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Nikon D750 DSLR (Body Only)

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  • Body with 24-120mm VR Lens
  • D750
  • Body with Single Lens: 24-120mm VR Lens (16 GB SD Card + LowePro Camera Bag)
  • 24.3 MP



Sales Package
Body with 24-120mm VR Lens
Model Name
Slr Variant
Body with Single Lens: 24-120mm VR Lens (16 GB SD Card + LowePro Camera Bag)
Effective Pixel
24.3 MP
Optical Zoom
Sensor Type
Built-in Flash
Flash Modes
Auto-on, Slow Sync, Off
Hd Support
Other Features
Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
Spot Meter
Image Format
Slow Motion
Inbuilt Memory
41 MB
Upgradable Memory
Battery Type
Lithium Battery
Hi-speed USB 2.0
Type C HDMI Connector
Display Size
3 inch
Lcd Display Image Resolution
1228800 dots
Lcd Display Video Resolution
640 x 480
Camera Body Weight
750 g
16.1 Megapixel
ISO Rating - ISO sensitivity (Recommended Exposure Index)
14 x 11 x 8 cm
Minimum Shutter Speed
30 seconds
Eye-level pentaprism single-lens reflex viewfinder
Warranty Available
: Manufacturer Warranty
: 1 Year
Items In The Box
: Main Unit
Self Timer
20 seconds10 seconds5 seconds2 seconds
Continuous Shots
Up to 6.5 fps
Battery chargerUSB cableCamera strapBody capEyepiece capRubber eyecap
Auto Focus
The Nikon Coolpix AW130 16.0 MP Digital Camera in black is a point and shoot camera which has been designed for to delight you with its robust features and new age technology. This compact camera is waterproof, shockproof, dust and cold-resistant camera wh
Focal Length
18 - 140 mm
Nikon F-mount
Power Supply
EH-5b AC Adapter
8 GB Card+DSLR Bag
Included Components
Rubber Eyecup DK-21, Body Cap BF-1B, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL15 with terminal cover, Battery Charger MH-25a , Eyepiece Cap DK-5, USB Cable UC-E17, Strap AN-DC14, ViewNX 2 installer
Customer Reviews
4.7 out of 5 stars 18 customer reviews
Best Sellers Rank
#56,128 in Electronics (See top 100) #41 in Electronics > Cameras & Photography > DSLR Cameras #129 in Electronics > Cameras & Photography > Digital Cameras
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews


It's been 1-1/2 years and I migrated - reluctantly - from shooting Canon for 10 years. The 51-point AF, combined with the versatile AF modes was the main attraction while also moving up to FX format given the range of my subject interests widening. It took me a while to get used to the Nikon menus and navigation, especially those moments when you want instant recall of settings for a tricky situation (almost like navigating traffic in a left-hand drive car when you have been driving a right-hand one!). Looking back now, it's been an easy transition and the 2 dedicated user configurable settings help too. The side buttons for WB, ISO etc are quite handy and I am now much quicker in composing very different settings (I mostly shoot manual or in the P mode). Also shoot both RAW and JPEG and use the Continuous mode quite often (sports, birds); the speed and buffering are remarkable and non-intrusive.Initial lens was the Nikkor 28-300 that I found versatile but a huge disappointment in focus speed and sharpness. I have since replaced it with a Sigma 24-105/F4 which is spectacular and more suited to my style, giving me consistent sharpness across the frame at all lengths. Also better at low light / high ISO situations than the Nikkor.I also shoot with a Nikkor prime (50mm/1.8G) which is inexpensive and absolutely delightful (use it for landscapes too!). For wildlife I got the Nikkor 200-500mm/5.6 with the camera and I have not used it as much as my other lenses. In my limited experience, the lens is terrific although suited more for leisurely / patient sessions with tripod.I have just purchased the Tamron 70-200 (latest, G2) for this camera and am absolutely thrilled with the combination. Shot at the Wimbledon centre court last week exclusively with this combination and was astounded by the results even my efforts were not up to the mark!(I bought the camera and the 3 Nikkor lenses on Amazon - my first ever purchase of such expensive gear online! - last year in Feb and the whole experience was smooth, fortunately).PS: as I write this, I had to give in my D750 to Nikon service center as my camera is one of the several that have been recalled for the sitter issue (a manufacturing defect) causing random shading in pictures. Apart from this, the D750 is truly an innovative product from Nikon and rightly positioned / feature-filled for the serious amateur.

