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Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset
Item Code: 6q95347nkrr6g

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

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  • Bluetooth
  • 90 mins
  • No



Wireless Type
Product Code
Charging Time
90 mins
Water Resistant
Call Controls
Answer/End Call, Call Reject
Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
Bluetooth Profile
Other Sound Features
Adaptive 20 Band Equalizer, Precision Audio
Other Control Features
Mute On and Off, Voice Alert On and Off, Slide Switch Power
Model Name
Voyager Legend
Music Controls
Volume up/down, Play/Pause
Talk Time
7 hrs
Battery Type
Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
Wireless Range
10 m
Noise Cancelling
Bluetooth Version
Sports Earphones
Return Policy
No Returns/Replacements Allowed - The selected item is not eligible for returns and/or replacements by the seller of this product. However, this policy will not apply if you have received a physically damaged or different item. In such cases, Paytm Mall shall contact you to ascertain the damage in the product prior to initiating a return or replacement as applicable. Cancellation allowed.
Stand-by Time
264 hrs
Battery Power
Upto 7hr
Noise Reduction And Cancellation
Wind Noise Reduction ~10 db, Dynamic Noise Reduction ~6 db (Headphones), Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Sidetone Detection, Wind Cancelling, DSP Noise Cancellation (Microphone)
Sweat Proof
Item Weight
18.1 g
1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Customer Reviews
3.5 out of 5 stars 508 customer reviews
Date First Available
29 April 2013
Bluetooth Headset
Office Product
7.480314953 Inches
4.6456692866 Inches
1.968503935 Inches
Part Number
: 87300-09
Warranty Duration
: 6 Months
Headphone Design
Ear Clip
Designed For
Apple iphone6 Ohters Bluetooth Device
Included Components
Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Dongle, Charging Case & Stand, Charging Adapter
Microphone Form Factor
With Microphone
Best Sellers Rank
#3,66,190 in Electronics (See top 100) #4814 in Electronics > Accessories > Home Audio & Video Accessories > Headphones #6526 in Electronics > Accessories > Portable Audio & Video Accessories #7340 in Electronics > Portable Media Players
Compatible Devices
All Type Of Bluetooth Device Supported
0.5 Volts
Hardware Interface
Wearing Style
Clip-on, In-the-ear
: Daily Use
Memory Card Slot
: No
Voyager Legend B235 Standard
Mono Headset
Sales Package
Headset, Charger, Operating Instruction
As Shown in Image
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews


First, a little intro; I have used and owned plenty of headsets; many from Plantronics, many from Jabra, Jawbone and even from Samsung and Nokia. And in every headset, I have constantly looked at call quality, noise cancellation and comfort.That said, I bought probably one of the earliest Plantronic Voyager Legends ever in India, for close to 5K and it worked very well for large part of the first and second year, becoming one of my favourites. In fact, I even bought a charging case and dock for it as well.But, lately I am not using it any more due to two issues, which you can find below. But, quickly the good vs bad.THE GOOD==========+ Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP. Works very will with pretty much all phones; Android and iPhone. Though it had issues earlier, new firmware updates have sorted that out.+ 7 Hours Talk time. Easily one of the headsets you can get with the longest talk time and standby time. I have left it for days and come back to it for using it with ample battery life left.+ Multipoint. Pair with 8 devices and use two devices together - two phones; or one PC and phone.+ Voice Alerts. This is a life-saver; you get alerts for pretty much every thing; spoken in many languages, which you can set through a firmware update software. You get alerts for low battery, power on, incoming call.+ Built-in ear sensor. This is one great feature. If the headset is on your ear, the call will automatically go to the headset, if not when you pick up the phone, it will be in your phone. You can even switch calls to the headset midway by wearing the headset and calls transfers automatically.+ Comfortable to wear. It looks heavy but over the hear it's the most comfortable headsets I have used ever. Often I have forgotten that it's in my ear and even gone to sleep once wearing it.+ Rain, splash proof.+ Spoken Phonebook. If it's connected to your phone, it can speak the name of the caller in the ear by directly referencing your phonebook. However, unlike some headsets, it doesn't download the entire phonebook into it's memory so if you switch this feature on it will consume battery.+ Noise cancellation. One of the best noise cancellation headsets you can get, even the new Voyager Edge doesn't match up to it in terms of noise cancellation. Forget others like Jabra etc. It's so damn good, that if you stand near a running juicer-mixer and make a call the other guy will never hear the juicer-mixer in the background. Do I need to say anything more?+ Call quality. Excellent call quality. In all the time I have used this headset, pretty much no one has ever asked me.. are you on the headset? In fact, I have used it in the car with music running in the background, and people have asked me 'so how are things in office?' :)+ Simply Say 'Answer' or 'Reject' to pickup or cancel the call. It works most of the time very well, only that it's easier to click the button.+ Mute Button. It's one click to mute.+ SIRI, S-Voice compatible. Will activate Siri or S-Voice or any other voice recognition software on your phone.THE BAD=======There are two major issues with the headset, both of which you will only get after using this headset for a while.1. Sensor Issues. Over the period of time, the sensor, which tracks whether the headset is on the ear or not stops working and you will find that even when you pick up the call on the phone it would be connected to the headset.2. Broken loop. This is a common issue with this headset, the over the ear loop will eventually break. Yes, you can fix it with some tape or some strong adhesive but remember this is going to happen eventually. You can see that in the photo I have attached with my headset. It doesn't effect the calls however.BUY OR NOT?============If you think of a Bluetooth headset as a disposable item in the sense of it's life time; this headset is pretty awesome. It will eventually break and give away but all that time it's going to give one of the best call quality. It's expensive, so remember that.So, even though mine has broken, if I have to buy another headset, I may still chose to get one of these again. Perhaps, one day I will get other again; right now, I have too many headsets around to use, and my current favourite being the Voyager Edge.Hope this helps you decide.

GyanGuru on 12 August 2015

I'm a fan of this product because of the comfort ...

I'm a fan of this product because of the comfort and clarity. my only problem is this doesnt last me more than 6 months to a year at max. every year i have to purchase a new one. either i cant hear someone else, or someone else cant hear me, or it will stop charging with our without the case. Is anyone else also facing similar problems or its just me?

Piyush Modi on 2 November 2017

Excellent sound input and output.

Great sound reception as well as the output. I have used the voyager edge too, and I can safely say that this product has a slightly better microphone.Pro: The receiver gets the sound as if the person speaking is sitting in a conference room, even if he's outside in heavy traffic.Con: The silicon ear buds are a disappointment, it feels like it's just not fitting well in your ear. The voyager edge has a superior ear bud design.Another con is the USB cable.. The port is a custom Plantronics design and not a normal USB, so you have to carry the cable which comes with the product at all times, and that means you cannot charge it with any other phone or USB charger.Most probably the best Bt headset performer in ratio with its price.

Manav Saini on 26 January 2017

never a doubt

Saw the cons of this headset... like break of from point.. but still cudnt resist the temptation to own this beauty.. out of the box it looks divine.. never thought it to be so light in weight.. and a perfect snug fit..paired it with my BlackBerry passport... whooommmmmmmm... marvelous. What an audio quality and clarity.. this is I guess my fifteenth or so headset.. but this one's really for keeps...

Amazon Customer on 16 September 2016

Don't buy Plantronics Bluetooth.

Too expensive......not worth the money. Bought a Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth January 2015. Have been facing one or the other technical problems since then. Sometime the light does not glow while charging ,or says power off when switched on. To add to my trouble Plantronics service centre does not render any help once you are out of warranty. So , please do not buy this product as you will have to buy another bluetooth after the warranty lapses.....Plantronics do not repair their product they only replace it BUT only if you are within the warranty period.......

Sougoto Mukherjee on 24 August 2016

Ok but not 100 percent

Its a good bluetooth. But there are fiew problems also like it does not properly read the voice comand. Charger sometimes dont charge the headset. Buying such an expensive bluetooth and getting this kind of problems is bit surprising.

Manish Talwar on 5 September 2016

Excellent Product.

Excellent product. Crisp and clear sound quality with a great microphone. The interchangeable earbuds are a nice touch.The only issue I found was that the sensors sometime malfunctioned when the headset was not properly sitting in my ear, resulting in the call constantly being switched from my headset to my phone and back. However, this can be solved by switching to the most appropriately sized earbud (depending on the size of the user's ear) and putting on the headset in a stable position.

Vanamali RS on 17 August 2016

Stylish and Good Headset from Plantronics.

Plantronics as such have maintained the quality of the headset. It is very comfortable to wear and the battery life lasts for approx 7 hours which is really good for one days talk time. The only Cons , I would state is that I am not able to charge the headset using Portable Battery which is a big handicap if you need to talk more. The pricing was good and the delivery was also on time. In all Value Purchase.

Sreedhar Dakshinamurthy on 24 June 2016

Great Product. Amazing service from Amazon and thanks to Amazon for the unbeatable pricing.

This great headset. Good to use while driving. Fits comfortably on my ear. It advertises 7 hours of talk time and it does give you 7 hours of talk time. Voice clarity is very good. As always Amazon packing and delivery was excellent. I have been using this product for sometime now and have not negatives to report.I got a good deal for this headset and got it for less than 4k.

Bumble Bee on 20 September 2014

By far the best headset

Plantronics makes the best headsets hands down. The next best option is miles away when it comes to clarity and comfort. But charging port is a major flaw. 3 previous headsets had to be replaced under warranty as the charging port kept failing. Plantronics customer service is friendly and are helpful to get out a replacement.

Amazon_buyer2014 on 12 September 2014

Exceptional clarity and battery backup

very professional headset.

sg by sg on Dec 10, 2018

Great product

Overall a great product, would recommend others to buy.

rakesh.sawan by rakesh.sawan on Nov 29, 2016

Excellent Product and On time delivery by SD

Excellent product and easy to use.

