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Lapguard Dell Inspiron13R (Ins13RD-438) 6 Cell Laptop Battery

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  • Dell
  • YXVK2/J1KND/8NH55
  • Laptop Battery
  • Black



Laptop Battery
No. Of Cells
6 Cells
4400 mAh
Compatible Brand
Compatible Battery Part No.
Dell 4T7JN, 04T7JN, 312-0234, 9T48V, 9TCXN, YXVK2, J1KND, 383CW, 312-0233, 04YRJH, 4YRJH, 07XFJJ, 7XFJJ, 451-11510, 9T48V, J4XDH, W7H3N, 8NH55
Compatible Laptop Models
Dell Inspiron 13R, Dell Inspiron 14R, Dell Inspiron 15R N5010, Dell Inspiron 15R, Dell Inspiron 17R, Dell Inspiron N3010D Series, Dell Inspiron N4010D Series, Dell Inspiron N7010 Series, DELL Inspiron N3010R, DELL Inspiron N4010R, DELL Inspiron N5010R, DELL Inspiron N5030 Series, DELL Inspiron M501 Series, DELL Inspiron M5010 Series DELL Inspiron M5030, DELL Inspiron N7010R
1 Laptop Battery
1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
214.3 mm
23.3 mm
57.7 mm
323 g
Warranty Summary
90 Days Domestic Warranty
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

do not buy

very poor performacnce

. by . on Jun 29, 2018

Works well

Delivery was on time from Snapdeal. Product is perfect and working well even after a week. Need to observe whether it continues to work as needed and expected.

Hari by Hari on Nov 18, 2015



himanshu sood by himanshu sood on Oct 22, 2015

Really Worth it

I am using around 10 days still now no compliant.it is a good one.

siva by siva on Oct 07, 2015

Nice Product till now...

I'm using this in my DELL Inspiron N-5010 model and it support the laptop fully. also the battery meter is showing the mAh that is remaining and giving a back up of 1hr...in video mode...

Sam by Sam on Sep 19, 2015

best product

good product....works perfectly.......................

Adi by Adi on Sep 02, 2015

Nice product

It is good to get this such a low price . I ah happy with this product Love this Working fine i suggest u can buy this

nani by nani on Jul 11, 2015

Perfect. It doesn't get any better

Great battery

Dr.Ivan Rocha by Dr.Ivan Rocha on Jul 01, 2015

Product Review

Good Product

Tushar by Tushar on Jun 30, 2015

not satisfied

I got replacement for the defective product which is also not that good. Hesitated to return the replaced product though i am not satisfied, living with that. The battery standby is poor. Dont expect much out of this product.

Kiran by Kiran on May 21, 2015

Best you can get at this price range

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSDMNIDe5dU (Video review for this battery) Since I don't want to jump into any conclusion just after buying this battery, so I decided to wait and use it for 6 month. Now I have used this dell battery for six months , I feel ready to write a review. **Let me start with Pros first.** 1.This is official dell battery. 2. It work with my dell n5010 and I have also try it with 14R laptops also and as mention in the description it will fit well with all the laptop model compatible with it. 3. I got decent battery backup of 3 hours while browsing or watching movies and 1.5 hours while gaming or video editing. 4. Price is very reasonable, I got this for 1700 (using 100 rs coupon) while at the same time it was 3500 at dell official stores. **Now jump it some disadvantage.** 1. I don't know how, but they only giving 3 months warranty, I have asked on dell stores and they told me that the same battery have 1 years of warranty. 2. My previous battery which came with laptop has 3-4 hours of battery backup on full charge but this one has less(both being 6 cell battery). **Suggestion for longer battery life.** Follow 80-40% rule. This will increase your battery life for more than a year if done properly. So what you need to do is charge your battery for 80% and let it drain to 40% then again charge it for 80% and repeat this everytime. **Conclusion** If you need a battery for dell laptop then go for it, This is the best you can get for this price range. Trust me I have Research the market for the every alternative and this was the best I can get. If you find this helpful then don't forget to rate it. Thanks.

Mrinal saha 11 Apr, 2014

Best Product

I Have Ordered on 25th June and received in only 2 days!! Excellent Service By flipkart. Packing is very solid. Battery backup is around 3 hrs. *If you want to good battery life.* - Keep Laptop Brightness low as you can. - Discharge when Battery is full. (especially when watching movie) - Plug in after, Notification of the connect charger. Otherwise you loss Battery life in short time.

Pritesh Rohit 23 Aug, 2012

Life depends on your use

I have a Dell inspiron laptop. The battery got damaged after one year of use. That's when I realized that the battery life depends very much on your use. Once you charge the battery, you should discharge it completely. If you are using your laptop connected to a power source, then its better you remove the battery. This way you can increase the life of the battery.... Dell batteries are not known for their quality, so if you take care and use it wisely, you can increase the life of the battery.

Manu Menon 3 Mar, 2012

avearage product

I had brought this battery for my lab dell N5010 last week. The battery come with the my laptop lost its life in 17 months. i am an average user, use lap for 4-5 hours a day for my research work. The new battery has a battery wear of 3.8% after 2 recharge cycles.....

Selvaraj Ayyasamy 3 Mar, 2012

Not Good

right from the first day i started using this battery, a red cross is showing beside the battery sign. As soon as i switch off power and run my laptop on battery, it hibernates without any command and i have to restart to come out of this problem. And the warranty of this battery is also just 3 months(should be 1 year atleast). I don't know whether i received a faulty product or this cheap battery is a crap!! But i feel robbed of my money!

Ankur Singh 12 Sep, 2013

Not worth it

i just loaded my new battery bought from flipkart, charged it fully nd it got discharged in next 1 hr 15min.. I am not finding it worth............. ............................................................................................................................. ..............................................................................................................................

Saumitra Pandey 16 Apr, 2013

Buy at your own risk.

I would advise caution before buying this product. I bought it a month ago and started using it two weeks back. Within ten minutes of normal usage, there was a short circuit inside the battery and I could smell something burning. Next thing I know, the laptop stops working and I haven't been able to use it since then. I'm worried I might have to shell out a bomb to fix my laptop now. Luckily for me, the battery is still under warranty and maybe this was an isolated incident. However, I would be highly skeptical about the replacement unit as well.