N.T.Arunkumar on 17 July 2017

Amazon Service: Disappointed to see how Amazon is misleading customers by showing fake product image

I have nothing against this awesome camera...Nikon D750 is 5 star camera and after doing extensive research across different sites and reading many reviews I choose to buy this item...But that's not my point or complaint. While purchasing I saw images of Memory card, Lense Filter & cleaning Kit. And I thought, well it's great deal. I went ahead and bought this item and to my complete surprise I received only Camera. No other stuff shown in product images were shipped. When I called Amazon they initially said that those items are not listed under box content and hence are not available with camera. I was shocked. I mean why would you show something in product image which you are not going to give to end customer. Later they accepted that it is their mistake and it is actually misleading customer but they didn't gave me any compensation for that ( i felt cheated). Even after talking to their higher management I got no satisfactory answer. This is not expected from Amazon... Utterly disappointed

Ambdas Devrao Jadhav on 23 August 2018

True DSLR hero

I just don't have enough words to express the quality of the image. I had owned it around 3 weeks and I could assure this is one of the best for Semi-pro. Used it for a event photography, Wildlife and portraiture. The quality is just awesome even at ISO 2000. The grip is very great and the build feels really good to hold the camera for a long time.

dinesh kanna on 16 July 2016

Five Stars

I love Nikon cameras.

Walter R. on 19 January 2018



Siva on 23 January 2017

Very Nice product.

This Camera rocks the DSLR Full Frame Market. Very Nice product.

RAHUL MORE on 6 January 2016

only in wishlist but reviewing to clear dx/fx

many people consider dx format like d500 or d7100 as alternative. and almost everybody including professions confuse the crop factor... so let me try to bust lots of myths:- 50mm in dx is like 75mm in fx.! or any formal length is 1.5 times. this is very very very big myth.! don't fall for it.! 50mm in dx is still 50mm and you even loose out on aperture that is blurring compared to same 50mm on FX.let me try again because many many people will get shock... 50mm in dx is only getting you less view.! it is still 50mm.! how much less view? thats same view as 75mm on FX.!so 50mm in dx is like taking 50mm in fx and cropping it to 75mm.! how is that even remotely a good thing? not only that... you even loose out on blurring compared to same blur of 50mm of fx.! to me dx is waste of money.! for comparison just check old school medium formats photos and check the blurs. even fx was compromise. I have one group shot from 2004 with medium format. you just can never acheive that with even fx. dx? think twice before you throw your money on dx.I hope it helps.second myth: ignore all the reviews with long zooms or lens with higher apertures. fx shines with low apertures to bring magic into picture. and no software blurs can never match lens blurs.... I have spent whole day trying to get blurs of lens with software. it is just too much effort and just waste of time.here is best combination - get 50mm 1.8 lens or 1.4 if you can. that's best quality you are getting. don't waste money on 2.8 constant aperture zooms. that's for video. and if you are into serious video then mirrored camera is wrong choice to begin with.of course shoot at highest possible apertures (lowest numbers). within minutes you would want to buy medium format camera :) and you will know why fx is far superior to any dx format.if you are still thinking of dx then still a good camera phone with software bokeh is better choice.I will buy camera when price is below 100k :)