Raja Raman by Raja Raman on Oct 08, 2016

Good product. Nice quick delivery

Good product. Excellent sound quality. Snapdeal did an efficient trouble free shipment. Nice experience

Rahulgupta2130 by Rahulgupta2130 on Apr 22, 2016

Plantronics voyager legend bluetooth

It was a wonderful experience dealing with snapdeal and the product and packing was too wonderful and presentable . I rated five stars for rhis deal.

Rajiv arora by Rajiv arora on Apr 17, 2016

Good products

I am using this product sound quality is very good

abulkalam737 by abulkalam737 on Nov 16, 2015

excellent bluetooth device

user friendly very easy to use good asthetics will recommend others to purchase

Skb by Skb on Nov 15, 2015


Its a good product with options for mute, 7 hours power backs, keeps reminding for mute on/off, call taking/rejection, very clear voice.....

Gobind by Gobind on Oct 11, 2015

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset with Charging Case

Perfect and safe service very good product thankyou,

K M THAMAS by K M THAMAS on Sep 25, 2015

my review

awesome device of plantronics i luv this bluetooth hheadset

dutt by dutt on Jul 31, 2015

Excellent Product 2013 Advanced than BOSE

Before buying I have done too much research on very product. After All my research found this product purely designed for business purpose or who get calls more frequent usage. Amazing headsets till date in market. Price is bit pinches. Pro's 1. Sound Quality on par with BOSE 2. More features than BOSE 3. All voice based commands, Brilliant design. 4. its so light weight, 7hrs + battery backup, if you are wearing glasses also it fits just fine and no discomfort, if you want to know more visit the PLANTRONICS side and see all videos on this product. 5. unlike other headsets , Charger comes with Magnet so it just hooks to magnet. USB charging. 6. Even if you are in Heavy traffic , it removes all distortions. 7. Its a high quality product and Nothing to comment 8. it has Android APP which beats every single App in market. but it comes with a Key and register online to use the App 9. choose many languages etc and take control of headset by connecting through USB and do firmware upgrade etc and also change Voice commands etc Con's NONE Safety Recommendations : 1. NOT for BYKE users as if you loose this it will involve huge cost. 2. No case available in INDIA as of now like Plantronics has charging case / carry 3. Dont talk in to Dusty places as this headset has small holes in the microphone for receiving voice they might get filled up so keep it safe and use it safe.

Customer 11 Jan, 2013

its good but noise cancellation isn't up to expectations

its a good product. overall I'm satisfied with the purchase, but not thrilled. my point of reference is the Plantronics Marquee (M155) I used for almost two years ... Pros: 1. One recharge lasts reasonably longer 2. Audio quality is good (better than the Marquee) 3. Voice commands and well designed buttons allow for easier use when driving a two wheeler 4. 'Put on to answer' is an awesome feature ! Cons: 1. Bulky ... though, this is a point too, as it makes me take it off when not using it ! 2. Expected a longer battery life from what I read when I purchased it ... 3. It seems to be loosing juice faster when I listen to podcasts while driving a two wheeler than when I drive a car - an over working noise cancellation?

Dwiji Guru 11 May, 2015

Smartest Bluetooth Headset in the market !

i have used Plantronics product before and im more then happy with there build and quality , after i lost my Discovery 975 i ordered Voyager legend from flipkart , first of all i was amazed with there speed of delivery , i got the headset within 24hrs of ordering it on here , Secondly i was soo suprised with the sophistication with which this headphone is made that it blew me over with its features 1 - it will ask you to answer/ignore a call 2- it will transfer the call to the phone if your not wearing a headset even if its connected 3 - it will transfer the call back to the bluetooth headset if you wear it during a call or before a call is picked up 4 - it tells you the battery conditions by just pressing a single button 5 - its so light on your ear that you dont feel its weight at all 6 - Massive sound quality 7 - Pairing with 2 phones 8- showing battery level on the android phones Con's 1 - Not a mini usb charger unit , plantronics have made special magnet charger (macbook like ) for this unit , if you loose it you just cant replace it with any other charger , you have to buy from plantronics again

Manish Sharma 10 Jan, 2013

Not worth the money

I have earlier been using other models of plantronics costing around Rs 1500-2000/ . This time I wanted to go for a better one and after reading lot of reviews on flipkart and amazon .com purchase pd this model. With in two days it stopped connecting to mobiles. Tried for another day and then requested to return it. Credit to Flipkart for replacing it with in a day . I received first one on 3rd May,14 ,made return request on 6th May and new piece was delivered on next day . Amazing customer relationship and quite impressive . About the product, I must say don't spend on this model . Go for cheaper model of plantronics . Except that it connects and disconnect on its own when put on , I did not see any pros about the model and that does not work at times. The sound quality is so so . Range is not beyond 10-15 feet , I mean it does not cover if you go to another room in house. I was quite enthusiastic when I placed order after reading reviews, but really disappointed with the hype created with this model. Flipkart does not reimburse the money but offer to replace it where as it offered to refund the amount in case of another product ( OMRON WEIGHING SCALE COSTING Rs 1379/) . Don't know the reason . I'll try again to reason it out with them to refund the money so that I go for another model and price does not pinch. Generally, donor like to spend so much on Bluetooth but went I spite because of reviews . I am using second one for two days , but same story , here is kir Kirr noise . When you spend so much , you expect best of quality and comfort. Yes, the Ear hole start aching after putting it for longer duration, (about 20 min) it does pain. I would like to return it also if flipkart and get my money back if flipkart accedes to my request. There r as good models and more comfortable manufactured by Plantronics which are lighter in price as well as in weight. I bought it tempted by one feature only - smart sensor which switches on and off upon putting on and putting off, but disappointingly , it too does not work as expected and connection breaks and at times u have to revert to mobile for completing the talk.

Ajay Bhardwaj 11 May, 2014

Best and very mature bluetooth

Value for money and you should actually try this if you are actually willing to use "bluetooth headset" . You may find the price quite high but i found it quite worth and bought more 3 after getting 1.

Peeyush Nagpal 4 Dec, 2012

Flipkart should start offering price guarantee!!

This product's price was INR 4419 on 15-Oct-13 and then it was INR 3999 on 16-Oct-2013 and today 22-Oct-2013 it is INR 5299. Every time the seller is WS Retail. Not sure how the prices are decided, but so much fluctuation does not seem very reliable. Coming to the actual product; it is of course the top performing BT headset in the market. I have also used Plantronics Voyager HD. Fit wise Voyager seemed more comfortable than Legend. Also the silicon gel ear tips that came with Voyager were more soft than the Legend ones. I would use the Voyage ones with this headset. Legend has improved connectivity. Voice commands are a nice add-on. Remember that these voice commands are local to the headset, meaning they are built into the headset (I am not referring to the voice commands that come with your phone). Magnetic charger pin should ensure better durability as micro USB ports are prone to more wear and tear as far as Voyager is concerned. Don't loose the cable though, it's a non-standard one. Voice quality is really good. Noise cancellation is handled by 3 inbuilt mics. Volume is also loud. Placement of Mute/Voice command button might be a problem for some. You tend to press it accidentally while trying to adjust the headset position while wearing it. Plantronics also has various value adding free apps for their headsets that are targeted towards the corporate customers. You can check their website for details. All in all a smart headset which I got for INR 4419-15% discount. So a very good value for money. However Voyager's fit is better than Legend at least for me. Your experience might be different. Oh btw Delhivery's delivery sucks when compared to Flipkart's own eKart. My shipment was lying at their hub in my destination city for almost 3 working days, may be they were waiting for the official delivery date to arrive :P... really lame!!

Abhijeet Gogawale 22 Oct, 2013


Use it all the time and is very light weight. I had to buy (sold separately) case charger to give me more than 5 hours of talk time without having to reach for a charger. Sound quality good. Noise cancellation great especially for the people who hear my voice. Connects to computer and mobile and switches seamlessly. Voice activated answering of call is just awesome.

Flipkart Customer 13 Oct, 2016

Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

After spending more than 4 thousand rupees, I found stupid connectivity issue in this headset. I ordered this product twice and found the same issue. I dont understand how come manufacturer make such kind of mistake! Thank God Flipkart took back the product and refunded my money. I will never recommend at least this model for anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amit Gaikwad 21 Oct, 2015

Bad product

Bad product. Initially works good but after some use there is problem in voice quality. Mic not good.

Flipkart Customer 19 Mar, 2017


I have purchased this product...And I m very much satisfied with the clarity of voice ,connectivity, battery performs, style , and flexibility ... Overall it's a wonderful product in this price range....Don't think just purchase this and enjoy

jaimin trivedi 5 Mar, 2017

Amazing Audio Quality

This is my second headset from the Voyager family and for sure this lives upto its name and reputation set by its predecessors. The audio quality is amazing and with 3 mics the opposite can hear you quite well in a busy areas as well. The batter lasts upto 6hrs on a full charge and with continuous talking. However if you use phone for not more than 2hrs every day for calls then this would easily last a day on single charge. For everything there are cons and this device is not an exception either. The audio though very clear is a little low than Voyager Pro HD and the magnetic charging port on the device is not universal and you might have to save it since its custom made for this device and also as I said its magnetic, so you will have to be careful while charge, are hard shake and the device might detach itself. But these are little things that we can live with considering the quality it delivers. Price is a heavy factor here. around 5K this is worth every penny.

Sandeep Bendala 27 Dec, 2012

Battery Life is a Turn Off

I have been a devoted Plantronics user and have used almost every bluetooth of theirs. Though this has a great design and and a good range it completely loses out when it comes to battery life. For some one who would need to be plugged on it most of the time this is something you shouldnt buy. It gets drained really fast and since its charger is also not like the usual micro USB's used by us you would find it a little inconvenient.

