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Superb smooth sound with excellent mids clarity.

Build quality is cheap and worst.Superb smooth sound with excellent mids clarity. Highs and lows are recessed. So overall very smooth mid centric non fatigue sound.

Ganesh on 12 August 2016

These took their sweet time to break in

These took their sweet time to break in. In the absolute beginning it sounded like the systems in tuk-tuk, built of only woofers and twitters, sounding thoroughly metallic, and wrong. The minimal break in is 50 hours, throw in 25 more to be on safe side, they'll change colour like chamelions. Sweet treble, wonderful mids, the base is like a studio monitor, it is properly there but refuses to go 'boom'. It is wonderfully detailed, but doesn't sound harsh. Oh, please use comply eartips, the bundled ones are laughable.I have two low and mid end sennheisers, cx 300 II and an old HD-485. Compared to this, both sound muddy. But they are fun, this one is not all stiff upper lip, but less fun.

Indranil Halder on 7 March 2015

Extremely bad durability

Sound quality: 8/10Durability: 2/10When an 8k IEM does not last even 6 months even being taken utmost care of, enough said about quality of the product. The wires are really flimsy and start tearing up in a short while. No amount of sound quality can overshadow this flaw.

Souvik Saha on 3 August 2015

A magical wand to discern good music from the rest

Let me begin by saying that these earphones are not for everyone. So, as for everything else in life, this decision is also dependent upon knowing yourself well. I bought these earphones from Amazon India around two weeks ago and here's what I can share about them.Let me put it this way. These speakers will make you trash a lot of music in your collection. It is like possessing a magic wand that helps you distinguish good music (good sound) from the average. But believe me, the albums that you retain, you will enjoy them like you never did before.These speakers do almost nothing to make the music feel better or sweeter than it already is. If that's what you are looking for, go for Sennheisser or Bose. (I have Bose Soundlink II on my desk which makes any music sound good, real good). The HifiMan RE 400, on the other hand, produces music just like it was recorded. Well, almost. Perhaps it makes the mid bass a bit coloured to enhance the effect, but only just. Apart from that, you are listening to the music that the artist and sound engineers intended you to listen when they played and recorded it. And they better did a good job of it, for if they didn't, you can tell it with these speakers.I am an avid music fan with an eclectic taste. I enjoy Hindustani Classical records as much as Jazz of the 60's and the wonderful fusion of today. Rock from Beatles and Dire Straits to Coldplay and Indian Ocean. I enjoy the soulfulness of Sufi and Soul music alike. And the relaxation of a good ghazal, old Hindi film music as much as Simon and Garfunkel or Norah Jones. The drums, from any kind of world music are as thrilling as the Jugalbandi between two Indian masters. And more.For me, what music it is is far less important than 'how good' it is. Now, how good a music is, can be subjective assessment. But I believe good music is one that harmonises your mind, body and soul, and you can listen through the entire album without distraction or fatigue. And the joy has to be divine, even if the music is earthly.Coming to the recoding, I like to feel as if I am listening live. And that's what these speakers do! Close your eyes, and you hear every instrument clearly. Even the instruments and voices you didn't previously register in your favourite tracks unless you owned speakers above Rs 25000 (that too not all of them). For example, take the case of 'Ishq Bina' from Taal. When the main singer says 'Imli se khatta', the singer in the background says 'ishqa..' These speakers made me realise there were two, not one background voices saying 'ishqa...' The second one, coming from the right speaker, was very faint, husky, childlike, but added so much to the listening joy. Now, this is what Rahman intended us to hear.The soundstage is not very wide, but each sound has its physical location in it. So you hear the tabla being played on the right of the classical singer and the sarangi/harmonium to her left (your right) if the mixing was correctly done during the recording. It's like attending your own private concert.If music is a medium for you to just groove and dance to it, and you are limited to hard rock and EDM, please look elsewhere. The tight, but proportionate bass won't satisfy you.If you only listen to old recordings, especially Indian, don't use these phones. They will make you hate 80% of your music collection as the flaws are closely conveyed. Mind you these aren't just flaws on count of technical poverty of the recording, but you'd easily make out when a singer was off key. And you'd be surprised to find that even leading ones were sometimes.These phones get you sound at the level of Shruti's and not just at the level of Swar's. The flip side is that you'd love and enjoy good music, from the real masters, like never before!I won't get into technicalities of the speakers themselves. You can read them in the other capable reviews here. Yes, the long term reliability of the product is questionable if I go by some reviews esp on Amazon.com. But any music lover would be okay spending Rs 6k for musical bliss. A we all know, bliss is short lived, yet, worth it.

