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Digital Pocket Weighing Scale (0.01g to 200g) - Black & Silver
Digital Pocket Weighing Scale (0.01g to 200g) - Black & Silver
Item Code: altghlges9pfc

Digital Pocket Weighing Scale (0.01g to 200g) - Black Silver

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  • Health and Beauty
  • Personal Care Appliances
  • 1.968503935 Inches
  • 14.173228332 Inches



Health and Beauty
Personal Care Appliances
1.968503935 Inches
14.173228332 Inches
14.173228332 Inches
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

Its a rubbish.

Please never go for this weighing scale. I purchsed it 2 months a ago and it stopped working after a week. Its showing LCer and Lo. I tried changing the battery but it still didn't get fixed.

hira on 16 September 2017


Definitely worth it!Before you read on... I weight around 120kg and this scale is sturdy and strong to weigh me.Pros.1) Easy to clean.2) Has option of kg and lbs. So you can be happy that you are losing more numbers in lbs, if you want it for motivation.3) Strong glass.Cons.1) At times, no matter what the change in weight is, it does not show. For example the weight of the shoes, jeans, mobile phones etc. It is not very sensitive to minor changes.Use a better battery like Panasonic if you are going to use it frequently. It will last longer.

Angarayan on 25 September 2017

Works well

Except that you need to be a little careful not to step onto the scale too hastily, this is a good product. If you do step onto the edge, it can tip to one side. I bought this from Amazon almost a year ago, use it everyday, and the battery only just ran out, which is great.For some reason though, it doesn't accurately measure smaller weights. Tested it with a 2.5kg dumbell, but it doesn't show any reading until the weight is increased, and even then it's off by a kg or so. But for larger weights, it's more accurate. I've compared my own weight on this scale with other weighing scales, and it's usually the same result, so it works fine for adults I guess.

R.R on 27 December 2017

Go for it

Worked charm apart from giving me shock when I saw my weight but not machine's fault

Gaurav Rajput on 15 July 2017

Worst ever product. Don't choose it

One of the worst ever product received by me. This item is not at all working. As soon as I change mode to KG/Lbs, and when I place the item on flat surface, then there is nothing being shown in the display. Same kind of issue already reported by other customers but no use. Same issue exists in new products too. Is this really an AMAZON VERIFIED product? May be it is a battery drain issue. But as a customer, am I supposed to get such poor quality item(which is not even quality checked).

Sreeraj K on 21 August 2017


Initially it shows faulty weight, but over few days it gets adjusted and shows correct weight. It might still have a discount 1kg difference with other weighing scales. But that is applicable for all machines.

Anwesha on 19 October 2017

Prouduct did not start!

Have asked for replacement since the product didn't even switch on . Tried with battery given with the product as well as other new batteries. Disappointing.hope the replacement product works.

sariga on 2 October 2017

Can buy it.

Little faulty!! Measurements keep changing with larger variations in the days time period. This can be fault of this one piece I have got.

Amazon Customer on 15 May 2017

Worked fine for a few weeks and then after that just ...

Worked fine for a few weeks and then after that just went dead. Tried replacing the battery but it just won’t come back to life.Weight displayed also differs so you have to take the average of 3-4 tries.Better to spend a bit more and get a machine with warranty at least.

Richa Nevatia on 28 October 2017

Worst machine. Analog is much better than this digital ...

Worst machine. Analog is much better than this digital one. It has a problematic circuit board. It shows different weight each time you stand on this machine. I lost the bill so I couldn't returned it.

Amazon Customer on 3 August 2017

Five Stars

very good, simple to use..UPDATE: Can't believe this: It's July 15th 2017 (almost 3 years) and I'm still using it. The battery gave some problem and I made some adjustments (bent the pin) and it's working wonderfully... My current weight: 72 Kgs (this morning).2nd Update (Dec 2017): still working fine. But needs to be handled delicately. Current weight: 65Kgs.

mohawk on 18 November 2014

A big no

Not showing right weight at all. Fluctuate in every min.

Amazon Customer on 26 May 2017

Good buy

Works well till now, it’s been about 3 months since I purshased it. However, the display part of the scale is a little loose. It doesn’t hinder readings or anything but just something I noticed.

Fatema Raj on 9 December 2017

good performance

is a must item for our family. quality is good, despite seeming fragile. discrepancy in few grams comparing with latest scales (MI), but that doesn't matter much

Sand on 7 April 2018

Not a very good product. The readings keep fluctuating

Not a very good product. The readings keep fluctuating. The same weight the second and third time gives minor differences too.

Amazon Customer on 8 September 2017

it is a useful product, but it has loose connection in its ...

it is a useful product, but it has loose connection in its circuitry. it does not start sometimes and I have to open the back cover and touch the wires. :(

Suraj Choudhary on 2 September 2017

Product is not accurate as expected

Fluctuations in the scale confuse me how much i weigh now.Just 1day back it showed 66 and now it is showing 65. Sick.

