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JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05
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JSB Leg and Foot Massager HF05

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  • Main Unit,Power Cord,Manual
  • Foot,Leg and Calf
  • Leg & Foot
  • Black



Sales Package
Main Unit,Power Cord,Manual
Foot,Leg and Calf
Model Name
Leg Foot
Model Id
Power Source
Power Consumption (Watts)
80 W
Power Required (Volts)
220 - 240 V
Foot, Leg and Calf
Power Source
Massager Method
Relaxes Muscles for Instant Pain Relief
Dimensions: 40.64 (h) x 43.8 (w) cm
Special rollers for calve muscle / ball and arch of footSqueezes and massages feet / ankles and calves
Personal Care Appliances
18.897637776 Inches
20.866141711 Inches
18.110236202 Inches
36.99356514791694 Pounds
With Rubber Kneading Pads and Foot Reflexology
Key Feature
Effectively squeezes and massages feet, ankles and calves all at the same time
Body Part
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

this will be the best one. But the product is around 16 kg

If anyone wants to give as gift to parents, this will be the best one. But the product is around 16 kg, seems bulky to me. As my parents are living in village and for warranty you'll have to get this product to the city where the service engineer can come to your home and do need full things. As this seems bulky i returned it and bought the small one, but performance is just awesome. Liked it

Prakash sanchela on 1 October 2017


More than what is expected. Highly satisfied with this product. The working was fine. The packing was good. It was like about 10 hands massaging the foot and calf. There are three modes 1. Foot(3 speed) 2. Calf( 3 speeds) 3.Vibration( 3 speeds). The working was good and very easy to use. Just we have to keep our leg in it and choose the mode. At this price in Amazon, you can sure go for it.

srinivasan on 19 May 2017

Good one does the job perfectly!

Very sturdy and handy for swollen and painful heels and ankles. Its not a compact machine occupying considerable space. But does the job perfectly! Good offer and good alternative to the more expensive osim machine.

CBS on 16 April 2018

not getting started ... adaptor not workinh

hi brought it for parents .. so didnt opened it till it was delivered to their house... yesterday when we opened it and plugged it to use. it was not getting on... also the exchange period is over as it is only 10 day returnable which we didn't knew.pls suggest wht can we do .. as it shows 1 yeat warranty

swetha K on 23 August 2018

Instant pain / stress Reliever.!!

Bought this about a month back. It is good and relives the pain and strain in the feet.. Have been using this 1-2 times/ day, and gives an instant pain relief.But a bit hard on the legs above the ankle... For tall persons this will not suit. But for people below 5.7" definately suited.In you want to relieve pain in the foot Go for it...

Rajesh on 24 June 2018

Heaven in a package

Bought this product for my mom and she is absolutely delighted by it. The flexibility of moving the upper half to massage your thighs is amazing. Only issue I have been facing is for people with larger feet sizes (UK size 10/11) there is a good chance your feet dont completely fit inside or keep slipping out. Else wonderful experience.

Floyd Fernandes on 19 May 2018

Good solid product

Bought 2 weeks ago, so far we are satisfied with the product. Leather finish is a plus. Parents are quite happy. Let us see how it performs in the long run. I am hoping for a good customer service. Would certainly recommend. Wheels under the machine would have been preferred from mobility viewpoint.

rishu on 12 May 2018

Not a satisfying product

I had bought this for my parents as a gift. However the product is way below expectation. The vibration was hardly felt and only the kneading effect was working.Since my mother was having ankle pain, i was hoping this will give some relief. However it barely gave any comfortable feeling at the end.Eventually had to return it.

A.P. on 28 July 2018

Good product

Excellent product. Enjoyed by everyone in the family. Of course durability can only be established after long usage

Sushil Agarkar on 20 May 2016

The new piece of equipment is good and works like a

The first piece that I received was defective, but, I should say that Amazon replaced it without any ado. The new piece of equipment is good and works like a dream

Manu Bharadwaj on 31 October 2015

Best in class product

Economical and functional. Very effective machine. I bought it for my mother and she loves it

Ashee by Ashee on Oct 23, 2018

Exellent product

Exellent product, easy to operate and delivered before time.

Pramod Kumar by Pramod Kumar on Sep 08, 2018

5 stars for delievery

Got product before committed time. 4 stars for product received. It is looking that something on the handles of both sides have something pasted that was scratched out. Gum particals are still pastes. But all the rest....Massager is working properly. No issue till now bcz its 1st day.. Will update after regularly usage.. Thnx again snapdeal for too fast delievery.

Vikas Moulri by Vikas Moulri on Aug 22, 2018


It good enough

Arun by Arun on Jul 11, 2018


Good to use

DPK by DPK on Jul 02, 2018

Three Stars

It only for short legs. above 5.5 height not sutiable.

gopiraju21 by gopiraju21 on Jun 26, 2018

Good product

Good product

MohdArif by MohdArif on Jun 11, 2018

Foot Massager

Money waste.

Mrinal by Mrinal on Jun 09, 2018

Ok product

Meeting my expectations

Saurabh by Saurabh on Jun 06, 2018

JSB HF05 A fantastic relaxing machine

This is one of the best products available in the market with lots of additional features at a very reasonable cost. The quality is of high standard and the seller is very prompt. I just loved it in the first go. It gives you immense relaxation with its innovative features. The build of the product is sturdy and attractive. I would love to order more products from JSB.

VKR by VKR on May 31, 2018

Wonderful Product

Initially I was a bit hesitant to buy this product online. However, the credibility of Flipkart withstanding and the reviews of other users prompted me to buy the same. And I must say I made a wise decision in buying the same. This is really an amazing product for the whole family. It is user-friendly, no-fuss and portable to the hilt. I shall recommend it to working people, housewives and sports people alike. Also recommended for elderly people. However, please do cross check with your physician in case you have had any injury earlier in leg/foot.

Dr Swati Nalawade 29 Feb, 2012

Effective and Useful Massager , Good prompt service from Flipkart.

I ordered this Massager and got the delivery in about 6 days. The packing was very good and intact. The massager is definitely worth the money. Both my parents suffer from leg and foot pain and I was looking for a long term solution. I was a bit sceptical about how effective it would be especially since the price is a bit high however it works and the pressure point massage system adds a more extended relief period. The massager has a kneading mode which emulates the way a human hand would give a massage. The vibration mode can be used for a better blood circulation. No heat is produced nor does the machine get heated if it’s used for an extensive period. I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone who suffers from leg pain.