Flipkart Customer 17 Oct, 2016

Good Product

Plantronics Voyager Legend is the best Headset if you really want to invest on some good Bluetooth headset. It has sensors which really works best in any condition. The only problem i'm facing is that i have to connect it manually as it doesn't get connected to my OnePlus One automatically. Moreover it's automated response feature to activate the call after saying "answer" worked only for few days. But otherwise there's no problem. It's voice clarity is the best. You can talk easily even in the most crowded place and the other person won't complain at all.

Ripunj 18 Apr, 2015

Good for you money

Audio is so clear as they promised. Buying this product is worth of your money. I have hearing problem when I use the normal headphone and Bluetooth. I thought of checking my ear with doctor but after this phone wow, I realized my ears are good. Look good, Performance so good. Now I am hearing the songs always using this Voyager legend also I am two phone at time. People may feel when binding two phones which using it may disconnect due to second disturbance like message or something. Also I see legend disconnects and connects back automatically. But not worry with that problem. I installed Plantronics my headset app on android phone it gives me battery charge and how long it can be usable. When you receive a call its give the name who is calling, i am not checking my phone to see who's calling me. Its good. I am giving rating 4 for this product.

Rajinikanth Aboorvasamy 5 Feb, 2013

Is it worth the buck ?

Having used the Voyager Legend for more than 1 month, under varying conditions, I get the heart to write a review. The positives first. The design is great. It doesn't hurt to wear it on for more than a few hours. The feature list is impressive. Voice command, volume control etc. The charging is fast and the charge stays for 4 full hours. I bough this phone primarily because of it's noise cancellation ability. I have used this in the thick of our city traffic, at home and outdoors and I can confidently say that it DOES NOT work as advertised. While at home under a ceiling fan, the other side could hear the fan more than my voice. In traffic conditions, the other side could hear the traffic noise. In a rather calm outdoor, the other side could hear the birds chirping. Second issue is with continuous usage. I have used this thing continuously for 3 hours together and it heats up quite a bit after 2 hours of continuous usage. It becomes uncomfortable afterwards. Not quite expected from a 'hi-end' phone. At the end of the day, is it worth the money ? At 5K this is not exactly cheap and you expect brilliant noise cancellation, hear reduction etc. It's a let down I would say. It's not VFM. You can get a similar piece for much less the price.

Prabhakar 24 Apr, 2013

Terrific purchase

it's one of the best available Bluetooth headphones in the market, don't worry about the price , it's worth the money.

Mari Madhavan 11 Dec, 2018



Flipkart Customer 30 Oct, 2018


Very good

Mukesh Shukla 28 Oct, 2018

Perfect product!

good one

karthik raman 27 Sep, 2018


It is not working properly Bluetooth connection issue I want a replacement

Flipkart Customer 12 Sep, 2018


it's a excellent.

Mahesh Chowdary 6 Sep, 2018

Excellent product must buy

it is very good product but not able to buy in low price 3.5 to 4.5 thousand but excellent quality i hv use for two yrs and give now review so definitely buy

Bhavesh Patel 12 Jul, 2018

Feed back

1. One of best Bluetooth device I have ever used. Amazing craftsmanship. Rugged design. 2. Noise cancelling is very great. Even in traffic you can talk seem less. Great technology. 3. Battery back is great. Can talk for 7 hours. Simply awesome. 4.This device can pair with 2 mobiles or one mobile and PC(Computer). Super feature. 5. Voice commands is very adequate and very very useful. 6. When you keep the device on the table automatically the voice is transferred to the paired device. Once you lift the Device it connects back to the phone. Super features. Super sensor feature. 7. I recommend everyone to purchase this product blindly.

Loganathan Krishnaswamy 22 May, 2018

Terrific purchase

2 years i have been using it without any issue, what a product !

Flipkart Customer 14 May, 2018

Good choice

Nice product nice battery backup

Flipkart Customer 6 Feb, 2018

Worth every penny

This could probably the best BT... Superb noise cancellation.. It serves it's purpose 100%... Do not waste ur money in other BT... Plantronics rocks..

SANTHOSH D C 30 Nov, 2017

Absolute rubbish!

Not sakshesh

Jadeja Prabhatsinh 25 Nov, 2017

Nice product

good product

Arkaprava Goswami 21 Sep, 2017


It is excellent, except that the size is a little bigger and the item is delicate.

Mohan Tayal 20 Sep, 2017

Perfect product!

Great product

Priyang P 15 Sep, 2017

Simply awesome

Last 8 months i am using it. I give 10/10 for both product & company. There was a mic complaint on first device ; after couple of mailing & phpne conversation, i return it & got the new device in one & half week. Which is working wonderfully, i am very HAPPY to own it , wonderfull companion in my looooong drives. I RECOMMENT it 3 times

Flipkart Customer 22 Aug, 2017


I purchased 2 pieces for my office work & the sound clarity is awesome !

sri sabareeshan Balasubramaniam 10 Aug, 2017

Just okay

Superb quality and value of money

girish thakkar 14 Jul, 2017

Simply awesome

Very nice

Nisha Mishra 8 Jul, 2017

Expected a better product

It works only one year,no service for this blutooth even no one can repair,if it got any repair after warnty thats all over just throw away........5500 for 12months gone......

Sundeep Deepu 6 Jun, 2017

Very Good

Very comfortable to wear.crisp clear sounds and noise cancellation is good

Flipkart Customer 13 May, 2017

Worth the money

Decent Earphones with Voice Commnds. Good battery backup.

Venkatesh Kumar Yuvaraj 13 May, 2017

Terrific purchase

Very attractive product

Vimal Bhaskaran 9 May, 2017

Very disappointed

Stoped working after a week , no one replied to my mails and calls for support. Very disappointing

Vandana Yadav 13 Apr, 2017


Best quality product..Noise cancellation works like a charm & I am able to use it with my helmet on...So I my happy with the product. Thanks Flipkart!!

Rudra Narayan Barik 31 Mar, 2017

Highly recommended

nice blutoo

Flipkart Customer 16 Mar, 2017


Sathish Netha Munimadugula Nice Bluetooth

Sathish Netha 10 Mar, 2017



Arun Kumar 25 Feb, 2017


Good device

Flipkart Customer 20 Feb, 2017

Highly recommended

This is really a legend. No other headset can even come close.

Flipkart Customer 17 Feb, 2017

Good but nothing fancy

The product is nice but there is no service centre

Kalpan Dutta 13 Feb, 2017

Very Good

Very useful while driving

Matsa Appaji 10 Feb, 2017


Overall good. Delivery & Product quality. But need to use it for at least six months to give a better review.

Swananda Laha 1 Feb, 2017


It's a good product voice clarity is good

Thanga Raj 23 Jan, 2017

Worth every penny

Excellent U can trust this smart piece

Shisht Jaiswal 22 Dec, 2016

Good but nothing fancy

This is a smart device but definitely no noise cancellation in this. I am surprised how companies are openly boasting that it's noise cancellation etc. In fact surrounding sound is as clear as your voice on it which annoys the person who in on other side of the phone

Flipkart Customer 17 Dec, 2016

Must buy!

Very good product.bought it twice.

Flipkart Customer 5 Dec, 2016

Decent product


Chandi Prasad Das 22 Nov, 2016


It stopped working after a month. It is not pairing with any devices now

Flipkart Customer 9 Nov, 2016


best bluetooth

Flipkart Customer 3 Nov, 2016

Very Bad!!!

Ordered this product during diwali sale and used for less than two weeks. Went home for holidays and came back.. The bluetooth device is not turning on or working.. Do not recommend for anyone!!! Faulty product!!

Sivasenthil Kumaran 3 Nov, 2016



Chetan Chowdhary 22 Oct, 2016

Good choice

It is a good headset in terms of ease of connecting to phone, sound clarity, noise reduction, talk time and comfort. Has only one problem - the contacts of the charger don't work properly and need to be cleaned before every charing.

Rajnish Singh 14 Oct, 2016

Good quality product



Great product

Excellent product ...voice clarity is too good.

Shamsuhddin 12 Oct, 2016

Must buy!

I've previously owned the older model Voyager since 2010 and used it for a good several years. Since the charger unit on that stopped working I decided to pick this one up and my positive experience has been repeated and my expectations exceeded. The sturdy build and the flick buttons are much nicer to handle. The battery life of 6+ hours is excellent. I often take calls for several hours at a stretch so comfort and battery life is very critical to me. I can continue working on my laptop or phone while the device stays in place for that duration and the sound quality is top notch. Funny enough after I bought one unit here on Flipkart both my mum and wife got interested and I ended up buying two more.

Arnold Mascarenhas 7 Oct, 2016


Good quality product

Flipkart Customer 6 Oct, 2016


Good product

Jitendra Lakhani 24 Sep, 2016

Best BT headset available in the Market......Must Buy...

Best BT headset available in the Market......Must Buy...

Flipkart Customer 27 Aug, 2016


I liked it. It is very useful. Quality wise it is wonderdul.

Jogesh kumar Goyal 9 Aug, 2016

Its Messed up

I have used and its fine but it doesn't have 7 hours talk time its only one and half hours, i can talk but in software and your product information shows talk time will be 7 hours and standby like 11 days nothing is true and the range also very bad, its totally disappointed. I would like to thank u for the product quality is good but technically fail to impress us.

Imdad Ahamed 29 Jul, 2016

Best Bluetooth headset

I am extremely enjoying this bluetooth headset.It has a clear voice and sound for a perfect call and is very comfortable.

Flipkart Customer 10 Jun, 2016

best bluetooth headset

trust me, just go for it without any doubt......................forget everything, it's the best headset............no issue anywhere. good quality, good build-up, good sound, good range, AWESOME HEADSET

varun chandra 13 Mar, 2016

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

First of all, the delivery was superfast, a day before. Good goind Flipkart. Regarding the product, (Pl. note this is only after my initial (1 day) use of the product). Pros: 1.I wanted it for Iphone 6S and was not very sure whether this headset is compatible. Some reviews confused me. After a bit of net search, I was confident about the compatibility and I was right, it is compatible with IPhone 6S . 2. Very easy to use. (I think the app (to be downloaded) is also useful, specially if you need to find your headset....though, yet to experience) 3. The headset informs you of the battery life, connection status and so on - quite handy. 4. The calls were smooth with no issues / disturbance. Cons: None as of now... May update as I experience, if any.