Leon Corriea 31 Jul, 2012


This product got spoilt withing 4 months of use. For the first few months it worked perfectly. Then it stopped charging. Now it has 0% charge . I have to connect the adapter to my laptop to make it work and i cannot even hibernate it.

Vikaas Kumar 28 Dec, 2012

Nice Battery.

-I would suggest you to go with some high price 8-9 cell battery, i am using this battery from last 3 months average performance. 2 hours back up. spend thousand rupees more and stay without worries.

Rajiv Sharma 11 Jan, 2014

Dell Inspiron 13r/14r/15r/17r Series 6 Cell

I bought this back in April. As with other Flipkart products, 100% original and works absolutely fine. Gives me more than 2 hours of battery back up. You don't have to blink an eye before deciding to buy it. Just go for it.

Kapil Berry 7 Sep, 2012


Fits my inspiron 15R N5050 laptop and works for 3 hrs in a single full charge

RISHABH D Shukla 16 Dec, 2017

Did not meet expectations

Very poor quality, getting only 15 minutes back up. Don't buy this product.

Flipkart Customer 24 Sep, 2017

I have received a fake battery

Lasts only for 12 days and then it died, possibly that is why the seller offer a 10 days warranty as against the one year warranty of Dell India. The claim of the seller that this is a genuine Dell battery and one the other hand warranty of 10 days clearly indicate the product is actually a counterfeit. The battery looks exactly like a Dell battery, however, seeing the short life of the battery it looks like a refurbished old battery. Buy at your own risk. Better to go for Club Laptop battery, I am using one now and happy with it.

Chandra Bhanu Basak 16 Sep, 2017

Absolute rubbish!

Worst... Very low backup


Not recommended at all

Not charging

Hanuman Singh 21 Aug, 2017


No need to buy this battery and don't throw your old battery. Disassemble old one and replace AA type battery with chargeable AA type battery and see the amazing life

Sandip Singh 26 Jun, 2017

Purchased 1 year back battery coming not even 1 hour

I use Laptop very rarly. Still the battery dries very fast. purchased 1 year back. Will not recommend

Santosh Kumar Potu 7 Mar, 2017

Biggest mistake of my life!


Rajindar singh 24 Nov, 2016

Terrible product

Worst piece ever, gets discharged in just 20mins

Pradeep Verma 3 Oct, 2016

Only half hour backup

I purchased this battery on 23rd Feb'16. It worked fine for one month since then it is giving backup of half hour only Don't buy this product

Nikhil Jain 27 Sep, 2016

defective piece

it stops charging after 66% . suddenly stops when using my laptop. not running continuously running on battery.

Sunil Kumar pathak 11 Sep, 2015


battery is not good nd but not so efficient like the original battery

Kushant Sirohi 7 May, 2015

New Battery Really

I bought a new battery and that is giving me a battery backup of 30 min after 3 months. Flipkart may be making fraud. I think they are not providing authenticate values.

Ashish Gupta 30 Dec, 2014

will it work in my laptop

Before placing order i just wanted to ask that i am using dell laptop Model : Insp 15R 5521 Processor model : 15 - 3317U Reg Model : P28F 19.5 V - 3.34A / 4.62A reply soon

Flipkart Customer 30 Dec, 2014

Not compatible for Inspiron 14r n4010

This battery is not compatible for my Dell Inspiron 14r N4010 Laptop. When the adapter connect, a message showing on battery icon that "plugged in, not charging" and also showing a message "The AC power adapter not determined, please connect dell 90W or above adapter. When I connect 90W adapter battery is not getting charged.

Shine Raj P.S 5 Nov, 2014


It stopped charging after 2 days of use but after removing and again plugging it started charging again. For the first time I had charged and discharged full. After few days again it is behaving same. It has stopped charging. Now I have to go to DELL center to check.

Harvinder Singh 13 Oct, 2014

Woorks well

Fits well with my Dell Inspiron 1525. Gave a new life to my laptop. battery backup of around 2 hours

Jatin Kumar 7 Oct, 2014

No star worst product, worst seller.

It was very worst product. No Battary backup. not come just 30minutes. waste of money, worst product, worst seller.

By Innocent Buyer 16 Sep, 2014

Unhappy with the Power Backup - Hardly 30mins of backup.

Firstly, Very Good and Prompt delivery of the product by Flipkart. Well Done!! I received the Battery before the "mentioned Date of Delivery". And the packing was exceptionally good and awesome. Secondly, The Battery gives very less backup, hardly 45mins. And while watching videos and movies less than 30mins. LESS WARRANTY then the battery sold in DELL Exclusive stores. DELL gives 1year warranty and Flipkart gives 3months. Thirdly, After I started using this battery, "my system got too slow". I don't know how.

RAM M 28 Jul, 2014

Battery Sucks..........Flipkart service is getting worse......

First of all if by chance thr wud hv been any option of negative rating i wud hv given it..... They gave me used battery which doesnt even had 1 hr backup . Secondly flipkart service person was an idiot. Suggestion: Don't buy it and if you want to return then transfer the money to your bank acc instead of flipkart wallet. Because you can use that wallet money only for that particular selller. Flipkart also Sucks now

Manoj Yadav 25 Jun, 2014

Great Deal & Great Packing

I used my laptop (DELL Inspiron N4010) with a battery which didn't gave a 5 minute of backup, for over an year. I thought its time to get a new battery. So, came to flipkart (my trusted seller for over 4 years) and saw that the battery is available by WS Retails. Grabbed it ASAP.. About the Packaging- I thought flipkart made mistake and they must sent me Laptop rather than Battery! It was unbelievable that a such a small battery came in a big big package (size of a laptop bag). And the packing was awesome. No damage to the battery. Flipkart rocks at this. Pricing is also great at Flipkart. No shops here give even a price close to this.Hats off to Flipkart for this...! Now, about the battery. Battery gives me 2+ hours of backup on Windows 7. All in all, I am satisfied with this battery. I read some reviews stating about the warranty which I really don't care about. Also Reviews of previous customers helped me to decide. One word, you cannot get a deal like this from shops. GRAB it from Flipkart. Buy now.. :)

Umesh Vaghela 18 Jun, 2014

Nice battery, No problems till now..