Ananda Ganesh 23 Oct, 2011

Helps relieve pain of calf muscles and lower foot

Its been a month since I purchased this massager for my parents and I am very much satisfied with my purchase. I have tried this myself and I feel that it will surely help people relieve from leg/foot pain. Pros: 1) Good if you suffer from pain in calf muscles and lower feet (below ankles) 2) Vibration option is a plus point apart from the pressing action of the massager 3) Easy to use even for people who are technologically less savvy(read parents) Cons: 1) You may face some problem if your height is above average. I am 5'8" and the massager could only accommodate my 3/4th calf.The area just below my knees was not covered. My parents whose height is relatively less did not face such problems. Overall a nice product which is easy to use and will surely give you a feeling as if 4 persons are simultaneously massaging your leg muscles! It surely feels like heaven then:)

Saurabh Deshpande 1 May, 2012

Amazing Product to gift your Parents

I was planning to gift a similar massager to my parents when I came across this product on Flipkart which suited my budget.Initially I was a bit apprehensive to buy this item online but eventually I bought it considering FK stature. It was delivered to my parents in the best packing possible without a scratch considering the product's weight.I found it to be very effective for people suffering from joint and muscle pain.The controls are very easy and can be used with ease by anybody.Now my parents can ease their pain using this wonderful product. Thanks to FK

Sourav Pattnaik 22 Jun, 2012

Buy only if you are from DELHI

I bought this from Flipkart and it broke down after 30 days . Flipkart as expected told me to contact the manufacturer JSB. JSB was ready to service it, but they have service centers only in Delhi , so you will have to send it all the way to Delhi For this I had to pay Rs 1200 for courier charges as this massager weighs around 16 kgs. JSB repaired it quickly and sent the massager back to me and it is working fine now.(JSB payed for the return courier charges) JSB has promised me that if it breaks down once more, then they will pay for to and fro courier charges but that has to be seen The product works as mentioned, but I am really worried about the long term performance and every break down will be very expensive For people based in Delhi or close by . I think this might be ok For other location think about the service issue also My Rating is 2 , since I had to pay around 10% of product cost within the first month itself. I know things can break down , But JSB must stand behind its products and must be paying for transportation within the warranty period

Jeenson Ephraim 22 Dec, 2013

not worth the price

The JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager when received it did not start at all.The main cable was not working i replaced it with a computer power cable and the massager started.It worked fine for 20 days after that it has stopped and when i called up the JSB company to provide support then the asked me to ship the product to delhi as they don't have service center in mumbai.From that day the massager is lying as it is , It would be too costly to ship it to delhi.I might have to get it fixed by local electrician in mumbai itself.

Aashish Sawant 7 Dec, 2013

Very Effective Product ..Exllect

When i ordered this product through flipkart and flpkart delivered in 3 days.I gifted this product for my parents.I ordered for gift wrapping. The packing and gift wrapping was excellent.Though the price is little huge the product is very worthy.I am very happy to see happiness in my parents faces when they got a great relief from pain..No heat is produced when the machine is used for longer time too.I would definitely recommend this product who suffers from leg and foot pain.It doesn't work for knee pain.Very happy to have this product

sai pavan 3 Jan, 2012

waste of money

I have ordered it 20th may and got 22nd may, so once again quick delivery by flipkart.Have purchased this for my mother to relieve pain of her foot, particularly ankle but after using once only her pain further worsened instead of any relief. Then i opted to try on myself n even instead of ay relief my bone above heel started getting pain. So instead of sellers claim that this massager will relax u and gives u overall sense of well being, this massager works just opposite. After this horrible experience i requested for return on 23rd may but seller is not accepting n saying that he is not responsible for customer satisfaction by product. How can flipkart allow such seller to sell on flipkart who does not believe in customer satisfaction. So dont ever buy this crap. I am a regular customer of Flipkart, but this time it let me down.

Bhupinder singh 26 May, 2015

It works!

I read out the other reviews on flipkart, where people stated that it helped their parents relieve of leg pain. And I purchased this. After using it, my mother said her leg pain was no longer present after using this massager. So i guess it worked :-). Recommend this massager for the elderly who need relief from leg pain This massager contains various massage modes and vibration function. We use both the massage and vibration function together.

Shyam Bharath S.D. 29 Apr, 2012


This is feedback of the item JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager. I took this item last month and it has two functions - vibration and massager. After using 10 days massager function stopped working and I requested flipkart for a replacement. Overall be careful when order it.


Stopped Working, Worst Product Ever Purchased On Flipkart

Massager Doest works, After starting. Only the vibrator is working. Initially all the functions were working but after some time the massage function stopped working and only vibrator will be on. One of the Worst Product from JSB.

Jayaraj s 20 Jun, 2015

Review after 1+ months of use

I am averse to any kind of review until i really think it is in mutual benefit even for consumers to use this product. Well after 1 month of use, i can certainly say you can buy this (dont expect magic though) or alike products. I used to have severe leg pain so much that it felt life sucking at one point of time. I used to do massage by myself but it was useless. Everytime i have to request some body to walk on my legs to relieve myself from pain. So you got the background. Once i bought this product after reading reviews, my pain is gone and my body cannot even remember that sensation. i use it in the morning and evening. They can do multiple enhancements to this product so rating it 3. Also i never felt any magical moment or deep relaxation as mentioned by others, that may very person to person i suppose. It is not good for calf massage so i would suggest you can try only foot massager which has ability to do effective calf massage too and that'd be cheap as well.

R Kulkarni 17 Jun, 2015

JSB Leg and Foot Massager

A good product. Flip side is it's height (covers only 80% of calf muscles). Another one, its weight. Positives - Ease to use, Effective performance, Runs low on electricity... Overall, if you consider the one year warranty coming with the product, seems value for money. Cheaper options available in the market but without warranties.

Arun Gupta 22 May, 2012

Worst Foot Massager

Don't wast your money on this machine, I have purchased it as is not working effectively. There are many other better companies & machines then this one.

Sudhanshu 7 May, 2014

Incrdible product!!!!!

A must have product for every household. Massages your foot so effectively that it feels some real hand massage. 20 mins massage after a tiring day at office would charge you again for all the household chores. Not necessarily for elderly people but also for young office going , housewives, middle aged executives who need to charge up their body for all the odds. Hats off to the marketer.

Amandeep Kaur 26 Jul, 2012

Wonderful product in very affordable price

Hi, I bought this foot massager on Flipcart to gift it to my mom on her B'day. I know few other brands and products which are actually costly, I have chosen this based on the reviews on FlipKart... And very happy to say that I was not wrong. I recommend this product to all of my friends with 100% worthiness. Thanks

arvind singh 11 Jul, 2012

Good product, slightly expensive!

Got this for my Mom and Dad, and they are extremely happy with it. The massage it provides is very relaxing with it having 2 functions - an actual massager that feels like people pressing your calf muscles and a vibration function for the sole (?). Having tried it out myself, I must say that the device works very well, although you might end up with a slightly tingling sensation, which as the manual mentions is because of increased blood flow. Recommended for its performance, but slightly expensive at 13k.