Adil on 8 June 2018

Excellent in Low light, High ISO performer & great IQ

I had d7100 for 1.5 yrs and was looking to upgrade to FX. D610 was not attractive due to its 39-AF points (D7100 has 51) and I find D810 unnecessary being an enthusiast, even if I can buy it. I waited for D750s launch and initial reviews and everything from Tech reviews to customer reviews was 4.5 stars & above. Finally got it early Oct after trading off D7100!Here are my observations, opinions about D750 after using it for 2-3 days under different conditions. Also a comparison with D7100 is obvious for me in some points, since I was using D7100 prior to this.1. A Full frame feels certainly better than the DX. The increased sensor size definitely gives ‘that different feeling’ to a FX image. Existing FX users won’t find anything different here, but DX users on the verge of FX upgrade may want to note this2. D750’s feels little larger in hands than D7100 (I know D810,D4 guys find it the opposite :-). The new deeper grip is really excellent. D750 fits firmly in my (medium size) hands.3. Fn, PV & AE/AL buttons ---- Many have pointed that these buttons are difficult/somewhat not easy to access. But my right hand ring finger easily finds the Fn button with a lens mounted (28-300mm FX, 16-35mm FX). I have medium size palm and fingers. Due to deeper grip the Fn is shifted towards center of camera, but still very much accessible. Also the AE/AL is not ‘that far’ for the thumb to reach. I customized that button to AF-ON and my thumb intuitively reaches it. I have seen guys with their ‘little finger’ longer than my thumb. So it should be a cake walk for them to reach AE/AL button. I hope they don’t press the view finder with their long thumb in place of the button ;-)4. Top LCD ---- With D7100 I was used to see Image quality, WB on the top LCD. Since D750’s is smaller, that info is omitted from top LCD and shifted to main screen. Out of habit I was looking the top while changing Image quality, but its matter of time I would be used to D750. Being “not resistant to change” would help me adjust faster :-)5. Some guys are complaining regarding no dial on left top for ISO, WB etc (like a D700). How does it matter? These buttons are on left-back panel and still needs a ‘button press + command dial rotation’ to change values i.e. same number of steps but at a different location. With usage one would adjust to it.6. Excellent AF low light performance ---- D750 focuses well in darker conditions and throws up great images. The AF is excellent here. I was able to focus easily in a darker side of room and snap the image. However, I tried to focus in relatively less darker area with Live View and it was not focusing very well, in fact it did not focus. But in well lit area live view AF is good, better than D7100. I use Live view rarely so it does not matter to me.7. High ISO performance ---- D750 excels in this area too! Its better than D7100, not that D7100’s high ISO is bad, but D750 is better. Images (Jpeg,Fine) with ISO6400 have very little noise at 100% zoom (the OK button can be set for 100% in playback mode). Even ISO12800 is encouraging. RAW & high ISO combo should be a winner!!8. AF points spread – The points are ‘not very much clustered’ towards the center. I had done a side by side comparison with D810, and D750’s spread is slightly less than D810 (0.7mm vertically, 0.9mm horizontally). Don’t know in regards to D4. The AF spread does not bother me even after coming from D7100, which being a cropped sensor has points spread out in greater area.9. Shutter ---- The shutter is a bit noisier than D7100! Yes, it makes a clank and in CH/L mode its might attract attention in relative silent indoor places. Not that D750 fires like a machine gun :-) but still why Nikon couldn’t make it atleast same sound level as D7100, forget D810 which is low noise? A Rs1 lakh+ body must have a better shutter noise! Note that, I am mentioning shutter noise and not saying that shutter is not smooth to operate. Anyways, is it a deal breaker or reduces 1 star from 5-star rating?? Certainly not, grab a D750!! The noise level in ‘Q’ mode is good though.10. Buffer ---- Not a detailed analysis here, but the buffer is certainly better than D7100 while shooting RAW in 14-bit. I could easily gauge that having used D7100 (used the same SD card from my D7100). How much better than D7100? Can’t exactly say that. I know guys expecting minimum 8fps won’t find my observation useful, & also since I made a comparison with a DX body. But that’s what I had earlier :-)11. I could easily say that the dynamic range is better than D7100. Maybe it’s due to being FX and the camera’s processor.12. Sharpness, IQ ---- My major worry was the sharpness since D750 has AA filter. But no worries here. I used 28-300mm lens (not a prime lens) and zoomed some 100mm plus on daughters back pack having a Mini mouse, ISO 3200 & shutter speed of just 1/20, and the image was sharp viewed at 100%. Then I used my 105mm f2.8 Micro prime lens in overcast conditions outside. And D750 is very sharp!! I don't worry now about its sharpness over cameras which omit AA filter (D7100,D810). Jpeg images looks great out of the camera. They appear slightly over exposed than my earlier D7100 (the monitor brightness level was at default). Colors and tone are great. I am damn sure that post processing RAW images would yield excellent results!13. The Vari-angle screen is useful in some cases to pull off odd angles. But I don’t like Live view photography. In my 1.5 yrs with D7100, I used live view only 2% overall. D750’s live view is snappier than D7100 for sure. The hinge mechanism is not flimsy, it feels solid.14. Button layout ---- Coming from D7100 is a home run. The layout is almost the same. So not much learning for me there. But maybe some adjustments for D700 and D8xx. But it always helps to being “not resistant to change” :-)15. The images appear slightly overexposed and the histogram shows the same. Not a problem. Also the monitor resolution is great and then the images look brighter in camera. When I downloaded it to laptop, it was not looking that bright. Anyways I follow histogram rather than different displays to judge image. My smart phone makes images little over saturated.Improvement/Missing points:I. Shutter is smooth, but a bit noisy. Certainly not a show stopper or deal breaker in anyway, but D810’s shutter should be the standard and Nikon could have made it for D750 too. I don’t think anyone will go for D810 only because its shutter is buttery. People buy D810 majorly for 36Mp (+ other factors), if I am right. No one will dump D810 and go for D750, assuming that D750 has same buttery shutter :-)II. View-finder blind – D810 has a inbuilt blind for view finder. Why not D750? Again like point1 above, no one would have dumped D810 if D750 had a built in view finder. I don’t know if this mechanism would call for little larger body locally (in viewfinder area), but that could have been pulled off. I was using the Dk-5 cap on D7100 and it’s the same for D750. But I will live with it! I used the cap on D7100 for longer exposure waterfall photos. An in-built would have been great!Overall D750 is an excellent camera for DX upgraders. For D610, I leave it to them :-) For D810 users, maybe an excellent back up body. Go for it if you are already considering it.PS: Don’t get disheartened at all by my mention of a ‘little noisy’ shutter. Just go for D750 if  it!

