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Omron BP Monitor Upper Arm Regular Cuff HEM-7201
Omron BP Monitor Upper Arm Regular Cuff HEM-7201
Item Code: b04ufd7o4nmqi

Omron BP Monitor Upper Arm Regular Cuff HEM-7201

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  • ±3 mmHg
  • 180 beats/min
  • 40 beats/min
  • 299 mmHg



Measurement Accuracy Pressure(mmhg)
plusmn;3 mmHg
Measurement Range Pulse(beats/min) (Max)
180 beats/min
Measurement Range Pulse(beats/min) (Min)
40 beats/min
Measurement Range Pressure(mmhg) (Max)
299 mmHg
Measurement Accuracy Pulse(% Of Reading)
plusmn;5 of reading
Measurement Method
Oscillometric Method
Upper Arm
Model Name
Upper Arm
Model Id
HEM 7201
Memory Function
Pulse Rate Indicator
Movement Indicator
Date & Time(clock)
No. Of Battery
Power Source
Battery, Electricity
Battery Type
Sales Package
1 Monitor
8 cm
4 m
500 g
Accuracy/calibration- Blood Pressure
+/- 3mmHg or 2% of reading
Cuff Size
Medium Cuff (22-32cm)
The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.
Product Code
Health and Beauty
Personal Care Appliances
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

Excellent clinically-validated BP monitor; Read through to the end for useful tips

Having had experience with various blood pressure monitors over the last 3 years, I can say with certain confidence that Omron is the industry leader. The Omron HEM-7201 is one of their mid-to-upper range models and is excellent for tracking blood pressure for upto 2 members of a family via the multi-user memory.When somebody asks me about my suggestion for buying a BP monitor, this is the model I recommend for the following reasons:(1) Clinically validated for accuracy – big plus(2) Memory for 60 readings per user for 2 users(3) Automatic averaging feature for 3 readings taken within 10 minutes(4) Backlight – very useful for people with vision problemsWhen it comes to accuracy, I have not seen BP monitors from other manufacturers that are even close to Omron. People complaining about accuracy or consistency should read my tips below for understanding the proper way to take a BP measurement. Another thing that stands out with the Omron BP monitors is the battery life, which lasts for more than a year even with daily use.A useful thing to point out is that Omron's regular cuff size has tolerance for about ± 3cm. This is important specially if you are looking for a large cuff size as those are not only extremely hard to find, but are expensive as well. For obese people who absolutely need the large cuff size, the only option that I have had experience with is Omron HEM-7132. Although that model sells for almost the same price, it lacks many features that are available in Omron HEM-7201.Things to keep in mind when taking a blood pressure measurement:(1) Best time to take a BP measurement, especially for tracking, is immediately after you wake up. Also see tip #7. This would be your resting heart rate (RHR) reading which should remain pretty consistent. More random measurements could be taken during the day for additional data points.(2) Do not take a measurement immediately after walking from somewhere. For accurate and consistent measurements, you should be seated in the same position for 15 minutes before putting the cuff on and taking the measurement.(3) Strictly no movement or talking while the BP machine is in operation. The only slight movement should be from your normal breathing. Stay relaxed and breathe normally.(4) Sit on a chair placed in front of a table that allows you to rest your forearm parallel to the floor -- at the level of your heart. Also, do not sit cross-legged. Your legs should be bent from your knees so that they are almost perpendicular to the floor; you could keep them slightly out in front of you. In short, sit in a relaxed, upright position.(5) Put the cuff on immediately before taking a measurement. Do not leave the cuff tightened around your arm for a long time if you are taking multiple measurements and then averaging them out. If you want to take multiple measurements for getting average then loosen/remove the cuff and wait 5 minutes in-between the readings.(6) Do not measure your BP for 60-90 minutes after having food or taking a bath/shower. The BP is elevated during and for at least an hour after these activities. Similarly, do not measure your BP after any sort of physical exercise or emotional stress unless you are specifically tracking the BP for those situations.(7) Do not measure your BP if you feel the need to urinate or empty your bowels. Go use the toilet and then follow tip #2.(8) Last but not least, try to take the BP measurements sitting in the same posture at the same time or after the same activities every day. This will give you consistent measurements and should help you catch any changes in your BP more accurately. This is very important for titration, i.e., adjusting the dosage of your BP medicine(s).If you found this information helpful, please hit “yes” below to encourage me to write more reviews :)

Akash Kumar on 10 November 2014


Average product....features are useful for beginners.LED backlight & additional power socket are very useful.reading are still lower than mercury BP apparatus.But close to other electronic BP instrument.BEGINNERS MUST BUY THIS PRODUCT .AS IT SHOWS CUFF TIES PROPERLY OR NOT / BODY MOVEMENT which cause wrong readings./IRREGULAR HEART BEAT DETECTION .PLS DONT BUY A BP INSTRUMENT WHICH DOSE NOT HAVE THIS FEATURES.IT REALLY HELPFUL FOR BEGINNERS.This review is based on cross checking with mercury bp instrument and rossmax bp instrument(old one.)