Suvee 27 Oct, 2012

Met Expectations

Its a very good product,but the edge is giving electric shock. When we are paying so much,the quality should be good. Its not even 1 year yet.

Moturi Manjula 15 Feb, 2017

Excellent product, delivered within 12 hours !!

I love this product, it provides perfect relieve after a long day at work. I bought this for my wife as she had leg pains due to pregnancy, but I end up using most of the time.

Saurabh Kumar 13 May, 2015

Very nice

Amazing product. gifted to my in laws they use it daily. satisfied. everyone in the house use it . it is very relaxing and amazing product...

kunal 12 May, 2015

Good For Family Specially Elderly Parents

I have experienced this product at my place. It gets your feet into relaxing mode. My Parents use this often at home. However you will feel the difference after 15 min of massage. its good for elderly people since it helps to maintain blood pressure while massaging from toe. Good for family and working women who also manage house hold duties. Something your parent will cherish.

Rohit Raikwar 29 Mar, 2015

An effective product to reduce restlessness in legs

1. User-friendly device - very simple to operate, does not heat up even on extended period of use. 2. The product was well packed and was delivered quite fast. 3. This product is quite effective in relieving one's leg/foot pain or restlessness. The Kneading mode is my favourite as it massages the legs from the sides pretty well, leaving them feeling very light.Three weeks of use and the restlessness felt in the legs has remarkably reduced. However, there are certain cons which hold me from rating this product 5/5: 1. The massager hurts at first with the plates pressing really hard at the bones & then you gotta adjust your legs/feet every time to avoid the pain. 2. Feet - The plate/part (?) at the back of the foot actually pokes and that becomes quite uncomfortable. 3. Legs - If your view it's picture, the massaging plates for the legs in this device are on the sides, not at the back for your Calf muscles. And really, that sucks. No relief for poor calf muscles. 3. For this price (around 10,000/- even after discount), I believe it could have been more ergonomically designed. Hence, 4/5 as it did relieve me form all that restlessness and pain.

Radhika 28 Dec, 2014

Extraordinary Massager

Really satisfied with the product. No issues with the product...and as usual on Time delivery by Flipkart.

Harshal Mistry 18 Dec, 2014

Very Disappointed with this product !

I received this product on 27th Nov, 2014, which was ordered 4 days earlier. When the shipment received, the box was broken, product back part was broken, the product is just vibrating not working properly and scrolling. The most important and terrible thing is that there is no Guarantee cart and invoice with the product shipped. I have requested for return, lets see what happen. I am into IT, will think what to do, if my product will not be returned or exchanges with nice one.

Navdeep Chahal 28 Nov, 2014

Comfort + Awesomeness

The best gift you can give your parents, grandparents, uncle, aunty....actually almost for everyone...We all get very tired doing our daily chores...So, when you feel all tired and your legs hurt or feel stiff...try this massager...atleast for half an hour, and you'll be all relaxed and in a 'feel good' mood...Not lying, you can try it out yourself... I bought this product on Flipkart and it was deliverd to me before the estimated time, which was great, as I wanted to gift this to my mom on her birthday...The packaging was good and well packed too...Was sceptical to buy this online, reason being, the delivery handling and all...But, after recieving this product, I was very happy seing the packaging and experiencing the product's awesomeness... 3 modes for vibration and 3 modes for massaging...if you have never exercised or used the massager before, you'll get itching sensation in your feet, but don't worry, it's just because of the blood is getting circulating in your legs... In all good deal with a year warranty...

Flipkart Customer 13 Sep, 2014

Very Good product

Recently I ordered it for my mom, she got knee pain and leg pain since last 4 years, was suffering a lot. She said she is feeling relaxed after using this every day, Happy to hear that..Flip kart delivered it in 2 days. Even thought there are some reviews indicating problems, I think there is very less probability of getting a defective piece.

Prashanth Kamasamudram 8 May, 2014

Worth every penny

Using it almost for two years now. Got it for my parents and they loved it. Thank Flipkart for an awesome product. Thanks JSB.

Shubham Khanna 20 Mar, 2014

Not at all Worth

Good for first few days but slowly you will feel pain, bought for my parents they are not using it after few tries,,,

Iqbal Zafar 5 Mar, 2014

good product !

its a good product. but it doesn't have rollers for the feet, it just vibrates..which i did not expect. and it covers only 3/4th of ur calve muscle.. a lil disappointing ..

Manjunath Sudarsan 14 Oct, 2013

Relaxation guranteed

I had bought this product for my parents, but on using it myself, I got addicted. The way it massages every bone from your toe to knee, is awesome. Its an experience. After a tiresome day in office, this machine really helps me to relax.

Kanishk Singh 13 Aug, 2013


In the month of February 2013 I purchased one Foot massager JSB HF05 from the Flipkart.. I am using regularly.I am fully satisfied with this. Last week I purchased one more foot massager from Flipkart and gave gift to my daughter.She also happy with this foot massager. I strongly recommend this product.


Nice leg massager

Got this nice massager after 4 days of slacking by flipkart Pune delivery office. But the device is nice and does its work ok. Not as good as some of the products I saw in 20K+ range, but it is relaxing and gives a nice massage to the legs.

Anupama Parihar 8 Mar, 2013

Awesum Experience & best Anniversary gift for my Mom Dad ^_^

Hey Guys I Must say deliver of product on Filpkart is very fast. I have Ordered this on 27th night @ 10pm & got delivered on 29th afternoon @ 4pm. Gift Pack was worth it.. My parents liked this gift a lot. They were complaining abt legs pain so i thought lets gift something which will be useful for them, & i found this. ;) Even i m using this Massager and my legs felt very relaxed. I almost fall asleep during massage. I didn't felt any pain during massage. Full paisa walsul Product !!!

Rupesh Suvarna 2 Feb, 2013

Awesome product

Awesome product for people with leg pains , I bought it for my parents and they are happy with it . Easy to operate ,very effective and economical .No the flip side a bit heavy ,but that is okay for such products I guess. Also big thanks to flipkart for super fast delaivary …

Srinivas Vishnubhotla 1 Nov, 2012

Value for Money

Great value for money. I had been doing research on different brands and prices, this one was by far the cheapest. It works well and is very relaxing. With different modes of operation, it gives other (almost double priced) products a run for their money.

varun verma 17 Sep, 2012

Good quality. Good Value.