SKumar 4 Feb, 2016

Good audio, bad sensors

Great noise cancelation - very good sound quality when I am driving. However just in 10 months I started having some weird issues like call getting redirected from headset to phone even when the call is running. Located to sensor problems. Plantronics website suggests to disable sensors which I did and that resolved the call redirect issue. But how about putting better quality sensors for the price you are charging!!! Still good headset but it's not smart anymore.

Rohit Piparsania 27 Jan, 2016

Good one

A good headset. Can be connected to more than one device at a time. Battery life too is really good and it last for days under regular use. Highly recommended product.

Arun Paul Moolan 1 Jan, 2016

Awesome !!!

This is simply awesome... what a sound quality and noise cancellation... I was waiting for a long to find such a good item... worth having it....


not satisfy with product

I bought this product on 29th September 2015 and it suddenly stop working in 2weeks I am very unsatisfied with the product from the seller

samirkhan pathan 13 Oct, 2015

Nice product

I feel very much comfortable with the product, recommended to buy, only drawback is Voice recognition cant recognise our contacts, but however better than any other Bluetooth headsets,

Buyer 5 Sep, 2015

Awesome Product

One of the best Bluetooth Headset I could ever have,,, Great battery backup superb Noise cancellation,,, Overall fantastic product. GO for it.

Aasim Syed 9 Jul, 2015

Best Bluetooth

Cannot go wrong with plantronics. This this is the best bluetooth headset out there in the market. Also has options for language and firmware configuration.

Naeem Beguwala 20 Jun, 2015


it is really good and stylish.triple mic is excellent. pairing is little bit hard but if u get used to it then its ok.magnetic dock charging is good. overall worth it and really useful.

Anmol Gandhi 20 Jun, 2015

Absolutely awesome

I'm a gadget freak and when it comes to Bluetooth, this is probably my 6th Bluetooth headset. I've used, Nokia, Motorola, Philips, Plantronics M70 earlier. This Bluetooth headset is way far better than any of these. Its really sharp, clear and intelligent. The intelligent call transfer works like magic. Caller name announcement is awesome and voice commands are responsive. Voice quality is better than the original phone mic when its windy outside. I highly recommend it for business use and people who take calls while driving.

Pratim Biswas 20 May, 2015



R ANIL Kumar 10 May, 2015

Awesome !!

I bought it around 2 months back, a very good product, light on ears.............However little costly.

Praveen Ritolia 4 May, 2015

Plantronics Voyager

This is far the best Bluetooth Headset I have ever used. The features are fantastic. its a 2+ year old model but still 1 Bluetooth Headset in the world.

Madhavan Prabhakaran 26 Apr, 2015


Plantronics comes with ths Legend which is truely a legend. 3 different mics with noise cancellation which deliver your voice to the recipient without any noise. A great filter. Tested this while talking in a windy weather, between the crowd. Believe me the recipient will only get your voice after the filters. Absolutely comfortable, wore it for around 5 hours but didn't find it irritating on my ears. This small gadget includes volume rocker, switch off/on, Call disconnect and Mute buttons too. Very handly. Caller ID, HD Voice are some of the smart features of this device. 7 hours of talktime after full charging is really awesome. Integrated sensors with smart call transfer features are great. thums up for this device and no other bluetooth can match this. Absolutely Wonderful performance. it's a must buy if you are looking for a bluetooth headset.

Jitin 29 Mar, 2015

Excellent For Calling, with excellent battery life

If you are someone who is on business calls while driving and cant afford a car with in built bluetooth connectivity for calls, its a saviour. And believe me, if you ignore its giant alien like size and design, its the best you can get out there.

Bharat Bharija 28 Mar, 2015

Great product

comfortable, crisp sound and brilliant battery back up. The voice commands are very helpful in managing the battery life.

Abhishek Gautam 16 Mar, 2015

bigger thoughts ... less in function

i got due to my friends advise and even checked the net .. product looks is great and features are good. but connectivity issues always there . spares like ear piece is not well adapting and they provide only same size extra 2 nos which may not get fixed for some individual . the charging unit wire is not having wise length . i like the device but needs improvement in accessories and street the connectivity issue

rathinavelu pradeep 9 Mar, 2015

Superb Bluetooth handsfree till date

I have purchased this bluetooth for my family members .it is just awesome.Till date no complaints.it has the best in class noise cancellation system.Best in class speaker quality.

Shrenik Giriya 8 Mar, 2015

Not happy with this version of Plantronics Voyager

I had the earlier version of Voyager and it was the best headset I ever had. This one though had issues, the other side can barely hear me. I am seriously unhappy

Sandip Dev 1 Mar, 2015

Recommended For All

Amazing Device, Good battery backup, Works very well with my iPhone 6, Thank you flipkart for Quick Delivery.

KUNAL AMBRE 23 Feb, 2015

Good Bluetooth Headset

This is my first bluetooth headset and it works just fine. Sound quality is good with my Sony Xperia Z1 compact.It understand and recognises all of the voice commands and bluetooth connection has never been a problem. However, it never connects to my windows laptop. I did a fair amount of research and it seems like you require a separate bluetooth dongle to make it work with Windows machine. It does connect and work perfectly with my Mac though.

VARUN MITRA 19 Feb, 2015


I would like to know whether this Headset will be suitable for MOTOR G 2nd Generation. If yes, then probably I may go for one piece.

Flipkart Customer 7 Feb, 2015

Strong Recommendation with few precautions !

I did a lot of review checks before buying this product. Let me not mince words here, I got mixed views. But still went ahead and bought the product. Its working brilliantly, and I was recommended that you down load two support softwares to aid this; PLT hub & find my headset. And one more thing... if the Bluetooth keeps disconnecting with the handset which few users have mentioned, just turn the smart sensor off... the product will run brilliantly....

Rupakshi Desai 23 Jan, 2015

I didn't get all the accessories

The product is really awesome. Sound quality is amazing. Available features are exactly required for a bluetooth headset. This product meets it. But I didn't get all the accessories. three things are missing. 1. usb cable for connecting PC 2. bluetooth dongle for connecting PC 3. Bluetooth headset case. please check the seller rate and buy anything.... ;)

Kathirvel K 16 Jan, 2015

Very useful, clear voice, very good battery life

I am extremely satisfied with this head set. Being a sales maager I do get many calls during drive. I am now able to communicate without any hassles as compared to car blue tooth or any other basic blue tooth devices. Strongly recommend for professionals. Value for money / worth. concerns are unique charger and short cable. Raja Sekhar. Hyderabad

Raja Sekhar AT 15 Jan, 2015






Swadesh Giri 29 Dec, 2014

Quality had gone down

I had earlier used Plantronics Voyaget Pro HD. the audio clarity on both ends was awesome. But the legend was of not at par in audio clarity there is lot of static in the receiving end. tried two Plantronic Voyager legend devices - so the issue is common in all the devices., if you want to buy for battery back up - go for this.

Saravanan C S 25 Dec, 2014

Not exactly a good product !!

I had purchased this product as a part of the billion rupee sale of flipkart. After it came I didnt get a chance to use it immediately. But after I went ahead to use it on my car journey, I realised my 800 Rs samsung bluetooh was much much better !! This has very bad voice qulaity.. after few calls..automatically the incoming voice starts fluctuatiing.. and eventhe person on the orther end can"t hear my voice properly. This was priced at 5000 Rs and it had suvh bad qulaity..and even after I re set the device, still it works ok for only first few calls !!

Ravi Bali 22 Dec, 2014

Nice product, with buying.

I have used many headphones, but this is worth. The only issue is that I am using it with 2 devices, PC and mobile (which it supports), but some it by PC gets disconnected automatically.

Surinder Singh 8 Dec, 2014

Best headset I have used so far

I bought this product around Apr 2013 and have been using it almost everyday since then. The main purpose of buying this headset was to take calls from office (lasting 30+ mins) while I am driving or at home during off-hours. Never faced any issues after using this product. All the features mentioned about it (voice commands, mute button, vol button, noise cancellation, sound quality, auto transfer of call when not wearing the headset) are true and works as mentioned. The features that I found really useful are: - Mute button: My company mandates that I have to use min 8 char password for my smartphone and when I was not using this headset, pressing the mute/unmute button on my phone was a nightmare during official calls when I had to enter the password. Single button in the headset has saved my life. - Auto transfer of call when not wearing the headset: Seems like a simple feature but I know the criticality of it when I use some other headset. Never missed a call, even if I forgot to disconnect the headset but took it off my ear. The voice was always on the phone and switched automatically as soon as I wore the headset back. - The built: Fits well on my ears. Looks very elegant and lightweight. Taken many long telephonic conversations without getting tried. - Battery: 7 hrs battery time after fully charged (takes about an hr to charge from my laptop) and low battery voice alerts keeps me updated. The magnet charger is very good (though non-standard). What I really missed was that it should have come with a pouch to keep it safe when not in use. I had to buy a phone pouch from flipkart for it. Overall, worth every penny you spend on it, if you have to take long official calls!

Vishal Gupta 15 Nov, 2014

Best Bluetooth headset by Plantronics

Really clear and crisp sound. Easy connectivity. Easy to use with voice commands. Recommended to all..

Animish Andraskar 30 Oct, 2014

Wonderful Flip kart Replacement Policy;

I have received this Bluetooth Head set along with Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 as Free with Quick delivery. Due to the Blue tooth Problem, They have replaced immediately. Really very good service... Thanks a lot...

