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Canon EF 40mm f - 2.8 STM Lens
Canon EF 40mm f - 2.8 STM Lens
Item Code: fmb4gb0p139mt

Canon EF 40mm f - 2.8 STM Lens

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  • Canon
  • 6310B005
  • 2012
  • 132 g



Model Year
Item Weight
132 g
Product Dimensions
6.8 x 6.8 x 2.3 cm
Supported Image Type
Has Image Stabilization
Optical Zoom
1.4 X
Max Resolution
20 Megapixels
Min Aperture
Min Focal Length
40 Millimeters
12 Volts
Batteries Included
Batteries Required
Speaker Diameter
68.2 Millimeters
Form Factor
Lens Type
Mounting Type
Real Angle Of View
49 Degrees
Has Auto Focus
Includes Rechargable Battery
Has Self Timer
Includes Ac Adapter
Includes External Memory
Customer Reviews
4.5 out of 5 stars1,075 customer ratings
Amazon Bestsellers Rank
#39,133 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #26 in Camera Lenses
Date First Available
15 June 2012
Groups / Elements
6 Elements in 4 Groups
68.6 mm
22.9 mm
Camera Format
Canon EF
Lightweight & Compact
4.6 oz, 1
Closest Focusing Distance
0.98 ft./0.3m
Filter Size
Designed For
Canon DSLRs
Other Specifications
Ultra Slim, Lightweight Design, Optimized Coating, Color Balance, Stepping Motor, Continuous AF for Video, Soft Focus Background
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

Awesome + Mindblowing

Really awesome performance+small size perfect to roam aroundAwesome with "Bokeh"...I just received my lens today butM totally loving it... Definitely recommend

Shrutik Panchal on 18 June 2017

Pancake Beauty..

This is one of the slimmest lens I have ever encountered. It reduces the weight of your DSLR to almost that of a point and shoot.Autofocus is sharp and crip. Focal ring is very very smooth.I found this lens great for portrait photographs but when it comes to Floral photography it does not live up to the mark.

Amazon Customer on 15 December 2016

Focus makes a lot of noise

A beautiful looking lens, that feels just perfect! However, the focus ring makes a great amount of noise, even while manually setting it. As a result, one of my shoot schedules near Sulya was almost ruined, with the entire footage replete with the motor's creaking noise. I carried it, right after delivery and didn't have time to check before the shoot.

Nitin Krishna on 2 March 2016

Best value for those who like compact gears without compromising ...

Best value for those who like compact gears without compromising on quality. Very easy to roam around with this lens

Azad Sheikh on 24 June 2017

Perfect !

My first lens upgrade was the pancake, sturdy metal body... Does what it promises.,greater depth of field.. I'm Soo glad I went for it instead of the 50mm prime lens

shri on 29 March 2015

Five Stars

One of the best investment

Andy on 31 May 2017

Impressive performance

Impressive performance. Worth buying for portrait photography.

Subho on 27 October 2017


Defected item sent..requested a replacement. Auto focus not working. Aperture reading is 0. Lets see what i get now.

Rohit on 5 October 2017

Five Stars

Beautifully sharp & clear images.

Gaurav on 8 June 2015

Good lens. Worth its price

Good lens. Worth its price.

PATTABHI on 10 September 2017

Five Stars

Good buy. Excellent performance and quality

Amazon Customer on 20 March 2017

Five Stars

Best lens for trip!! Easy carry, worth for the price.

Rahul on 22 October 2017

Five Stars

Nice product.

Uddipto S. on 14 December 2017

Great lens!

I love the lens. It's a very sharp lens even at low light. Fast and accurate. The only thing about this lens is it does not produce enough bokeh as compared to the 50mm. It's an all round lens rather than a portrait lens. If bokeh is an issue then go for the 50mm. Otherwise this is a better all round lens. Another thing it's wide enough to capture images indoors.I use this on my canon 80d which is a heavy camera. But since this lens is very thin it reduces the weight considerably ,which is good for carrying around.A great lens and a must have.Happy clicking!!

