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Belkin 4-Socket Surge Protector Economy Series

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  • Belkin
  • F9E400zb1.5MGRY
  • 408 g
  • 33 x 13.5 x 4.3 cm



Item Weight
408 g
Product Dimensions
33 x 13.5 x 4.3 cm
Item Model Number
Batteries Included
Batteries Required
Connector Type
Has Auto Focus
Includes Ac Adapter
Programmable Buttons
Customer Reviews
4.4 out of 5 stars 2,886 customer reviews
Best Sellers Rank
#91 in Computers & Accessories (See top 100) #1 in Computers & Accessories > Computer Accessories > Surge Protectors #3 in Electronics > Accessories > Power Accessories #91 in Electronics > Computers & Accessories
Date First Available
1 January 2017
Size Name
Switches & Hubs
A 210 Joule Energy Rating To Provide Surge Protection For Computers, Peripherals, And Household Electronics. maximum Spike Current : 6500 Amps grounds Ac Power With 3-line Protection Through All 4 Sockets.
Features a 200 Joule energy rating to provide surge protection for computers, peripherals, and household electronics.
Maximum Spike Current: 6500 Amps
Grounds AC power with 3-line protection through all 4 sockets
Delivers power through a 1.5-metre, heavyduty cables
Features a 210 Joule energy rating to provide surge protection for computers, peripherals, and household electronics.
Maximum Spike Current
6500 Amps
Delivers power through a 1.5-metre, heavyduty cable
Use For
To power the devices
No. Of Outlets
4 Sockets
Led Indicator
Features a 210 Joule Energy RatingProvide Surge Protection for Computers, Peripherals, and Household ElectronicsHeavyduty Cable
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

Belkin 6 socket surge protector

I purchased Belkin 6 socket surge protector to protect my office desktops from frequent power fluctuations and also to increase the no. power sockets to connect 3 pcs. I have used some local brands and they are merely glorified extension cords and did not provide any surge protection. This is a good product for those interested in surge protection. If you are using inverter you will still require surge protection particularly when there is a change over from mains to inverter power and vice versa.

Naresh Chandra on 13 July 2015

Good Product

It has Best Quality, Lifetime Limited Warranty and also you get connected equipment warranty with this.I have imported Phone charger which cannot fit in it. So, I had to fit the charger in reverse way. Check the image for understanding.

SuRi on 27 September 2016

Very, very useful. Very, very essential.

It's a power-strip. Its from Belkin. It works! Should I be saying anything more?I have owned and used this same power-strip in white-color for the past two years. I also had a smaller 3-plug belkin power strip that I used as my "travel power strip." But that strip blew up (literally) during a recent power-trip in Bangalore ... no, no ... I wasn't on a "power-trip" ... in stead the power tripped and that power-strip blew up with smoke bellowing out of one of the plugs. A Dell charger that was plugging into that power-strip also blew up! Yep! It was a pretty miserable night.So, I ordered this.My only complaint is that Amazon did not allow me to buy multiple pieces ... not sure why.

Mahesh R S on 3 February 2015

AVOID THIS JUNK This has stopped working after one year ...

AVOID THIS JUNKThis has stopped working after one year and even helpline number is also not valid.Update: got replacement from belkin.

Shiva on 12 October 2017

Working Great

Hello Friends, Belkin surge protector is working well and doing amazing job, build quality is superb but the on/off button is loose but the sockets are good. MRP is 1499 Rupees and I got it for 1105 Rupees. You can go for it. Amazon is Amazing.

Abhay Shukla on 9 April 2018

4 port

I have the four port model, works fine. Good quality overall.Used almost four devices at max to charge, laptops, mobiles, cameras never did overload or heat up.The only downside is that would be better if the individual ports had individual switches but for the price range is good.And if we use heavy adapters or plugs the main box will tilt over depending on the plugs weight. We will need to distribute the plugs weights to prevent the box from tilting over.The main plug wire is of decent length so don't expect the box to move around the entire room.Overall its a decent model for the price range.

Dev B on 18 June 2017

Good Official Equipment

Belkin F9E800zb2MGRY Essential Series 8-Socket Surge Protector is really a good Extension.This is a very good product for official works.It is working well. The brand is as usual the best, with excellent performing abilities.The only disadvantage is that the wire is too short. Your charging point should be nearer. I measured the length, it is approximately 2.5 feet.

Ashwin on 8 June 2017

To be honest not worth the money u are paying ...