Ramesh Lingapandi 25 Oct, 2014

Static-noise Issues

Pros: - Persons on other end are able to hear me very clearly, I was told so. My mother said I was too loud. I had to tone down a little so that I won't to sound loud. - Voice commands, Audio streaming, Skype calls (android) and all other mentioned features work well. - It doesn't pick up any nearby noises such as Television playing nearby etc. Cons: - But on my end, I experienced static-noise. Static-noise is much more pronounced during outdoor calls when wind noise resistance is activated, it was unbearable. May be I got defective piece. - Charger cable is very small. Very small. It's very hard to charge it if there is no table right next to the charging point. - Not comfortable to wear for more than 30 mins. - There is no way to carry it on day-to-day basis to work place or where ever you go. You can't keep it in pant pocket or bag because it will break. I can't wholeheartedly recommend this product given the price premium.

prudvi raj kummari 22 Oct, 2014


Nice features -calls plus media both work great Build quality feels premium Vey light , feels great Only thing I found was little effort had to be put to put it on since its little bulkier in size All in all overall call and media quality is good plus premium looks and built totally worth it!!!!

Scorpio 19 Oct, 2014

World smartest headset is now my favourite gadget

Smart sensor to switch [ It knows when you are using Phone or when you are using it ] ,7 hours talk time,noise and wind canceling, voice based, can be used to listen audio,connect more than 1 phone,30 ft range ,sweat and moisture protected.... Awesome :)

Shree 18 Sep, 2014

One word: Awesome!

Received this product almost a week back and been using it since. The product is awesome indoors!! Battery life is good and sound clarity (in and out) is awesome. The other callers all confirmed that it was great even when standing directly below the fan, which was on full speed! Looks like noise cancellation is working :D Haven't had the chance to test it in windy conditions or on a bike.

Abhishek K 14 Sep, 2014

Great Product

It is really great product. One of its class. Nice functions. Good battery life. Great sound quality. Best part very comfortable on ears.

Gautam Barai 14 Jul, 2014


This product is a technology revolution, Works perfectly with iPhone 5s, Solid & Rugg, Delivered perfectly, Enjoying it in max

Surianarayanan Ramakrishnan 9 Jul, 2014

Its not working as it suggests..i wont recommend this product

i cant unfortunately give less than 1 since it deserves 0/5. Flipkart though gets 5/5. here is the story. Ordered and it worked fine for the 1st 2 days only to start giving problem after that. Unless i pressed a specific area of the microphone, it would not work and there was a loud noise from my microphone that the callers would hear. Flipkart prompty replaced with another one which has many issues from day 1 1) Wont recognize my voice command for accept or reject call at all 2) wont accept command to call from my phone list which the first one did My android phone got upgrade to Kit kat version and from now one, it has two new problems 1) It keeps getting disconnected from my phone without any reason 2) Multiple time I stop hearing people thinking my network is gone but I realised that the blue tooth is the culprit since the call works fine without using it for 4+ grand and the name of platronics, its not worth it.

RATUL SAHA 4 Jul, 2014

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

I had an earlier version of this headset. So this is the second purchase of the same product. Incoming call quality is good. Controls are difficult to operate unless you remove the headset. At times the caller complains about voice clarity on outbound calls. Syncing is easy. But if you lose the sync cable it's tough because the cable is custom and not USB. Voice recognition requires you to speak loudly so precluded from using voice recognition in a public space. No carrying pouch so it's exposed to everything - air, dirt, water. The earpiece cover is flimsy and will wear off. This was a quick fix temporary until I get a new Bose after losing the earlier one. For me the Plantronics works but it could be so much better in form, fit, call quality and charging.

Flipkart Customer 3 Jul, 2014

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

The Product Is Too Good I love it. but i got delivery After ! and half week its to waiting process it is too irritating to wait a long period.

Akash Soni 1 Jul, 2014


Excellent call quality. Excellent back-up time. Weightless and no discomfort whatsoever. Strongly recommend this product for people who spend hours on the phone.

Abhilash Thirupathy 25 Jun, 2014


Had recently purchased this headset. But it has issues where during talking to someone, there was a constant ticking sound in the background. Even tried upgrading the firmware, but no luck. Finally had to return it and get a refund. I am sure it must be a good headset, but unfortunately did not work for me.

Mohasin Zaki Syed 6 Jun, 2014

good product

good buy , i had brought it earlier also and the bluetooth delivers as promised ...................................................................... (why is it a 100 words for the review to be posted)

kashyap neog 25 May, 2014

Good HeadSet

Good Headset with rich features & good audio Quality Only care you need to take is the charger as its not a universal one

Chittaranjan Padave 17 May, 2014

Love it, especially the sensor, but fit and comfort could be better

A great Bluetooth set, provides absolute clarity even in noisy surroundings. Absolutely great feature is that it can be worn in either ear by simply flipping the mic around to the other side. Auton connects as soon as I turn it on, and a very useful feature is the sensor, it detects whether or not it is in the ear, and takes the call only if it is in the ear. Even if it is on the table down facing downwards, it directs the call to the phone unless you put it in your ear (although it can confuse the palm of your hand for your ear). The only issues to me is the fit isn't great, it seems to keep falling out after a while, unless I plug it in real tight, which hurts.

Shariq Ashraf 8 May, 2014

plantronics headset

those who are looking out for an better Bluetooth headset...I recommend to buy this one ...it has lot of features than the basic Bluetooth headset...it recognize the name and informs the name in the headset while u get an incoming call....and lot more features who use at the fullest....so I suggest this one the best product if anyone planning to buy

gautham patel 6 May, 2014

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

good overall sound quality nice better than most i have used battery life is good looks heavy but very light to wear and comfortable only prob is range not bad but neither great for the price u pay yes i recommend it

ambrish khosla 3 May, 2014

Plantronics quality and decent performance

Got this a few weeks back, overall happy about this purchase. The packaging is very nice. the design is unique and sturdy , will fit both left and right ears comfortably. The call quality is generally good but tends to muffle some times. Have tried it outdoors while riding a bike, the audio is clear and the other person can hear me properly. Battery life is good , offers around 6 hrs of talktime and around 6 days standby on moderate use. The default ear gel didnt fit me properly but plantronics provides additional ones for the right fit.

Manohar Manepalli 2 May, 2014

Awesome Bluetooth headset

This is my 4th Plantronics headset and I am very satisfied with it. I have owned the Voyager Pro and earlier versions. One of the unique features is its ablility to direct calls to handset or headset based on if you have the earpiece on the ear, very nifty feature. The charger is a big improvement over the earlier ones, my earlier Voyager Pro developed a issue common with plantronics headsets where the headsets stops charging as the internal wires become loose.

Mazher Ali Khan Mohammed 26 Apr, 2014

Best headset ever made

Really good at managing two phones and calls from both phones simultaneously also. Wind correction software is excellent

KV 12 Apr, 2014

Nice product!!

it worked well with Android phones.. Samsung Note 3... It goes unresponsive at times during improper enabling Bluetooth. Requires a power reset.. However the clarity .. voice commands.. and all specs/features mentioned work satisfactorily... 30feet distance is the maximum distance you can hear voice with clarity. Lil expensive but good product.


Good Product !! Amazing Clarity !! But Low on Talktime !!

Amazing product. pretty stylish. Works well. But talktime is less. 6 hours is what they say. you dont get more than 4 hours. plus its expensive.

Meet Shukla 9 Apr, 2014

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset

Best bluetooth headset I have ever used. Ease to use, superb voice clarity and fantastic looks too. Very good value for money.

Rajesh Menon 7 Apr, 2014

Best Buy

Best product with so many features Long Battery life it takes 90 min. to charge 1 - it will ask you to answer/ignore a call 2- it will transfer the call to the phone if your not wearing a headset even if its connected 3 - it will transfer the call back to the bluetooth headset if you wear it during a call or before a call is picked up 4 - it tells you the battery conditions by just pressing a single button 5 - its so light on your ear that you dont feel its weight at all 6 - Massive sound quality 7 - Pairing with 2 phones 8- showing battery level on the android phones

Balraj Dhiman 6 Apr, 2014

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

Got the product a couple of days back - March 31. The delivery was not so prompt considering this was thru a reseller. Which was a bit disappointing. The product has been good so far. Have not had any complaints on the call quality so far. Andy

Anand C S - Andy 1 Apr, 2014

Great Product

Product delivered on time, had minute scratch on the body...doesn't matter as long as the product works. Great deal.

Senthamizh Selvan Pandian 30 Mar, 2014

plantronics Voyager

initially very good, but off late its not pairing with my i-phone 4 . Otherwise a good product, voice and music clarity is good. Voice command do not function at times.

Anil Bathija 28 Mar, 2014

One of the best Bluetooth hands free

Just awesome product, it connects two Phone and PC. the voice clarity and battery life is good. I have been using this for almost 1 year, earlier I had Voyager PC bluetooth. Pros: Voice clarity, Ease of use, rugged product, battery life. Con: Bit pricy.

karuna durai 25 Mar, 2014

Nice product

Nothing much to say, as the name says it all. I bought this to take some of the long conference calls on my mobile and using a wired headset was not always comfortable. Many of my office colleagues have been using this and have recommended this, hence I never had any second thoughts on this. Ever since i bought this, it has lived up to my expectations, Pros: - Very comfortable for long usage - Long battery life - Good noise cancellation - Caller Name Announce on headset Cons: - The charger cable is very very small. Charging through wall socket can leave your headset hanging and can lead to breakage if it falls. (Happened for one of my colleagues). I prefer charging through laptop USB port to avoid this.

Dinesh%20Kumar Sadasivam 15 Mar, 2014

technology rocks

Plantronics did a good job... I am happy using plantronics voyager legend Bluetooth headset.. you are also advised buying this

Aditya Garg 5 Mar, 2014

good one indeed!

loved to use this head set amazing quality, no background noise at all, longer talking time, very comfortable to wear

Sanju Singh 4 Mar, 2014

Just awsome

It is the most beautiful and useful bluetooth i ever used, clarity too good, its clear than directly talking through phone. Noise reduction working great, sync speed is good and easy voice commands works great

jithin jayakumar 27 Feb, 2014

mind blowing comfort

absolutely mind blowing comfort,,, it has releaved me of holding the phone and given me an ultimate comfort,,,, support from planatronics is the only problem,,

ssss 25 Feb, 2014

excellent prodct

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset is an " gajab" product. Fantastic one , loves to hear music using this Bluetooth device. Connect with two phones.