Amazon Customer on 15 August 2017

40 mm vs 50 mm ? Go 40

It is giving you 100 % whatever it mention... i tried 50 mm and 40 mm both and then continue with 40 mmOne reason is 40 mm is very sharp compare to 50 mm... 1.8 aperture of 50 mm gives you good bocka effect .. but image quality is not that sharp when ur in 1.8...90 % people will confused between 40 mm vs 50 mm ... i will say 40 mmPros:1) Sturdy build quality2) very light so u can carry everywhere... ( this is the main point )3) very sharp4) decent bocka effect... you can actually do the portrait photography using it..5) using 2.8 aperture you get decent night photographs...6) you can use this lens for APC( entry level) and high end cameras .. ( you can easily exchange with any of your friend )at the end you should have this type of small lens in your pocket.. forget every thing like picture quality , build qualitySize matters :-)

Manohar on 9 November 2017

You will love it.

I use it on 5D MII, and despite being cheap, it delivers good sharpness and image quality. Focuses fast and silent. The expensive and heavy L series now sits in the cupboard, while this has become my favourite walk about lens.

manas arvind on 5 September 2016

This is the ONE !

I had researched quite a bit before buying this lens and it lives up to its credits. The low light photography is brilliant and the convenience factor carrying this with the DSLR is beyond words. Kudos to you Canon !!

ozeross on 18 November 2015

It's Sharp.

Wait!!!! It's Sharp!!!Well, the review is for all those who are in dilemma between 50mm f1.8 and 40mm f2.8.On the spec sheet one would think that 50mm beat the hell out of 40mm, with it's larger aperture and better focal length for portraits.Well it does, and the truth is 50mm STM(not 50 mm ISII which is very soft till f2.8) is a better portraiture lens because of shallower depth of field(more bokeh). Thats about it, where 50 mm wins.The beauty of 40 mm lies in it's optical quality and focal length.40 mm stm @f2.8 is sharper compare to 50 mm stm @f1.8.At f 2.8 both 50mm STM and 40mm has similar level of sharpness.But 40mm has slightly punchier contrast and color saturation.40mm focal length is better for candid photography, It is ideal on full frame and slightly tight on APS-c sensors. But it still is better than 50mm on APS-C.The point is for candid photography you don't need f1.8, because you don't need that shallow background.40 mm has better build compare to 50mm and it is even more compact.

Amazon Customer on 30 December 2016

I would really recommend this lens for its less bulk and above great ...

This one surely an outstanding lens with such a little volume. And the clicks with F 2.8 are remarkable, especially its bokeh. I have attached a photograph taken with this lens to speak for itself.I would really recommend this lens for its less bulk and above great picture quality.Thank you Canon and Thank you Amazon.

Sanjit Mitra on 9 July 2015

Five Stars

I like it this product thanks a ton

BHUSHAN on 30 June 2015

A lens worth the price...

In terms of compactness, this lens can't be beat. Very efficient and quick to focus, the lens is a great option for general purpose photography. The f/2.8 aperture provides excellent bokeh and depth of field. The only downside is the noise it creates when focusing manually. For a lens that has a terrific STM motor, that autofocuses almost silently, this downside is a bit of a disappointment.However, the good things outweigh the bad ones by a fair margin. This lens scores on speed, compactness, quality and ease of use. Recommended.

Abhilash R on 29 November 2015

Good lens at deal price

Such a fantastic small pancake lens. Looks a bit odd especially if you are used to see those large and long lenses on your DSLR. However, very good for landscape photography and also for video shooting as it makes almost no motor noise. Very sharp edged picture quality but had issue in low light.

Sachin J on 2 November 2015

Lovely walking around lens

I had the 50 mm f/1.8 prime lens prior to this (which I loved!), but I like this one just a bit better. Better as a walking-around lens given its shorter focal length, and adds practically no weight to the body given its compact dimensions. Good lens to have in your camera bag!

Abhishek Gupta on 24 October 2014

I love this guy

I love this guy! Better than my old 50 mm. The STM makes a hell lot of difference when using auto focus. Smaller than that too. My 50 mm has kinda gotten retired since. I still love that one, but this is just so much better. I also believe the performance of this one is better than the new 50 mm pancake in low light, just my opinion.

9Cows on 11 February 2016

Super-functional, Compact, Crisp!

Amazing lens, brilliant clarity. Works a lot better than the 50 mm. Would recommend this over the 50 mm, any given day!