I used my laptop (DELL Inspiron N5010) with a battery which didn't gave a single minute of backup, for over an year. Then, my laptop doesn't even recognized my old battery. Whenever I plugged in the adapter, a red light blinked 3-4 times at the charging led. I thought its time to get a new battery. So, came to flipkart (my trusted seller for over 2 years) and saw that the battery is available by WS Retails. Grabbed it ASAP.. About the Packaging- It was unbelievable that a such a small battery came in a big big package ( size of a laptop bag ). And the packing was awesome. No damage to the battery. Flipkart rocks at this. Pricing is also great at Flipkart. No shops here give even a price close to this. KUDOS to Flipkart for this...! Now, about the battery. Battery gives me 2+ hours of backup on Windows 7 with WiFi ON and torrents being downloaded + Low-Medium Brightness + some movies and other light things (some web browsing).. It gives me ~3 hours of backup on Ubuntu 13.04 with WiFi ON and doing similar things mentioned above.. All in all, I am satisfied with this battery. I read some reviews stating about the warranty which I really don't care about. One word, you cannot get a deal like this from shops. GRAB it from Flipkart. Buy now.. :) PS : I got a problem with Windows when I inserted the new battery. The windows kept showing the Yellow Triangle on the battery icon and kept hibernating as soon as the battery % reached 29. So, I searched the internet about the problem and got the solution. Now, I have no problems with this battery and I'm loving it... :D

Aditya Sharma 6 Feb, 2014

Good Packing but the Product VERY VERY BAD......!!!!!

Today I got the product from flipkart within time. It was nicely packed and feels me good BUT when the use this battery after charge it to the 100%, the backup is around for max 30 mins. My lappi automatically hibernate when battery comes to 70% and also shows a red mark in batterry icon. Mailed flipkart to replace it. Hoping it will replace and get new with better performance. HELP FLIPKART AND W S RETAIL (means flipkart too).

Davanshu Mishra 21 Jan, 2014

Working fne

I have brought this product 2 weeks before and it is working prfectly well.. I am getting a battery backup of around 2.5 hours, which is as per my expectation.

Flipkart Customer 10 Jan, 2014

good, cost effective

price cheaper than any other site. Packaging is excellent and delivery time was just 3 rd day after ordering.

k kb 7 Jan, 2014

Battery life is moderate !

Battery life is not so good... After full charge it holds for only 2.30 hours while using laptop normally (without playing any games or heavy softwares ).

Vikash Sharma 3 Jan, 2014


i bought it for my dell N5010.. i thought i ll do justice to my laptop which has till date never crashed, looks still fresh and works perfectly.. my only issue was ma battery which died after 1 1/2yrs of use.. hope it serves another 1 1/2 yrs.. after 1 month of using it, i find it exactly like the in-box one.. stays upto 3hrs on avg performance.. and its cheaper too.. thanks to flipkart

Arun Balan 27 Sep, 2013

Good backup provided by battery. Below are pros and cons Pros - Good Backup (2+ hrs on Dell 14 r i3 processor,4gb RAM, 1gb graphics) - Genuine Product - Nicely packaged Cons - Non after 1 month of usage Flipkart advantages - Quick delivery - Best price

Domnic Mendes 25 Aug, 2013

Works Perfectly with Dell Inspiron N5010

I must say that the package in which the product arrived was nothing less than flamboyant. Layers of packages and inside them, sitting comfortably and securely, was my ordered battery. It is a 6 cell genuine battery from Dell, which you got at a price far cheaper than on the Dell website. Comfortable backup of nearly2.5 to 3 hours depending on your settings. I got it for 2K and delivered in 3 days.

Pratik Gupta 8 Aug, 2013

Regarding Purchase of DELL cell

I'm totally unsatisfied by the performance of the product. It does not fulfills it's promise of providing backup of about 3 hours. What else can i say.....i'm not sure who the responsible party is, but i'm definitely let down. Hope to get better products next time....obviously, if i ever shop again. anyways, my best wishes


Unable to deliver the item

I placed the order on 14th July. And the item shipped on 15th itself and the expected delivery was on 18th. On 18th I got an email from flipkart by saying the item cannot be delivered. Now I have to wait for the refund... Very poor service.

Sreejith 18 Jul, 2013

Great Buy at Best Price

I purchased it for My Dell Inspiron 15r N5010. It was perfectly well packed by Dell and additional wrapped by seller. Fast shipping service. The cells of battery are made in Korea and Assembled in China. It gives backup of 3.45 Hrs. on my Liunx Ubuntu. The price seller offered is really competitive. Thx. Flipkart for gr8 product.

Naveen P Suthar 29 May, 2013

Not so Great Experiance

The battery was finely packed and timely delivered. However when compare its performance with the same 6-Cell battery that we use to get with our laptops, the battery is was behind. I dont know if they sell same batteries or different but you can notice the difference in performance. It hardly runs for 2.5 Hrs normal and 1.5 to 2Hrs on video play, that I feel is below par performance for a new battery. But at the end of day, if you need a new battery you can go for it without much expectation.

Mimanshu Shisodia 11 Apr, 2013

Not as good as expected!

First of all really gud service by flipkart. Thank You. I had bought this batery on december 2012. At first it had given me a backup of nearly 3 hrs then after a month backup time dropped to 2.5 hrs and after 3 months of its use its only giving 1 hr backup. I'm assuming i'll have to change this battery also in another 2 months. Guess DELL's batteries aren't that great as their as their computers.

Saish Menon 1 Apr, 2013

I am very Happy with this purchase, Thank you Flipkart..

Hello, I am Vikas Singh I purchase Dell Inspiron 13r/14r/15r/17r Series 6 Cell for my laptop. Price is very low from market and other shopping sites. The performance of the product is really very nice. Flipkart delivered it within 3-4 working days. I am very Happy with this purchase, Thank you Flipkart..

Vikas Singh 29 Mar, 2013

average product

packing awesome battery backup average(max 2 hrs) price average quality average so my overall rating,after using the product is average bt when i choose power plan of battery it warns me 2 replace the battery...bt i bought it recently n its new only

NIJWM WARY 22 Mar, 2013

genuine battery,fast and safe delivery

The first important thing when purchasing any electronic product is the "genuinity" of the product,so when i get the product at first i go for check.(by pressing F2 during boot and check battery is detected or not.Non dell batteries will not be detected). I think its not required here to mention about packaging and speedy delivery because it's FLIPKART!!!!!!!!!!


Very Good...

Got it just after 2 days from the day of ordering with excellent packaging... To talk about the product, I give 4 stars. It is not the product problem but these batteries usually come for only 1.5 to 2 years. As always it is a wonderful experience to shop from Flipkart...