Sumit Goel 22 Feb, 2014

good for cars, robust build.

Is fairly good at normal uses....use it mostly in car & serves the purpose. Also build quality survives my style - pocket, bags and jacket flaps.... Only flaw - Voice quality dips in conf calls etc.....not sure why. So don't expect wired headset quality still. Neat feature - tells us remaining battery time- everytime you switch it on.

Sudhanshu 20 Feb, 2014

Awesome Product

I had received this material early this month. Have been using the product for last 15 days. This is my second bluetooth after a gap of 5 years. Pros: Battery Life - Last the day easily. Voice Clarity - There is no complaints from receiver side Features - Connectivity with two phones simultaneously, Vocalyst (reads SMSs, Email etc) I can wear this comfortably even with my glasses on for long period. Cons: I yet to find out one. And the service of Flipkart was bang on!!.

pankaj ambesange 17 Feb, 2014

Poor Connectivity

I was very stronglly recomended this product by my friend, based on which I planned to buy it. However when I started using it I found issue in the connectivity as the range of connection distance is very low it is just 2-3 feet, as I go to a distance the voice disturbance starts. I wish company will listen to my complaint. If the instrument specific is faulty I hope they will act to resolve it as the product is quite costly in its segment.

Vishal K Vaid 16 Feb, 2014

Best for voyager headset lovers

This is extremely superb compared to Voyager ProHD that I lost in a car accident. The introduction of the Mute button which doubles up as the Voice recog key "Pair mode, Callback, battery...." and then the volume rocker, the On-Off button are excellent. The only downside the the proprietary charging cable, though the magnetic pull is nice. This is also lighter and the boom mic is cuter aesthetically & also technically (3 mics) appealing.

Rajkumar Govindaraj 9 Feb, 2014

A good device

overall experience is good Pros : easy to pair Very good audio quality both ends light weight comfy good battery life the buttons (volume, call end / ans and on/off) are placed nicely and easy to locate and use voice controls and status messages are nice and clear Cons : The sensor that recognizes if the headset is worn or not works only for the call it does work when you put on the headset when the phone is ringing.. it automatically answers the call however when you are playing a video or songs, it plays through the BT headset even if you are not wearing it I dont know if that is the case with every piece or just mine Value for money 4/5 stars

Abhijeet Petkar 4 Feb, 2014

After One Month of use

This was one bluetooth headset I always wanted , luckily i was able to buy this recently , I must say that the delivery time for Flipkart is really awesome, I got the item in 3 working days , excellent service, the initial set had some problem which I reported and and was immeadetely replaced. excellent customer service once again. Some of the function of this headset is as follows , 1.The Battery back up is 7 hours in reality , and that talk time I'm talking about 2.It has voice info, i.e it will tell you whats the battery time left and hw many phone are connected By the way you can connect two phone to this headset 3.It takes voice commands like, cancel, redial and answer call. Intelligent software , it will automatically answer the call when you pick up the headset and wear it. 4.When there is an incoming call , it will actually ask you if you wanna answer the call of ignore and when you just say "answer" it actually answer the call. 5.The instrument is very light to wear, you hardly realise that you are wearing it. 6.It is actually sweat proof 7.The Charger is with magnetic pin , though it does not drop or disconnects after fully charged, One con is that the charging wire extension is very small . Over all I really liked this product , its a value for money,

Steve Danny 4 Feb, 2014

Best headset so far

I have tried many headsets so far but this is one is best amongst all. Pros: 1. The mic is closer to your mouth which helps the voice quality. 2. Quite comfortable on ear. Does not hurt all all. You would forget that you are wearing one. 3. The battery is good enough. 4. The overall voice quality is good 5. When you lay it sidewise, it automatically disconnects. It is generally quite useful feature. 6. You can wear it on both ears. 7. It is can be conveniently folded to keep in pocket. Cons: 1. The charger should have been standard micro-USB. Though the magnetic connector is nice but having standard charger is better anytime. Most of us use the ear phone while driving. And if the ear phone needs charging in the car, you need a separate USB socket in the car even though most of us have micro-usb charger in car for the phone. This is probably the only con. 2. Cost - It is a costlier than other headsets but it is totally worth it. 3. Voice Control is not great for indian accent.

Sandeep Giri 3 Feb, 2014

Value for Money

A nice gadget for the best price.. It enables me to take calls even on drive easily..mart sensor technology reacts when you put the headset on, letting you quickly take a call without a click. If you’re already wearing it, Voyager Legend announces who’s calling and waits for you to say "Answer" or "Ignore." Simply tap the voice command button and ask to check battery level, connection status, and more. With technology this nimble, Voyager Legend is the first truly intelligent Bluetooth® headset.

Prasad K 1 Feb, 2014

Product has stopped working!

It was working flawlessly for a month, but it died on me today. This product does do this a lot apparently, going by the comments on the Plantronics owner's forum. Now, I hope the seller can get this replaced soon. Will be reviewing them after that :)

Archith Mohan 30 Jan, 2014

waste of money

my phonecalols get disconnected when i am using the set while driviung. and when i am in hands mode their is no problem. total waste of money for such an expensive product

aditya gupta 23 Jan, 2014

Great -- Simple and Elegant

Best Performance, good battery back up. I use Iphone 5 and HTC One, we can hold the current running call on Iphone and speak on HTC and vice versa. Also, It works the same as shown in the plantronics website.. I strongly recommend this...

Amith Nagaraj Patil 5 Jan, 2014

Excellent Buy

- Good Clarity - Great Battery Backup - Reasonable Price - Easy to use i definitely recommend this product and this was my second purchase (bought it for my dad) as i was really impressed with the product.

Shabeer Sait 24 Dec, 2013


It is too good and sound quality all the features are excellent, but after updating my phone to 4.2.2 from 4.1.4 bluetooth is not getting detected. please can anybody help me out with this

Vikram 24 Dec, 2013

Waste of money

Audio quality is not up to the mark. sound is very sharp and steep. Bluetooth range is poor too. Don't spend so much on this product buy some thing form Nokia or Samsung at one third of this price.Doesn't worth Rs.5000 plus price tag.

Arun Singh 16 Dec, 2013

Nice Headset!!

I would say this headset is great for day-to-day use especially the premium looks of the headset flaunts me. It has great battery life which is unique feature i noticed only in this headset, It looks killer on your ears with its flaunting looks. I got this headset mainly because of its looks, Audio quality is good and stay on your ears for long time without any discomfort. Pros:- 1) Battery life is great and charges quickly. 2) Looks are flaunting. 3) Nice audio quality. Cons:- 1) Sometimes Voice to answer doesn't work, I am not sure of the sensors if they work always.

Farhan Mohamed 11 Dec, 2013

Best bluetooth, wear it all day

If you are using bluetooth headsets for calls.. than this is a very good choice, excellent voice clarity,,, the best part, you can wear it all day not knowing that you are using it... though the noise cancellation is effective,, its not as mircaouls as its shown in ad,,..

Ravindra 8 Dec, 2013


Negative Points: - Not protected from sweat as claimed - Poor sound quality - Weak Built - Weak receiver even after a big protruding factor - Difficult storage due to big size - Charger wire miserly small, virtually can't charge at 90% of home/ office plug points - Stupidly designed charger, beats the universal application purpose of USB type - Beware!!!! Spare charger not available easily, none available online in India till 2013. Complete waste of money! Positive Point: - Light weight

Saurabh Rahul 5 Dec, 2013

Good Product

Worth having this product. it is most comfortable Bluetooth headset ever I had. Best part is you can control this with your laptop and see how much battery on phone as well.

Daya Shanker 2 Dec, 2013

fake useless never buy

stopped working in 6 months exactly after warranty date never buy it friends i will never buy plantronics wasted my 5500 rs sucks

Sahil Marwah 29 Nov, 2013

Best bluetooth you will ever find

Flipkart products do add value and on top of it good customer support and best delivery service. This voyager I bought from Denmark and recommended to my buddies. Once the put on their ears they asked me to book one so I searched in all stores but in vain. Finally found @ flipkart pleased ordered two. Pls go for it.

Syed Manzoor Hussain 7 Nov, 2013

One of the best Headset I have ever used

This BT headset from Plantronics, one of the best. Comfort: This fits in my ear perfectly. The noice cancellation is not so perfect what it is claiming by Plantronics, but it is much better than any of the other one. While the call is coming, you can just power off and it gets connected automatically. Price: The price is on higher side when you compare it with other leading one, but this is worth, if you are a user who talks more on the phone. Usage:This helps me when especially on the conference calls, long conf calls. the mute button is the best useful one. I find it best when you travel on the car, you really dont need to touch your phone to answer or understand who is calling. This gives an announcement of the caller in your ear. Battery Life: The battery life lasts for almost 6 hours talk time. but you really wanted to stretch the battery. Keep it power off, since it has power off button. If you want to keep it in the night, keep it power off. Overall I would give a 5 out of 5 for this.

Ramesh NG 30 Oct, 2013

Addicted to the Headset

Really good product. In fact I choose to order a second piece after I lost the first piece. Excellent sound quality, amazing design, good voice recognisation...

Aklanta Kalita 23 Oct, 2013


Works like advertised. Superior voice quality and noise cancellation that actually works. Even in crazy traffic noise, person at the other is able to hear my voice clearly. Highly recommended if you are looking for quality bluetooth headset. Super fact recharge - 6 hours talk time with just 30 mins charge time using laptop. By the way, I use it with my Lumia 800.