Anand Arora on 11 April 2016

Value for Money

The lens is sturdy, sharp, good make and great fr street and portrait photography. A must buy for beginners. GO FOR IT!

Bhushan Ghogale on 17 June 2014

Good replacement for the kit lens

Not going to go into the whole 50mm vs 40mm debate but having used both the lenses, I certainly prefer the 40mm. Although it doesn't have the aperture advantage over the 50mm, the difference is hardly noticeable. You still get really great pictures with decent background blurring. Like many reviewers have already mentioned, the build quality is superior to the 50mm with a metal mount instead of the plastic one on the 50mm. Overall I'm quite happy with the purchase.

Leon Corriea on 27 February 2015

Good to have

Very good to shoot good video and still photo. But for still photo it is not so much compatible for narrow indoor

Dr. Jimmy Lalnunmawia on 5 November 2014

Good lens

This is a Descent lens and has following Pros and consPros.Super silent focus motor. Will help to record videos as compared to other lensesFocus is fastDescent low light shotsConsLow light can be improvedSharpness is OKUsed it with Canon 550D/t2iSharing some shots. Like if you love them

Sumit V. on 30 October 2015

Good with idiosyncrasies

Small. If your are used to DSLR lenses and kit lenses that come with them then this lens is small and cute. It almost feels like there is no lens on the camera when used on a mid sized body like the 6D It has a low profile on all Canon EOS cameras but it is just about the right size to get a good grip when attaching to camera.. In spite of the small size I find the focus ring is situated just right and falls naturally into your left hand for manual focus.If you have used micro four thirds then you might end up wondering what's all this fuss regarding small size.f/2.8 is adequate on most modern cameras which will reach ISO 1600 without much noise. The DOF is pretty thin at f/2.8 but nowhere near the paper thin DOF of a F1.4 lens. On a full frame camera like the 6d I find the field of view to be perfect for family candid photography. On a crop sensor camera like the 650D the focal length is a bit odd - neither wide enough to capture environmental candids nor long enough for classic portraits.The lens is very sharp over most of the frame from wide open onwards. Sharpness increases a bit when stopped down a couple of stops but the difference is not dramatic as the lens is already pretty sharp at f/2.8.The lens makes a soft buzz-whirr when focusing. This is loud compared to Canon's USM lenses but in reality is quite a bit softer than the insect like buzz of micromotor/AFD lenses.Autofocus is very confident. You select a focus point and it reaches there without any waffling about.CONSThe autofocus is a bit slow. Sure the autofocus is accurate but the lens takes its time reaching there. Compared to the 50/1.8 II that I had this lens is a wee bit slower in autofocus but unlike the hesitant focus of the 50mm this lens locks focus in one go. The 50 used to over shoot focus then come back then lock focus. Overall the time taken to achieve focus is about the same. The autofocus is like a snail compared to USM lenses.The focus mechanism is all fly by wire which results in three unusual behaviorsOne, the manual focus override when in autofocus requires you to half press the shutter button.Two, the lens does not retract after shutting down the camera. Before shutting down the camera you have to focus to infinity to retract the lens - either by autofocus or by manual focusing.Three, the lens manual focus shows a little lag. I did not mind that much though.Overall a lens that can be recommended easily enough - great image quality, unbeatable portability, and one of the cheaper Canon lenses. The optics are great but the autofocus needs a bit of getting used to.

Kindle Customer on 28 January 2016

40 mm vs 50 mm

Well 40mm is competitive lens of 50mm 1.8The only thing better in 50mm is that it is bit fast and has a better low light performance, the difference ain't that much.On other hand you are gonna love 40mm, the compact size, the awesome build quality. The biggest benefit is the STM technology that means it doesn't make noise during autofocus and that all said I had no second thought about it.If you are going for videos, please help yourself and buy it.On other hand if you are an all photography guy and want a portrait lens 50 mm could be awesome.Still I would prefer 40mm even in photographs.In short I love this pancake lens.

Arashdeep Singh on 31 August 2014

Worth being in your arsenal

Good build, sharp pictures at f2.8, focal ring is small but smooth.However, for those who are used to IS might find it a bit tricky to avoid shake at night, but then there are always ways to rectify that :)Overall, can't complain for the quality, build and the price

Amazon Customer on 23 September 2016

Very smooth and silent focus.