Pravardhan Kalkur 11 Sep, 2012

Better groduct may go for it

Backup is OK. maximum backup time is 2.5 hrs. But varies depends on the program running on the machine. Note Not more than 2.5 hrs. For long battery life put in charge only after discharged fully. good for inspiron model

Gopinath Natarajan 19 Jul, 2012

Awesome packing,product 6 days delivery

Awesome Battery is good packing is fantastic ...but dont know why but it took 6 days to be at my home ..original battery as promised ..one star deducted for the dellivery time ...Well i recommend you should go for it ..!!

Prashant Kumar%20sharma 2 Jul, 2012

Dell Battery

Received original Dell battery for my Inspiron 15R, fast shipping, excellent packaging in Dell original packing. Charged for a few hours, and ready to go for use. Would recommend this for folks whose batteries die out and rely only on electric power.

Jaideep Kalgutkar 13 Mar, 2012

Plugged in but not charging.

I was little apprehensive about buying a battery online but I persisted as it was flipkart. The packing was near perfect as If they were making up for quality. What came out of box was a china made battery(Mine original had Japanese cell). It fitted perfectly and it already had 33% charge in it. I then noticed the status and it was PLUGGED IN BUT NO CHARGING. I removed the battery and Restarted the Laptop to see if it could function then, But again it was of no use.what the hell!! waited 6 days for this ? Now I have ordered for a replacement, Don't know what to do if the replacement battery will be like this only, Feeling cheated, of late flipkart has been selling products of dubious quality. Will update about the new replacement battery soon.

Tani Bharti C/O EPFO-Regional Office, Surat 7 Nov, 2014


I bought this product after much consideration. I own a dell inspiron 15r. Upon calling Dell helpline, they offer the same battery at 3500+ and only a 3 months warranty, but as you see, with flipkart its 3000 odd also a one year warranty. And believe me, after using dell for two years, warranty is something which is always a boon! Although, I still dont understand how flipkart is offering a one year warranty, i asked the same question to both dell and flipkart call centre, both were adamant at their statement. Ultimately flipkart boy says if dell doesnt provide you with warranty after 3 months, we will pay you back :). So yeah apart from this warranty confusion, the product is good and cheaper than the market :)

Smit Mehta 18 Jun, 2012

Good Decision

I purchased this battery for my dell inspiron N4110. I am happy with flipkart delivery service and price tag. Secondly, about the product, its original and delivers what you expect from the original. So nothing much to say about. I, personally find it awkward and insecure to roam at local shops for battery (I did so actually, and find no price difference), so I go for it.

Chetndas 19 May, 2014

Good Product

I'm using a Dell Inspiron 14R and its a 6cell battery. Since last week I started getting this warning to replace my battery. The battery backup also died down and it would hardly make 15 - 20 mins. I bought this product from flipkart and now i easily get 3hrs backup. Usually battery life deteriorates when using it continuously for longs hours plugged into the power source. So if you use it wisely it will last long.

Anoop Basant 4 Aug, 2013

Goog Marketing

Its better to buy it from here than to buy directly from DELL. The dell guy offered a price of 3000 but i got it cheaper here with same warranty period. The battery is brand new and good. The delivary took 4 days but there were non working days in between. In full flow time I think it would have taken 2 days.

Sunit Singh 31 Jul, 2012

Not satisfied with battery

It took 1 week to reach me through fedex, may be because of the place,but happy it reached though. The points of dissatisfaction -battery life don't go more than 1 and half hour. -takes too long to get charged.

Dorz 18 May, 2013

Worst experience ever!

Average.... Now bad performance. First few days it gives 2.4hrs backup but from today surprisingly it is giving backup 1.4hrs only. Return windows closed yesterday. Now what can I do...? Pathetic.

P. N. Mour 21 Nov, 2018


Overall good performance of battery. Flipkart delivery and packaging is also nice.

manish kandpal 9 Nov, 2018


Genuine battery lasted for almost 2-3 years , need to take one more now. in 2018

srinivas athem 2 Nov, 2018

Slightly disappointed

Worst product ever.

Flipkart Customer 31 Oct, 2018


Not original though#

nehal komarpant 28 Oct, 2018


this battery is not for 15r series

Adarsh Pandey 4 Oct, 2018


I have received damaged item. battery does not stand for more than 1 hour.

Flipkart Customer 1 Aug, 2018


not worked, returned it

vineeth R 18 Jun, 2018

Very poor

i am writing review after 3 months. battery back up is only for first 3 months around 3 hrs 30 minutes. But 3 months , battery back goes down around 1 hr 30 minutes. and they are providing 3 months warranty only. so it is very bad product and waste of money only.

Ravi s Kumar 18 Jun, 2018

Does the job


Bharat Mudaliyar 4 Jun, 2018


It is coming even 2 hours of time after maximum charge

Flipkart Customer 1 Jun, 2018

Waste of money!

Guys, I have placed order for my inspiron 15R laptop, product discription are wrong in flipkart for this product Dell Inspiron 13r/14r/15r/17r Series 6 Cell Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 Original 6 Cell Laptop Battery i got wrong battery and while i ask to send/REPLACE WITH correct product, i got reply they dont have option to choose other product and they suggested to me "SELL PRODUCT ON OLX AND PLACE NEW ORDER " finaly this product UNUSABLE FOR ME :( *** PLEASE MAKE SURE WHILE PLACING ORDER FOR THIS PROUDCT ***

Flipkart Customer 23 May, 2018

Worth the money

backup time is not that good.

gautam kalita 16 May, 2018

Battery works. Not a complete bust

Battery seems to have been working well. I haven't really noticed but it does give around half an hours back or atleast used to. I am pretty much plugged into the wall.

crazybusy 12 May, 2018

Could be way better

no fast delivery. and product is not that so good

V.Dharma Rao 5 May, 2018

Slightly disappointed

didn't last even for 7 months

Akshat Singh 18 Apr, 2018

Terrific purchase

Extremely impressed with the packing. Looks original product from DELL. Satisfied....

M Nautiyal 17 Apr, 2018


not fitting properly

N.DHANA SEKARAN 17 Apr, 2018

Worth every penny

Original one gone bad after 3 years . This one Gone bad after 4 years. So I think it was good.