I purchased this for my father, who has a lot of leg and foot issues, so using this will help to circulate the blood and so on. I was concerned that this wouldn't really work very well, but it does! My father is very happy with it. It does a good job of massaging his feet and lower calves and is really helping him. So I can say that this is not just for a light massage, it is also for people who really need to massage their legs due to medical issues. It is quite heavy, but it needs to be due to the quality. I have no complaints and am now very happy that I invested this amount for it. It has 3 vibration modes, which are mainly for the feet, and 3 massaging modes which massive your lower legs and feet. The power usage is only 60w so it will run perfectly even on the inverter. I definitely recommend it!

Kesava Belletty 17 Sep, 2012


Well this is not by any stretch of imagination 'The Best' foot massager money can buy but fits in well amongst others in this category. Its a bit rough n tough, the massage does hurt a bit at first, but if one is genuinely tired this can work wonders. For it's price, yes definetely a good thing to have, especially for a working family. But if your objective is to buy the best product with money no constraint, then I would recommend look elsewhere.

Rishi Bajaj 2 Jul, 2012

Basic massager

Thanks to FlipKart for keeping the time of delivery a pleasing one. The product is very basic one. Useful only for the ankles. After using over few weeks, my feet feel left out while only sides of calf feel bit happier. No squeezing on feet area, which I feel is very important. Vibration on feet does not cover entire feet area and all toes are untouched. It does not touch knees either. Go for it only if you have problems with calf muscles. At this price level, this unit could have been better with the design.

Nagesh Bhat 13 Nov, 2014

Best in the market!

nice product but it's not switched off automatically after used of 15min... please tell me is it there any setting to set the automatic shut down

Nitin Kohli 27 Nov, 2018

Simply awesome

it's amazing and so relaxing... I gifted it to my parents and they loved it...thanks jsb and flipkart for this..

bhagyashree 1 Nov, 2018

Great product

loved it

Jashlin Nathan 2 Jun, 2018

Good choice

Good quality product and good customer service from the manufacture also working great withoit fail.. Must buy one.

Paresh Sathvara 16 Oct, 2017

Perfect product!

Go for it I am using for more than 2 years it really helps soothing legs make u feel so relaxed and easy to operate.

Navazish Mohammad 29 Sep, 2017

Waste of money!

waste of money.these do not massage your calfs..only massage n vibrates lower legs

Ravinder Singh Bora 26 Sep, 2017

Really Nice


Flipkart Customer 21 Sep, 2017

Really Nice

Superb worth buying

Naresh Kumar Penta 20 Sep, 2017

Best in the market!

Really amazing product. It has been more than 2 years we have been using this almost daily.. no compliant yet.. does its job...

Deepakraj S 27 Aug, 2017


Worth buying

Vignesh 6 Jul, 2017

Terrific purchase

Bought this product for my parents. Now it's already a year old. Still working great.

Yavanaraj 20 Jun, 2017

Terrific purchase

Worth the money

Flipkart Customer 14 May, 2017

Worth every penny

better than most products in this range

inderjit singh 19 Feb, 2017


Great product ...gifted to my mother ..she liked it a lot .

Anshul patel 13 Feb, 2017

Worth every penny

Good product, my parents are happy to use it.

Anudit Agrawal 28 Jan, 2017

Nice product!

Very useful product and effective too!Impressive result!

Monica Sharma 27 Jan, 2017


Its look as in the picture and works fine with 3 modes of vibration and massages

Gnanabalan Balakrishnan 16 Jan, 2017


A very useful product :) I ordered twice and it worked well ....thanks

Flipkart Customer 14 Jan, 2017

Pls dnt buy it. Worst customer service

product stopped working in 1 month took 6 months to get it serviced. And its not serviced well too

Mukund Mundra 11 Dec, 2016



Flipkart Customer 14 Nov, 2016

Great product


Flipkart Customer 8 Nov, 2016

Nice product

really Worthy....

Flipkart Customer 2 Nov, 2016

Pretty good

A really useful product. I've purchased fr my mum and she really liked it. It's a great relief when you had a tired day. Even i use it sometimes and I think it's great

Reshma Navaratnam 23 Oct, 2016

Good gift for parents

Good product to gift your parents. It not only provides a good foot massage but also relaxes your calves.Bit big in size and needs more space to place the product

Archana Sharma 10 Jul, 2016

comfy leg massager

been using around 1 month now, massages the calves , not only feet. good features with 3 level vibrator and 3 level squeeze, also has a 15 min auto time cutoff. worth every penny

Libon Fernandes 21 Jun, 2016

Average product at a afordable price.

I purchased this product around 23rd May-16. The product was recieved well packed, just the delivery system of Ekart is not as good as their size and volume. I found no help in connecting with Ekart until I got just the Address of Ekart(Distribution partner's of flipkart). Ultimately I had to drive to the Ekart Godown and pick up the product. I found the product good. Not as good as one I experienced at Singapore Airport, that was a Osim Product. Any ways at this price what ever I got is quite reasonable. The quality of the product is good. In this 2 weeks I used it on people of different age groups and different mindset and every one who used it, were satisfied by the job it did. About the life of machine, Can't comment right now but it looks to be sturdy and if handled with care, can last for a longer time. Thank's for reading.

Kartik Pandya 7 Jun, 2016

Worth the price

The product is really worth every price. My mother has problems with her feet and this is helping it in a very nice way. 5 stars to the product.

Neerav Parekh 4 Jun, 2016

Great product

Love it... my parents take the message every night !! Good gifting option for your loved one.

Ramesh Bafna 24 May, 2016

Good Product

Hello Folks , Recently brought JSB Massager from Flipkart for my Mother. Coming straight to Pros and Cons : 1. Flipkart delivery was good. 2. The Massager is very useful for old people suffering from Leg pain . 3. The massage and the cushion quality is very good. Not very hard not very soft. Perfect for a massage.

Sowrav Haldar 16 Apr, 2016

Nice massage!

The massage is good with adjustable levels of speed and toughness. My mom uses it daily and finds it relaxing. The product is slightly heavy and so cannot be easily moved around. The packaging was good, well secured.

Shailesh Appukuttan 11 Apr, 2016

Awesome product!

Gifted this to my grandfather who suffers from leg pains every night. It gives him good relief and he can sleep through the night peacefully, thanks to this leg massager. I have tried it myself, fits perfectly while massaging and is quite relaxing. Although once the massage is over, I didn't feel any different. I guess it works well for pains but not very effective for daily use.

Maitreyi Chaganti 11 Mar, 2016

Cool Purchase

It is good for elder parents who needs massage for the legs. Bit expensive but not regrettable. Good for Feet, and Legs and it doesn't massage Thighs.

Srihari Manepalli 25 Feb, 2016

Good stuff

The product was delivered as promised and has met my expectations. Parents are happy and enjoying the product. no issues till now. build quality is sturdy.

