flipkart and amazon., well at the last i went for it., first few days it took me to digest the fact that i blew 150k... as time passed i realised it was worth the money. Well there are lots of expert reviews written here mentioning about the positive side not gonna add more. Negative is v.few, it has only USB C port ( i can live with that), expensive... otherwise its just awesome lappi...

Dr.GJ on 29 March 2017

The design is great, better than last macbook pro(I seriously hate that ...

Its Smaller, Lighter, and Faster than last macbook pro. The design is great, better than last macbook pro(I seriously hate that bulky old macbook pro).Pros:1) 4 USB Type-C + Thunderbolt ports. (Future Proof)2) Lighter as Macbook Air (13-inch model).3) Faster 6th Gen Skylake Processor.4) Better Design.5) Butterfly 2nd Gen Keyboard (Less Led Backlight Leakage + Bigger Keys)6) Bigger Track Pad.7) Touch Bar + Touch ID (You don't need to Type You Password to Unlock Mac, just Touch. I can only see it develop.)Cons:1) Just 8 GB Ram (16GB should be good for future). 8GB is good enough for Basic Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier Pro and After Effects. But if you wanna use some cool effects you should need more RAM. I hate that Apple only gives 16GB RAM at most (Battery Issues).2) Dongles.3) Hell Expensive - I could make a Awesome Gaming Machine(6th Gen Core i7 6700k + MSI Krait Gaming 3x + 32GB 4x8GB Corsair white LED RAM, love the lights + Corsair Liquid Cooling + 256GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD, 850 Pro is expensive + Some Phanteks Case + Any Dell 25inch QHD + 550 Watt EVGA Power Supply ) With a QHD display for less than That (Don't Buy imported Stuff).Should Buy if you are a Pro (I mean a real pro). Wait for Prices to Drop. 16GB is coming (Hope so).

Laizinova on 4 December 2016

Did not meet expectations

Wrong Product

SaiRakesh Reddy 21 Oct, 2018


Good product. Got 1 day delivery also genuine product as expected.

Varun Mehta 17 Nov, 2018

Did not meet expectations

There is no usb port no hdmi port no fire wire port no sata port only one thunderbolt 3 port suppose if you go for client and client says pls connect my pan drive you says sorry sir aaj doct lana bhul gaya so according to me wastage of money this product...

Flipkart Customer 2 Nov, 2018

Perfect product!

It's Apple! They deliver what they promise.

Saurabh Borse 26 Nov, 2018


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