Harsimranjit Singh 24 Mar, 2018

Simply awesome

Good one it will give minimum 2 hours of battery backup after 100 percent charged

Devappa Tolad 13 Mar, 2018

Terrific purchase

Good but i realise it has little less battery backup by original one but this battery is best in this price range, you can't find any alternative.. go for it????

Amit Panwar 24 Jan, 2018

Classy product


Samuel Raju 6 Jan, 2018


Ok ok

Deepankar Dey 11 Dec, 2017

Not recommended at all

Worst product purchased on flipkart..... Used for a month n not even 1 hr back up

Somanath Pawar 24 Nov, 2017


Amazing delivery by flpkart. 4days usage of battery review:satisfying product

Saravana bava Kandhan 23 Nov, 2017

Good quality product

Exactly what I needed. Average battery backup is 3-4 hrs.

Asmit Raj 22 Nov, 2017

Not good

At times battery is not detecting and less than one hour battery backup

Flipkart Customer 28 Oct, 2017

Pretty good


ANURAG kashyap 26 Oct, 2017

Awesome product as wished...!!!

I am giving this review after using this product for exactly 2 months as on today. Till now I am getting 3 to 4 hrs battery backup with routine office usage which is tremendous and so I wants to say thanks alot to the seller who has solved my battery backup issue with this awesome product.


Very Good

Go for it

Shayan Qaiser 26 Sep, 2017



Flipkart Customer 21 Sep, 2017


Good ,very good genuine, packing superior, must go for it ,

Flipkart Customer 21 Sep, 2017

Does the job

It worked quite well for around 7-8 months but performance detiorated over next couple of months. Not quite worth the amount.

Himanshu Goyal 21 Sep, 2017

Great product

Very good product.

Akhil T Baby 19 Sep, 2017


I bought it in 2013 and till date it is working fine and giving 35 mins of power when battery is fully charged

Abhishek Khandelwal 12 Sep, 2017

Good choice

Battery is working in good condition but its only gives battery backup of 2:30 hrs( 2 hrs and 30 mins) Performance point of view its good

Rushikesh Vathare 18 Aug, 2017

Best in the market!

Sorry for late review i've ordered this product 2 years back and till now my laptop battery backup is same as compared as in new how it was. Product it genuine and you can blindely purchase this product its worth for money.

Amit Banra 15 Aug, 2017

Four Stars

Good & original product

Naresh G 25 Jul, 2017


nice product

Ronaque Afroze 23 Jul, 2017

Great product

Purchased this battery threevyears back. Its still giving around two hours backup when fully charged. Good Buy.

sachin patil 25 Jun, 2017



Nitin Gupta 8 Jun, 2017

Solved battery issues

The product is original and 100% compatible with my Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop. Flipkart's delivery was prompt and on time.

Rohit Pamnani 31 May, 2017


Not great but good for the price.

Flipkart Customer 27 May, 2017

Nice Product

I am using this battery since last 2 yrs and still its working in good condition.

Yogendra Singh 18 May, 2017

Great product

I've ordered this product in 2014 and I've been using regularly on a daily basis. Still it is going well. Full charged battery serves for 3 to 4 hrs.

Sai Swaraj Bangari 18 May, 2017

Very Good

It's good...And charge standby also good

Karthi Karthick 17 May, 2017

Mind-blowing purchase

the great thing about this is I got the original product hats off to Flipkart.

Flipkart Customer 13 May, 2017


Awesome product.i am using it from more than 1 yr

sreekanth 13 May, 2017

Just okay

Nice product with ok performance.

Pankaj Anjani 13 May, 2017

Does the job

Although it comes with a dell label, fully charged battery backup is just 2 hours

Manish Singh 9 May, 2017


Battery backup went down to less than an hour within 6 months.

Tejas Golde 6 May, 2017


genuine product. I will suggest to buy. same product if you buy from dell showroom you have to spend one thousand extra.


Very Good...

Good Product by Dell... Having good back-up... Good Service by FlipKart...

Rakesh Gupta 14 Apr, 2017

Worth the money

Good battery

SAKET DUTTA 18 Mar, 2017

ok one

battery performance was ok with 2hrs of backup when fully charged. but the battery life lasted for only one year. now its asking to replace the battery

Flipkart Customer 26 Feb, 2017


Original product. Good service by flipkart.

Flipkart Customer 21 Feb, 2017

Simply awesome

Works great!!!!

shashank singh 20 Feb, 2017

Simply awesome


Manikanta Rao Javvaji 17 Feb, 2017

Mind-blowing purchase

It workes for three years perfectly...now ordering a new one

Arpit Jaiswal 17 Jan, 2017


Nice battery at a good price . Working good from past 2 years

Gaurav Yadav 25 Dec, 2016

best battery

best battery..i dont have any issue still..its been 3 years now. :)

Akshay Tamhane 28 Oct, 2016

Really Nice


Rajavel R 23 Oct, 2016

Met Expectations

Ok type !!

Shabeer A 23 Oct, 2016

DELL Laptop Battery

Nice packaging and original one. Quality is also good.

Jayesh Panchal 13 Jul, 2016

Working Nice since 2 years 3months after purchase

Working Nice and Properly It's been 2 years n 3months since I purchased this product and working exactly as I pray it should be . So yeah you definitely go for this product. That's most amazing product and most importantly it's working okk from day 1 till now.

Manmohan Pal 19 Jun, 2016

Go for it.

I am using it since 5-6 months and its working perfectly fine. But battery heats up slightly while charging (its a common thing). The backup of my original battery (which lasted for 2.5 years) was incredible. The new one doesn't give that much but no complaints.

Haswanth Vundavilli 29 Jul, 2015

Backup is not upto expectation

Backup is quite less with 1 hour with normal usage. Using from last 6 monts, not faced any other problem.

Sumit Shankar 19 Jul, 2015




best . . .

go for it . . . best battery for dell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .

Saad Patel 9 May, 2015

14r Battery review

Its been 1 week, I am using the battery. The backup is very good. Lasts for 2-3 hrs when full charged. The packaging was nice. Packet had the Dell sticker so assuming its the original one. Will reccomand the battery for 14r latptop

Mangesh 14 Apr, 2015

Going great!

Dead cheap rates than market. Still going strong. Worth buying!! You will not get at this price anywhere in the market.

