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Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro 10x Binoculars
Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro 10x Binoculars
Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro 10x Binoculars
Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro 10x Binoculars
Item Code: 8oqiquva0hep7

Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro 10x Binoculars

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Model Name
UpClose G2 10x50 Porro
10 x
Real Field Of View
6.8 °
Field Of View At 1000 M
118 m
Exit Pupil
5 mm
Eye Relief
12 mm
Closest Focus Distance
23 m
Optical Coatings
Prism Type
Water Resistant
Other Features
High Quality Binocular,Brighter and Sharper Image,High Contrast Level,Stylish Rubber Covered Aluminum Body,Ergonomic Thumb Indent and Finger Ridge,50 mm Aperture,Max 72 mm IPD,Min 56 mm IPD,BK-7 Prism,Tripod Adaptable
185 mm
160 mm
81 mm
765 g
Objective Diameter
50 mm
10 x
Real Field Of View
6.8 °
Ipd Max
72 mm (2.83 in)
Relative Brightness
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

Not good product

Not good product heavy n not clear focus

harvir singh by harvir singh on Dec 19, 2013

supeb binocular

I found is more convenient as compared to others. Though its heavy but it works perfect ... i am fully satisfied with the product.

Karn by Karn on Dec 04, 2013

My friends guess its price as 15k :D

Pros: 1. Strong 2. Covers enough wide area 3. Objects look very close to the eye. 4. Its cool. All my friends have taken photos with it :) Cons: I don't know to judge this product which is priced at 3.5k. I bought this product when Celestron just newly introduced in to the market and Flipkart priced it at 2600 INR. Now the price is hiked may be because of the demand and petrol hike.

TheInternetGuy 14 Aug, 2012

Great binos at this price

I ordered it on Sept'13 and got it at 1800 bucks. Now its surprising to see price increased by almost 1000 bucks (!). Anyway, the first piece delivered had collimation error and I was greatly disappointed and was wondering if i had made a mistake ordering cheap binos.But flipkart promptly gave a replacement without any hassles and I was at peace and HOW !. The binos are great ! Superb clarity, easy to hold and focus, light weight, images sharp, field of view is wide enough and build is sturdy. One problem i found was slight blurriness at the edges but not so noticeable and can be accommodated by observing at the center only and ignoring the edges. At the price i got, that issue i can live with. Another issue is that being 10X, the view can be shaky but I have learnt to deal with it but putting arms on support. It can be mounted on tripod also.

Spid King 10 Feb, 2014

I purchased 2

I have 2 Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro Binoculars. Nothing to say more. FYI It is not heavy, good clear and crisp image. (user Need to calibrate it as per their IQ to get better result) Every bino needs special care. Try not to touch any lens with anything because that may lead to damaging the lens. I made a mistake to touch that objective lens with finger in order to remove some particle. (this mistake costs me 450 rupees). Yes, small marks can only be removed by lens cleaner only. No cotton, cloth will help. Hope this review may help you.. :)

Tarun Dusia 6 Jul, 2014


Sharp images, and great focus! I didn't face any issues. I took a lot of time deciding between whether to buy these or Olympus ones costing Rs 4800. Took the plunge and I am happy I got these for half the price. I have used it frequently, took them to Leh recently - held up pretty well. Take care of them and they sure will last you a lifetime.

Sukhamrit Singh 16 Jul, 2015

Great VFM, great delivery

This binoculars is excellent. The exit pupil is 5mm, which is about as much light an adult eye can let in anyway, so not much light is lost. The 10x zoom and the 3/4ths kg weight means you need to have really steady hands to avoid feeling seasick :) It's great for terrestrial usage on steady ground and reasonable for looking at stars. Delivery was excellent. It was packed reasonably well, and I got it 2 days after I ordered. My binoculars were not collimated. I kept seeing double images and getting a bad headache within seconds of usage. I'm not sure if it was because of some knocking around during delivery or because it wasn't done at all. The good thing is that like most, this pair also has screws and I had to manually merge the images and collimate. Better buy binoculars from showrooms where you can check before purchase if you aren't sure how to do this yourself.