Nishant K. on 14 May 2016

Great camera but not a great option (Mid-2017)

A great full frame camera but as per mid-2017 not the best option for many users. Picking a DSLR totally depend on the end use.If you want to have a full-size sensor then this is the perfect product for you.This 24.3MP Full frame camera is more than enough for all your requirements (except sports). With great low light capability, this camera is the first choice for many Indian wedding photographers as well.Pros-Light weightFull frameLess expensiveHIgh ISO rangeGreat Video QualityTilt Screen for better angleCons-No Cfast or XQD cardDecent size bufferDecent frame rate (Hi cont.)With D500 NIKON D 500 BODY Coming in D750 is taking a backseat.UpdateD750 are getting recalled.AccessoriesBattery GripNikon MB-D16 Multi Battery Power Pack/Grip for D750

Suraj Kurup on 25 July 2017

Best all round Full Frame DSLR at around INR 1.2L

Guys, please check your local store for this camera instead of buying it online. The price listed here is around INR 130k which is probably a bit higher than what your local dealer will charge you. Plus there is a flare issue with the D750. So its best to check if your body also has this issue in the shop, though its not easy to produce the same light sources required to reproduce the issue. But you can at least find out if its a bad copy. Because the problem is much more amplified if you have a bad copy & you will need a larger focus micro-adjust for every lens because the AF module's alignment is also a bit off.Here is some more information about the issue:http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-d750/9I wouldn't be too worried, because the issue is minor, and Nikon has issued instructions to service centers to deal with the problem in case you get a bad copy.I would recommend potential buyers to wait it out till the issue has been sorted, or check for a >January 2015 imported camera from your local store if possible to be sure that this issue doesn't affect your camera.This reminds me of the time the D600 was released. The sensor had some issue with dust, so they went ahead and made an entire new camera because of that. I hope they don't go and announce another model because of this minor issue, as it would really disappoint me, and other early adopters. In any case, if some thing like that happens, then the price of the D750 is likely to drop further, to around 110k like the D600, so those who can wait should wait before pulling the trigger on this one.But, if you're here, you already know how good this camera is. I am really happy about this camera, and its price. It beats the Canon 5D mark III in every aspect at almost 60k lesser. How sweet is that? We can get a Tamron 24-70 F2.8 VC for this amount.ATM, I don't think this camera has any competitors at its price point. The AF is super fast, and its high ISO capabilities are just shy of the D4s, which is saying a lot.I like the weather sealing, because you it doesn't have any condensation inside the viewfinder when you go from a chilly room to the outside where its hot and humid. My non-weather sealed cameras would become worthless in such situations, and in the rain when water went inside the viewfinder.Its much lighter than the D4, which is almost double the weight of the D750. On hearing that the D750 has a flippy screen, I was a bit skeptical of its build quality, but it seems that Nikon has done their homework, and it looks pretty reliable. At the very least, I know for sure that I'm not going to be facing the same issues like the swivel screens on the D5xxx series.----------------------D750 vs D800/D810 argument:----------------------I really miss only one thing from the pro cameras from Nikon. Its the 1/8000 shutter speed. The D750 tops out at 1/4000th of a second, and its disappointing, because the D7100 can do 1/8000th of a second at ~60k cheaper. This means that, you always need filters of different sizes for every lens you have in the your bag. This afternoon, I had to stop down to F2.8 while taking portraits so as to not overexpose the scene. I did not have any filters with me, so stopping down was the only way I could get the exposure right.The D810 is much better in this regard. You can shoot at ISO 1/8000th of a second, plus you can also shoot at ISO 64. Which means that you're effectively getting around 1/3rd of a stop less light. So its equal to shooting at ~1/11000th of a second at ISO100. Which means you don't need to stop down to reduce light.The D810 also has a larger buffer, and a faster crop factor shooting frame rate 7fps vs 6.5fps of the D750. Its also better built than the D750. Another thing is that its AF point spread covers more of the frame[which is good for tracking** if you're into sports and that sort of thing]. But the price is much higher too, by about 50-60k for which you can set up your own studio.