Nafisa 29 Mar, 2015

Best battery

Bought from seller "Onlinebigboss". Took a little time and packaging was very simple but the battery last really long. I mean more than 4.5 hours. At first I doubted the genuinity of the battery as there was no serial number or bill or any sign of a genuine dell product but taking the performance in mind I am at peace now. Thank you.

Mehul Anand 16 Mar, 2015

Dell Inspiron 15r

Product is a decent one , using for 6 months now. For my DELL Inspiron N5010 it gives me around 1.5 hrs backup.

Sachin Ichalkaranje 26 Feb, 2015

Original Battery

I am using this battery from last 3 months, getting good battery backup. This one is original battery. Delivery was very fast and delivered with good packing. Satisfied with Flipkart services.

Parag Sharma 16 Feb, 2015

Fine product

Working ok for few months now with my Dell Inspiron 14R (N4010) Delivery was on time. I am glad I did not try to buy the more expensive option.

N H 7 Feb, 2015

Best packing EVER!

Wow.. Looking at the packing I confused to have ordered a laptop! Genuine product which works perfectly with my 15R N5010.Battery is working as it should, need to test it on a longer run though.

Sushanth 4 Feb, 2015

good product with low cost .

very good product with low cost. bought this product in june 2014 and working fine till now . and the delivery was was very quick . ultimately flipkart ,the best online retailer .

Anirudh Gorthi 17 Jan, 2015

Product as expected!!

This is a great battery and as with any battery, its performance and life depends on the usage behaviour. Its as good as the battery which came with my N5110.

Ranjit Chougale 16 Jan, 2015

awsm blosum

i am using this product it fits my dell inspiron 14 R and working wonderfully.. giving a continuous backup of 2 hrs 15 mins.. loving it

Neha Johar 13 Jan, 2015

Good product

well,my laptop is inspiron 15r n5110,it is not listed still it says thats 15r all products so i bought it..and it is truly amazing. first you have to charge it because when it was delivered to me it had 1% charge. So,it is good.

Sukalyan Bhattacharyya 9 Jan, 2015

Best to my knlowdge.....

Today I got my battery which perfectly fits on my Dell n5110. Flipkart delivered it before time and after fully charged I'm using it till now while writing this post and i got around 5 and 1/2 hours of back up only for browsing on WiFi and still having 17% battery remaining. But will definitely update my review about the performance after some days.

Himanshu Sekhar Mishra 8 Jan, 2015

Awesome product at awesome price

its a good genuine product.i have been using it for the last couple of months with no problem.moreover if ones compares the price of the product with any brick and mortar shop there would be a huge difference in its pricing.

chaitanya sonowal 5 Jan, 2015

Awesome Packing and fast delivery by WS Retail and superb battery :)

I ordered this battery for N5110 Dell Inspirion 32 bit operating system from WS Retail.I got the battery with in 2 days (without guarenteed same day delivery). Awesome Packing for Dell battery by WS Retail.Here i list out certain pros and cons. I bought this battery when my previous battery will be suddenly switched off when my power supply gets off. The battery won't even get detected.Sp i thought to buy this for my dell inspirion N5110 although i found it is compatible only to N5010.But in a link, i found it is also compatible to N5110.Thanks for the video. I have used it for a month and i am reviewing it. Pros: 1) Battery backup is too good .It can withstand upto 2.5 hours on battery backup. 2) Perfect fit to my lap. 3) Use 90-20% rule*. * --------- > Allow the battery to charge upto a maximum limit(say 90-95% but don't allow it to saturate) and allow it to discharge upto aa minimum limit(say 15-20%) so that the battery backup is awesome. 4)Reliable. 5)perfect buy within 2k(1700-1900) Cons: 1) If u allow it to get charge for a maximum period.Battery might spoilt(please do not do this) It's a reliable product .JUST "GO" for it.no other option.

Hari Prasanth Gopiraj 29 Dec, 2014

working as expected

My older battery was not working well. I ordered this and getting battery backup upto 2 hours now. Its wise to drain your battery completely before charging.

Ganaraj Sawant 17 Dec, 2014

Good One ! Fits for Dell N5110 Too !

Excellent product! Work Fine! I bought it for my Dell N5110, which is not listed in this product's compatible devices. You can buy it without doubt for N5110. And Excellent Packing. Thanks Flipkart.!

Dephin Gokul 7 Nov, 2014

too good soo happy..

Thanxx ... Battery working too good.. Battery backup up to 3 hr ... :) :) :) :) :) :) Best price n best product .

Umesh Lamoria 31 Oct, 2014

good one

the battery was original and i got it before the expected delivery date... 2:30 hr battery backup............


Decent but not great Backup

It gives approximately battery backup of 2:15 hrs on low screen brightness in Laptop, If it is used in high screen brightness drains quickly, its a ok product to perform emergency tasks.

Sabariganesh Soundararajan 19 Oct, 2014

As expected

I have Dell 15R N5110 Inspiron. Good backup of atleast 4 hours now.Although today only I received it. Funniest part(best part too): The packaging looked as large as a laptop box.

Abir Biswas 14 Oct, 2014

Nice product

i bought this product on 28th sep'2014 and its working great till now....original dell battery and 3hrz is the backup....for 1645 price ...its just great...go for it!!!

Vidisha Thapa 6 Oct, 2014

Product is perfect

I was wonder when I saw my product, I mean the packing, it's very good, it's laptop cell, packing was huge size, my product is much safe. Thank you

Prathap Mathiyalagan 5 Oct, 2014

Worthable product at this price bracket

its pretty good at this price.... i have got more 2:15 hours. Great and My point of view its worthable....

Prasanna Kumar 30 Sep, 2014

Good battery life

I bought this battery from flipkart around a year and half back. Its working out very good till now. I was a bit skeptical while ordering but it is good.

Maddy 27 Sep, 2014

value for money

for an average general purpose use battery lasts for about 2 hours... for 15k this performance is enough in my opinion. you will get higher performance only after paying higher. so this product is value for money. you will not regret in future!!!