Karthik Raghavan 27 Jun, 2013

Good product

I have used this bino, its a good product and definitely recommended. Use it mostly for stag gazing and bieding. This one is waterproof so thats another plus. But it is overpriced at Rs3.5k. Market price is Rs. 2900.

Rohan Bhattacharjee 15 Aug, 2012

Good choice

Good quality binocular for a reasonable price. The good: Field of view is good. Smooth focus. Great for birdwatching and hiking. The bad : Lens caps are not attached to the binocular and are very easy to lose. I did face minor collimation issues especially when looking at stars (I guess it had a rough time getting shipped to me). Would I recommend this to a friend? In this price range (3000-4000) Yes!

Michael 31 Mar, 2017

Totaly Awesome

i'm not a bino expert but i have interest in that, that's why i ordered this product online in just 2100 Rs. (not from flipkart) and believe me guys this product is amazingly awesome with gud n strong build/quality. Amazing view with sharp n bright image in wide angle of view (follow the user manual for that if u r not an expert of bino, just like me;). Packaging of the product is gr8 (5/5). when u first pick it up in ur hand, u feel its worth than 6-7 K & IT IS....really amazing. All of my friends r stunned to c this kind of product n appreciate its build/quality/packaging & specially the view from it. You can even see the moon dark spots n shadows very clearly. i just want to say it is totally awesome....... 5 out of 5 :)

Chetan Bhardwaj 30 May, 2013

ultimate one..........

Amazing view with sharp n bright image in wide angle of view. Packaging of the product is great. i just want to say it is totally awesome.......

Gagan Settejana 12 Sep, 2015

Awesome product.

Great clarity.10X is pretty good.Good build quality. Easy to use,Sturdy product. Trust me, these binoculars are very clear.

Vedang Tamse 11 Oct, 2014

If you are a wild life enthusiast, please do give a good consideration to this product ...

Pretty good at first look. It allows for 10 times the magnification and it's field of view is pretty good. It's a bit heavy.

Jacob Cherackal 11 Oct, 2014

Upclose G2 10x50

This binocular is awesome. I got it just fpr RS.1615.And WOW is all i can say. You can see moon craters. moons of jupiter and some galaxies, double stars and nebulas. I definitely recommend this product

Kishan Singha 14 Dec, 2013

Review of Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro 10x Binoculars

First i would like to thank Flipkart for the following 1. Prompt delivery had ordered this product on 16-Sep-2013 8:50 PM and it was delivered to me on 19-Sep-2013 2:34 PM. 2. Good packing with appropriate safety. Now about the product Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro 10x Binoculars Build:- It has a nice rubberized build with good finish which gives it a good look and grip to hold. Accessories:- Along with the binocular we get a decent carry back, a strap, plastic eye piece covers and rubber objective lens covers. Function:- The focus nobs on the body and eye piece are smooth and easy to use. the Binocular is also tripod adaptable. Performance:- Has a good and clear view, is easy to adjust the focus nobs on the body and eye piece. a bit heavy which would be felt for long duration use. Overall i feel it is a nice product by CELESTRON for 1899 Rs.

Hemant Bhadti 26 Sep, 2013


Perfectly built Binoculars with a great angle of vision!!!! can see the pores on the moon easily and identified each n every flight passing by :D It would be perfect with a tripod stand. Anybody with a budget of 2k with an interest of binoculars should go for these!! As usual flipkart delivered it on time with perfect packaging!

Saptarshi Das 18 Jul, 2013

Good service, good product

Some where in the description it was written that a tripod could be fitted. Struggled a bit to find out the front screw cap. Any ordinary camera tripod would be fine with this which makes it really useful. Great product at Rs.1700 + ...