Sachin Chavan on 6 February 2016

Great audio quality specially the Treble is clean and instrument ...

Great audio quality specially the Treble is clean and instrument separation is great but one BAD side is the build quality is bit low. cable start breaking without doing anything i report to seller and seller not able to help it doesn't cover in warranty even though we have warranty but it just for the name nothing covered under warranty with Hifnage seller. Be careful before buying from it.

Wasim on 7 February 2016

Magical mids and soothing treble but crappy bass and horrible durability

This earphone deserves just one star even though it has premium quality mids and a decent smooth treble that is pleasant to listen to for extended sessions. The bass is severely lacking but the main reason for 1 star is the pathetic durability. You pay 6k for an IEM and get a cable that cracks up on its own???. It is a disgusting mess with bare wires all exposed, lots of cuts everywhere and the outer sheath has fallen off in parts. No excuses for such build quality. Even 500 rupees earphones don't unravel like this. Unusable now.

Jose on 21 September 2017

HiFiMAN RE-400 Waterline In-Ear Monitors Review

HiFiMAN is an American manufacturer of high performance headphones and portable audio products. It was founded in 2007 by Dr. Fang Bian. I ordered the HiFiMAN RE-400 Waterline In-Ear Monitor (IEM) from Amazon, US and it was shipped out by Head-Direct. This IEM cost USD105 inclusive of shipping.I've had various In Ear Monitors (IEMs) over the years from stock freebies to aftermarket brands such as UE, Sennheiser, V-Moda, Sony, Bose etc. to name a few. I've never taken IEMs very seriously as they are supposed to be 'fun on the go' and they are normally played through cheap non-audiophile grade mobile phones or mp3 players. After a few months of little use they either get lost, damaged, given away or returned within the very first month. Unfortunately, I just cannot stand any IEM sticking inside my ears for more than 30 mins, at a time, regardless of how good they sound.I was recently in the lookout for an IEM to replace my Bose IE2. The Bose IE2 was a fun IEM that I used during workouts and evening walks. It did not stick deep inside my ear canals and were really comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. It is a very cleverly designed IEM that was somewhere between an IEM and over the ear headphone by design and comfort. The sound from the Bose IEM is not the best I've heard and I kept them only because of the comfort they offered. The IE2's cables started to wear out despite good care and it was about time to replace them.After a lot of search and research I came across this Chinese brand HiFiMAN that is currently creating ripples amongst headphone audiophiles. I was initially attracted to their RE-Zero IEMs that were selling for as low as USD70 at Audio Advisor. They however had these small Stereo and TRS adaptors that kept me away from buying them. I then stumbled upon this new model - HiFiMAN Waterline RE-400. As of this writing, HiFiMAN has discontinued its older RE series of IEMs.Setup & Performance:As soon as I received the package, I unpack and plug in the HiFiMAN Re-400 IEMs to my iPhone 3GS. I'm currently using my iPhone 3GS only as a portable media player and not as a phone anymore. I bought the 'FLAC Player' application from iTunes for USD10. From the very first listen, I'm impressed with the performance of this new IEM from HiFiMAN. The RE-400 is effortless, clean and smooth. It's got a sound signature that is very true tonally and does not colour or impress at any of the frequencies. I allow these IEMs to burn-in and play it through all kinds of devices and material.After about 50 hours of burn-in I must admit that this is definitely one of the finest IEMs I've ever tried. It digs deep inside any piece of recording I throw at it. The highs are pristine, effortless and very well extended. Every instrument is clearly separate and placed in its own position / place in the narrow soundstage that all IEMs suffer from. I'll get to the soundstage aspect of this IEM a little later in the review.When it comes to the midrange, there seems to be a little hardness / edginess / bump in the upper midrange. This makes this IEM sound a little dry in the upper midrange, it is evident most notably in male vocals and more so in modern recordings. These IEMs seems to focus something that other headphones and speakers may not be focusing on. The hardness in the upper midrange is actually very subtle and it is possible that many IEM listeners may not even observe it. It is only when I compare it with a mid-centric full-sized headphone like the Fostex TRP50 that I'm able to hear the edginess / dryness in the upper midrange. Otherwise, this IEM has the best midrange I've heard from any IEM that I've tried till date.The bass is all about quality and not about quantity. As an example, when I play a song such as `Wanna be startin' something' by Michael Jackson, these IEMs show just how low they can go and does not colour the bass like how the Koss PortaPro headphones do. I'm not a bass-head and the bass in these IEMs are just about right for me. I listen to a lot of vocals and as such stay away from bass-centric headphones. The bass performance in the RE-400 compliments the mid and upper frequencies really well and it gives out a cohesive sound.Years of listening to 2 channel audio has seasoned my ears to yearn for that magical and addictive soundstage that is so elusive in headphones. As such most IEMs and closed back