Raja Vengala 12 Oct, 2013

Awesome Product

After a lot of analysis I finally shortlisted the Bose and the Voyager Legend bluetooth headset . I found that the Voyager Legend has more feature when compared to the Bose . Pros Very light weight and you will not feel the headset when you are wearing it Very good while you are on long calls specially more than 1 hr Good battery backup . Gives upto 6 hrs talktime ( headset ) Most impressive is the vice response feature which is very useful while you are driving your car Cons Can be used in a two wheeler due to the wind noise and also you cant wear a helmet I have really not tried the noise cancellation feature and I do not think its that impressive on this .

Naveen 11 Oct, 2013

Disappointing defective model - But No issues with flipkart

I had been using other models of plantonics. This particular Legend model totally disappointed me. No fault of Fkart, they promptly sent a replacement, but that also has failed. voice drop, heavy noise, unable to hold a decent conversation, other party cannot hear what I talk. For this cost and the claims made by the manufacturer the product is no good. Definitely Do NOT BUY. But I should mentioned, flipkart did their best, no issues with Fkart. very efficient. but the product is defective.

Ravi K 10 Oct, 2013

Unreliable & Worthless

Within 1month, I had lot of issues related to audio quality. The headset has lot of features but none of them will work properly. Within 4-5months a crack started to develop in the centre of the headset. This product is unreliable & worthless.

Raj 1 Oct, 2013

Appalling service by the manufacturer

Do NOT go by the looks of this product. It is a blotch on its predecessor. It looks identical but thats where the similarity ends. Why do we buy a Bluetooth Headset? To make calls, of course!!!! The clarity of sound at the end of the receiever is pretty bad. I had to often switch my phone to the handsfree-off mode to make myself heard. I used this product for less than 6 weeks and it started developing cracks at the section which wraps around the top of the ear. Plantronics build quality has never been good anyhow. I had in the past too used the Voyager and it ALWAYS snapped at one point or the other, and to give the company an excuse, it did so after the warranty period lapsed. Why did I keep buying this product then? Because, the sound clarity of the original Voyager was good. And now when the sound quality has regressed and the service is as shameful as ever, there is NO point even considering this product. And this product did NOT last even 6 weeks and started developing an ugly deep crack (as I have already mentioned above). To make things worse the company's service centre in Gurgaon (which is in an area which is most downmarket for this category of products) is run by a company which is uppity and officious. When I took my headset to them, they told me that nothing can be done even BEFORE I had shown them the product. I wonder which century they live in? Honestly, in India most companies have their "customer care" departments just for the sake of having one. The managers and especially the frontline ones do NOT have the attitude nor the aptitude to SERVE customers. Caveat Emptor. But Plantroncis go a step further. They not only do NOT want to own up, but also pass the buck onto the buyer. One can not possibly go to the consumer-tribunal everytime, for every product. The silver lining around the cloud are Flipkart though. They helped me in getting the matter sorted. So 4 stars to them and MINUS 4 to Plantronics.

Salil Kapoor 26 Sep, 2013

Ok first of all i would like to say that flipkart has over and over again impressed me with their delivery. Got the shipment delivered to me in 2 days flat ! So as far as the product goes it is a top of the line product with clarity like no other bluetooth that i have used. The price may seem like as if its a little steep but trust me, you will not regret buying this. The auto call transfer facility works perfectly and before this i have used jabra and even jawbone headsets but plantronics have impressed me with their quality. The build is very flexible and the extra set of earpieces to fit your ear provide a comfortable throughtout the day wear. In my opinion a must buy!

Kartikeya Awasthi 3 Sep, 2013

Issue with Skype calling

Rest all fine but major issue with skype calling. I don;t know but i am not bale to do skype calling. Voice commands not working. Build quality wise good bluetooth. Mac & Iphone good friends to work with this bluetooth. It worked with Gtalk.

Paramjit Jolly 25 Aug, 2013

Fooled by the Brand

Good quality while in car. Poor quality in office.( my wifi interferes and is a big problem, while working in office. Hence shifted to ear phones with jack.) Average quality while driving bike, air sound is substantially reduced, but volume level is not up to the mark, (its not sufficient while driving bike). Technically It pairs very easily with any phone. But some times gets unpaired automatically, even while talking.....(That's a big issue)

Ravi Devata 12 Aug, 2013

Amazing audio quality, nice headeset

This is my frist headset from the Voyager family and for sure this lives upto its name and reputation set by its predecessors. The audio quality is amazing and with 3 mics the opposite can hear you quite well in a busy areas as well. The batter lasts upto 6hrs on a full charge and with continuous talking. However if you use phone for not more than 2hrs every day for calls then this would easily last a day on single charge. For everything there are cons and this device is not an exception either. The audio though very clear is a little low than Other headset and the magnetic charging port on the device is not universal and you might have to save it since its custom made for this device and also as I said its magnetic, so you will have to be careful while charge, are hard shake and the device might detach itself. But these are little things that we can live with considering the quality it delivers. Price is a heavy factor here. around 5K this is worth every penny.

Milin patel 1 Aug, 2013

Do not trust this product and seller

I bought this product basis the other reviews I read and am truly disappointed. The range reads as 10m however, if you put the phone in your pocket, it is not even 2m. If I have to hold this phone in my hand and use the bluetooth, what is the point. I wrote an official complaint to Flipkart. The dealer has washed his hands off saying it may be a manufacturing defect and I need to contact Plantronics directly. I have filed a complaint with Flipkart under the buyer protection agreement. Awaiting a response. The sellers is ExcelEnterprises.

Kapilesh Prakash 23 Jul, 2013

Really worth to have

I would like to recommend this bluetooth set for those who are ready to pay little more for quality. compared to normal bluetooth Voyager legend is having the below + points: 1. Superb Audio quality. 2. Good talk / Standby time. 3. Easy pairing with multiple device. 4. voice command. we can attend calls/ ignore calls 5. Vocal assistance for battery status, pairing status etc. I don't have any negative comment about this product other than price can be little bit less around 3000 Rs instead of 4300 Rs.

Sunil Kumar Chathiyath Balakrishnan 17 Jul, 2013

Good HeadSet (Didn't work with Ubuntu)

This was my second bluetooth headset. I think it is a good one. I could start using it without reading of the manual. Thereafter also, with minimal reading of the manual, I could use the headset conveniently. Voice quality was good and it was nice to connect to multiple headsets. I was not able to connect it to my ubuntu laptop though!

Chandresh Prakash 30 Jun, 2013

Buy it only from sources who give you some sort of replacement guarantee

This is my second device from Plantronics, The first device was a voyager pro and lasted for about 2 years of heavy use ( about 15 hours a week of talktime). The pro still works fine but the battery capacity has come down to 10%. Brought the first unit from the grey market . I brought the second unit voyager legend from Flipkart on 22 May and updated the firmware as suggested by Plantronics. Though there were some complaints about the battery not charging for legend in various blogspots, I took the risk as I was assured of the 30 day replacement policy of Flipkart. I also installed the plantronics android application to monitor the headset. After about a week of use the unit stopped charging though the android app shows the unit as charging but the charging stays put at 33% even after 12 hours. I have informed Flipkart and awaiting replacement. The cons Some features like incoming voice alert was not working for a few days and started working automatically in my samsung grand , which I was not really bothered about. Voice volume is slightly lower compared to the older voyager pr device. Noise cancellation is not very good as the receiver is able to hear the ceiling fan rotating sound. The pros I have used about 10 different headsets and this is the best.

Madhu B 1 Jun, 2013

One of best BT headsets

One of the best headsets available. Nice sound, drops significant amount of background noise. Has around 7 hours of talk-time. Has a convenient mute on-off button. The only downside might be that its a little bulky, but is convenient to wear. Looks are subjective - there are ones in the market that 'look' better, but dont perform well enough,

Harsh Kanwar 31 May, 2013

Underperformance is not the word!

Purchased this product after weeks of deliberation and scouring through various reviews, videos and articles. I am quite sad to discover that each and every material has been misleading and this is one of the worst products that I have bought. With no noise cancellation to speak of the "triple mics' enhance and amplify every single background noise and enable it to hijack your call. Although I am very pleased with Flipkart as usual for it's speed of delivery and quality of service. In the interest of prospective buyers, the following are my observations: Pros: 1. Fits comfortably. 2. Looks sleek. Cons: 1. The link between the headset and phone is very weak. I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the link kept breaking on every call and I mean every. Single. Call. During this break, I could hear only my own voice very faintly and my background noise amplified to an unbearable level. 2. Horrible noise cancellation. 3. Non existent wind cancellation. 4. Meant for anything but comfortable conversations. 5. Steep price for a bad product.