Good upgrade using STM motor. Very smooth and silent focus and quality is great like 50mm lens. I feel purchased great lens.

Ashok on 16 March 2015

Five Stars

Product is in good condition with warranty card...... affordable price....... good packaging.............worth it.......

Niiren Savla on 27 January 2015

i loved

awsome clarity, i loved it

maman panda on 13 December 2014

am satisfied with this lense

I ordered this for my fullframe 5d, am satisfied with this lense. Build quality is decent, lightweight, and pictures are sharp. Downside is that we cant use lense hood. However I would recommend it for portraits and street photgraphy.

IKode on 14 April 2015

Five Stars

Best for low light pics and a must lens in pan cake section

Anilkumar Sudam on 11 October 2014

High quality lens with least price.

Excellent prime lens. Photography lovers don't forget to buy the lens. Really it is great among canon's lens collection at the lowest price with high quality glass. Thank you Amazon.

Apurba Roy on 2 December 2015

Four Stars

Good Lens, good price and sharp delivery...

Prabu Vasukumar on 9 December 2014

Faulty lens.

Product was delivered on time and packaging was great, but this lens just did not focus, neither in Auto focus nor in Manual focus. Tried multiple shots but while other lenses on the same camera worked fine, this one was kaput from the word go. Such a shock to see a Canon brand new lens turn out to be non functional on arrival. Called the courier chap, Canon and Amazon to immediately return the faulty lens. Real shame since I needed the lens urgently.

Lalit on 6 April 2015

very satisfied with the product

Image quality has increased over my kit lens by several notches. Fitting and dismantling is a bit hard though. Overall, very satisfied with the product.

Kannan on 7 April 2015

Great value

Awesome lens for the price. Very sharp wide open. My only gripe is that it's only F2.8, which is not always enough for indoor shooting without flash.

K N. on 1 July 2015

Five Stars

Good useful lens in this price range.

Tejinder Singh on 8 January 2015

Fantastic lens at such a low price!

This is the best general purpose lens you can get for this money.PROS :- Stop down to get awesome sharpness- Very tiny and decent build, you'll always have it on your camera- very very light but tough-Accurate near-silent autofocus out of the box- decent bokehCONS :- Tiny ring for manual focus- full time Manual focus not enabled-No image stabilization, for those who need it- F2.8 is decent but still cannot beat the nifty fifty's f1.8- Auto focus though accurate, is slowAll things considered, the cons are forgiven because of the low price it comes at. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Narasimha Sujyoth on 9 March 2015

s a must upgrade to 50mm f1.8 II.

Sweetly small and absolutely sharp at 2.8. Auto focus is OK for the price. Its a must upgrade to 50mm f1.8 II.

Abhilash on 28 January 2015

Great results.

On my recent holiday in India, I exclusively used this lens. Great results.

Vikram Srivastava on 6 October 2014

Five Stars

This is a prime lens that gives you very sharp images and decent bokeh.

Rodrick Rajive Lal on 16 October 2015

Great Lense

Nice Lense, Very light and handy..must have for SLR users for fast shooting...This lense is best for shooting portraits and general frames...

Ashish Mulay on 31 July 2013

Five Stars

One of the best lens for landscape and portrait nice dof loved it

Mickeygehlot on 3 September 2015

Excellent product. Much better priced than 50mm

Excellent product. Much better priced than 50mm. STM is a great motor. Delivered the next day in a very good packaging.

Rajbir on 2 September 2014

Five Stars

Nicely packed, quick delivery. Amazing lens. Recommended!

Ritz on 5 February 2015


Pictures are sharp. Most importantly it is non bulky

Priyadarsh Kankipati on 27 January 2016

Five Stars

Excellent lens and very good service from amazon.

Prasad on 8 September 2015

Five Stars

Very nice packing ..... good - quality product

Vivek on 2 February 2017

and pics are excellent on this prime lens

I am using it on my 700D canon, and pics are excellent on this prime lens.

david paul neela on 14 November 2016

Five Stars

Crystal clear pics .....must have lenz

Amazon Customer on 1 November 2015

Nice product

Nice product. Slightly tight when fixing on my canon 1200d mount.Quality of pictures taken is amazing.Smooth focusing.Noiseless, good for video.Quality product from canon.