Rohan Gholap on 24 October 2014

Disappointed Of Accuracy

Dear TeamI am disappointed of the performance of your Blood pressure monitor.Because i read your manual book and the videos in you tube of your blood pressure monitor, But it showing big difference in the reading at the same time.Due to this i don't get the correct reading and I checked it with the doctors sphygmomanometer and it showing great difference.RegardsROBIN JOSEPH9495909711

robin joseph on 23 January 2015

Not dependable

Not consistently accurate. I'm a cardiologist and I have taken measurements on the same person with this apparatus & a conventional mercury manometer immediately after one another. At times the readings were within 5 mm.Hg but at some other times, the difference was gross - even up to 20 mm.Hg which makes it clinically not dependable.Further, the on - off switch doesn't give the appropriate tactile response ( the click - click sensation) when it is operated & makes u feel it can malfunction any time.All in all, not a very good experience.

Dr SS Reddy on 19 November 2015

Convenient for a general indication

Indian arms are often thin. The flexible arms band fits well even if the arm is thin. The measurement is so convenient that even a school going child can manage it. That's the positive side.The readings are are not the same when two of them are taken in a succession. This fluctuation leaves the user wondering if the first reading is to be believed or the second! Good for a general indication. It is not a substitute for a precise reading that a doctor can take.

V M Wabgaonkar on 15 September 2015

Handy item for blood pressure monitoring.

It is a handy easy to use BP application which can be used by any non medical person for day to day record of BP.One word of caution though.Take three readings at O,3 and 6 minutes interval and the third reading is the correct one.I have found this by simultaneous comparison with mercury BP apparatus.This appliance does not need a stethoscope.VFM.

Jyoti on 8 August 2015

Do not buy this product

Very very upset with this product.. After checking the reading with the mercury manual b p machine..this omron product was just crazy with the readings.. No where close to the actual readings.. Not even close when u consider +- 5. It was just too bad that we ordered this product and were away on a holidays when it arrived.. We were too late to return it.. Do not buy this product.. Its a total let down by omron.. Very upset customer..

Amazon Customer on 14 October 2015

The little machine is good for people who need to monitor their BP regularly

The little machine is good for people who need to monitor their BP regularly. It works perfectly. It is highly recommended for people whose BP automatically shoots up by seeing the BP checking process in clinics. They can use this monitor in their home and avoid stress. Not to use this monitor after watching your favorite sports channel or after watching emotional TV serials or after reading daily news or after seeing the stock market price movements because the BP will be definitely abnormal and please try to use it when you are in normal mood.

Prem Kumar on 11 March 2015

Wonderful product. Prompt delivery

Wonderful product. Prompt delivery . Readings are very accurate and last but not the least, amazing packaging by Amazon. Only gripe is , for people who have bigger arm, the arm band provided is simply not enough. I am not aware of any compatible arm band of larger size by Omron for this model. Wish somebody can help. It is working fine and i have no complain whatsoever about the instrument at all.

Sougata Roy on 19 October 2015


Awesome, been using it for my mum evrey other day, accurate results..cross checked with the physicians..for the people who r complaining here...please ensure correct posture while using the machine as depicted in the manual otherwise it will give wrong results

Shaswati Dutta on 15 August 2015

Simple to use BP monitor at home

For hypertensive patients, getting to a doctor or clinic for BP check is not a feasible option. Here comes the answer through Omron BP monitor. Very easy to use and fairly accurate. Also, it has memory function to record the BP and HR history for two patients. What more does one want?

Moulee on 1 October 2015

Very good product in terms of ease of use and form ...

Very good product in terms of ease of use and form and functionality. Only reason I have not given it a 5 is because I would like to first calibrate this with a manual device and judge how good their claim is in terms of accuracy. Overall I am quite satisfied. Amazon service and timely deliveries continue to be a "Wow factor" for me.

Mukul on 21 October 2015

Great and useful product!!!

Once you get the hang of the controls, its super easy and efficient. This is like a god sent for my parents. Happy that products like these have entered indian market as well :)Note: This is only for approximate reading at home to keep in check. Consult a doctor for accurate readings.

Santosh Vernekar on 12 September 2014

reasonably good

this is my first BP monitor(purchased for parent), so wont be able to compare with others. It has memory to store past 60 readings. and it can save data for 2 persons separately.One can measure his pressure himself w/o any help as it is easy to use.price is slightly on higher side, but someone told it is more accurate, which i feel reasonable. So dont care for the extra price paid. Using for past 1 month, and looks like it is going to last long. Built quality is reasonably good and design is OK.

