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Sony ICF-C218 - B Clock Radio (Black)
Sony ICF-C218 - B Clock Radio (Black)
Item Code: 5dt5r15kg7lit

Sony ICF-C218 - B Clock Radio (Black)

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  • Radio, User Manual
  • 0.9 inch
  • FM, AM (MW)
  • LED



Sales Package
Radio, User Manual
Display Size
0.9 inch
Tuner Bands
Led Color
Other Features
Power Backup, Extendable Snooze, Sleep Timer, AC Power Cord Functions as an FM Antenna, Battery is Used for A Clock
Power Supply
AC, Battery
Output Power
150 mW
Model Id
: ICF-C218/B
2.539365 Inches
5.9055 Inches
6.10235 Inches
1.0912881969 Pounds
: Sony
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

If any body pays money for first one then he/she will get second one like me.

Kindly replace this picture because this model having two type: first one have a feature of AM/PM, another one doesn't have this feature means that one shows 24 hours. If any body pays money for first one then he/she will get second one like me.

Naveen Roy on 28 October 2016



Vikas raik on 30 April 2017

this is a good product and your customer care people also tried very ...

Yes, this is a good product and your customer care people also tried very well to solve my problem,but, still battery does not provide back up for more then half an hour or so whenever electricity goes off.dhirendra sharma

D. SHARMA on 29 August 2014

Four Stars

Very happy with both Amazon services as well as the product.

Vijaya Lakshmi on 22 August 2014

excellent product and meets the requirement very well

excellent product and meets the requirement very well.

prashanthbr on 26 August 2014



vardi on 24 September 2015

Four Stars

Good product

Sugato Majumdar on 3 August 2014

Four Stars

Worth money

P Narayana Murthy on 18 August 2014

Five Stars

I loved it very much

Manoj Mareedu on 7 April 2016

Error in price

Who will spend 33k for an alarm . Pls change the error in price

Amazon Customer on 29 July 2017

Four Stars

Is the price correctly mentioned ? I can't believethe clock costs 33k .Please check .

Amazon Customer on 8 September 2017

Basic cost is 1800 rs why they are selling at ...

Basic cost is 1800 rs why they are selling at rs 33000 God only knows

D. K on 3 September 2017

Three Stars

cant able to change 24 Hr to 12 Hr Format

Amazon Customer on 23 February 2018

One Star

What to much price change price

Amazon Customer on 1 August 2017

Very Nice Product

It is having all required features. Radio, FM, Clock, Alarm, etc etc. Easy to fit any where....

Tushar by Tushar on Aug 01, 2014

Does not support 12-Hour format. Battery backup is lousy.

This is an elegant piece of clock radio which I bought based on my experience in the US. However, I found the following issues with it. 1. This model does not support 12-Hour format which I prefer. It shows time only in 24-Hour format. 2. Battery back is really lousy. Of course, I knew it will not display the time during a power cut, but just keep the internal clock running. However, thanks to very frequent power cuts in our area recently, within a day the tiny little battery got drained out and set time got lost multiple times. I would imagine that providing a 9V battery is more reliable!!! 3. Another funny issue I see is, the FM radio comes on randomly on its own even though I've switched OFF the alarms and stuff. A couple of times, I thought my 5 year old son was fiddling with it!!!

Rajeev Suvarna 3 Nov, 2012

Flimsy product from sony

Now I understand why I should go to the store to check the product first, before buying on flipkart. The product is made of cheap plastic. The speakers are bad. The tuning a pain. The supplied batteries don't work. Avoid this product

Rakesh Sinha 1 May, 2012

Amazing Product

Pros : - Backup Battery - Good FM reception - Large Display ( Just the right brightness ) - Sleep Mode can be set at 90 , 60 , 30 and 15 mins Cons : - No digital audio tuning , turn a knob to tune All in all an amazing buy , will order another one for the second bedroom.

Vikram Walia 20 Mar, 2012

Mediocre Product, but lacks basic things.

I finally got myself an alarm clock after a lot of research on the internet, but there aren't a lot of options for which one to buy. I bought sony one just because of the brand name and nothing else. Pros: Easy to setup. Back-up cell is included in the packing itself.(only for storing the date and time) Bright yellow LED display. Good radio reception and a loud speaker volume. Cons: Alarm Volume is too low. Works only in 24 hours format. Analog Radio tuning. No back-up battery if the AC power goes out. In Bangalore power can go out at anytime, so cant totally rely on the alarm to go off on time. Its an ideal product for people who live an indo-american life, for me a strict no no. At this price point sony should at-least give a USB port so that it can play your favorite song as an alarm, it will be blissful to get up to your favorite song playing up in the morning. Now, i have to put up my cell phone as the back-up alarm. Verdict: The product is outdated. Buy it only if you really wanna buy it and use it as a show piece or just a normal digital table clock.