Aabhishek Patwari 22 Apr, 2013

Important points before you decide to buy one

I had opportunity to buy many blue tooth head set, my last one was Sennheiser VMX200 before i bought this Platronics Voyger Legend( this was after a lot of research). I lost my Sennheiser within 2 days of purchase. Reason I did not use the ear lock mechanism and i relied on the ear plug mechanism. In my opinion the most important criteria before deciding to go in for great featured bluetooth head set is given as under a) The headset should be securely grip your ear. This i believe is the most important criteria. which Voyeger Legent qualifies b) Voice command to Answer a phone: Which Voyeger Legent qualifies. Very useful feature like when you are driving. c) Should be able to wear in either of the ears: Which Voyeger Legent qualifies d) Sweat proof: Another important criteria which Voyeger Legent qualifies. e) Check button: At times one has a doubt whether the head set is paired with mobile or not. This headset has a beautiful feature to check if the connectivity with phone is there or not Only drawback i feel is that when the ambiance noise level is high it does noise cancellation so that the other party can hear you clearly but when you are hearing in a noisy place there is no auto volume increase. But not a big issue can manage Over all a good decision to buy this product

ajay dewan 7 Apr, 2013

Nothing to say Just amazing

THANKS to flipkart receive this product in 4 days from order amazing product can connect to 2 devices at a time i connected it with my mobile phones and my laptop pavilion g6 also pairing is so easy that even a baby can do it voice is clear in noisy area also I used this in local bus travel and in local train also but there is no sound distortion but if u are planing to use it while driving bike then u have to forget your helmet because it can't be used in your full headed helmet in voice command i found some problem some times it don't respond to your voice command it might be my pronunciation but i don't know. According to it's weight which is very light the battery life is just wow talk time is actual 6 hours just best

Bhaskar Sen 6 Apr, 2013

Amazing Is the Word

Audio is so clear as they promised. Buying this product is worth of your money. Look great, Performance is great. Now I am hearing the songs always using this Voyager legend. Also I see legend disconnects and connects back automatically. when headset is removed during call, the call is transfered back to phone. when u put it on again, it again takes over. Amazing. When you receive a call its give the name who is calling. we can take or avoid a call jus with an voice command. with press of a button, it tells u battery talk time left. Worth the price. amazing product

Keshav Singh Jasrotia 5 Mar, 2013

Plantronics Voyager Legend Review

- This one was worth the purchase. Everything works as advertised and we (another friend also bought the same model) don't have any qualms about it as of now. I have used for like 2 weeks now. - Voice quality is unbelievable even when my car's window is down (this is what I have heard from the people that I am talking to) as the sound isolation is impeccable. - And when I use it at home, I can mute it on the headphone itself and walk around the house without carrying the phone with me. - Voice commands do work great but one would need to put up a US accent :-) - Overall, a best buy and transacting with Flipkart was also a pleasure!

Badrish Davanagere 19 Feb, 2013

Bad Piece - others cant hear you....

I am a big time user of Bluetooth devices with multi-point pairing and have been using it for many years. While never had a big time complaint about any plantronics device as such but this model seriously has problem of bad mic capabilities, the person on the other end would not hear anything and you keep shouting. Additionally, there would be frequent disconnection from one phone or other. I am seriously looking for a replacement of this. Thanks,

Anurag R 21 Jul, 2016

Faced minor issues

Model super.. But small defect...

Flipkart Customer 15 Sep, 2016


Very bad it's not working at all. Neither getting any workshop nearby. I called flipkart but they replied that 10 days are over and they will not do anything. This product is wastage of money.

Vishal 27 Aug, 2016

Very bad flipkart service

This item not connect for my device. other mobile connect but voice calling not work. return request to 21 march but not coming any flipkart persons. return option changed automatically replacement option. i request for replacement but nnnnoooooottt come any flipkart person very very bad service.

PSS PRAKASH 23 Mar, 2017

Unreliable, not worth the money

Not reliable from day one! Keeps disconnecting from the handset. -Frequently disconnects when I press "answer" button. -No indication whether it is charging. -Hugely overpriced. -Better to purchase a unit priced around Rs. 800.00.

George Thomas 20 Dec, 2012

Five Stars


Santosh Kanade 2 Aug, 2017

Five Stars

Though I haven't tested the product but after unboxing the Plantronics voyager headphone build quality turned out to be top notch. I will leave full review after testing the performance.

Bilal Ahmed 23 Jul, 2017

Waste of money!

Since I purchased it non functional and customer care is not responding. I will definitely not recommend this product

Flipkart Customer 28 Sep, 2016

Fraud Seller

The Product I ordered is Voyager and I received Discovery. The Condition is also not good looks like used one. Please don't buy this seller is fraud. I want my money back.

Dhiraj Senapati 16 Mar, 2016



Pranav Sharma 23 Feb, 2016

Very disappointing to get Used Product

It is very disappointing to see this kind of delivery. These kind of sellers should be banned by Flipkart. How the supplier can think of making this kind of cheating, wont the customer be able to make out whether the product is Used or not ? The supplied product is in such a bad condition i cant believe how the hell they thought of delivering this.

Sachin Arora 4 Dec, 2015

Extremely bad service of Flipkart and vendor is a cheat

Hi, After lot of research i ordered "Plantronics Voyager Legend" on Flipkart on 12thAug. After repeated follow up i finally got it on 19th Aug. To my horror the following happened: 1. Vendor sent me "Plantronics Pro HD". And i honestly think this was not a mistake. 2. Plantronics Pro HD was made of substandard plastic. Like those cheap plastic toys. REALLY. Buttons were not proper and i really struggled a lot with controls. 3. When i initiated return request on Flipkart, they initiated it and updated status on their own as: "As vendor has discussed with customer, this matter is settled. So closing this request". Vendor never discussed a word with me. So i dont know on what basis flipkart updated this status. 4. I called customer support and demanded refund of my money, which was done promptly. Thankfully. Here i feel, Flipkart which proudly claims all products are 100% new and genuine, should relook at their vendors. Over a period of time flipkart has made this good reputation and they should do due deligince before lettiing such fraud vendors sell on their website. Later i purchased this product from a store at Rs6500, and here is my finding: 1. Product made is superior. 2. Buttons are properly placed. Controls are perfect 3. Sound quality is amazing. Even under a fan, if i am speaking, it cuts the white noice. 4. Its so light, that i wear it for 4-6 hours easily. 5. Very user friendly product. Superior, excellent.

Tasneem Badwahwala 27 Aug, 2015

Warranty is not cover if you buy from Flip Kart

Product is very good but issue with warranty type . Recently I face battery backup issue, When I approach service center, they was saying Flip kart is not authorized seller of this brand, so warranty will not cover.

Prashant kumar 5 Aug, 2015

Smart Headset for Smartphone

I have been using this device for last few months for my nokia windows phone. Very clear voice and very easy to handle. I use it while driving motorbike but never experienced any voice issue and i liked its feature like it pronounces the caller name and ask to receive or ignore the call. I like this too much.

Pramod Meshram 16 Jul, 2015

Best Bluetooth for your Phone

This is the best Bluetooth device and must have specially for the persons who are just fed up with the cheap Bluetooth devices. Noise Cancellation is excellent. Flipkart has delivered this just in 3 days.

Vibhaw Bajpai 1 Jul, 2015

Awesome Product

This is possibly the best available blue-tooth handsfree and flipkart service was awesome as always with the fast delivery and excellent packaging.

Naveen Bhalla 25 Apr, 2015

Something to Show Off with Great Sound Quality.

Something to Show Off with Great Sound Quality. ...... .

Ankesh Gupta 15 Feb, 2015

Wonderful product, Flipkart even more wonderful

I had this headset, bought from Flipkart itself, but it was stolen when I was hospitalised. Hence had to buy another, given my satisfaction with this headset. The headset was delivered to me in good time. But unfortunately, it turned out to be dud. The instrument would continuously enable voice recognition and whisper statuses, irritating me. Asked for a return. Flipkart responded immediately and had the replacement shipped immediately. Thanks Flipkart for the wonderful experience :)

H Nagendra 9 Aug, 2014

I can go to the bathroom and talk without anyone knowing!

This headset has truly changed my life. I don't know why people crib so much about it. Here are some superb things that I found with this headset: 1. Noise cancellation - I may walk through a procession or a rally but the person on the other end can always hear me perfectly and the noises are superbly suppressed! 2. Echo cancellation - This feature is generally used when you are taking a dump or something. I take a dump and take business calls all the time and no one ever comes to know! 3. Battery indicator - When used with an iPhone, it shows the current battery level of the headset in the status bar. This is perfect. Also, the remaining talk-time is announced every time you turn the headset on, so that's amazing. 4. Voice commands - I can just say answer to answer a call and ignore to ignore it. No need to even touch anything. Helps when I'm tinkering with my rig and my hands are dirty. 5. Sound quality - I don't know why people often complain about the sound quality of this headset. I think it's great. Use it with a good phone and it works perfect. My friends have had nightmare-ish experiences with their Note 2 and this headset so please read about how crappy the bluetooth is in your phone before buying it. 6. Comfort - This thing is so comfortable, unlike all the crap that other manufacturers have made. 7. Sweat/ splash resistance - It's got a rubber body so sweat and slight water doesn't damage the headset. 8. Periodic firmware updates and improvements - Plantronics comes out with a firmware update every few days when a fix is required. This is the best headset to use with an iPhone since, they keep enhancing the functionality with the latest iOS versions as well! 9. Quick charging - Charges in about less than an hour. Much better than my other crappy headsets! Now the things that didn't please me much: 1. No carry case 2. Delicate 3. Earbuds can get lost and they're expensive to buy separately 4. Battery life could have been better, though 7 hours isn't less 5. Voice commands can be flaky at times 6. Too much wind can hamper functionality 7. Big and bulky All in all, I can't use my phone to take calls anymore. I need to use the Voyager Legend now. It's not about comfort, it's just a better experience. So, in spite of all the things that didn't make me too happy about it, I will still give it a 5/ 5.

Akhil Babel 29 May, 2014

Genuinely bad!

after struggling with this headset for over an year have finally moved to JABRA which works much better with service support to boot. If there is one thing i know over the past year is their warranty and after sale service are meaningless...promise the moon deliver trash. Would strongly recommend people against buying this. Have seen some fake reviews ostensibly from plantronics guys to counter this. Please be advised an excercise due caution in dealing with them. They will give you suggestions on software updates when their piece of hardware is defective

vivek chauhan 17 Feb, 2014

in box accessories

what are the things included in the box of this product. do i get the charging case along with it like 975 voyager...........................................................................................................................

Sagar Desai 10 Feb, 2013

Looks like defective piece

The sound quality is very poor. Looks like defective piece. I have one more similar bluetooth, there is huge difference in sound quality. Not happy with the product sold by this seller.

Himanshu Aggarwal 23 Mar, 2016



RAJ SUBNANI 25 Feb, 2016

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

Pls dont buy any products from this seller. they are sending the old one. already i cheated by them...

Ganesan Rathan 24 Sep, 2014

Not Working

Please Replace my product sir...Reason Unknown................................................................

Sreyes 12 Jun, 2014


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