Prabhat Rao 29 Jan, 2016

Good Product

Bought it for my parents last year. Quite happy with its functionality. Its still working fine without any problem

Omkar Sathale 16 Jan, 2016

Work perfectly well

I bought this product for aged parents. Works well with very simple electronics. Only 2 buttons - one for speed and one for vibration. Timer is set to 15mins and then auto off.

vijay 20 Dec, 2015

Nice Product

The delivery was extremely fast, thanks to flipkart for that. Now coming to the product It is really a nice foot massager and pretty big one, I had some difficulty to figure out on which place should I keep it at home. 3 modes available the last mode being almost a useless one for me as it simply just presses the leg in one way. Vibration effect is nice, but I also felt that the metal plates which are used to press the leg may at times could be hurting your leg at a specific place and angle. Buy it if you have elderly people with at home.

Diptish Naskar 28 Oct, 2015

Bought for my mother

Good function for foot massage. moderate pressure and just right for elders. levels of adjustments ok. Received well packed and timely. Can optimize on packaging material. Power cord connection could be placed better instead of bottom corner.

Sujit Dixit 26 Aug, 2015


Good until now, mainly is happiness of my mom and dad should last long as the product has that potential.

Harshil 5 Jul, 2015

Strong massage

this would be ok for younger people but i wouldnt ask my parents to use it! for anyone over 60 it might be a bit too much pressure. Also, moving it is difficult as it has no rollers, and it's a bit heavy so have to drag it by the handles.

maya bagade 5 Jun, 2015

Value for money

Good product. I ordered it for my dad and now the entire family has started using it. Good personal massage for this price

Anshuman 2 Jun, 2015

Great product. Less so for tall users.

The vibration and pressure pads both work well and fell great. Falls slightly short of expectations for tall users.

Swati Saxena 5 May, 2015

very good product

I have used this product, relives pain improves blood circulation must have at home my entire family use the products

RBM 27 Apr, 2015

JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager

Product is very good and my parents liked it....worth every penny.... product is working as described and helps a lot for my dad.

Bhanu Prakash 20 Apr, 2015

The budget leg & foot messager

Delivery was fast. This item is as described and it has met all expectations till now (almost two weeks of use). The three modes of kneading and vibration is quite sufficient for regular massage for those suffering regular bouts of lower leg/foot pain. AND, best of all, thanks to this massager, I can read peacefully while my wife is having her almost daily quota of kneading. At this cost, it's very much worth it.

Madhav Prasad Sinha 24 Mar, 2015

Best product at the price range

I purchased this product for my mom. After using this she felt very happy and the product quality is too good. They did a nice packing which ensured no damage in transit. If you want a leg message after a long day, this is one of the bests products you can use while relaxing in a chair infront of a tv

sateesh madala 9 Mar, 2015

Very sturdy Item

Gifted to my parents, and they are enjoying its massage almost daily. As mentioned by them, it has good roller in feets, and feels good on calfs as well as gives a hand massage like feeling.

Ankur Mittal 25 Feb, 2015

Quite relaxing

Pros: - No self-service or hand-holding of massager, just put in your legs and relax Cons: For a person who is 5'8'' or taller, the gripping happens closer to the ankles, so you are left wanting with the shins/calves to be massaged too.

Ankit Chambial 23 Feb, 2015

Works well for old legs

Purchased this for my mom who has tender legs bordering arthritis - works pretty well. No complaints. Parents are gonna love it.

Sheik Tabrez 11 Feb, 2015

Make you feel like a baby...

Have been using this massager for the past 5 months. I don't use it everyday, but quite often. Lets say atleast 2 times a week. I am very satisfied with the product. Calf muscles until right below the knee and entire foot is covered. I get cramps some times in those areas and the cramp just vanishes after 10 mins of massage. This product is God Send for me.

Anusha Anand 9 Jan, 2015


I bought it for my parents. They find it easy to use and can get themselves relaxed. Comes with washable pouches, so it can be used with massage oil applied on legs.

Zaman 5 Jan, 2015

A very satisfying purchase

I bought the Leg and Foot Massager for my wife around 40 days ago and she loves it. Massage of soles and calf muscles in the evening, after the day's work, gives her great relief and a good night's rest. She uses it very regularly, almost every day. The only observation I have is that it seems to be well suited for persons of shorter height. My wife is 150 cm in height, which is a sweet spot for best massage effect. I am around 165 cm in height, and for me the calf massage is OK. My friends too liked the massage effect after they tried it. The product has worked very well till date. The installation and settings are very straightforward. All in all, a very good product, worth the money spent

Pradeep Bhat 7 Dec, 2014

ok ok

nothing great. and compared to a read foot massage this is not even close. I would not recommend it a lot. Its okok as I said

Siddhartha Garg 4 Dec, 2014

Best option for senior citizens but complete failure for the workout on calf muscles of the leg in case you're looking for this segment.

Pros. There are basically 3 modes of each: -First three placed is called massager's modes and are arranged in ascending order according to their intensities. - Rest next three placed below and are called vibrator's modes also arranged in same fashion. -Both can work independently as well as in combination with one another depending upon your choice of functioning. Cons. -It must be noted carefully that it is strictly not a good option for those customers who are suffering from the pain of calf muscles and purchasing this product on the behalf of it. -Height factor is also a great issue here. Actually It is designed in such a manner that barely 5'5'' or less feel relaxed or tiredless when he/she keep their legs in it. Conclusion: Beware from the fact that this product will work for your calf muscles and eliminate any wave of pain from it. According to me,It should be better if it is said to be a "JSB HF05 foot massager" as it performs its well functioning only upto that level:( :( I've rated 4 stars due to its good performance on the overall foot area of ours.

SHIVAM GUPTA 5 Nov, 2014

Its A Query

HI, I wish to purchase this foot massager in Mumbai. The postal cides i am adding has no sellers. Kindly help me find a seller in Mumbai asap. I wish to gift it to my parents. Thanks In Advance

kanchan bhanushali 5 Nov, 2014



RAJESH DESAI 3 Nov, 2014

Review After using 6 months

This product is well designed , easy to use , this is good for everyone young one to old one This really help to relax calf muscle , toes and leg , I suggest using it daily for 15 mins ..that will reileve your leg pain in few days. you can count on this , this is build to last forever ....

yatindra singh kashyap 25 Oct, 2014

Amazing Product, full paisa vasool

we ordered this just for fun we totally enjoy using this product. It is just awesome. totally relieves of all the pain in legs and calves

Sumer Singh 24 Oct, 2014

Excellent product .. perfect for your parents

Withing 6 days, i got delivery for this massager .., packing was good .. thanks flipkart and ws retail. The massager is definitely worth the money. Specially my parents luv this product .. .I found it to be very effective for people suffering from joint and muscle pain.The controls are very easy and can be used with ease by anybody.Now my parents can ease their pain using this wonderful product.