Tamasi D. on 13 October 2015

I think that should be changed to white or blue color which will give this device a better look.

Accuracy is quiet close to the Mercury reading, only the backlight red color looks irritating, I thinkthat should be changed to white or blue color which will give this device a better look.

Mak on 10 May 2018

Doing its job

Good to get a rough idea of blood pressure. As the sensor is very sensitive, sometimes reading fluctuate too much. But get it checked with a health professional and he approved its accuracy.prosUser profile optionLed backlit displayConsSame start/stop buttonComparatively smaller strap

Nitesh Sharma on 26 March 2015

Overall nice product. Little overpriced.

Little overpriced on amazon. Local medical shops sell the same model at cheaper price.About the product, the readings are accurate & storage capacity helps track the BP readings. Overall nice product.

Vinit Chaware on 26 October 2015


Good product! Batteries last long, for several months. Data of two persons stored. Must-have item in every household!

S.Arun on 8 August 2017

good instrument for monitoring BP

It is a good instrument for monitoring the blood pressure. Accurate, easy to use and reliable suitable for domestic use which gives fair idea to the person.

Naren on 23 September 2018

So far good

Backlit display helps easy viewing. Repeated measurements show somewhat different readings although not very much. Still not checked the accuracy with normal mercury blood pressure measuring instrument. So far good experience.

Anupam Das on 18 May 2015

Love this purchase as well. Thanks amazon Delivery is always before time.

Excellent product. I am using it regularly.One thing need to take care while using that after taking one reading if u feel results are not ok then dont take another read immediatley. Take another reading after at least one hour.

jagdeep nirwan on 9 October 2015

It is so accurate that reading of Heartbeat comes just ...

It is so accurate that reading of Heartbeat comes just equal to ECG Machine. Due to this machine, I came to notice that My father's heartbeat was 42. Thereafter, he was treated and got a pacemaker. I will be obliged to this machine till I breathe my last.

Amazon Customer on 6 November 2016

Completely satisfied

Wanted a no nonsense accurate instrument which the HEM 7201 is.Compared readers with those at clinic, it is accurate.Has met my expectations completely

Amazon Customer on 26 June 2015

A good product and convenient to use

A good product and convenient to use. However, some times gives different readings in a short interval. Need to take atleast three readings to be sure. However, its a value for money.

Pankaj Gupta on 9 September 2015

accurate and easy to use

Nice , easy to use , Keeps record of readings of two people ( husband and wife).. we checked the BP reading just after the doctor checked it in his clinic and it was just 4 points off.. which is quiet good. Mind the cuff size. mine just about fits.also has an irregular heart beat indicator.. might be useful for patients.

Nimesh Chanchani on 9 January 2015

Just Ok.

The product some time showing very accurate. The correct position of hand some time give accurate results. Can be used in home for regular checkup (not good for professional use).

Anesh on 29 June 2014

Very Nice Produc t.Must have at home for regular monitoring.

Very Nice Product. Using it regularly. I did lot of research on available Blood pressure Monitors before buying Omron 7201.This model definately has lot of features which other models do not have.Thanks to Akash Kumar for his brief view given which has helped me a lot.

C.Subhash on 23 April 2015

Easy to use

Repeated readings are consistent enough (very close). As suggested by the manufacturer taking average of 3 reading works fine. Very easy to use. Bought for my parents and they are happy with it.

Vikas Singh on 19 February 2015

This product is ...value for money!

Very easy to use..this machine. Because of its unique features always indicates accurate measurement of BP, also can monitor and store two persons BP is also very useful, to check history for a month or given period. Pulse rate feature also very helpful particularly BP disorder cases.Overall it's value for money.

Suresh Muke on 31 May 2015

if your arm is little fat like 15 inches than it will not fit

Belt is little small .if your arm is little fat like 15 inches than it will not fit. Better Amron should make belt little long.

Nair on 14 May 2015

Nice product

Found satisfactory performance till now. Purchased about a month back. It has two user memory, desire to have more users so that a family of 3-4 persons can use it.

patil namdeo on 24 March 2014

A friend has recommended it and certainly its not wrong

A friend has recommended it and certainly its not wrong. However the product could have been improved as sometime it gives not exact reading but still better than other available options.

Sudarshan on 10 January 2016


It'll give you an average result. But, it's something that is nice to have in home when you have elderly parents (with high blood pressure), and want to keep track of their blood pressure.

Nir on 25 September 2015

Five Stars

A very good product for all households. A must buy and good product.

Vikram nair on 20 June 2016

The product gives wrong reading

The product gives wrong reading. Always on the higher side. I do not know how to get it corrected.

JN on 2 November 2015

very good meter, easy to use for all

This instrument is superb, have been using since 2 months and it very precise and easy to use. Also thanks to Amazon for quick service.