PVR S. on 8 December 2014

Five Stars

super like - good product

Muhammed V. on 2 December 2015

Amazing lens.

Amazing lens. It is pretty wide so you don't have to move around. At 2.8 with high ISO, its good at night time also. Silent focusing compared to 50mm 1.8. And its very thin! I use it on a 5D, and its much better compared to the 50 mm 1.8. At night I sometimes miss the 1.8, but then the focusing is much faster on this, and silent as well, so in all, its a nicer buy. Plus with high ISOs, you are usually Ok. There is more noise, but then the added convenience is a good tradeoff. For a full frame, its a very sweet deal. Pictures are sharp, colours are great. I am getting peanuts for the 50mm, so I still use it sometimes when I know I would need the 1.8 but those occasions are becoming less and less.

Singh on 8 December 2015

A great general purpose lens at this price!

A perfect general purpose 'walkaround' lens. I haven't got it off my 70D ever since I've bought it. Provides a fairly wide angle and allows you to get closer to your subjects than the 50mm f1.8 (the other 'fast' option at the same price point). More practical for street-style shooting and videography and less for, say, portraiture or landscape, not that you cant use it for those applications. Extremely sharp even around corners at higher f-stops. Fairy sharp wide open (f2.8) too.I use it most for food photography followed by random portraits (1/2 to 3/4th body) and general street photography in that order.

Ksinha on 12 November 2015

that was amazing

that was amazing

vishal swami on 24 March 2015

Five Stars

Excellent lens.

Aditi on 22 November 2015

Four Stars

Nice clarity

Amazon Customer on 10 February 2016

Five Stars

Very good

balan on 22 February 2015

Four Stars


Suresh Kumar on 20 July 2015

Five Stars

good lens

Deb on 29 October 2015

Five Stars


Amazon Customer on 14 February 2016

Five Stars

Must have lens, very handy

BIKASH CHANDRA NANDA on 15 November 2014

Five Stars


Sanjay Singh Dadhwal on 30 January 2017

Five Stars


Amazon Customer on 27 January 2017


One of the best lens! Awesome build quality.

MeGusta on 22 August 2016

nice product i love it !!!

i was confused between 50mm and 40mm but i did correct decision i brought 40mm STM lens and its perfect !! GO FOR IT

SJS - FIlm Maker (Facebook/DIrectorsjs) by SJS - FIlm Maker (Facebook/DIrectorsjs) on Apr 17, 2016

Good delivery time to time

Great lens cheap price best lens good quality nice packing perpect delivery time.

Sankar by Sankar on Nov 18, 2015

Just awesome!

This lens is a perfect budget option for people interested in portraits and landscapes especially. Its small and light weight, so a great option for travelers. Great for shooting videos. Does a good for night photography as well. PS: This is a fixed focal length lens so there is no zoom.

Vishnu R Nair by Vishnu R Nair on Jun 18, 2015

Must have prime

This one of the lens that I'll suggest to anyone out there, maybe a naive or pro. + Good portraits + Nice Bokah + Decent low light performance. I use it with my 5d-m3 mostly for small/closed space portraits

VG by VG on Jun 09, 2015


Its Perfect

Rahul by Rahul on Jun 01, 2015

Worth enough for the price

Lens is nicely packed, worth enough for the money you pay.

Maddy by Maddy on May 29, 2015


Before time delivery and fresh and new box product with two year online warranty.happy with product and service. Really "dil ki deal"

HITENDRA by HITENDRA on May 20, 2015

canon 40 2.8 stm

Well packed.. Received it in 3 days. Good lens for video .. A must buy with full frame can..!!

slash by slash on May 18, 2015

Amazing quality and sharpness

People coming from the world of Zoom may not really be able to appreciate the quality of this lens since its applicability is totally different. The is a quality prime lens and the focal length of 40mm is excellent for Portraits and Landscape. It does not give the convenience of a Zoom, therefore one will have to move around to compose your image, which in my opinion and in the opinion of a lot of Photographers improves your creativity. The Bokeh quality if very good with a creamy background, however to achieve such a result one will have to get quite close to the subject given the short focal lenght. Sharpness is excellent allowing greater flexibility during crop and PP. This is a lens for a specific purpose and people who's primary area of interest is Landscape and Portraits only need to buy this. To a certain extent it also helps as a macro lens.