Gyanendra Singh 21 Oct, 2014

good massager

bahut badiya massager hai . 3 din mai yeh muge mil gya. maine chandigarh mai elante mall mai osim foot massager ka demo leya tha .osim massager ke demo se mera dil khush ho gya but jab maine uska rate suna to dil tut gya. osim pure 42000 ka waise snapdeal par discount chal rha hai wha par 38000 ka mil rha hai.phir maine ghar aaker flipkart par jsb hf05 dekha . 11500 main or maine order de deya . yakeen maniye jbh ka massager bilkus osim ke trah kaam karta hai . mere mata pita .patni sab ne jab massage leya to mzza aa gya . 11500 mai is se badiya koi massager nahi ho sakta . baki pura havvy ek dum majbbot thanks jsb

rohit sethi 5 Oct, 2014

Value for money

This is a velue for money product, you get at a decent price here. have seen similar machine just with different branding, being sold at exhibitions for 18K. However, the machine is no match for the OSIM quality & performance at all. But unfortunately, its 5 times expensive & there is nothing really in between.

Ravi Shekhar 22 Sep, 2014

Lovely Massager

a sure shot but if you want to relax. Works like a charm.I have it for 3 months now and really i love it.

Karan Gupta 14 Sep, 2014

Excellent Buy

I bought this for my mother. Excellent product and performance. The 3 different modes of leg massage and vibration for better blood flow makes this product a must buy.

Gyan 8 Sep, 2014


I bought this massager for my parents. Well, this leg and foot massager helps in getting relief from leg pain upto some extent ,would not write that it gives 100% relief. This doesn't massage ankle at all.

Ranjana 22 Aug, 2014

Value for money

The product is very effective and delivers as per its description. A bit expensive but total value for money. A lap of luxury for those with tired feet and ankles.

Parikshit Bhardwaj 12 Aug, 2014

Awesome Product for an Awesome Price

I bought this product 4 months ago as a gift for my mother on her birthday. The delivery arrives 4 days earlier than the estimated time, which was surprisingly pleasant. Although, I had my doubts because of the mixed reviews of it, I must say it is doing very well. The product has less features than its competitors but for the price difference I don't have any complaints from it 'cause it works just as well as the others. Totally recommend it to others.

Zahoor Novman 9 Aug, 2014

Good Product

Good Product. Easy to use. Auto switch off in 15 mins is value add. Timer clock could have been fitted.

Shobhit Mathur 18 Jun, 2014

Decent product for the price

Bought this for my dad as he suffers from Diabetes and has severe pains in his legs sometimes..it does solve the purpose but the massager edges inside are quite sharp and poke while the massage is in process..all in all, for the price at which this is being offer (less than half of osim products), it is totally worth..

Anand Lilani 17 Jun, 2014

Delivery Issues

The product is fantastic & got it delivered in Mumbai. It delivers great value. However, I am writing to make you aware of WS Retail, and the area where they can't make delivery. When I ordered same product for delivery in Delhi, it wasn't fulfilled. I was given no intimation and it really gave a bad experience as it was meant to be a present. Unfortunately, WS Retail's courier guy doesn't deliver products above 8 kg in Andrews Gunj, Delhi. If you live in the area, please don't order through WS Retail... after paying 11 grand, and waiting for 1 week, you'll get order cancellation message.

Bhavna Bandyopadhyay 13 Jun, 2014

Lacks build quality

Pros: - Has multiple combinations of massage and vibration modes. - vibration effect is good enough cons: - massage function lacks the extra pressure that I would have liked. It was good enough for my mother, but for me it felt a little lacking - build quality is not that great. The charger pin broke on the second day itself. This particular charger is not easily available (its some 2 pin 8 shaped thing). The original vendor sells the charger for 1900/- Rs. A clear ripoff. Overall, it is good enough for elderly people, but don't expect to get a great massage after your game of cricket.

Girish 10 Jun, 2014

Perfect Gift for my parents

Yes this is the product one which I am looking for in short Excellent/ Original and perfect or awesome product. I really give them to 10 out of ten marks. I am fully satisfied. Thanks Talat

Talat Parvez 29 May, 2014


I purchased this for my parents -- even though they're not old -- thinking this to be a good present for a new year's eve. I used it, worked like a charm, felt relieved immensely -- literally and figuratively. But to my horror, my mom felt agonizing pain when using this device. The plates start massaging the bones -- which is painful -- if your feet are small. There is no marking whatsoever on the massager, and you have follow a trial and error method to find the apt foot position for you. Unfortunately, this thoughtfully purchased gift is only used by me now -- I'm just 24.

Piyush Arora 7 May, 2014

Foot Massage

Initially this was purchased as a gift for my wifes birthday and for her use, now everyone in the house uses it. It really de-stress the feet and has got a nice tilter at the base which enables us use the product well. Not the best for calf muscles unless you are about 5 feet in height. On the whole a good buy for the price.

Kamath Vivek 6 May, 2014

ok ok...

Not many options...massage is not as deep & firm as expected. Ofcourse its economic, but Suggest to explore better option...

Hussain Patil 18 Apr, 2014

It feels great... :)

I ordered this product as a birthday gift for my mom and her expressions after using it for the first time was self explanatory. Having this product at home is a must for the elderly and the people with hectic work lifestyle. It really soothes your calf muscles and feet giving a good massage to your foot below your knee. Kneading action is really good and almost simulates the human hand. Worth every penny you pay for this product. And no need to say anything about Flipkart's delivery and service. At a first delivery I got the damaged product (might be due to handling in the transit) but Flipkart replaced it withing 3 days which is really appreciable. Keep it up! :)

Gaurav Patil 30 Mar, 2014

not value for money.

Not value for money. As compare to product feature price is too high. i will not recommend to buy this product on this price.

DEBAJIT ROY 27 Mar, 2014

Just great.. Value for Money and comfort !! Definitely recommended !

Bought this product for my Parents since they usually have soar legs due to their aging.. It turned out to be an amazing product that gives so much comfort and relaxation after a long day.. Value for Money and Quality.. Definitely Recommended !!