Worst delivery,Product as expected

worst delivery,product as expected.The best thing one should do is take it to your doctor,take readings manually and with this.Now note the errorwith this product.This will help us determine the error component after that we can trust this .This, I bought as, gift for a friend.

Dr SAJJA NAGARJUNA BABU on 28 March 2015

Excellent product and excellent service by Amazon

I am very much satisfied with the BP apparatus I bought second one in a weeks time to gift to my father in law , it's very useful,This is about product but I am also very happy with the best timely service response from Amezon . I recd the product two days before the actual delivery promises by Amezon

Sanjay on 21 March 2015

great product.....

i got the product within 3 days and packaging was good. the Bp monitor is easy to use and very handy. the readings match pretty much with what we have got from the doctor so i can that it's reliable. you can save readings for two profiles simultaneously for future reference. all in all the product is pretty decent.

sushant on 19 December 2013

Three Stars

good And accurate for older persons who alway visit doctors fo BP checking

RNMISHRA on 7 December 2015

Must have instrument.

Perfect gift for your parents. Must have at home. Only the strap size in not enough for fat or muscular people.

Vijay Pratap on 28 May 2015

Value for money product.

Large display, Accurate blood pressure measurements, Rugged make

ANIL on 5 October 2015

It doesn't fit fat arm

I just used it once and threw it at the corner. It doesn't fit fat arm

rohi on 31 December 2014

Four Stars

Good Value for money. At times, the values are not correct, but overall, iam satisfied with the product

Murali Krishnan Vasudevan on 13 October 2014

Omron HEM-7201 BP monitor

Good. However, at least 3 readings are needed to get a correct BP reading.

shankari on 10 August 2015

Good Product

It is one of the best digital sphygmo manometers available in the market.But not advisable to aged people whose pulse is a little bit feeble.

Sayi Kishore on 21 July 2014

Good product

Lovely product, works as advertised, accurate and reliable

Sandeep Chowdhary on 16 November 2015

Four Stars

Nice, Dependable Product from Omron

Dhiraj N on 7 April 2018

Four Stars

best product ever, to get the BP checked, would recommend to buy this

Puneeth Raj on 7 July 2015


does what it says .... noting good or bad about it .... gives approximate readings .. all digital ones do that

Rishi on 23 April 2014

Good and accurate

I found it quite accurate and useful especially when I away from home

Shashi on 21 October 2015

Good product.

Have used only for a few days but seems to give consistent readings. Cuff size is also good enough and not an issue as described in other feedback. Overall satisfied with product.

RS on 5 April 2015

good product

This product is good and reliable. it was useful to track blood pressure during pregnancy. This is my second same purchase.

Ravi on 25 May 2014

Four Stars

Good product.Value for money

Amazon Customer on 12 April 2018


Very good quality, Easy to use & bright display.Can be used with AC power adapter without a need of battery.

Gopi on 19 April 2014

Good product. useful and we'll

Good product .useful and we'll caliberated

nizocold on 30 October 2015

Five Stars

good product, works as expected

B on 14 March 2015

Four Stars

Doing a fine job....easy to operate...accurate..

COL Y P S GREWAL on 27 September 2015


Using for a month. No complaints so far. Reasonably priced.

Bobby on 24 May 2015

One Star

Quality issue, it is not upto the mark. Readings are very less than it should be. So I returned it.

Manyam on 24 September 2015

Fine. If the BP monitor contains the feature of ...

Fine. If the BP monitor contains the feature of deletion of individual entry it would have been better. It will be useful to check for the Guests.User A, User B option is good for tracking Bp aged couple.

Sathiamoorthy.V on 21 May 2015

Good product

After trying various devices, finally a device which gives consistent results

sundar on 26 March 2015

Best for the price range

Good product very handy Fit s nicely anywhereCon's There is one push button for start and stop and it is kind of delicate

Amazon Customer on 11 July 2016

Good product.

After 4 years, still using it. Good product.

manu on 9 July 2018

Worth the money.

Excellent device with very helpful features such as two users, average readings, ok for correct belt fitting etc. Timely delivery in a well packaged manner.

Abhishek Shukla on 9 July 2015

Amazon is amazing when it comes to fast delivery

Very accurate instrument. Amazon is amazing when it comes to fast delivery.

Dr V Krishnan on 1 July 2015

Great product great price..

A must have for every family especially if there are elderly people around.

SUBHASIS CHATTERJEE on 2 September 2014

Cuff size is a watchout in this product

The cuff size was too small than expected. Had to buy a new one which was expensive affair. I do not recommend this product for adults who have average to big biceps.

Sahil Chawla on 2 April 2015

Not so accurate

The monitor is very sensitive, not sure how accurate it is. However the average is more or less correct. I feel the monitor we have may require recalibration.

Avneesh Pandey on 25 June 2014

Four Stars

BP Machine is good... But this Amazon product is costlier.

Ramesh Hegde on 11 October 2017


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