headphones, by design, either have a narrow or angled soundstage. By angled, I mean the musicians and instruments appear to be playing in the top right and left hand corners of my head. I find that very annoying and unreal! Give me a narrow soundstage but give me one that is at my eye level and right in front of me. The HiFiMAN RE-400 has a soundstage that is surely an 'out of the head' presentation that is at my eye level, in front of me and believable. I'm up-close with the artists in a small room but I find this better than the angled soundstage I've heard from some more expensive headphones. I think that's quite a feat for an IEM!There are some other qualities that are worth mentioning. Normally, when I try a new DAC or a headphone in my system, that is good with extracting details from recordings, they always tend to sound very involving with modern recordings and may sound grating / fatiguing or boring with older recordings. With the HiFiMAN RE-400, older recordings sound just as involving as modern recordings do. I'm not implying that a poor recording will sound great, it just wrings out every bit of detail from what is already there in the recording / media file and presents it in a pleasing manner. Also, the quality difference between various recordings are made pretty obvious. Artists such as Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd etc. must have had the very best sound engineers and equipment of their time. It's just so obvious with the HiFiMAN RE-400s!Comparison & Alternatives:As far as performance goes, the HiFiMAN RE-400 does have an edge over the Bose IE2. I like the balanced, detailed, smoother and cohesive sound of the HiFiMAN RE-400 better. However, as far as comfort goes, the Bose IE2 has the advantage as it does not get inserted inside my ear canal. Also the HiFIMAN RE-400 is really compact and very light, yet it's not very suitable to be worn for workouts at the Gym. Rigorous body movements make the HiFIMAN RE-400's earplugs to pop out unlike the Bose IE2s that cling inside the ear lobes. The seal created by the RE-400's soft silicone tips can make or break the sound quality. Even inserting the soft tips a little too deep inside the ear canal makes it sound really thin, muddy and terrible. So getting the fit right with the right tip is paramount.At this price point, the Rockit Sounds RE-50 IEM priced at USD130 is a very tempting alternative. The RE-50 uses a balanced armature driver and the RE-400 uses a dynamic driver. The differences between both types of drivers have been argued at large in the internet forums.Accessories & Tweaks:HiFiMAN has paid a lot of attention and resources on the packaging of these RE-400 IEMs. It comes in a black luxurious rectangular packing that looks like a `Silver Scent' perfume bottle by Jacques Bogart. I know presentation is important as far as marketing a product is concerned, but a usable compact carrying case / pouch and a decent cloth clip would have added much more practical value to an otherwise excellent performing IEM. If a simple blister packing can reduce the cost of these IEMs then my vote goes for such an approach too. Unfortunately, these days, anything audiophile related that is priced below USD100 is not taken seriously! I'm currently carrying / protecting my HiFiMAN RE-400 inside the Bose IE2's carrying pouch. They look really cool in them.HiFiMAN includes 4 pairs of silicon ear-tips. This helps to cater to different ear sizes and comfort levels. A cable winder is also included. I do not use the cable winder as I'm uncomfortable with the idea of winding the cable this way. Instead I use a 2 inches long Velcro tie to hold to wound cable more gently. Inside the Bose IE2's carrying pouch, the Velcro firmly holds the IEM from moving about.Conclusion & Rating:As much as the 32 Ohms rated HiFiMAN RE-400 plays very efficiently even through an iPhone 3GS, it seems to greatly benefit in control and dynamics from a good amplifier and source. I've tried mine with a Musical Fidelity V-DAC II + V-CAN II powered with the V-PSU II with great results. I've also tried the RE-400 with an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC. I'm impressed with the RE-400's performance, portability and versatility. The Dragonfly and the RE-400 together makes for a state of the art playback system that can be put inside a small pouch and taken anywhere.I saved the best for the last. I finally found an IEM that I can use for a couple of hours, at a stretch, without much discomfort. With the right fit, I'm able to enjoy these IEMs longer than I thought was possible. The low mass construction and low profile of the HiFiMAN RE-400 has enabled me to wear them even when I go to sleep without worrying about hurting myself. These IEMs demand patience! The HiFiMAN RE-400 and its associated equipment need at least an hour of burn-in, every time, to reach its full potential. Once it's warmed up, it completely opens up and performs at its very best! The HiFiMAN RE-400 IEM is a welcome addition to my collection of audiophile accessories, tools and toys.Update (After 02 years)I had used this specimen mostly for writing this review. After which, I had neatly stored it in a pouch and kept it in a cool and dry place, where other audio components and accessories are stored. Recently I wanted to listen to it and I found that the outer sheathing on the cable had cracks in many places. Though the IEM sounds decent for the money, the quality of materials used is really questionable. I had bought a pair for somebody else and I received similar feedback from that user as well.