Prashanth S 25 Mar, 2014

Nice product

Bought this for my mom who is in her mid sixties. She loved the massager. She is about 5'4" and the leg massager covers the entire calf muscles (upto her knees). The pressure on the calves was just right, not too strong to make it unpleasant or uncomfortable. Just one point to note (why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5), while the product does a great job for your calf muscles. the reflexology for the arch and balls of your feet does not work as advertised. There are only vibrating pads for the soles of your feet with no reflexology or other massage options. The special roller (for the arch and ball of foot), does not move on its own (you feel the pressure from the roller only when you shift/move your feet inside the machine) .

r. raj 22 Mar, 2014


very useful to give rest to tired legs.easy to use and hassle free....was delivered on time and was well packed.its been a year and still working nicely.

antara 11 Mar, 2014

Good product

I am using this for nearly 2 years. I paid Rs.2000 more at that time. But luckily it has not conked off. It is good for foot and lower calf muscle pain. could have been better if they had a roller massager for the bottom of feet as they have in other brands like osim. But the price is too high for osim. A decent product with decent performance. Especially after long walks, this is relaxing. If you have a reclining chair, this massage can be very soothing particularly before you go to sleep. It is better to use it every alternate day as the pressure is quite strong and may lead to pain particularly for women.

subharaman 10 Mar, 2014

every smart family deserves one

Looks good, works awesome. Simple mechanics but very effective. My parents loved it. I just hope it has a long life,

Akshay vats 23 Feb, 2014

Nice massage for the leg and foot

I bought this for my family. Everyone in my uses it. From my parents to my daughter. It gives a good massage and the removable cloth lining also helps to keep the massager area clean. All in all would recommend it to anyone. No specific age group.

Anupam Sinha 20 Feb, 2014

JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager


Swarn 5 Feb, 2014

Wonderful Product

I bought this product a fortnight back. Very good product and a must have equipment in the families where we have elderly people who like foot massage. The massager is working fine. The only improvement could be to have the electrical cord on the side rather on the back of the machine. the delivery from Flipkart is great, it took just 4 days to reach. We are very happy with their services. Highly recommended.

Madhukar Nath 31 Jan, 2014

Foot Massager JSBHF05 Leg & Foot

Hi, My wife has constant leg pain at the foot so I ordered this product from flipkart. The product is a chinese make which is not mentioned in the flipkart product description. In fact there is no labe of any manufacturer on the product. This product comes from Delhi, so if there are any repairs which needs to be carried out I dont know whom to approach, as I dont know who the manufacturer is. Flipkart promises a lot on it website but does not adhere to it. I dont know how long this product will last as I am myself an Engineer hence the doubt. It is a definte NO to buy as the product is way overpriced for the quality of the product. Please buy local stuff for such items as you where to approach in case of a repair. Daniel

Daniel Esaw 30 Jan, 2014

Worth It!

Worth buying it. especially if you have elders or could be anyone with heal or foot pain. Delivery was a bit of an issue, it took 15 days+ for me to receive the item. The product was so much liked that i ordered a second one for my sister.

Aditya 27 Jan, 2014

Very nice

Easy to use. No Shiatsu, but still very effective. Relaxes muscles. Value for money. I will definitely recommend this purchase at this price.

Rohit Dalmia 26 Jan, 2014


Loved it! It came along with nice wrapper and the product absolute wonderful. It is not a remedy for long time pain or something, but if you have done a long walk, this massager will make you ease your pain.

Parthiban Sudhaman 15 Jan, 2014

Very good value for money

Bought this sometime ago due to some ailment in foot and wanted the massager to increase blood circulation... Picked this product as competitor products of other brands were higher priced... have been very satisfied with it despite regular use for last 10 months.. This is a late review that I wanted to give only after I have used the product well...

Ujjwal Kumar 13 Jan, 2014

JSB HF05 Leg & Foot Massager

I got it to gift it to my father who turned 75 yrs. I ordered on flipkart and it was delivered within 6 days. I asked for gift wrapped product as it was gift from my side which was nicely packed and delivered. Product was used by all our relatives. As of now there are no complaints and I am satisfied. Flipkart is very good in the service.

Flipkart Customer 7 Jan, 2014

very good product of elders- a family product as a whole

Bought it a month ago. Best product at best price. A best solution for leg-calf pains, must have product for a family having elders. Quick & safe delivery as well. I gifted it to my mom on her birthday with my first salary. Worth gifting I say.

Umakanth Ravuri 17 Dec, 2013


One among few utility oriented products for elderly people & for gifting purpose. The slanting option gives more comfort & convenient to users.

SRINIVAS P U 15 Dec, 2013

Great Gift

This is one of the best gifts to give your parents. A complete stress buster and just very relaxing. Flipkart service is by far the best and very prompt. The vibration and the kneading massages are excellent. Helps increase blood circulation and the kneading helps relax the muscles. The adapter might not be perfect, so one star goes right there. Also, there is no adjustment given for how tight you will need the kneading massage, but this is the best product for the given price range! I'm extremely satisfied with the gift for both my parents and me...

Tanushree Joglekar 3 Dec, 2013

not worth buying

This massager works well only for those who have short legs. If your legs are not short and you want to get your calves massaged properly, don't go for this. Also, the price is a bit high for its limited functionality.

Eswara Krishna Chaitanya 7 Nov, 2013


I bought this product with 0% interest emi offer on credit card which worked out fine for me.Packaging and delivery was prompt.It is loved by all in the home and does its work without much hassles.No need to massage the legs with hands after using this. Disadvantages:bulky.The plug point on the machine is at its back.so if u use it constantly sitting in a sofa,the plug gets bent after constant rub off with the sofa.I wish it were at the sides.This is a minor glitch though..Overall happy..

Praveen Ramanunni 3 Nov, 2013

Relaxes effectively. Very useful. Amazing service by Flipkart

First of all.. amazingly fast delivery by Flipkart. And impressive tracking too. Packing has been good. Very useful for the elderly. But otherwise can be used by whole family. However, in my opinion, do consult physician before using. Product details 1) Uses rollers for legs 2) Vibrators for foot Pros: 1) Reduces / eliminates pain in calf muscles and lower feet (below ankles) 2) Rollers are very effective for calf muscles 3) In combination, the vibrators make it plus point 4) The modes for Rollers and vibrators are not just continuous but a pattern of pressing with some intermediate breaks. This really makes it effective. Cons: 1) Not so satisfying for 5.8" and above. Still it does the job 2) The manual should describe more about the modes and which should be used when. 3) I feel the power socket should have been on left or right .. rather than center back. The wire gets in the way and also if you sit on stool or couch which does not have hollow base like chair. At 11.5k its a good price to buy. Recommend the product.

Manish Khanna 26 Oct, 2013

Nice Massager- but costly on Flipkart

Little costlier on Flipkart as compared to other competitive sites... This is one of the nice massager i have seen. Sit for 10 mins and relax. Massages feet n legs very effectively. Easy controls. A little heavy but works very well. Flipkart is very much trusted site. The site offers absolutely great products. This product would be slightly uncomfortable for people who are tall or who have long legs.