Raghu Menon 5 Nov, 2013

absolute brilliance

topic 1: binoculars are not for rough use if you want them to last long, in respect to that this one is brilliantly built topic 2: everything about it should be handled with care, specially the lenses on both ends, if you dont want to know how then go for the ones worth a few hundred buck, in this field also this one gets full marks. topic 3: this one is a very professional instrument so read and understand....having loads of fun with it. cheerios. NOTE: couldnt test it starlight conditions, and i am not gettin my hopes high enough either becauz everything comes with a price and this one is light on the pocket so it gets a solid 4.

Arnab Chatterjee 21 Jun, 2012

Shoddy workmanship

The product is heavy for the range compared to other similar product. Image does not seem to be a match for similar configuration. The hanging tape is very narrow and it is painful to hang around while you are on the move. The ends are open ended not sure how the manufacturer expect the user to do the joining without even any instruction.

Mohammed Rafiq 15 Jul, 2015

Nice product


Rashmi np 8 Sep, 2017

Hated it!

Not good product.got used one.

RAHUL CHAKKE 26 May, 2017

Useless product

Damageed product ....

Vikas Pandere 5 Nov, 2016

Just wow!

It was an amazing product I am fully satisfied

SREELAL K L 1 Nov, 2016

Decent product

It's good quality.. defect n thread

Roby Sebastian 25 Oct, 2016

Simply awesome

Amazing...its amzing guys.I never think this.

Flipkart Customer 6 Sep, 2016

affordable buy

Budget wise, it's a nice product. You can focus an object clearly. For bird watching you can use it but the only difficulty is it's weight. Too heavy to carry and also need patience to focus on birds.

Sonali Bose 21 Feb, 2016

Good One

Good product, nicely built, Everything is positive. Just one thing I feel personally that the image thru it lil shaky (especially if you see the moon). May be the way I carry it, not sure.

Mihir 11 Feb, 2016


Excellent Product. Was planning to go for Nikon/Canon/ Olympus. Heard from someone- went through reviews. Good Product within a competitive price range.

Kaushik Ghosh 26 Dec, 2015

Good product

Very useful for birding and sports. Value for money. The product was neatly packaged, bubble wrapped and delivered with care. Thanks Flipkart!

Sudip Parbat 26 Nov, 2015

Great Service By Flipkart! & Nice Product

Fantastic service by flipkart. I got my ordered product in 3 days after placing an order! Below are pros and cons as per my opinion for Celestron Binocular I received. PROS - 1) Nice rubber grip for better handling. 2) Great resolution, even in night. 3) Robust body. CONS- 1) Because of robustness, product is bit bulkier.I purchased this product for my little one of 5.4 Years and she was unable to hold for longer time because of heaviness. 2) Since it's 10X, you need to have steady hand/support else object focusing wont be much stable. Over all... great product worth it's price!!

Mahesh Dave 30 Oct, 2015


superb. i love it. the features were as specified. the costumer support was also excellent. as a photograph lover, who loves to check out the beauty around him, this product is perfect

Chintan Das 29 Oct, 2015

Poor quality lenses made by keeping amateur guys in mind.... haha

They should use good quality lenses like Nikon and Olympus. Image clarity is not as good as Nikon and Olympus.If you are a newbie,you may like it as you don't have enough experience with binoculars.Either you go with Nikon or Olympus if you are a really serious about buying a good binocular. Save some money and go with the good ones.Enough said!

Master 22 May, 2015


Image is crisp. Nice rubber body. Feels good to hold. Fine magnification. buy it. I trained it on my neighbours and it worked just fine.

vikash singh 29 Apr, 2015

Shop soiled, shoddy finish, over-priced

Misleading visuals and details. It is a cheap Made in China product which is grossly overpriced. Shoddy finish with scratches on lenses. On top of it product was shop soiled with fungus. I had to gift it so did not return. Cleaned it as best I could before gifting it. Potential buyers please avoid both product and seller.

Kanchan Gupta 6 Apr, 2015

Celestron UpClose G2 10x50

Simply awwwwsm ! Very good binocular for start-ups, so handy and crystal clear views.. Just go for it guys..........