Aniket V.Doiphode 17 May, 2013

Good radio, only drawback being manual tuning

This is a very good radio. The sound quality and loudness is excellent. Reception is clear. The build quality is generally good. Only the switch to set the alarm mode to off/radio/buzzer feels to be a bit flimsy. Otherwise, it feels solid. The display is sufficiently bright and displays the time/date/sleeper time information. The only drawback i can point about this radio is that the FM/AM tuning is done manually through a knob. This makes tuning to the right frequency a bit cumbersome. It doesn't display the frequency on the LED screen either. It is thoroughly old-school, i.e. there is a red bar which moves showing the frequency. It would have been nice if there was an auto-seek functionality. Nevertheless, it is still a very good product. Does everything it says it does.

Shravan 25 Mar, 2012

Happy with the Sony ICF-C218 FM Radio

I needed a watch / alarm clock and that's exactly what I got. The radio was an added bonus. The alarm can be set to buzzer or to play the radio station you have selected earlier. The radio tuning is manual. The alarm has to be plugged in to a power supply at all times. In case you unplug it, it has a power cell that stores the memory. The sound quality / volume is enough for a small room, don't expect a hi-fi system it not meant to be one. It does not have a connection from where you can connect to another system.... remember its basically an alarm clock / watch. On the whole I am happy with this product. A good buy.

AJF 18 Aug, 2012

over all good

1. I bought this for watching the time during night when lights are off. And believe me this thing has done this job nicely. 2. And regarding the doubt that you need to reset the time everytime power is off, it is not so. Watch will come back to the actual time once power gets restore. 3. Feature i like most is a small LED light which will glow if you have set the alarm and will turn off as soon as you remove the thing from alarm mode. Very helpful for conforming from the bed that you have set the alarm ON.

Kuldeep Singh Chauhan 30 Jan, 2014

Not a product review but a service/feature review from Flipkart

Despite the drawback discussed widely here, It looks to be a nice product assuming a proper usage etiquette. Relying on just the brand name - Sony and some useful praises from generous reviewers. But I ordered it with the "Gift Wrap" option, for a friend, with the wrapping option and an optional customizable message TAG during ordering. Pity, it did not turn out to be a bit near expectation. Wrapper looked cheap n worn out. No ribbons (could be expected, supposing the amount of extra money it charges) And no customized messaged TAG was delivered either pasted on the wrapped box or separately. Now if it was slipped within the wrapped box, how absurd would it look like!

Biswarup Nandy 26 Jan, 2013

No 12 HR Display Format

It is a nice product. Don't worry about the build, it's good. And if you are expecting stereo sonic on a FM clock, this is not for you. After buying I have realized that Sony does not sell this with 12 hr display support (no AM PM) outside US. That is bad. I am not a fan of 24 hr time format. If I would have known it before, I could have not bought it.

Jonardon Boarh 12 Jul, 2012

A fantastic find!

This is an amazing find on Flipkraft. Such are products that you do not find easily in the market - the kind of things you used in the old days gone by. It is such a refreshing change from today's high-tech gadgets where everything is crumbled into a single mobile phone! This is a beautiful product that sits on your bedside diligently displaying the time and playing the radio. It is sufficiently equipped with features such as alarm - buzzer or radio, battery backup. The simplicity is what I like - the good old MW, SW and FM with the manual tuning that is nostalgic. It infact is a good thing to have since even the older people can use it who find it hard to use the digital systems. Thumbs up!!

Sachin Agrawal 5 Jul, 2012

Perfect !

beautiful, does beautifully what it says ! sleek, digits are big and just right for the night, radio is loud enough and reception is great (after all its a sony!) only one small gripe wish it had a 12hr clock instead of 24 hrs

Rishi Razdan 26 Apr, 2012

An Alarm you wont start hating eventually !!!

Saw this first in a hotel in US and wanted to buy since then. Ordered the moment I saw this in Flipkart. Shipped in 4 days and worth a buy. Set your favorite FM station and get rid of waking up to usual boring alarm tones :) Audio Out, Digital tuning upgrade needed from SONY ;) but still a must have gadget.

Abhinav Mishra 17 Apr, 2012

Great product


Flipkart Customer 14 Jun, 2017

This is not what we really needed

i ordered this considering frequent power cuts in my area, that it will entertain us when there is not electricity. when i recivd n opnd it i saw a cord n pin associated with it. and realised it does not work on batterys + Clock back up does not work well. +but sound quality is good = overall i would say it is not worth for its price

Sneha Tamhane 19 Nov, 2014

Perfect Radio

A Radio takes one back to the old days of Vividh Bharti and Binaca Geetmala. I needed something which would be trouble free, not too high tech and require few buttons to get started. This is just that. Has been providing me with music at the touch of a button and has been trouble free as yet. And the delivery standards of Flipkart is always good. So, no complaints about this purchase.

Spat '66 15 May, 2014

No battery inside

No battery provided for clock display.Otherwise the product is ok.there is no instruction that no battery is availbale with the set.