Shop4m 21 Sep, 2013

Good Service

I had bought this especially for my grandfather and to a lesser degree my grandmother. the service was good and delivery was actually before time. the product is good and my grandfather expresses complete satisfaction with it,

siddarht kamepalli 12 Sep, 2013

Relax Relax

I purchased this from Flipkart. Received in good condition. I never thought it will be this big. My mom used to have pain on her foot regulary. After 15 mins of using the massager , she is really happy . Infact all people in our family wanted to use the massager . Everyone liked it. Guess i have to buy another one soon . Lets see about the product quality and future life of it .


very effective and heavy

Pros : It is a replacement of human massager. It does it in a perfect way. Moreover one can choose the modes for doing massage on different parts of leg,foot. Cons: It is very heavy and thats the only cons part of it. If you have enough space to keep it or you have planned to fit somewhere then go for it

Dinesh 26 May, 2013

its good for this price...

i got this for my parents about 6 months back.. it works great on leg muscles.. but the only drawback is that this wont massage foot part.. which is very important in a leg massage.. over all good product for this price..

Karthik Puvvula 25 Mar, 2013

Great experience

I have always loved flipkart for their quick delivery and they did it this time too. My order was delivered within a day :) Packaging was good. I used the product and it nice. Though in the beginning I felt like it was hurting my legs but then I starting feeling good. Good buy and awesome delivery speed.

Vivek Verma 1 Mar, 2013

OK product..surely not awsum

My wife took foot massage in mall and I thought of ordering it since it was coming with good reviews.The product was delivered on time however its not for luxury or relaxation. The product is not very smooth. Instead of giving relief it gives pain after taking massage.I wonder how many people purchased it for themselves, old people do not know nothing about technology today hence they find it very comfortable. Please think before buying.

Avinash Bhartari 25 Jun, 2012

its failure now its not working

i buy this product for my parents but now its not working and warranty period is also there i dont know that what to do............... right now

srivishnu kankipati 14 Sep, 2014

Price of products on flipkart

I needed to by the product JSB HF05 Leg Foot Massager from flipkart, but when compared its price of its manufacturer its Rs 1000 more at flipkart JSB HF05 Leg Foot Massager --> Flipkart price --> 12999 JSB HF05 Leg Foot Massager --> manufacturer price -- 11990 details as follows on jsbhealthcare website If agree to match the price?, please confirm

Hardeep Singh Bhatia 16 Jul, 2013

Faulty product

One of the worst products iv ever purchased online.Stopped worked within 25 days of purchase .And shitty flipkart has refused to take the product back .Worst online company ever.This is the second time this is happening to me .

sisira reddy 30 Oct, 2014

JSB product that I purchased based on the reviews...

- My father was suffering from leg pain recently due to an 10years back accident. - Hope this will give him some relief to him. - flipkart customer support is great, which helped me in clearing my doubts.

Naveen Koneru 18 Jul, 2013


Bought it for my Mother, very useful and relaxing after a hectic/tiring day. Ederly would love to use it. Now even i am liking it

Ranjit Nanda 2 Jun, 2016

good choice!!

I bought this to gift my mom, she found it's useful and relieving leg pain...

aruna 24 May, 2016

Worth every penny!!

First things first, I received the product within 1 week of ordering and in perfect condition. Good job Flipkart! The product itself is one of the most useful gifts I have given to my parents. My mom suffers from joint pains and since I don't live in the same city I cannot assist her with the pain daily. With this product she gets relief within 15 mins. The product itself is very easy to use. My mom being non-tech savy, was able to use it easily. It is safe and easy to clean. With the review from my mother, it is worth every penny.

Piyush Nigam 4 Jan, 2016

Stopped working after 1 month

Product is good but it is really unexpected that machine stops working in a month or 2. Spoke to customer care, they are saying may be adapter has gone. But highly disappointing as I had to sent it to my parents at my native place so it will a pain to bring it again and fix it.

Ashok Singh 7 Dec, 2015


some days ago I m buying this product . the product is good . but its not comfourt for leg . becase its a small product as compair normal leg size . so i m not happy with this product.

sachin pardeshi 1 Dec, 2015

Good relief for tired legs

Amazing Product....a perfect gift for parents...can be used while watching tv..or sitting and doing nothing..vibration and massage simultaneously...amazing packing and delivery by flipkart...when it comes to purchasing costly products, choice remains flipkart only..

Rajat Kothari 15 May, 2015

good value for money

excellent massage. my mother is enjoying this. very convenient to use p

Deepinder Kapany 12 Mar, 2015

Great product

Great product. Flipkart delivered before shipping date Awesome service. Packing was good. Really recommended product

Gobinath Chinnu 21 Feb, 2015

Good Product with Value for Money

The product is really good, messages all the way to Knee level , Material Quality is good and also the the variation levels suit all ages. For 9999 it's worth it. But not satisfied by flipkart's delivery this time, what ever date flipkart commits, it delivers 2-3 days prior and that adds to the pleasant surprise but this time it took around 6 -7 days, maybe it is Delhivery Logistics problem, have seen this with other sites also.

Vishal Arora 20 Nov, 2014


Goood, with proper packing, like it

Flipkart Customer 5 Nov, 2014

bad service...like no warranty..

I see lot of reviews where the massager function has stopped working in few weeks, it happened to me too. Now actual issue starts, although you have warranty, when you call customer service only to find that only service center is in Delhi...and then you keep following up just for some courier guy to pick it from you...no one has arrived in a month though after various follow ups.

Flipkart Customer 30 Sep, 2014

Very poor aftersale service for the product

I purchased it six months back from Flipkart. However from last 2 months it stopped working. I made calls to Flipkart and they told us to contact the company. they told that i need to send it to delhi for repairs as it could not repair in Mumbai, where i live. Flipkart don't take any responsibility even though the product was under warranty. What is the point in buying from flipkart if there is no after sale service. The product is in idle condition since then and am no sure what to do with it.

Saumil Tripathi 19 Oct, 2013

An excellent value for money product

I've ordered this for my parents and am very happy with the overall performance of the product. Pros: -The massage feels exactly like its being done by a human -Value for money Cons: -The build quality could be a little better Finally not to forget the excellent service from Flipkart. The packaging was top notch with double protection for the unit. Came in scratch-less condition.

Vinay Varma 17 Sep, 2012

Never go for this Massager

I had ordered this product on 13th June for my father as fathers day gift. It turned out be a defective product after working fine for first few days. i had asked flipkart for refund but they said i can not get refund for this product. They are giving me the replacement for this product but what if that again turns out be defective. First time i ordered something so expensive for my father and it turned out be a very bad experience.

Shilpa Kayal 10 Jul, 2014

Nice, But

Fits only the fatty ones. No size adjustment. so, the massager just touches your lean feet. Was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED when Flipkart gave FULL-REFUND OF about 12k/- after taking back. With this experience Flipkart has eternally won my trust. feel like i Can now buy any product with closed eyes (!!)

Mohan MV 8 Jun, 2014


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