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Remington S1005 Hair Straightener
Remington S1005 Hair Straightener
Remington S1005 Hair Straightener
Remington S1005 Hair Straightener
Remington S1005 Hair Straightener
Remington S1005 Hair Straightener
Remington S1005 Hair Straightener
Remington S1005 Hair Straightener
Item Code: bv95v4q8q2687

Remington S1005 Hair Straightener

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  • One hair straightener
  • Women
  • cord adapter
  • 120/240V



Sales Package
One hair straightener
Ideal For
Power Source
cord adapter
Power Requirement
Floating Plates
Universal Voltage
Automatic Shut Off
Digital Display
Swivel Cord
Attachment Types
Number Of Temperature Settings
Technology Used
Ceramic coting plate
Plate Size
30 mm
Variablr Temperature Wheel
7 cm
Cord Length
1.8 m
0.625 kg
Hair Straightener
Model No.
Heat Up Time
30 sec
Additional Features
Ceramic Teflon Coating
Plate - Ceramic
Variable heat controlNarrow and longer plates30 s heat-up timeInsulating coverSafety locking platesLED indicatorAuto shut-off after 60 min
Health and Beauty
Personal Care Appliances
15.19682 Inches
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews


Bought this straightener approximately 11 months back and it worked great until recently - it stopped heating and is totally useless now. Have used straighteners from brands like Chi & Conair and those have lasted for over 2+ years however I'm so so disappointed by Remington. It's a good product but doesn't last long and hence is definitely not worth the money.Any customer care number that I can reach out to / can the company solve my issue?

Amazon Customer on 17 July 2018

Works like WONDER!!! An amazing product.

I had permanent chemical treatment done on my hair for 4 years which resulted in major hair loss. Having half hair straight from straightening treatment and the half wavy looked very odd. I have thick, dry and wavy hair. I need temperature more than 220c.I have used several other straighteners, and this one is the best of all. It give a salon finish and the shine on my hair is unbelievable. My hair is waist length and it took me hardly 15 minutes to straighten the entire length.

Amazon Customer on 4 May 2017

cant comment on the product as received a defective piece ...

cant comment on the product as received a defective piece . product not heating up. For some reason every product ordered from amazon in last one moth is defective.

Ashlesha on 23 June 2016

Its fine

an average straightner for the price. it straightems the hair perfectly when you first iron but the effect dont stay long on my thick wavy hair after a few hours you can see the waves on my hair creeping up.. more suitable for fine hair.

roshni on 6 February 2017

Fake product received !!!!

Fake fake fake !!! The product I got was fake n cheap n when I cancelled the order, the person did it take it back saying that the items don't match. Why the hell would I return it if I would hav the original product. Didn't expect this from amazon. Will never recommend it to anyone now. Guys please beware !!!

Amazon Customer on 24 May 2017

Does the job

Instantly irons the hair, light weight, easy to travel with. Very basic hair straightener. It has 3 heat settings indicating leds.The lock button doesn't work.

Bunny on 21 April 2017


Very disappointed. Had this as a gift for a cousin. This product isn’t in working condition and there’s no option of return.

rahul khandelwal on 25 August 2018


The machine was working well. But suddenly it stopped working.

Amazon Customer on 10 April 2017

Wrong selection. this qlty was not expected from Remington ...

Wrong selection.this qlty was not expected from Remington.

RUCHI on 15 July 2017


Good for the rate but at high heat it becomes difficult to hold

Amy on 26 December 2017

Cheap on wallet ...a nd does the best job!!!

These straightners are excellent and very low cost. They have a tempreture control setting and come with a carry case . They are thin and great for curling your hair as well as straightening it. Heats up very fast with adjustable controls.

Rinha D 5 Apr, 2012

Perfect hair Forever

I just bought a Remington.. this remington to be exact. It's the goddess of all flat irons. I had a cheap babyliss hair iron. I used to have to wash my hair, take it into section, blow dry w/ a round brush THEN go over every piece of hair w/ my crazzzy flat iron, again and again. And when I went outside, if it was rainy or humid, forget it, my hair would fuzz out all over again. I don't have curly curly hair more like really thick, frizzy, wavy sorta curly but not hair. Totally NOT cute. With the remington**, my hair is super soft and looks like I was born with perfectly straight beautiful shiny hair. HA HA! Now I shower, towel dry and take the remington to it. It takes about 15 min. STAYS ALL DAY LONG and feels really great. I don't even need to use any anti frizz serum or anything like that. It is a bit pricey but worth every penny..... fact of remington products....!!! well, i highly recommend