Amazon Customer on 11 September 2017

This works fine. The arced steel rods beneath are wobbly but ...

This works fine. The arced steel rods beneath are wobbly but maybe it is supposed to be so. No issues so far. Would recommend.

Nancy on 22 May 2017

Good choice

I was a bit skeptical while buying this as there were both positive and negative reviews. But after months of using it regularly, i find it extremely trustworthy to track my weight and gives fairly consistent readings.

Mohit Garg on 25 March 2018

Not at all satisfied

The product delievery was poor, finally when i received the product the working of the machine is not as per specification. The worst part was my body weight was changing after every 5 mins. I am returning this piece of crab.

Imran Yusuf on 20 August 2018

When I checked my weight it showed 71. 7 ...

When I checked my weight it showed 71.7 kg within in 5mins when I checked again it showed 70.5 kg. There is no consistency and it's showing random weights within mins

Amazon Customer on 6 September 2017



BHAGESH KUMAR on 25 November 2017

working perfectly fine but i noticed it sometimes gives a incorrect weight number

i noticed one thing here. i stand on it it shows me a number, i get down..again stand on it and theres some other number given on it.. better buy a normal scale than a digital one.

Raaj rane on 26 November 2015

please dont purchase. waste product.

waste product. worked only 6-7 days . now its not working. please please please dont purchase this product at all. total waste of money.

Amazon Customer on 21 July 2017

The precision is not good. If you stand twice

The precision is not good. If you stand twice, it gives the different results. (and the difference can be up to 1 Kg)

utkarsh on 2 October 2017

Disliked it

The quality was very bad and the piece was a defective piece. Didn't expect this kind of product. VERY BAD,it doesn't show the exact weight of your body. It showed 20 kgs less than the actual weight. PLEASE take note of what you are delivering check it once before delivering it. HOPING FOR THE BEST PRODUCT NEXT TIME.

Amazon Customer on 14 September 2018

go for it

like the product. is as described. i thought it might break because of the glass construct but its quite sturdy.

karhadkarameya on 7 May 2016

Bad product

Terrible product has an error of 5 KGS , never shows the same weight twice.keeps fluctuating in a margin of 5 kgs

Amazon Customer on 6 August 2017

Worse purchase ever

Scale is not working good . It has some defect in it. Scale's max capacity is 180kg bt it show 205kg even a normal weight person use it. This is really not good.sell any defecting thing on such a big brand . Very shameful

Abhayy Jajodia on 1 September 2017

Durable but wierd

It's a durable product and working well since last 1 year. However I am not sure if there is a technical problem coz everytime I stand, weight never came down in last 1 year and it always went up.

ashraf on 5 June 2018


The product displayed on website, is having logo of HESLEY. BUT, logo of Hesley was not there, rather logo of 2003A above display is there. Can I know the reason why ??

Amazon Customer on 4 August 2017

Worst Product

What a Waste of ... When switched on , it immediately switches off again, changed battery 10times or more but of no use.

Pankaj on 13 May 2017

Worst ever product ever bought on Amazon

Worst ever product ever bought on Amazon...Missed the window for free replacement due to travel.....It shows different weight every time you weight.....lost my money and trust.....Strictly Don't buy it !!

Bhaavesh K Tthakkar on 4 September 2017

Good One.

Working fine, giving correct nos. but must check 2 to 3 times to ensure wight is correct. Some time on 1st check its give more, and from 2nd time its give correct weight.

Amazon Customer on 23 July 2017

Four Stars

Good product, received in good packing condition, worth spending, using since last 1 year

Shilpa Bhansali on 2 May 2018

I would not recommend anyone to waste your time in purchasing this

Returned As found it faulty device.I would not recommend anyone to waste your time in purchasing this.It will keep showing different value each time you use the same.

Amazon Customer on 31 July 2017

Unhappy with the purchase

Terrible product. Did not even last for six months. It has some loose connections and hence difficult to use. One has to stand on the machine on an average half a dozen times to get the weight once. At other times, the machine switches off midway.

Amazon Customer on 5 May 2018

cheap product, does not show correct weight

Received the product in time. But it shows wrong weight. It shows one weight and when you step down and stand on it again it shows a different weight. WILL NOT RECOMMEND. STAY AWAY FROM IT.

Veeru on 29 September 2016

the button cell fixture slot is not good and often the contact is lost

We bought it. It was functioning OK for some time. After a few months the button cell drained and getting the button cell is a problem. Furthermore, the button cell fixture slot is not good and often the contact is lost. LCD display is not good for viewing.

Amazon Customer on 7 November 2017

Product as described and built to last

For first time you need to turn it on by removing the battery cover at the bottom, turn on switch can be kept at kg side or lbs side. It tells weight instantly no calibration is required..

TUSHAR MATHUR on 31 May 2016


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