To be honest not worth the money u are paying the product is way cheaper than u think and ton the back side of the warranty page every single information is fake service centre name phone number and email......be ware,itried to register this product on official belkin website it show nothing and also the serial no. Was termpered in the back of the package ,there is no fault in Amazon service they are way better,good packaging.be safe

Ayan p. on 29 June 2017

The best one on the market ?

No sparks when connecting whatsoever! I'll update the review in the case something goes wrong but I'm hoping not.Bonus : it comes with free of charge insurance for your plugged in devices. Wow! 15K/25K Rs. Insurance for connected stuff like your laptop / mobile etc. (provided you connected everything using original cables and batteries and all)

Ashish Singh (@ashishsinghxyz) on 7 October 2017

high quality sockets, peace of mind, various sizes available

Snug fit sockets: All standard size 3-pin plugs and 2-pin plugs fit perfectly. have tried few local ones which are too loose with 2-pin adapter/chargers. The belkin product solves this.Peace of mind: from the guarantee with money they owe for any losses incurred by using the surge protector / spike guard.Sturdy, quality build.

vijiboy on 18 January 2018

Quality spike buster, must buy.

Very good quality product. Belkin brand with warranty and insurance up to Rs.15,000. Belkin states that if the gadget connected to the Spoke buster gets damaged then maximum amount of Rs.15,000 would be returned. Provided you retain the cover of this product with bill.3 Pin plug and each socket holds to the mobile adapter very tightly.Solid make. I am impressed with it.

Ashwin Karthi from Chennai on 28 August 2017

Awesome and recommended

I have huge setup of 3 screens and a laptop together.All plugs fits and locks perfectly in sockets.It also chargers of US and other countries [being universal socket]No short circuit whatsoever.Perfect for your expensive electronics.1200 INR seemed bit too at first, but it's worth every penny.

Sujay Jadhao on 5 April 2017

Looks good so far

On first impression ,the quality appears to be good though am yet to use this for an extended time. There is a leaflet that came along with the product that claims that there is an insurance of ?20000 if any of the connected devices gets damaged ... Not sure how this will be honoured, as they will find loopholes to get away... Looks more like a marketing gimmick

Vasu on 24 December 2016

Five Stars

Belkin is the best .

Amazonn Reviewer on 15 February 2018

Solid piece of equipment

Solid build quality, supports both US and Indian plug shapes, what's not to like!As other reviewers have pointed out, the On/Off switch is not very solid and does not inspire confidence, but I think that's a minor glitch only. Doesn't affect the working in any way.There are cheaper spike strips in the market, but it is a fact that we receive very dirty power in India, with massive voltage fluctuations through the day. Why take a chance with your expensive electronic equipment over a couple of hundred rupees?

Vishal Sharma on 9 June 2015

Good quality as expected from Belkin

Sometimes a product's brand speak for the quality of the item. It maybe a little pricier than the ones you can pick off from the local electric store. This would be ideal on your computer desk or the place where you connect multiple electronic devices like phones, battery packs and other gadgets. Accepts all 2 and 3 pin plugs out there !

Anjay on 21 November 2016

Just get it!

I have 6/8 of them in my house. Belkins are known to have good build quality. The best part is they hold whatever you put in it. Phone chargers, whatever. It has an inbuilt locking mechanism that will grip the pins. I have never seen this is any of the extensions otherwise. Usage is hassle free. Plugs don't come out on their own unlike some other extensions that fail to hold the pins of plug.

Vivek Sood on 18 May 2015

not price worthy

I had purchased it ~2 month back..One day it stopped working(current is not flowing through it). Tried to contact to customer care via mail provided in the cover of the product no reply

SKP on 4 October 2017

Does the job you expect it to do

I haven't had any trouble (so far) and thus giving it a rating of 5. As a measure of safety, I also pull off the plug from the wall socket when I'm not watching my television. At the time I am watching the television, the spike guard seems to do a good job of protecting it.

Rajveer on 17 August 2017

A must buy for all Indian Houses

I am writing this review, one year after I received the product. This is because I wanted to strongly recommend this product to all those who are looking to buy Socket Series.Few days back, we faced massive power fluctuation, which lead to the damage of alot of appliances in the house like chimney, the digital video bell, a television which was connected to an ordinary socket series. We saved massively even after this fluctuations, all thanks to Belkin, The major appliances (drawing room TV, Tata Sky, XBOX, Printer, etc. ) all these were connected to Belkin socket series, and to my surprise this device (socket series) took all the fluctuations and saved my appliances. The cord is not working anymore but it ended up saving my major appliances. If you face power fluctuations, then you should buy this without second thought.. This might look expensive in comparison to ordinary cords, but this money os worth spend especially for the place where u connect you most expensive appliances.

Amazon Customer on 19 July 2018


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