Vinaya Swahney 26 Apr, 2012

my LED straightener S1005

a straightener @ this amount was a shock for me. as this straightener wasn't just a ironing to tool only but i had whole lot of useful things and an individual what they would love to have ... it was just complete pack of my straightening kit. well apart from all my excitement what i am madly writing let me tell you what exactly it has and what exactly i felt after using.... well all and all about my experience about Remington(wondering if could loudly say this :)' ) Remingtons this S1005 creativity at this surprising price range is amazing coz moment you open it all you get to see is LED LIGHT INDICATOR... it just heated of in 30 secs .. i could set the temperature according to my hair smoothness and waves that i had in my hair.. it has ceramic- teflon coating so never had to think of my hair getting damaged. it just glide smoothly through my hair.. and made it own salon hair styler at home. guys its a mist buy product for sure...

shieny Goenka 3 Aug, 2012


Straightener is awesome...it straightens our hair very nicely...I m satisfied with the product...BT I have spent so much money on this and u don't even sent a travel pouch along with the straightener...

Flipkart Customer 14 Jul, 2017

Geninue product

Good product but the travel case/pouch was missing in the box for which I have already written to flipkart but have not received any response regarding the same.

Shabbir Shama 15 Jul, 2016

Get this ! Dont miss it

You need straight, shiny hair ? All u have to do is just get this flat iron ! I got it for 2605 from flipkart and guess what ! All that frizz prone hair and kinda wavy hair was all gone.. Just two times I pulled my hair straight with this ( my hair is thick ) and gosh!! Not even from a standard parlour u cud get that kinda shine.. Gurls !! Must have it is. My tip after a lotta research and trying by myself, do this-- take a shower with a shampoo of your choice, use dove conditioner., towel dry to 75 percent, use John freida anti frizz serum, get ur hair dry with a hair dryer (ceramic or ionic recommended) completly dry, den give a "cool" button shot frm ur dryer. den comes ur s1005 remington. And there is the magic !!Cheers.. Look gorgeous for atleast 3 days (without a hair wash) C ya!

Shahin Banu 15 Jul, 2015

Not happy with the product but satisfied with flipkart

It worked very well in the beginning but after one month it was not able to attain maximum temperature so did not function well. But thanks to flipkart, they replaced my straightener with a fresh piece and the new one is working well till now.

Dr Khan 30 Dec, 2013


First of all thanks to flipkart for making this product available online in India. Coming to the product i will say itz just Awesome!!!!! Super straight hair in just 5 mins. Best results if used with hair styling products. Heats up very quickly. I even curled my hair with this. There are even videos of this product in youtube about how to make curls. The price is also very reasonable. AM SATISFIED!!!

Pallavi Pradhan 24 Jan, 2013

no love at first sight...

just now i got it and lookwise i did not like it at all. its not light weight...its quite heavy....i will write about its performance after using it on my hair...after somedays i will tell u more bout it...lookwise it should be more attractive..its so costly...praying god to have its performance very good...one thing i will tell that its packing was too good...

priyanka roy 22 Jun, 2012

i m just loving it :)

hi everyone i m using remington S1005 since last one year , let me tell you that its one of the best brand in world , i saw so many brands on flipkart but i dont know how good they are as i have not heard the name before since i am using this model since last year,i am going to upgrade it with remington keratin series or pearl series

Nikita cHOPRA 19 Jan, 2013

superb !!! *******

7 Star to Remington S1005 what a performance ,i was having full curly hair and now it is completly straight with 2 week usage of remington S1005 it gave this amazing result without any serum and cream worth to buy it

Sonia 14 Jan, 2013


I did not get my pouch with it

Flipkart Customer 30 Nov, 2016

Great product....!!!!!!:) :)

I bought this remington s2002 hair straightner from FlipKart...and am very very happy using it.. it's very use friendly, has a very attractive look. the straigtner works like magic on hair... you have to just press your hair and slide down...it'll look like as if you have just come out of a salon.. i dint have any prioir experience of using straightener, so was worried before using it... but after using it...my frizzy curly hair has got a new shine.. and I'm getting praise everyday from my colleagues.. ;) so go on... use it..n feel the ddifference....:):):):):)

nandita parmar 8 Mar, 2013

Quick, Easy and valuable product for thick & wavy hair!!

Impressed with the product and the price quoted. The product seems perfect and is doing well on my thick wavy hair. Am completely satisfied with the smoothness and finishing ones sees after ironing thick hair like mine. Its neither to heavy. Its light and handy too.