Raj 27 Sep, 2014

Behaves like orgnal

Delivery- Ordered it on 7th Sep (Sun) 3:00 AM received on 11th Sep (Thu) Afternoon. (Slower than amazon) Packaging- Flipkart- awesome packing guys. It looked as if i had received a brand new laptop. The battery was packed in Dell's original box in which there was already loads of prottective padding around the battery. Despite this, flipkart had packed the box in their own stronger nd bigger box. (amazon does the same) Quality- I've been using the battery around 2 weeks now. The battery seems to give some good backup between 2 to 2.5 hours approx (When browsing or watching videos online). Its observed that the battery drains out early when using some High end application. Lets say developer tools(running several application simultaneously). This is expected and acceptible. From the above observations the battery definately looks and behaves like the original. Also as Flipkart says that warranty is provided by dell India itself. Thus it has to be a 100% Genuine product. However, I'm not sure if its because of the baattery or any other issue but the performance of my laptop seems to be degraded slightly. I dont know if a battery can affect the perfomance and thus I wont blame this battery for it. Over all: Its a steal at such a low price from Flipkart . Go ahead, its definitely genuine product. (When i called up dell guys to find out price of the battery; they told me "it would cost me around 4K" and thats wen i decided to go with Flipkart) Thanks Flipkart.

Raj Sawant 25 Sep, 2014

Good battery

Its giving me 2.5 hours watching movie. 2 hours use on WiFi. 1 hours use on Gaming. Compare to original battery its give me half hour less backup but its okay.

Maunil Patel 24 Sep, 2014

Not upto the expectations

This battery rarely lasts for over 1.5 hours on one full charge. I doubt the authenticity of this product, The one that was delivered with the system used to last close to 4 hours on full charge.

Sanyam Goel 18 Sep, 2014


Delivered in 3 Days.....its original and price is very Low...Anybody who is looking for this product just go for it...

Deepti 18 Sep, 2014

Worth the Money !!

This 4000 mAh battery gives 90 minutes of juice to the laptop after a full charge, for watching movies (only). The backup depends totally upon the nature of work, hence limit your expectations but the product is genuine & worth the money.

ISHAAN 16 Sep, 2014

so far so good

a good buy @Rs.1599, I really appreciate flipkart packaging. I have been using for 2 days and it gives the same back up as the original one.

rinfela 16 Sep, 2014


I got the battery in 2 working days . Packing was superb and the product is amazing. It works for about 2 and half hours once completely charged . Recommended.

Tushar Khandelwal 16 Sep, 2014

Great Product

100% genuine product and worth buy. Thank you for the discounted price and quick delivery :) I will recommend this to my friends

Ghouse Pasha 9 Sep, 2014

Good To buy

Very Reasonable price of Good quality battery, its working fine from last two months I am satisfied this product


Great for Dell user

Definitely you can trust about the Product & quality ,M using the product for six month now m writing the review

Gops 7 Sep, 2014

Mobility Regained After Long Time

It has been a more than 6-8 months since the battery of my Dell Inspiron N5010 died completely. I wasn't inclined to buy a new one with a price tag of 3000+. Saw this product selling at 1600 so I jumped on to it. About the product: Gives me a backup of 2.45 - 3 hours on light or moderate usage. This is what my original battery also gave which came with laptop. Flipkart as usual delivers to satisfaction. Wonderful packaging and took 3 days to deliver. Its a genuine product distributed by Dell. Works like a charm. Go for it !

Bhavesh Motiani 29 Aug, 2014

Fresh "juice"!

Well like always I'm impressed with Flipkart's excellent delivery timings, they said it would be delivered by 27th August but got it on 24th. The packing was excellent, for a moment I was confused if they actually sent the entire laptop! I've been testing the battery for a couple of days now. It's totally alright. Gives a decent backup of around 2hr 45min on medium to light usage. I won't expect more from it, since the ones that came with the laptop did the same or less. No heating up of any sort. Genuine product!

Sayantan Das 29 Aug, 2014

Awesome buy!!

As usual by flipkart. Great product delivered within a whisker. You couldn't get it any easier. Battery provides a great backup. Excellent product.

Harikrishnan V 19 Aug, 2014

Good service

Ordered a Dell 15R battery. It wasn't a sealed dell package, but came in a sealed black cover enclosed in the flipkart box. Otherwise, Quick delivery, neatly packed, genuine product. Good service.

Anand Naik B 13 Aug, 2014

ok product!

battery life and performance is not steady. it fluctuates from 2 to 3 hrs max. not like the one which comes with the laptop itself. moreover it sometimes never charges till the charging port reconnected 2-3 times, may be its due to some other problem. makes u feel doubtful whether its original dell or just another oem. alls well bcoz i bought it for 1350 only.

ROHAN MEHTA 11 Aug, 2014

Good product

Power available for 2-3 hrs. Good for fair users of laptops. Thanks to flipkart as they recommended this product for me.

Vinay Kumar 9 Aug, 2014

Awesome delivery, Genuine part

Delivered in 2 days, awesome service by flipkart. Completely Genuine part. Been using it for over a year now, No problem whatsoever. Would suggest to buy to anyone whi needs one.

Shivang Mittal 6 Aug, 2014

Great Battery

Works like a charm. Recommended buy. Can go for it without giving a second thought. The backup of the laptop will come around over 3 hours.

Taher Ahmed 4 Aug, 2014

nice battry

i had purchased this product for my sister.she was told nice package and superp storage hours, capacity of battery is minimum 2 hrs according to our usage.nice dell product.

parthiganesh 2 Aug, 2014

Good pick and working perfect

I got this product in a very good condition and in a big package with proper sealing and everything. But the inner battery pack cover in which it came sealed from company is having an opening from bottom side which I doubt whether it is accidental or some thing? Coming to its performance it is working good and giving me a backup of 80 min in working mode.

kishore nalam 1 Aug, 2014

Good Quality Product

I am using it from last 3 weeks and I don't see any issues with the battery charging and its backup. Till now its pretty good and I recommend people to buy it.

Sumit Anand 30 Jul, 2014


Working fine its been few months i am using but still battery back up is same. I would say 100% genuine

mrityunjay bhagat 29 Jul, 2014

Backup More than 3hrs

Superb seviece by flip kart. purchased this last month, Backup more than 3hrs in normal mode. You can also watch a movie(2 and Half Hrs) in Battery power. With Tune up economy mode it gives up to 3 and Half hrs with video playback. Original Product by flipkart, Market Price Rs. 3750 at dell store.

Debashis Das 26 Jul, 2014

Best Buy at this Price

I am using this product for last three months. The battery backup is too good. It Lasts for 3 hrs in a regular use.