**Note that though the AF module, though it has a smaller spread than the D810 & D4s, it is actually a bit more sensitive than the D810/D4s, ie it can shoot in 1-2 stops lower light than the most expensive Fx camera from Nikon!Anyways, for the average user 99% of the shots aren't going to be wide aperture portraits in the sun, so you can go for the D750 without any worries. Plus if you think about it, until the D3x/D4, Fx cameras could only go till ISO 200, so what it means is that when you're shooting at ISO 100 at 1/4000th of a second, you're effectively shooting with an exposure value similar to the D3/D3s at ISO 200 and 1/8000th of a second.YOU DON'T NEED 36MP, it only means that you'd be compromising on high ISO shots. The D750 can produce cleaner colors 1 stop better than the D810. The D810 can compensate for noise and detail by oversampling, but it loses color accuracy. Once you lose color accuracy, in skin tones and other colors, you will never get them back unless you spend a ridiculous amount of time in post. This is one of the reasons why the shots out of the D4 and D4s look so much different when compared to other cameras. You'll notice this especially in skin tones when shooting at ISO 6400 and above. So, unless you need the slight bump in resolution, get the D750 over the D810. You will not regret it. Its one step closer to the D4s than the D810.---------------------------The D750 vs D7100 argument:---------------------------Now you're tight on budget, you can consider this combo:D7100 + Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 for the same price.Its perfectly fine, the lack of an AA filter in the D7100 gives it the edge in detail, and if you use it with the Sigma, its going to be sharper than the D750 on any FF standard Zoom!!But there are some issues, like the lack of standard focal length lenses, where every lens behaves slightly differently on APS-C bodies. For example, try this: The 24-70mm F2.8 is ~3x zoom, which is like a standard focal length which we normally use, but the 18-35 becomes a 27-52.5mm lens, which isn't that wide, nor does it go close enough. I am kinda hard pressed to recommend it at the same price as that of the Tamron 24-70 F2.8 VC, which is weather sealed, and has a bit more reach. Same is the case with every other lens. Take another example, the 50mm which is a standard lens becomes a portrait lens on the D7100 ie, its equivalent focal length becomes 75mm which is a bit shorter than a 85mm which is usually what people consider as a portrait focal length. So its a bit confusing, you're not sure you really want that focal length in APS-C. Whereas FF is usually a standard affair.But if you're on a budget, I can understand why people might consider this. In fact, its a totally valid option, considering the prices of the lenses in Nikon's FF lens lineup. Most of them are ridiculously priced. Its good that companies like Sigma and Tamron are making use of this market opportunity.-------------------Overall impression:-------------------It was very difficult for me to find any drawbacks in the D750. Overall an excellent camera.-----------------Highly recommend!-----------------

jnx_r on 29 January 2015

Great for people who want to upgrade to a full frame

Nikon D750 24.3 Digital SLR Camera (Black) Body OnlyI am not going to give you the spec list, which you can check from many videos on Youtube and various sites. I used the Canon 550D before this and I wanted to list down the things I loved about this camera.- Easy setup (Battery, memory card and settings)- Great button layout which provides easy usage in Manual mode (except for back button focus which is a little hard to reach)- Command dials + Button combos make it quick and easy to change almost any setting on the go- Super easy auto focus setup and fast focussing- WiFi connectivity with Android phones make it easy to quickly view and share photos- Main dial locks settings- Quick shutter release- Comfortable grip- Beautiful viewfinder- Dual SD Card slot with great storage options