UD by UD on May 08, 2015

Bigger isn't better anymore!

This pancake lens is a wonder to use. Thanks to SD for giving this at the cheapest price in the Market.

Praful by Praful on Apr 22, 2015

Compatibility of Canon 40mm STM

The website mentions in the compatibility information that this lens is compatible with Nikon: D3200, D5200, D7100, Canon: EOS 1D Mark IV, EOS 500D, EOS 550D, EOS 600D, EOS 650D This is a lens for the Canon EF Mount. Its compatible with Canon EF mount & Canon EF-S mount only (Means all Canon DSLRs). It cannot be mounted to a Nikon F mount / DX / FX camera. If you use an adapter, Nikon lenses can be used on Canon body, but Canon lens cannot be used on a Nikon body.

Anubhav S 27 Jun, 2014

The best lens for street photography.

If you are travelling a lot and want to take photos of the people on the street then this lens is a must. Please note that I am not a pro. only a very amateurish amateur. Pros : 1) Compact. 2) Crystal clear photography at normal (day) light. 3) Auto focusing is fast. Cons : 1) Not so good at low light. Some times grains are visible. In one sentence, I am satisfied. I am using this lens since August 2013. 4 star from my end. ( one star less as not so good at low light photography.) Regards.


best Prime

best Prime Lens for this price Pros: 1. Low profile 2. fast and focusing with least noticeable sound. 3. great bokeh 4. Metal Mount 5. Sharp images 6. Build Quality I am loving it and happy with my decision to buy it over 50 mm f 1.8

souvik palmal 15 Nov, 2012

Great lens!

I bought this lens from Flipkart when the price was around ~9k with some 5% offers. I had a 50mm 1.8 prime lens before, which I had sold off since I found the view too 'narrow' for my uses. (Although great for portraits, I could hardly use it outdoors without backing up a lot). This 40mm fits the bill perfectly as a walk-around lens. Good for portraits, as well as for street photography. The sharpness is awesome, and the bokeh is pretty smooth and nice too. Overall, if you already own the 18-55, and if you're wondering the next lens to invest in, go for this one! I also have the 55-250, which is a great zoom lens, but in image quality, this one trumps both!

Rajorshi Biswas 19 Oct, 2013

Very good prime - Must Have!

I have used quite a few prime lens, and Helios 44M-6 had been my favorite so far...for its color, contrast and beautiful swirly bokehs. But now, after using this 40mm, I think this STM is one of the best affordable prime lenses that any canon dslr customer would love. Period!

Naren 9 Apr, 2014


The lens appears to be a copy of original as it doesnt fit into the body as easily as the original lenses

Arun Moondhra 2 Jul, 2018

Mind-blowing purchase

Timely delivery, good product.

AJITH P M 9 Nov, 2017


Crazy Lense. Better Than 50mm For Film Making.

Maruthi Reddy 19 Oct, 2016

Good Lens a bit slow

It is a very good lens , very sharp and also light. The feel is good and it is really small. The only issue I felt is that the AF is slow and sometimes it gets confused so you have to change the position a bit and re focus again for the AF to work. Definitely a one to have.

Anindya Roy 29 Jan, 2015

Great pictures at a great price

Lens is excellent for closeup and portrait pictures. Bokeh and blur effect is mind blowing - I am not a pro photographer and this lens suits my needs just right. Flipkart service was exemplary (my first experience on any website purchase and I am impressed)

Shekar Chandavarkar 10 Nov, 2013

Awesome pics but slow focus on 600D

I have been using micro meter kit lens, prime lens and zoom lens with my canon 600d. After viewing lot of 40mm lens reviews and pics on flikr I decided to give 40mm STM a try. Below are pros and cons and you may have difference of opinion depending on your field of photography. Pros: 1. Sharp, crisp and vivid pictures, can be compared with USM prime lenses. 2. Considering budget this one is Good for low light photography(not as good as 50mm prime) 3. Good for portraits, closeups, macro (I did some and its ok) and street photography. 4. Very useful for Full-frame DSLRs 5. Must have for beginners (same goes for 50mm prime) 6. Read the cons if and only if you are a pro-photographer because as a newbie if you switch to 40mm STM, you will be amazed that your kit lens sucks and you just need to be really good at manual focus to get awesome pics with 40mm stm. Explore 40mm flickr community it may just compel you to buy this lens. Cons: 1. Images have bit of vignetting. 2. Not so handy on crop-sensor cameras (but budget is quite appealing). Better use kit lens 18-55mm for indoor pics. 3. Very slow focus. Quite irritating while taking moving objects like wedding photography or sports event. 4. Not as fast as 50mm prime for low light indoor pics. 5. No Image stabilization (can be ignored) 6. Video auto-focus doesn't work for all crop-sensor canon DSLRs