Shivani Narang 18 Jul, 2012

I bought S1005 Remington .... really liked it

i bought remington's S1005 straightener.... it was wonderful...... Experience was too good .... as in this particular straightener i could see extra long ironing plates... through which it could cover good hair and could straitened hair well..... really liked it .... had a fantabulous hair straitening session.... :) :) really recommend this straightener.....

Renuka Khanna 16 Apr, 2012

Straight, Shiny & FAST.

The good news, is that this straightener gets hot quickly - within seconds - and it's easy to use. but it has the added bonus of coming with temperature control and its own carrying case. It's also lightweight and automatically turns off if you leave it on. It looks pretty, and stores nicely. It is easy to hold, slim, and light weight. If I weren't already such a picky user with straightening irons I may like it a lot, so it's probably a great gift for a teenager or something. I am impressed with the performance of this straightener. I used it on my hair after it was dry, and it straightened it beautifully.

Flipkart Customer 9 Mar, 2013

I am impressed.

This is the second hair straightener that I've tried in this year and it ranks at the top as far as quality goes. The iron feels really nice on the hair, and it slides effortlessly down the length of my shoulder blade length hair. It also heats up very quickly. The on/off switch is located on the outside, right where my hand holds the iron, so I've had to adjust where I place my hand, which makes the straightener a bit uncomfortable to hold. Had the on/off/temp switch been located inside, like found in my cheaper straightener I would have considered giving the straightener another star. The other design flaw is the safety closure is very easy to operate.

Harshika 9 Mar, 2013

Satisfied :):):)

I love this remington straightener. I gets super hot and does not grab at the ends of my hair like some others I have had. I hope they never stop making this...I may even order another just incase something happens to the one I have now. I've been using it every day for about three months now. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on any other...get this, you'll love it!

Muskaan sharma 8 Mar, 2013

It is great! and I'm not an expert doing my hair...,

I got S1005 and couldn't wait to use it, so the first time I used it my hair looks great. People at work noticed the difference. They thought I went to the Beauty Salon. There is a world of difference between a Raucous one and THE REMINGTON. i LIKE iT

Radha Mishra 26 Apr, 2012

Fall in love with your tresses !

It's a product you would love. It gives you saloon straight hair even without using conditioner. Just oil your hair, wash, dry n use this straightener. Well if you use oil, conditioner, blow dryer and serum...you can get absolutely perfect :) I have used 2 other straighter in the past with lesser heating temperatures and results were moderate. Thanks Flipkart for making it available in India. PS: If you oil your hair (esply castor oil) at least few hours before taking head bath no straightener can spoil your hair!

Rashmi Customer 12 Mar, 2018

Just okay

Product is nice but insulating cover missing in the packet. even on replacement didnot get the cover.... Box clearly mentions product is with cover. .... Disappointed..

shobna singh 11 Mar, 2018


Its an awesome product. Instantly straightens waves n curls. Easy to use.

Nitin Mehra 22 Dec, 2017


My sister loved it!!!

Prakyath Raj 21 Sep, 2017

Good quality product


Shahrukh Tahir 20 Sep, 2017

Very Good

Very Good

Flipkart Customer 19 Sep, 2017

Perfect product!

Nice product.

Flipkart Customer 16 Sep, 2017

Mind-blowing purchase

It is awesome....Worth buying.. Thanks Flipkart

Flipkart Customer 9 Apr, 2017

Don't waste your money

Product stopped working after 5 uses. No company support available. If u buy this and it stops working pls be sure that u might end up not getting support from anyone.. Play safe .

Rajat Khanna 11 Feb, 2017


Loved this product

Flipkart Customer 10 Feb, 2017


Very good product nd reasonable prize..make my hair straight nd smooth..

Raman 25 Jan, 2017


I had gifted this to my wife and I had no prior knowledge about hair straightening machines. I purely bought this on the basis of verified reviews and yes it lives up to its price. My wife pointed out that generally people buy these worth a 1000 bucks but those are time consuming and clumsy, this machine is easier to use and worth the price considering the built quality. It is worth the high price frankly. It had different levels of heating modes and you can also lock it up so you do noy have to keep it pressed when straightening.

Venus Jain 27 Dec, 2016

Must buy for home-stylers

This is a great product for ironing at home. Very dependable. Excellent quality.

Poonam Kulkarni 15 Dec, 2016


Worth the buy .Great value for money and makes unmanageable hair, silky smooth!

Megna Machado 16 Nov, 2016

Perfect product!

Too much happy with the product! Worth every single penny

Flipkart Customer 12 Nov, 2016

Nice product

Loved the product.....takes a bit of time to cool off after it has reached a high temp....but the hair get smooth and straight for a long time....