Nikon convert on 30 October 2015

U cant find a full frame dslr (body) at 1,09,000

Camera is incredible !

prasoon on 7 February 2016


Horrible.(saying this would be like saying it was good, it was much worst than this). Please do not invest your hard earned money on buying this from this seller. I got a faulty piece in the first place where in the memory card used to go undetected while i was shooting and i shoot professionally. Its a torture for me to get the refund from this amazon. I have plenty of calls, shot innumerable mails hardly they care. If you care for your health and money, i repeat, don't commit the same mistake that i did. A wise man learns from someone else's mistake.

SUNNY on 20 June 2016

Great Camera, Do check locally before buying

This camera is excellent bought mine for Rs.108000 from Nikon multi retail store. So check locally before buying.

Manish Agarwal on 29 January 2016


Good video quality

Amazon Customer on 1 June 2016

Best Value for money full frame camera!

This camera has to be one of the best value for money full frames of all time. I switched from Nikon D5200 and its a huge jump in quality. Pair this camera with a 50mm for portraits or even a 24-120mm for travel and it becomes an amazing combination. Check my shots on Instagram at @rahul_vangani for photo samples!

Rahul V on 2 January 2017

This is what you call a nicely placed model in the hierarchy of FX cameras

This is what you call a nicely placed model in the hierarchy of FX cameras.My first full frame and am having a superb time shooting with it.I got it off a GK Vale store - didnt want to take chances with warranty and got all my card stamped et al.With all the features and stuff at this price for a FX camera is kind of a bargain.There are a host of websites which have reviewed the camera - I personally liked this one which kind of sealed the deal for me.https://photographylife.com/reviews/nikon-d750/8This camera would fulfil the aspiration of having FX camera if you are on a tight budget.

Dev M. on 29 August 2015


Really nice camera. Crisp and nice images. You need to learn focusing though. Fantastic battery life. Lats really long.Only problem is the mov format of video recording. Need MOV player to run it.I have bought it 4-5 months back. Happy with it.

Chandrakanth K. S on 6 September 2015

Best camera

Which camera is best

Amazon Customer on 23 January 2016

n love with my first DSLR

I'm using DSLR for the 1st time & to learn photography it fulfills all my expectations.I'm very happy with this...Amazing camera. Bought it for 1.9k during festive sale.Worth every penny I spent.Thank you NikonThank you Amazon

Adarsha Halagadde on 16 November 2015

Five Stars


Arsh on 18 October 2014

Awesome Camera

Had been contemplating purchasing a full frame camera for quite some time, between the d610 and d810. I found the d750 to have better features than the d610 and also more features that the d810 itself. The d750 is a well balanced full frame camera, it has quite a plethora of settings and options which will keep any pro-sumer happy. Overall love the cam and would recommend it to anyone moving into the FX foray.

vinayak_nair by vinayak_nair on Mar 18, 2016

Excellent service n product

Product exactly as described, packed well n delivered on time. The model didnt had the flare issue. Seller called to confirm details before sending.

Amarnath P by Amarnath P on Jan 04, 2016

Best full frame dslr for the price

D750 is the best full frame dslr for a person buying his first full frame camera. This has more features of D810 then d610 and nikon could not have made it any better. Nikon you nailed it. The packing is good and shipped in 2 says. Excellent service.

Spandan by Spandan on Nov 06, 2014


i wont write much about the product as all the products by flipkart are very genuine and the delivery was made within 3 days which is astonishing. I just have to suggest something for the people who would be buying this in future and to flipkart that the official invoice received along with the product (e-copy) doesn't mention the serial number of the product, the only link between the invoice and the said product. Since the invoice is going to serve the purpose of 'warranty card' , it needs to have the serial number or else there is nothing that would connect it to the purchase. This will become extremely important in the scenario of service center visits. It is a very expensive purchase and customers should be fully protected warranty wise. Kindly make a note of this.