A'Politan on 4 May 2015

RE-400 Waterline: Audiophile kill, Budget bullet

Big ups to HiFinage for bringing HiFiman to India.Pros: Magical mids. Warm lilt in the neutral sig. Fast, accurate and punchy mid-bass. Extremely comfortable. Easily driven,Cons: Lack of sub-bass. Treble might be too smooth for some. Build quality could be better. Isolation is averagePackaging and build:The packaging is minimal and exquisitely so. The extra tips filters and manual are behind the felt coated foam holding the earphones. As I gingerly dislodged them from the grooves, I was struck by how tiny they are. I always try to avoid gripping the strain relief as a precaution, but it was difficult considering the size. The shiny bead blasted aluminium back goes well with the brushed aluminium housing. Which brings me to the build. This is the most common qualm people have reported. The plug is beefy, the y split seems sturdy enough. However, I noticed that some free movement of the cable is possible at the entry point of the strain relief. As long as the cable is secured properly within the main housing this shouldn't be an issue. (I was tempted to add a dab of glue at the strain relief end to restrict that free movement).The half and half cable is… okay. The cloth half is a little kinky (pun not intended). The sticky half is thin and flexible making it very comfortable when worn over ear. Apparently, the hybrid design serves to reduce weight among other benefits.Accessories, Comfort and Isolation:Tips galore but an odd assortment. Anyway, I have very narrow ear canals and the smaller tips gave me a good seal. The pseudo-double bump tips gave me pressure problems, so I settled for the bar-tips. The complys are good, but the foam overhangs (ahead of the rubber tube) get scrunched. (I have modified them by cutting off the overhangs) Cable noise is more than present when worn cable-down. Almost disappears when worn over-ear. Can hardly feel then in my ears after a while. It is evident that the HiFiman team has paid a lot of attention to ergonomics. Other accessories include a shirt clip, 5 pairs of stock filters. I have dry wax so I won’t be changing them out anytime soon. Perhaps I could use them to hard EQ them (doubling the filters, felt mod etc.) Maybe later.Isolation is average, even with a good fit. But maybe that’s about as good as it gets for vented earphones. The vent is placed ventrally and only the deepest fit might shield it partially.Sound:A short intro/disclaimer My experience when it comes to iems is very limited. The RE400 is my first foray into audiophile territory. I’ve been in a V/U-shaped bassy world thus far.Chronologically....Sony MDR-E818LP>Sony MDR-EX35LP>Creative EP-630>Xears TD4 Ebony Blackwood>Brainwavz R1>HiFiman RE-400I’ve loved and hated every set. So I set my sights higher and decided to bravely plunge into a neutral world just to see if that was the right direction for me.Doing an A:B comparison doesn't make much sense with iems that differ this widely.My impressions may seem overblown to some. But such a drastic change in direction can do that. Back to the review I expected to be disappointed by the RE-400 in the bass department. I like a little rumble and feel in my bass. But given my inexperience, I was very curious about bass quality vs quantity.Fast forward to my impressions… I initially thought of describing it by music genre. But after a week with them, I’ve decided to go ahead with the classic break-up.Treble:I’ve always found sharp treble to be off-putting. There is a (false?) sense of enhanced clarity that comes with sparkly treble. But for me, the overall enjoyability dips. I’m absolutely amazed by how smooth the treble is on the RE-400. Some may like a little more sparkle, its sooo perfectly where I want it to be. It may lack some bite with fast electronic music. I found no nasty peaks or dips. To me, the detail and clarity was eye widening (considering my experience or lack thereof).Mids:I was expecting to be impressed. But not blindsided like this. It felt like I had suddenly switched from 192kbps to a vinyl track. The first thing that struck me was how much more life-like it felt. The vocals had a certain texture. Simply put, if that texture was absent, the vocals wouldn't be as immersive. A striking feature was the depth to the vocals (not necessarily to the soundstage). It sounded “wholesome”(male and female alike). I’m finding this very hard to describe but I must persist, because it’s that important. I am able to gauge how much breath and effort the singer is taking. Apart from the core vocals I hear a lot of nuances and details that contribute to that sense of “completion”. This particular feature impressed me the most in this iem. Another thing I noticed is how untouched and unaffected the mids are. No matter how busy rest of