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Philips AJ3123 FM Radio
Philips AJ3123 FM Radio
Philips AJ3123 FM Radio
Philips AJ3123 FM Radio
Item Code: 724ie3dis33pl

Philips AJ3123 FM Radio

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  • FM Antenna
  • FM
  • Mono
  • 57.15 mm



Am Antenna System
FM Antenna
Tuner Bands
Speaker Type
Speaker Diameter
57.15 mm
Volume Control Indicator
Fm Radio Alarm
Clock Type
Other Features
4 Digit Display, Sleep Timer, Battery Back-up, Repeat Alarm Additional Snooze, Easy Alarm Time Set, 10 Station Preset
Power Supply
Battery (Optional), AC
Battery Power Requirements
9 V
Output Power
100 mW
Number Of Batteries
Battery Type
You Will Receive
Philips FM Radio
Battries Require
1 6F22 Type Battery
Usb Port
177.1 x 48.1 x 122.8 mm
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews


Not so good quality

anup11.agmc by anup11.agmc on Apr 06, 2018

Radio clock

Clear sound. Small and lught weight. Happy to have it.

Sheetal by Sheetal on Jan 17, 2018

Product is not good.

It doesn't run on battery. It requires AC input.

VIVEK by VIVEK on Dec 02, 2016

digital clock with radio

Cool design and great utility item

akky by akky on Apr 16, 2015

Good product

its good product but nothing extra ordinary.

AMIT GARG by AMIT GARG on May 05, 2014

the worst i have purchased from sd

i'm a regular man to purchase from sd., and found good to be so., but this product totally disappointed and made me to think to leave sd. its totally not a worthy product for the money we are giving. very cheap thing. u will get for 600 n the market

arun by arun on Apr 04, 2013

Terrible product

bad product

Flipkart Customer 9 Apr, 2018

Amazing piece of machine

First I was a bit skeptical to buy this reading a previous review. So when I bought this, the first thing I did was to buy a battery (20 bucks) and test it. Thankfully, the problem described with the data not getting stored was due to a faulty machine, and not a general problem. After using it for about 1 week now, I can vouch for the amazing simplicity of this device. Although almost every American household owns one of these tabletop radio alarms, its catching up recently in India. You cant order one from abroad due to the voltage differences (No, a converter doesn't work for the clock although it might work for the radio). Therefore your best bet is to buy something made for Indian voltages, and Philips regularly brings new products here. - Build quality is solid for the price. - Very easy to setup ( I didnt have to look at the manual) - FM reception is pretty awesome alteast here in Bangalore. (There is a wire which can be adjusted in case there is a poor reception) - Digital auto tuning (This is light years ahead of the popular model from sony due to this feature, very convenient). - Speaker is mono yet quite decent and the lcd light is soft, so easy to sleep with. There is also a sleep timer, to automatically stop the radio after you are asleep. - Alarm is loud enough for heavy sleepers like me. I use the dual alarm where you set the radio to play at a particular time, and after 10-15 minutes, set the buzzer. Overall, this is definitely one of my best purchase in the recent years.

Alok 14 Nov, 2012

This runs only on AC mains

This product needs AC mains for the operation of radio. Battery backup is only for time keeping, which makes the timer circuit alive during the power cut. Do not assume that this product will run on battery. Sound quality and tuner are very good. This did not served my mom's very purpose to listen to radio during power cuts.

Goodboy 18 Mar, 2013

Sleek set but no battery back up

I bought the Philips AJ3123 FM radio from Flipkart. The finish and the touch of the product is very good. The sound quality happens to be good too. The manual states that the device can save & store up to 10 different radio stations which will be saved and backed up by a 9V 6F22 battery. The manual also states the clock too would be backed up by battery power. But sadly, the battery does not back up the saved radio stations or the clock. That means you'll have to tune in to the radio stations starting from 87.5 Hz everytime. This also means that whenever you turn on the radio, you'll have to set the clock time as well (if you're planning to use it as your regular time keeper). The manufacturer's website does not provide any details on trouble shooting in case the battery back up does not work. In the end, I had to return this product.

Skywalker 28 Sep, 2012

Good Product

I was looking for a table top watch and found this product. was quite skeptical in the beginning about the cheap plastic finish. But when I receive it, the plastic finish is quite nice. Looks nice, light weight. The bad thing is company does not provide batteries cells so cannot be used right away out of the box. not purchased cell, directly input the power and radio works very nice. Speaker is good. If you are looking for some elegant stuff sit on your side table with radio features, radio alarm, I think this is right stuff.

Bhupinder 29 Nov, 2012

Pretty Good

This Clock Radio is quite a good deal. The quality of plastic is pretty good and while pressing the buttons too, you don't feel that cheap plastic sound. The sound of the speakers is quite good and it does get loud but don't expect any bass or equalizer or any thing fancy. You have presets for FM Radio and you can scan the stations quite easily. It's not that heavy yet not that light. Display of the Clock Radio is also impressive and that red light is not such which would feel like a table lamp. It's pretty subtle. It has few buttons and configuring it is not a task. It can be done without reading a manual. It can work on electricity as well as a 9V battery. Battery keeps it working even if you have no electricity. Figure it out what I want to say. The only thing I did not like was that there is no option for that AM/PM time (12hr). It has only 24hr system so join Indian Army, learn those hours, come back and buy it.