Dr. Ameya Phansalkar 23 Dec, 2014

Why to buy it from Flipkart when you can this product around 16-17k less somewhere else !!!

This camera has been a great challenger to Canon 5D Mark III 2. Moreover if you look at the full frame DSLRs from Nikon this is something that stands out amongst Nikon D610, D800, D800E and the beast Nikon D810. Loaded with features that you may not find in anything else, fist time introduction of a tilt-angle screen to the lightest FULL FRAME DSLR but still other sites are selling the same exact product, same exact warranty with a price tag lesser than what Flipkart is selling here. Not sure whats the strategy Flipkart has for this product around its price. I am putting 5 stars for the Product but not the price which Flipkart is offering.

Gaurav Mohan 28 Dec, 2014

Very Good

Nikon d750. Awesome is only word.. but I will more write about the seller. Zoomsquare is fraud seller.. does not give you invoice with proper serial number.. totally cheating by seller. They don't even reply you for any of your query.. Be aware before buying from this seller..

jignesh makawana 1 Oct, 2016


The camera is amazing but dont buy it if u are not travelling a lot or dont have cool places to visit or have subjects to shoot with amazing visuals. Cause here around me, i dont find anything good enough to shoot, was better off with a apsc one i guess. Wasted the money.

Nishad Sandilya 17 Oct, 2018

best Nikon I have ever used

The D750 is the champion in it's league. It simply blows away its competitors. I bought this around 1.37L with 24-85 lens in China recently. Everything is amazing in this camera. Recommended if you are a pro.

Pratik Rana 8 Jan, 2015

Perfect product!

vry vry best service

Girraj Sharma 29 Nov, 2018

Mind-blowing purchase

After using almost 8 months I am writing this review. First the delivery was on time.. There is nothing which I can say cons for this product. Superb performance. Never failed during shoot and the dual card slot is very effective when you go for long tours. My all wildlife and landscape and portrait shoots are going with flying colors with this. A must to have and best to have under this budget for a full frame

soumendra Mukhopadhyay 30 May, 2018

Classy product

Very nice camera

Flipkart Customer 17 Sep, 2016

BuY From somewhere elese

Its to costly here the best camera ever dis is :) so don't buy from it save 20k and buy another lens :)

Deepak Ganapati Bhat 1 Sep, 2015

Reality Check for Flipkart

It is rating for price being quoted by Flipkart, not the DSLR D750 which deserves 10 Stars. INR 1,79,450 for Nikon D750 for BODY ONLY is preposterous. I've been a Flipkart customer since 2008, I still am. However, sloppy price tags like that are disappointing to say the least. Apparently, that is the MSRP quoted by Nikon India for Nikon D750 + Nikkor 24-120 F4. Time to screen the quotes, Flipkart.


five star for camera perfomance

sellers on flipkart should keep eyes on the latest market price which is way below .you could easily get it for a lakh from an authorized dealer .nikon india has clearly mentioned in their website that they will not honor the warranty on product purchased through e-commerce

harjeet singh 30 Dec, 2016


Flipkart is a leading destination for online shopping in India. Now, you can not only buy books online through Flipkart, but also mobile phones , laptops, computer accessories, cameras, and lot of other categories.
Amazon.in is operated by Amazon Seller Services Private Ltd, an affiliate of Amazon.com, which is a Fortune 500 company based in Seattle, Website went live in July 1995; and today offers Earth s Biggest Selection
Today, Pizza Hut is about much more than pizzas. From freshly sauteed pastas & delicious appetizers to mocktails, desserts, soups and salads, we have a wide range for you to feast on. All this, combined with the warm, inviting ambience and friendly service, will lead to endless conversations, laughter and memories that youll cherish forever. So, let your hair down and feel at ease. Go ahead and enjoy the All New Pizza Hut experience!
Myntra.com is a one stop shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Being Indias largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle products.
AJIO is an Indian e-commerce company in the fashion space, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. AJIO was launched in 2016 by Reliance Retail, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd. led by Chairman Mukesh Ambani.
Founded in July 2011 in Silicon Valley, ShopClues.com is Indias first and the largest managed marketplace. ShopClues is among the fastest growing E-Commerce destinations in India.
Jabong.com offers products for the fashion needs of men, women and kids across footwear, apparel, jewellery and accessories from leading brands. With Indias all favourite labels in one place, Jabong has something for everyone.
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