Aamir A 8 Apr, 2014

Very Good

very crisp pictures as compared to stalk zooms. very happy with the product per se, experience of buying from Flipkart was seamless. not giving 5star for only reason was the exterior packaging of the lens was so dusty, they didn't even care to wipe it with a peace of cloth, let alone checking if the dust actually has penetrated through the lens inner packaging. Thank fully it hadn't...

Deepak Patil 12 Dec, 2018

Classy product

Nice Product, first auto focus.

Rishi Biswas 13 Nov, 2018


Excellent product

Chaitanya Vanam 23 Oct, 2018

Terrible product

Cannon itself has Sent a disclaimer that this lens has an AF(auto focus) problem. I bought this product, AF problem started after 10 days. Flipkart has a 10 day return policy only.Also the seller has not provided any warranty details.


Absolutly Very very good products


Manisha Kumari 17 Mar, 2018


Not working

venu n 22 Nov, 2017

Highly recommended

Nice bokeh effect..

Akshay Reddy 25 Oct, 2017

Classy product

Thank u

Ishaan Dhamija 15 Oct, 2017

Good choice

Great lease much better than kit lense

Flipkart Customer 2 Sep, 2017

Utterly Disappointed

Horrible absolutely lousy and very bad to use.

Flipkart Customer 28 Dec, 2016

Mind-blowing purchase

Gr8 packaging and swift delivery as expected from Flipkart....product is awesome..guys looking for great portrait as well as landscape photography with great details should go for it without thinking anything...

Suman Sen 27 Nov, 2016

Must buy!


Avinash K 2 Nov, 2016

Good Product and prompt delivery.

The product is well packed and the delivery was done very quickly. But the price is little more when compared with other retailers.

Surya 1 Jul, 2014

Best prime lens for the price

Purchased the pancake after doing lot of research and debate over 50mm 1.8 lens. I am very happy with me decision. I have a Canon 600D and 18~135 Canon kit lens Likes * Very compact and I love the size, with my Canon 600D it fits in my wife's purse! * Excellent day and specifically night photography. * Sharp pictures in comparison to my 18~135 Canon EF lens * Will work on full frame cameras * Quiet focus. * Great lens for 'reversing the lens' photography * Able to go very close to the object and take picture(still not a macro) Issues * Night time focusing takes for ever and not very accurate. * Manual focusing is a problem as its a electronic focusing not mechanical ring. Over all best buy! should be anyone's second lens. As usual excellent delivery service from Flipkart!

Rajesh Karkera 7 Apr, 2014

Real beauty

Worth every penny, chose this instead of 50mm prime. its fully worth of 2K extra money... suggest you to go for this.. it produces stunning pics at f/2.8 compared to 50mm's f/1.5

Ram Nathan 6 Mar, 2014

Terrible product

Can this lens be used in canon eos 1300d ?

Flipkart Customer 11 Mar, 2017

Hated it!

Will it be compatible with Canon 1200D?

Zenith Buragohain 17 Jan, 2017


Fast delivrd ...thank u flipcart

Flipkart Customer 16 Feb, 2017


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Myntra.com is a one stop shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Being Indias largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products.
AJIO is an Indian e-commerce company in the fashion space, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. AJIO was launched in 2016 by Reliance Retail, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd. led by Chairman Mukesh Ambani.
Founded in July 2011 in Silicon Valley, ShopClues.com is Indias first and the largest managed marketplace. ShopClues is among the fastest growing E-Commerce destinations in India.
Jabong.com offers products for the fashion needs of men, women and kids across footwear, apparel, jewellery and accessories from leading brands. With Indias all favourite labels in one place, Jabong has something for everyone.
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