Mohak Gupta 8 Oct, 2013

Only for the clock

The product looks awesome and sleek but apart from the clock the radio is not very effective. The reception for most of the stations is poor and you have to buy that big battery (think 20kv) so that the clock or the tuned stations remain in memory when there is a power cut. For the price, it would have been a killer if the radio was good. But for just the clock which is neat in the night with the neon it is not worth it.

Vidyendaran R 18 Nov, 2013

Average performing/Featured Radio

Its an Average Radio: Good looking, No MW, No batteries supplied. Less sound out put. Other manual tuning Philips radio with price Rs.600-1000 are better. (but no clock..of course). The other features are Ok. I expected more from Philips at least more volume output.

Punita Srivastava 31 May, 2013

My feedback

I found this radio excellent, true value for money. All the features, as mentioned in the specifications are working as intended. The most important feature that I found in this radio is its digital tuner, which tunes the frequency accurately, thereby giving splendid reception. The available FM radio stations can be stored and recalled on push of a button, making it very user friendly just like an FM player on your cell phone. A 9 volt battery ensures that you do not lose the stored stations and real time. Getting no display during power cut is tolerable so long as settings are stored and restored back on resumption of power supply. This radio also has two alarms that can be customised for the couple as per their timings. The only minor irritant is the digital volume control which does not permit volume control in analog mode and you cannot set the volume between 0 and 1, which sometimes is disturbing during quiet nights. But this is managable. So go for it.

Sulok Kumar Saxena 20 Mar, 2013

Philips AJ3123 FM Trouble

It would have been a better product if operated only on battery. Connection to mains is a must so I always need a Plug Point & I can't place it anywhere at my convenience. Further it provides options to store 10 FM stations, however after reading instructions & trying several times I have been able to save only 3 FM stations. If I try to save a new station it goes to overwrite FM05 again & again. Fancy product but not very user friendly.:-(

Abhishek Srivastava 24 Jan, 2013

worst piece of machine at this price

nothing to chear with this pocket radio.. very small size.. poor sound.. only FM.. no MW neither SW not user friendly ..no auto tuning.. donot buy Philips AJ3123 FM Radio.. Actually i donot wanted to buy philips in current era..but by the choice of father i purchased it. Completely disappointing product,,

rohit kumar 13 Jun, 2013

Not a good product

I purchased this a year back and today I was browsing for something else and I saw the option to write a review. The product is not worth the price. The time display is very poor and dim. The radio is of bad quality with poor signal reception. No memory to retain set radio channels. Not worth the price.

Tanweer Hoda 9 Nov, 2013


nice product and was delivered on time

deep gaurav 22 Jul, 2018


product is not valuable for it's price,Delivered without operating manual,and tampered box.

Suresh Konnottu Kamalakshan 24 Jun, 2018

Not recommended at all

Wastage product

Soumya Gopal Mukherjee 18 Jun, 2018


Third class product of this price. price is very high

Flipkart Customer 4 Jun, 2018

Bad quality

Ok only

Manish Upadhyay 27 May, 2018

Hated it!

very bad product

Sulthan hamid Pk 18 May, 2018

Does the job

sound is very low

Arpita Kr 10 Apr, 2018


after a long time I was able to get the best clock radio.

Flipkart Customer 31 Mar, 2018

Worst experience ever!

Not good

Gurpreet singh 9 Feb, 2018


Not as per expectations. Signal strength is poor,never catches proper signal for FM, always some disturbance in FM sound. It works only of electricity is available. Battery slot is useless. It is just to save last time when it was switched off or electricity gone.

Rohit Yadav 13 Sep, 2017


Delicate. Waste of money

Nikhil Soares 13 May, 2017

Terrific purchase

Excellent product

Sanjay Basak 18 Jan, 2017

Do not buy

Do not expect to be like the ones sold abroad. There is no comparison - small, cheap toy type with poor audio. But the worst part is that the buttons stop functioning after three months and can no longer be used! One of the worst products ever developed by Philips.

Sowmen 7 Jan, 2017

Know Your Requirements, First !

I liked the product ! It wasn't too good but neither it was too bad. The packaging was cheap and non reliable, saving cost on weight makes no sense when you pay for it ! Ultimately, it is an alarm clock, so no complains about other functionality. The radio is actually good, it does give a good frequency rating and tuning is good, even though takes time to tune but I didn't mind it. The alarm which is the most important feature works fine and gives out a nice soft tone though attentive. It made me wake up, so not bad ! Numerical Dials are visible in dark and from a distance so worked great for me in darkness too. It comes with two automatic alarms presets and a snooze feature which is helpful and also wake-up radio too. But Understand this, if you sleep late you can't wake up on time, your body needs time to regenerate, therefore don't complain about the Alarms capability ! I am a total old-school fellow therefore waking upon mobile alarm is a history for me. (The Reason I bought it) Lastly, it works in AC current only which is a total nuisance but probably it is designed for towns and cities ! The battery slots are for back-up in accidental reset due to overload or ac current loss ! not for the alarm.