Prasath 24 Jul, 2014

Best delivery and good product

I'm a regular user will be using lap for 24*7. After using the product for past one month the performance of the battery reduce from 3 30 min to 2 30 min. Performance is some what tolerable and right now its working with 2 30 min of battery back up even after using cont... for past one month.

Dinesh nagarajan 22 Jul, 2014

Value for money.

I purchased the battery few months ago, it was delivered the day after the order (2 days prior the estimated delivery time) in a huge package. At the moment the battery last around 2.15 - 2.45 hours (Provided it's treated very well unlike the my previous battery). good value for money, i'm satisfied with the purchase.

Tilwin Joy 20 Jul, 2014

not as expected

Product does not give expected backup. Appears as if the battery was of very old stock. Friends who bought this battery from other sources report better backup

pankaj nigam 19 Jul, 2014

great product!! works for dell inspiron n5050 as well!!

compatibility with dell inspiron n5050 was not listed but still i bought this battery as product no. J1KND was matching. works well, i have been using it for 10 days. gave me 2 hrs 30 minutes of backup when i measured in starting, depends on how you use your laptop + BIOS version you have + how u charge (always charge when fully empty/discharged) my original dell battery was also giving this much backup only.

Sardul Sidhu 18 Jul, 2014

a decent buy

got the product delivered in 2 days, packing was awesome. about the battery, it is giving me a backup of 1:30 hr to 2 hr, happy with performance and the price, a must buy deal from flipkart.

anupam shrivastava 16 Jul, 2014

Good product

I have purchased this battery from flipkart and i m satisfied it with its performance as per the price what i have paid.... giving 2.5 hrs backup in my inspiron 15 r.... may be it will be more for inspiron 14 r....

Arun kumar 11 Jul, 2014

Good to buy

Genuine Dell product & Its giving me average 3 - 3.5 hour backup for my dell N4010 14R lap. You can trust and buy.

Rakesh 11 Jul, 2014

Satisfied product from flip kart.

Good product n delivery by flip kart .................

Vaibhav Hadkar 10 Jul, 2014

100% Genuine Dell Product...

I received the product within 24 hour after placing the order. Its original dell battery came with very good packing provided by dell as well as flipkart.. I followed the instructions from dell website regarding the battery life, charging & discharging. I am getting around 3 hours battery backup.. 100% trusty product, I highly recommend it... No need of second thought...

Arun K Mohan 7 Jul, 2014


Very good product. You can trust it. Gives almost 2 hours of backup ( depends on the usage though ). If you are playing game and downloading heavy file it will to 1.5 hours. Same it can go to 3 hours with less usage. Very well packed and on time delivery by Flipkart as usual.

Mayank Rawat 2 Jul, 2014

less backup

Battery is good but giving very less battery backup hardly 1.30 hr whereas battery bought from dell gives 3 hr battery backup.

Sanchit Gupta 1 Jul, 2014

not good planning to return

the battery is not good quality im trying to return it this is a worst product i got from flipkart. the battery gets ex-ousted in 1 hour bad i tell the seller is it blame.

suraj vn 29 Jun, 2014

Dell Battery

good product, gives me around 3 hours once charged. Delivery was good, packaging was perfect. would recommend this for others if you are looking for a cheap but reliable option for a dell battery

Shreyash Sharma 29 Jun, 2014


Flipkart -Packaging : Excellent -Delivery : On time Battery -Backup with 100% Charge - 2.5 hrs -No Problem faced yet being a new buy. Overall -Satisfied.

Raviteja K 25 Jun, 2014

Working fine for N5010

Working fine for Inspiron N5010 Came in well packed condition. says 2hr remaining time.. but never checked.

Vijay 22 Jun, 2014

Promptly Fits my Dell Inspiron 15r

I bought this product from flipkart and I am writing this review after using the product for almost 2 yrs. The delivery from Flipkart was awesome and on time. No doubt,this is a Genuine product. TIP FOR LONGER BATTERY LIFE : Remember one important thing. Do NOT have your battery connected to a power supply when your laptop is Off. If you do so make sure that you unplug the power supply as soon as the charge reaches 100%. AVOID Over night charging when your laptop is Off. Flipkart Rocks !!!

Shyam Ananthakrishnan 21 Jun, 2014

Best in all Ways

Flipkart z the Best in all ways.. About Product.. This is the best price compare to others. Battery lasts 3 hours.

Arjun 20 Jun, 2014

very good product

superb packing... working of the battery is also good...thanks to flip kart...while reviewing tis i am using the battery..


Great One......

I was really surprised to receive the product in a huge box, I wondered whether it is a laptop or just a battery, as the package size was so huge. It was packed very very very safely. There was two layered air bag protection within that a box and then again two layered Sponge protection. Really good packing. I AM REALLY IMPRESSED. Buy things from WS Retail, they are really good and honest in advertising. My battery is as what they had advertised. I read in reviews like some sellers advertise like 4400 mah but when you receive its only 4080 mah. I have ordered many things from WS Retail. They are always good and deliver products faster than others. Keep it up WS Retail. Thanks Flipkart for having such seller with you and retaining them.... Great job both.

Rajkumar U. 19 Jun, 2014

great service and perfect product

I bought this battery 6 months back and product was delivered in 3 days , flipkart provides flawless and fast service for all their products, as far as the battery is concerned it was well packed as to avoid any damage .It has been approx 6 months and battery is properly working without issue/problems

KASHIF ahmad 18 Jun, 2014

Nice one!

Got this Dell battery for my inspiron 15r cheapest at flipkart. It was packed nicely and they delivered it super fast. Have been using it for 2-3 months now and it gives a decent back up of 3 hours without any issues

Som Panicker 15 Jun, 2014

Good packaging. Working flawlessly with 15R.

1) On time delivery by flipkart. 2) Good shipment packaging. 3) Compatible with 15R (N5010) 4) Giving me backup ~ 1.5 - 3hrs Satisfied with the buy.

Dhrubajyoti Gogoi 15 Jun, 2014

Killer deal

Product was timely delivered to me. It was properly packed and most importantly genuine. Giving a battery backup of 3 hrs.........

Shubham Tiwari 11 Jun, 2014

Value for price

Genuine product with excellent packing. Working well. Good backup. Flipkart trustable store compared to others

sainath battula 11 Jun, 2014

Nice Product - Nice shipping

I got product delivered in 5 days. packing was too good. Batteries are working fine with my Dell Laptop.

Amit T 10 Jun, 2014


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