Bala Amarnath chandrasekaran 8 Feb, 2015

Awesome Binoculars

I bought this Binoculars at the Big Billion day Sale for Rs.2640. Pros: 1.The binoculars is worth five thousand so the pricing @ 2640 is a killer deal. 2. No headache from using this binocular(the previous one causes me headache using for a minute focusing) 3.Easy to adjust. 4. Flipkart packed it securely and without a scratch. 5.Can use for terrestrial and astronomical viewing. Cons: 1.The lens cover is loose..have to be extra careful not to lose them. 2. Celestron bag and rope is not worthy for rough use and doesn't look waterproof. 3.Binoculars on long term use becomes heavy which causes your hands to wobble and so use and take breaks else your hands become tired.... Inference:IT IS A LITTLE BELOW THE ADVANCED BINOCULARS...BUT WORTH EVERY PENNY FOR ITS PRICING

Vijay David 13 Oct, 2014

wonderfull binoculars

I am more than happy to buy this binocular . This is wonderful binocular. I bought at Rs. 1700 and I feel i got the best thing . i strongly recommend that every one who want to gift this to children and grown up kids and elders and every one.

momin . 16 Jun, 2014


Too good...and worth for the price...good for bird watching.... very fast delivery....good packing....over all its a worth deal


Great buy

Great buy at the said price. Good clarity and good overall finish. Recommended for schools and clubs

SANAL NAIR 29 Mar, 2014

Impressive product in this cost

I got the Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 from Flipkart within 4 days of placing the Order. It was packed perfectly. The device is too good for Basic use and meets my expectation. However I found 2 cons on the accessories, The first will be the carry pouch which looks and feels very cheap and low quality. The pouch does not provide any safety for the device nor it will save it from rain. The Second will be the lenses covers, they are lose and does not hold the lenses. There might be possibilities to lose the lense cover when they are attached and try to hang it around the neck without the pouch. In short Very good device for this Cost but handle with care because the accessories are not reliable .

Prasenjit Pal 16 Mar, 2014

good buy at this price

its really good companion for trekking, for handling initially it takes a little effort to focus and form single circle to view scene at ease, on optics side - even for less than 700-800 meters focus is not as sharp as my DSLR camera lens :) at corners/edges it gives blurred view, may be I need to spend more to correct that.

Rajendra Kumar Solanki 9 Feb, 2014

Very good product

This product was awesome you can see very far things from it. no problem. if you see far thing u need tripod

Ayush Kenhi 21 Jan, 2014

Very good for the cost

I purchased this for bird watching and the views are real great. Very crisp image. relatively light so easy to carry for long time. Got is for discount rate on Flipkart for 1705, very good quality for the cost.

Vimal Sanghavi 10 Dec, 2013

Great product at the lowest price!

I always like to deal with the filpkart seller WS RETAIL. good products & prompt delivery. I use ths The Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro 10x Binoculars for night sky watching. It is really superb.

Parthasarathy 7 Dec, 2013

Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 Porro 10x Binoculars

No complaints about the product. Though received it a day after the delivery date that was mentioned on the order page but again nothing really to complaint about when you get something like this at only Rs.1,709.00 /- (Diwali Offer). Must say that it is a wonderful product at such a cheap price. Will buy another one when the price falls like it did last Diwali.

Ayan Roy Chowdhury 10 Nov, 2013

Serious Collimation Issues

Got this delivered on 7th Nov 2013. Delivery process was quick as always. Hats off to Flipkart for that. About the Product Pros a) Pricing b) Feel of the binocs in hand is just pure awesome !! c) Decent optics Cons a) Neck strap provided is pathetic b) The lens caps are not attached to the body of the binocs. Can easily be lost. Coming to the worst part of the whole deal. The binocs which was delivered to me has serious collimation issues !! No matter how much i try to adjust the IPD, i end up with double images. I suspect an issue with the alignment of the prisms inside the binocs I'm planning to return the product and ask for a complete refund

Harsha 8 Nov, 2013

Good product. Made my day at Eden.