Aahnik.Purshottam Nanda.Choudhury 16 Sep, 2016

as expected

good product for home alarm, radio and sleep settings

Flipkart Customer 27 Aug, 2016


By name philips you expect atleast a decent hearable quality but this has come as a shock to me,i have never heard this kind of terrible built cheap chinese quality and same goes with the sounds that cost Rs1600 even Rs300 FM Sounds much much better how come philips expect to fool customers by just labeling name and selling anything dirt in the market as now they have started literally labeling products and started manufacturing through chinese agents with no quality concern at all DO NO BUY THIS PRODUCT IN MY OPINION

Nishant Bansal 7 Oct, 2015

really classy

i always wanted to have this ! obviously inspired from english movies..:D well coming to this product. its really classy, the shape , the built, and the radio works fine too!! i would strongly suggest this product to people like me who really want to own something different from the masses. yes at an affordable price. guys go for it. but yea. u may get a bit disappointed when it comes to its speakers! but c'mon u cant expect everything at this price! yet it should do u good! and flipkart! delivery ..do i need to give any explanation on this !!!

Ritesh Raman 6 Mar, 2014

Very Good

Gives what it promises. Good enough sound for a small room and easy to operate. Always have been a fan of Philips - the trust remains intact.

Somak Dalui 20 Feb, 2014

Good product but no battery back up

Good product but battery back up doesn't work with the specified 9 v battery. A consistent supply of power has to be there for the clock to show the correct time and alarm and avoid you from resetting the clock every time the electricity goes off. Otherwise apart from this flaw, the product feels and looks awesome. I am therefore returning the product.

Anurag 21 Oct, 2013

My feedback on Philips Radio

I was scrolling thru many products and after reading reviews of Person who had already bought this I was sure to buy it. As I wanted it for my wife who had specifically asked for radio along with clock and alarm For kitchen purpose it definitely solved our purpose as we didn't have to read manual to set up the box it was that easy, the delivery by flipkart is exceptionally good and prompt as compared to any other websites. I surely recommend this product. Go for it.

Nikhil Kapadia 20 May, 2013

Amazing Product

Well i got this product as a gift from my girlfriend and she ordered it from flipkart.This product is fabulous. Pros: 1) Large display and the brightness is good enough. Very easy to use ,you wont even need a manual the first time. 2) Radio reception is fabulous and it can store upto 10 stations.Tuning is automatic so flipping channels becomes easy. 3) Battery not only saves the set time incase of a power cut but also the alarm time and radio channels. 4)looks quite elegant and yes sound quality is good. Cons: 1) I would have loved this product even more if the LED colour was green :p but red is not bad. 2)philips could have given a 9v free along with the clock.i had to purchase a new one. *overall this is a great product and at this price this is a good buy.

Rohit Srivastava 8 Apr, 2013

handly alarm clock.

I was primarily looking for a small and nice loooking alarm clock which could double up as an FM radio receiver. This product fits the bill neatly. Its small, sleek with a nice finish. The initial set up is a bit cumbersome as the buttons are a bit hard and feel a bit cheap. The FM presets are very helpful as it would be a pain to tune using the hard buttons. It would have been nice if the battery back up provided display also.

venkatesh babu 6 Dec, 2012


I bought and returned same day. Mobile FM radio is much better It's just a box or say dabba

Nikesh Ranjan 20 Mar, 2016

Could be a good one.

Radio doesn't comes with a antenna which is quite a important to catch network and reduce disturbance. I have returned this product. Take a radio with an antenna only.

Nikhil Sharma 14 Mar, 2016

Its not protable.

I bought reading the specs which said it runs on 9V battery, so thought it should be a portable, but on receipt, i was shocked ! there was no slot to insert the said 9V battery, instead there was a slot for 2AAA battery's. I requested return thrice and seller " SALEZONE " STRAIGHTWAY REJECTED IT thrice, WITHOUT CALLING OR DISCUSSING THE ISSUE i faced. after a long fight and publishing the issue on social media, flipkart interfered and they too initially were not in a mood to refund, but some how they refunded. The product is not upto my expectation.

Sohil Kapadia 19 Sep, 2015

Can it show the AM / PM format [or] 24 Hour format

The Sony Radio clock shows time only in 24 hours format. Wanted to know whether it shows time in 12 hour / AM PM format ? Plse provide me the details. also it shows a correct time always or 2/3 mints overrun is there

Jayaharan Krishnamurthy 2 Jul, 2013

unable to Add the product to the Cart

I tried adding product to the cart multiple times. But this page is not directing anywhere ! I dont know whats wrong . Can someone please fix this !!

Mounika Kukkala 29 Jun, 2016

FM Radio Color

Dear Is there Black color FM Radio AJ3123 Available or not, I required in Totally Black So when it will be available Pl let me know

Flipkart Customer 12 Aug, 2015


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