the spectrum gets, the mids always come through unadulterated. Like I had a separate pair of ears for the mids. And it seemed like the bass and highs complemented it nicely. Like they were all on the same plane of preference.Bass:I will have to divide this segment into two. Initial impressions and Brain-burnt–in impressions.Initial: Sub-bass was non-existent. Some tracks need that sub-bass to sound right. It adds to the ‘natural, warm’ feeling. Sub-bass is more ‘feeling’ than ‘hearing’. Tracks that had a strong mid-bass component were handled beautifully. I couldn’t believe the detail and how fast it sounded. But I would have liked some more punch. Sadly the mids keep grabbing the spotlight therefore I didn’t get to try many bass heavy tracks.Brain-burnt in: Sub-bass still non-existent. But I found out at higher listening volumes, that the RE-400 extends pretty deep. I feel the punch in the mid-bass now. And I find the quantity sufficient(not lacking) now. Surprisingly enough, I’m actually enjoying them immensely. I love the attack speed and the detail, even when it gets busy. I want to say “resolving” but I’m not sure if it is the correct term. I’m quite stunned to find myself enjoying this “type” of bass. The initial disappointment only surfaces when I find the sub-bass lacking. ljokerl advised me to try a “narrow” lift of a few dB in the sub-bass. This improves presence without affecting the mid-bass or the mids. The RE-400 is a very capable iem in this respect. The overall tonality has warmed and I’m not disappointed as often. I still find myself wanting a bit more presence but I don’t think EQing it in is the answer. (Perhaps a vent redesign, dampers coupled with a sub-bass lift). Drums sound very natural (except the deepest reaching ones). It’s easy to differentiate between the types of drums. The bass conveys that much detail.Bottom line: Bass enjoyment is very track subjective. EQing helps because the drivers are capableOther miscellaneous rambling:The soundstage isn't the widest. The Brainwavz R1 has spoiled me in this regard. But it isn’t congested either. It conveys a good sense of space. Vocals can be very very intimate. And orchestras can be sufficiently spacious. No complaints there. All the music components are clearly positioned and layered without any interference. I believe that is good “imaging”?Like I mentioned before, I sense an overall “completion” in the music. Vocals will have a ‘bass’ component and a ‘lower highs’ component in addition to the core “mid” component. The RE-400 delivers all of it in equal measure (just a tad more in the mids). I have observed that they sound even better at higher volumes (+1/2 dB above normal listening volume).I am curious to as to how the RE-400 will perform when powered by a better source. That will have to wait as I don’t have the resources :(Some have reported good results by using dampers to add a little warmth and presence (even going as far to comparing it to the 400$ RE-600). I will try these mods later on.Conclusion: This iem was meant to be a test, an experiment. My first foray into neutral audiophile territory. And they have surprised me. They have made me second guess my sound sig preference. I know what I want now (until the next revelation). But what I want now is so different from what I wanted, I doubt I’ll ever have such a drastic change of heart.I expected it to fit a small segment of my music but I’m shocked at the versatility and satisfaction it has given me in most of my music.I have a very non-technical way of knowing when music sounds really good to me. It has nothing to do with genre, mood or content. It depends solely on raw music quality. This happens to me with “certain tracks” that span a wide genre(Examples: Imogen Heap- Let go, Jasmine Thompson - Home, Mick MCauley & Winifred Horan - A Daisy in December, Eminem- Sing for the moment etc). Well….. My eyes well up. Not related to feelings of sadness, happiness etc. My eyes simply leak a lot of tears without warning(freaked me out the first time). Let’s just say, I can’t see through the haze of tears when I have the RE-400 on. It’s only happened with the Fidelio L1, some active speaker I can’t remember, rarely with the Brainwavz R1.The RE-400s have set the bar very high for me. If these had a more sub-bass presence I would have absolutely nothing to complain about. I think finding something much better will be very difficult unless I burn my wallet, so I will now look for an iem to complement (not beat) the RE-400.

getclikinagas on 1 March 2014

Great Sound quality if you use DAC/DAP

Dear Buyers please use DAC and boost Bass and Treable Otherwise it works like crap.

Sooraj T S on 10 November 2017

One Star

Totally overpriced. Avoid these

Hitesh on 24 July 2017


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