Flipkart Customer 22 Sep, 2016

Mind-blowing purchase

Love it

Flipkart Customer 3 Sep, 2016

The worst product ever

I bought this product from Flipkart and it worked only once. The plates don't get heat up. No light gets on. Totally nonfunctional product and my all money went waste without using it.

Divya Gandhi 16 Aug, 2016

Nice product

Nice product . I have used this hair straightener , I liked it . It gets heated fast as you put the setting on.

swati raj 12 May, 2016

Amazing Product

Bought this product a month ago. Needless to say that its amazing. Earlier I was using Panasonic's straightener,but then decided to purchase a new one as it was not up to the mark. This one is far more better and gives a perfect straight hair.

Shree 15 Mar, 2015

Used it just 3 times but love it. It is slimmer, longer and ceramic. Heats up very fast (30 sec), has 5-6 heat levels and a button to switch it on. Very light and easy to use, doesn't pull and break the hair. Hair looks straighter faster and is better than my Philips one. I also love simple black design.

Priya Singh 16 Jan, 2015

OOOooohh hair so smooooooooth!

PROS: Love love love. My straw hat like hair has never felt silkier. Ofcourse I know heat is bad in the long run. What is really practical is the variable heat setting. I set it on the lowest to minimize damage. CONS: Gets too hot after a while even on the lowest heat setting. There maybe an issue with the temperature regulator or thermostat. Even the plastic parts near the handle become too hot to handle after about 15 mins of usage.

Saumya Jain 13 Jun, 2014

just amazing.......

just love this product... perfectly adjustable heat n amazing finish.... i get absolutely straight, soft, smooth hair in less than ten minutes... it is definitely worth d money spent....

Gitanjali 29 Jan, 2014

I Love it!!

My first hair straightener. Never heard about Remington before but thought I'd give it a try and I'm so glad i did! It is easy to use and gives great results :) I highly recommend it!

Vidya Lal 19 Jan, 2014


A very good product at a reasonable price. Glad that I bought this product. worth the money. It has temperature control setting . I used it on medium and the result was excellent. Once time investment is going to help a long way. Heats up fast

Abnash kaur 12 Jan, 2014


i got this product on time. i don't know much about the quality of this product before. i found that the iron rods didn't touch each other and i thought that it was the way it should be. but later i found that the rods should have a tight contact and it was too late to exchange my product. so check the quality of the product when you receive.

Niwas KV 18 Dec, 2013

Stopped working after 2 months

Used for about 2 months.. But after that it didn't perform as good as before. Later it stopped working.

Dheeraj Avvari 29 Oct, 2013

An OK product!

This is an OK product. Though I had better expectations from this product (since I chose it over a Philips straightener), this does the work. Very easy and safe to use, I would have been happier if the straightening lasted a little bit longer. Please use hair serum before using this product otherwise the heat could damage your hair.

Rajdeep Halder 25 Oct, 2013

As Always flipkart service and packing is far better than other, product is very nice.

Product is of good quality and very nicely packed and delivered to us instantly. My mom runs a parlour, so she uses it for commercial purpose. Remington brand is good , fortunate to get on flipkart within good price range, so happy. :)

vishal kamble 4 Oct, 2013

Nice product

This product came in earlier than expected, thanks for that flipkart. I bought it for a friend and she is very happy with this.Very nice product easy to use and gives a nice straight look with its temperature control knob. The packing was a bit disappointing and the free deo was a total waste since the cap was broken and the product was not so good to use.

Shobhit Mishra 2 Oct, 2013

Great product

I have been using panasonic hair straightener all these days straightening lasts only for few hours but this one is just awesome it lasts until ur next hair wash or atleast 4 days.... super heating.... use it with hair protection spray.... totally love it.

indhu 10 Aug, 2013

One of the best

This is straightening iron is most definitely one of the best irons that are available today in India. I have naturally thick and beautiful hair- but,yeah, i too at times get bad hair days. This iron helps me really well on those days. Best part is that it has different heat settings so it not only can be used conveniently by different hair types but also can give natural to poker straight hair. Also, it can be used to create soft curls. Make sure, you don't use it every day as even the most costliest and best irons will damage hair shaft that way.. and don't forget to use a good heat protection product to make your hair feel happy happy :) P.S. I love you flipkart. The product received was in perfect condition.. though the free deo was more of a shock than surprise ;)