I ordered this with a motivation to see Sachin more closely at his 199th Test at Eden. I must admit that it is worth buying this product. Though I could watch Sachin only for 3 balls (courtesy umpire), I enjoyed the whole day with Rohit-Dhoni-Ashwin. Clear close view. Covers a long distance. Ease of handling. Price seems okay.

Suvasish Mondal 8 Nov, 2013

Amazing deal for this superb product

I purchased this binocular for my father. I bought this one for 1709. Trust me this is a killer deal for such a fantastic product. Buy it without any second thought.

Anuj Vyas 7 Nov, 2013

Nice Bino's for Gr8 price

I thought the weight might be a matter of concern but its nice for the price you pay, Try it you will never regret.

Pete 25 Oct, 2013

Good Price, Value for Money

Mrp on Box: 3699 and other retails around 2.6K. Here in flipkart: 1709. Product holds solid and great to hold, little bit heavier. Very good at low-light aswell. Great value for money product, no comparison on this product. Flipkart: I have purchased a lot of products from them this product delivery was little slow hope they improve on this.

Subramanian Karunanithi 23 Oct, 2013

nice product

Good looks, sturdy built. Magnification is great. Awesome for terrestrial viewing. Good for amateur sky watching, tripod stand recommended for stabilization. Image shakes a lot with slight hand movements (naturally). I guess tripod adapter will be needed to fit it on a tripod stand. Included strap, carry case and lens lids. :) Value for money product. Flipkart packing and delivery great as ever...delivered within one day :)

Manish Joshi 22 Oct, 2013

awesome value for money

if this is ur first binocular like it was for me then go for it with ur eyes closed.no other binocular even comes close to this offering in terms of specs,price & good built quality.it comes with a decent foam lined carry case and rubber flaps/covers for the objective lens & eyepiece lens.views r crisp & clean.focus adjustment nob is large,rubberized & chunky.the only thing u need to be careful about is while putting & removing eyepiece lens covers cause the plastic quality of the binocular-body to eyepiece joint is a little flimsy.

bhushan 21 Oct, 2013

One word. . Awesome!

This is my first one and I should say I didn't expect much from this but I was completely surprised after watching what it could do. simply awesome!! The only let down is that it's a bit on the heavier side and my arm aches after some time, but I could handle it. :D

Sumanth Sunchu 17 Oct, 2013


its really wonderful no word to say its amazing me totally satisfied its zooming is great its featthers is very nice as compare to its price.i will say definitly go for it.

Prajjwal Tripathi 16 Oct, 2013

High performance

Never imagined that a high Quality binocular would be available at Rs 1800...Does its job as described... best to use any binocular with minimal haze or pollution.

Ashish Chandra 2 Oct, 2013

Superb clarity!!!!! Value for money

I always wish to buy Binocular for my personal use, but not sure which one to buy, I was concern about the object focus and clarity. I found this on flipkart and in my opinion this really nice binocular one would like to have. The object clarity is fantastic and product looks professionally build.

Tushar Bhoir 6 Sep, 2013

Great discount Grab it.

Got the product in 3 days, great service. Was looking to buy a binocular for a long time now and got this great deal from flipkart. MRP 3699 steal at 1899 :)) The binoculars are good with firm rubber grip and body cover, does what they are meant to do. Only con is no zoom function, then again if you want a zoom then your options start at celeston 7-21*40 for 2660 at flipkart.

Ashfaq Dawood 24 Aug, 2013

yet to explore

Ordered this piece today after browsing the net for a while. I found it to be the best in specs at this price, the reviews are good so looking forward for a good zoom. Will update this review after i receive the product and use it for a while. Thank You

Rishikesh Dutta 16 Aug, 2013

Not a great product

We bought it for our child's birthday as a gift, we tried looking at the stars and to our amazement, we could see them all in double - we could see two of them when there was only one!! Maybe we should look at our money and it will double!!! The best part is the seller - BuyPoint refused to take it back as according to the lady who spoke, they will not give money back if we are just dissatisfied with the product! the product should be damaged according to them! Next time, we would rather go to the shops, look and try the product before buying it!!

D Dhiwakar 14 Oct, 2015


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