Shikha Sharma 21 Jul, 2013

Simple Solution to Unmanageable Hair

I'd tried two different brands of straighteners for easy-styling at home before. However, my thick locks were stubborn enough to get aligned. A friend recommended to go for Remington. After going through features and reviews, I settled on S1005. I did not have any expectations this time and was almost convinced for a chemical treatment. However, this product gave me hair I feel like touching all the time. Never knew my hair would look this shiny. Kudos to flipkart's quick service and delivery. The product got delivered exactly within 48 hours. :) Remington has variable heat settings and different LED indicators that indicate levels of heat for for different types of hair(thin, wavy, curly). I don't even need to go to the highest heat setting to get my hair straight. I use it 15 minutes on my semi-dried hair and I am done. Just to put forth a personal tip, Do use a good conditioner and serum before using the straightener. And if you got dry and frizz-prone hair, oil them before shampooing. This will add to the shine on your hair and keep them protected. With Remington, I almost said no to tying up my hair. :) Quick heat-up time (30 sec.), Perfect product that can suit all hair types. Great Value for money, especially with flipkart's great deals. :)

Niyati Shantanu 20 Jun, 2013

Happy with the product...

Its cheap on your pocket.... Very easy to use....100% value for money...If you are looking for a hair dryer in the lower range including the major features(Ceramic plates and tourmaline coating with 3 heat settings) then go for it... Remington+Flipkart service = Totally worth it.

Vidya V 10 Apr, 2013

Not a good buy!

The straightener does the job, but severely dries out the hair and causes frizz. And the effect doesn't last very long. The product heats up even on the outside which makes it inconvenient to hold. The temperature regulator is a dial with no reading. The complementary deo looks old and stinks!

Purnima Ravi 22 Feb, 2013


The product is really good. Does what it says and good value for money. The power button, lock button and heat settings keeps getting in the way while straightening. I accidentally lock it on press the power button and sometimes change the heat settings. Other than that its great. I hope that you will address these problems

nikki 6 Jan, 2013

its suberb and fantastic

using this since quiet long now,its price has been increased i think as i had bought it at less three years ago, since i want to upgrade it now ,i am going to buy somehting new from remington now this product is very good at this pricce less and it didnot give me any trouble in last three years hope u all will like it

Shaguftq 13 Dec, 2012

perfect for all type of hair

i run a saloon in delhi and i recently bought remington S1005, it gives good result on all type of hair highly recommended for all types of hair as i have seen and have got some excelled feedback from my clients

Flipkart Customer 4 Dec, 2012

cool product @ super cool price

i am happy to write something on my brand new straightner. its one of the best gift to me came last week, the straightner and perfectly fit on the budget with feature of heat control and on off option none of other product is having such options really liked it

Sheena 30 Aug, 2012

Awesome Brand Awesome Product.

I got this new Straightner by Remington for my Aunt for her marriage anniversary and she was really very happy to see it. She works for a PR company and Grooming is an inherent part of her Job profile. With the excellent handling and superb finishing of this product she is totally satisfied with it and shares the scret often with her colleagues. Thanks a lot Remington.

Asgar Ali 1 Aug, 2012

Hair Care made easy

I have got this Hair Straightner for my girlfriend and it has been an ideal gift to cherish our first anniversary of togetherness. It really works like a magic and I was really amazed to see my girl having used it with ease and elegance. It is one awesome product by Remington with multiple temperature control and professional level finishing touch in the Hair styling. It is really a product worth exploring.

Vivek Mohan 1 Aug, 2012


Beware guys!..I bought this product 2 months back. It worked fine for first 2 months but suddenly it stopped working. Since then I have been trying to connect with flipkart as the product says it has 2 years of WARRANTY!! But there has been no response from flipkart side . All they do is send a phone number which nobody pickup because there is no authorized REMINGTON service centre in India. I have spoken to the flipkart team four times already and they wont do anything. Alteast they shoudnt provide a wrong information about the warranty of the product. I am very dissapointed with the flipkart team. SO DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT ON FLIPKART!!!!

Shifali 11 Apr, 2016

Did not meet expectations

item received was not operational.

Flipkart Customer 14 Oct, 2017

Terrible product

its an default piece. i want a return. its in warranty

Flipkart Customer 18 Mar, 2017


One star is really more for this. This is such a worst product. It's not even working. I don't know y flipkart people deal with such kind of sellers . it doesn't worth its cost . seriously !! Never go for this u will regret ...!

Flipkart Customer 19 Nov, 2016

Excellent service

This is the first time i have purchased the product through flipkart . I would like to hats off for the services which has been provided. Proper communication tracking system and 100 % satisfacotry rates and product quality. Would love to do more shopping through flipkart.

Sachin Gulati 24 Jun, 2014

Not good product

I'd bought this . It was nt working . Totally worst brand. I m very disappointd with this product. When i'd plugin there was no light in indicater and wasnt heating ...

aishwarya kumari 4 Aug, 2016


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