Kaushik Karmakar 22 Apr, 2014

Good! does the job of an alarm clock

Would have loved for this to have the following 1. a USB slot to play MP3. With so much chatter on the radio these days, you end up waking up to some random conversation. 2. an option to dim the display (even better auto dim at pre-specified times) Cons: a. The speaker isn't great. So this does not replace a radio unless you don't care about the sound quality at all. But it is really loud and it will be hard for anyone to miss the alarm on radio mode. The buzzer mode is not the loudest, but works if you do not need a really loud alarm. Pros: a. The clock is great and accurate. I haven't had to adjust the time since I purchased this clock which was a while back.

Puneet Gupta 28 Mar, 2014

good one

It is a good piece to keep besides your bed. One drawback is it runs only on AC power. It would have been good if it had a internal chargeable battery.

Ramya Vastrad 25 Mar, 2014

Sony, the brand, not expected to have manual frequency adjustment, poor quality plastic and other techncal issues

Sony is a brand, and always expected to bring latest technology and good quality products. We blindly place an order just for the sake of brand. However, this product fails to carry its brand image. 1) Manual operation for frequency adjustment; 2) Clock battery power back-up poor. One cannot expect to keep the system running most of the day time so as to secure running of clock; 3) poor quality plastic body. If your baby throws it off, it will be broken in no time. 4) some technical defects on its operation, such as auto running, etc. Overall a below average product in the market.

Lex Regula LLP Law Firm 18 Mar, 2014

Good Product

its a very good product.. Yes, it would have been better if it had digital tuning option but as long as the music sounds clear, it doesn't matter... I had read reviews stating that the battery life is very bad, I've been using it for almost a month now and i don't think so.. I would have given this product a 5 star if not for the analog tuning... Finally, as always Flipkart delivered the product in time and in good condition too :)

Varun Umesh Chander 15 Mar, 2014

Product Quality but rates difference

Product quality is goods we are daily use some you not give the extra battery for back up of clock. some complaint for price your price is some high for other shopping side like this product difference is near about rs.200 so please check and give the massage.

Narinder Jain 13 Mar, 2014

Sony ICF-C218 FM Radio

very helpful features.the clock can be seen whenever u wake up from sleep.radio is good.main disadvantage is that it does not have a remote to switch on/off the radio.

tejal shah 22 Feb, 2014

Awesome Product

This is the best clock I ever had. Alarm can be replaced with radio and its now more than a year and the product works flawlessly. Sony is the leader in anything they make.

Sachin Gopal 17 Feb, 2014

FM radio and Alarm

Extremly happy with the product.. bright green color digital clock is visible from long distance. Though the radio output quality is poor but good enough for a bedroom

immy_india 12 Feb, 2014

Pathetic Product Quality

Very Bad FM reception, And AM (SW) not work. The product is made of cheap plastic. The speakers are very bad. The tuning a pain. The supplied batteries don't work. It is only suitable for indo-american life where there is not electric shutdown. Alarm Volume is too low. Works only in 24 hours format. Analog Radio tuning. No back-up battery if the AC power goes out. Apart this technically very week product and flipcart mentions the power option “Battery/ AC Supply” while it is only work on AC. Due to Use of AC and poor Technology it create noise especially when music is playing. If the poor technology, Power-line noise can impact radio reception. Strongly avid this product.

Prabhat 9 Feb, 2014

Dont buy IT

if you are even having a slightest doubt for not buying it then dont, its not worth it. needing wire to charge up and with weak alarm n too many plastic buttons, we are in 21st century n im writing this review in 2014,that thing was good a decade back not now

AbdSingh 25 Jan, 2014

Nice watch

Needed an alarm clock and this one is a nice buy. Comes with AM/FM radio but no self tuner. The tuner is manual so thats a let down. Otherwise no complains.

MANISH KUMAR 20 Jan, 2014

Do You Really Need It?

I bought this bed clock for my mum. She had been wanting a budget portable bedside Radio-Alarm Clock for sometime without going overboard my wishes for a Bose Wave III, so I ordered this. Good product. Great volume levels, will definitely wake you up in the morning! Quality wise, Sony is good most of the time, good quality snooze buttons, feel solid and almost unbreakable. The Bad - Resets itself within a couple of minutes of power failure, I simply don't understand what the battery is for! Very Annoying. You have to Set everything all over again. Really frustrating. Flipkart Service - Very Good.

Ashwin B 26 Dec, 2013

Handy and classic

Amazing product for its value and style. Gels well with all decors and is very reliable. Typical Sony product.

Pranava Bhargava 26 Dec, 2013


I bought this for my parents. They need always an big display of timings with FM radio. They liked it so much and I gifted them for their wedding anniversary! Thanks Flipkart!! Its been more than 3 months, working good!! My dad, slight hearing impaired is able to listen to news with just a small increase of volume. Speakers to say, is just clean & loud.


A very good gift article

Positive: Easy to operate Nice shape Bright pleasing display Clear FM reception Negative: Manual tuning

Sandeep 3 Dec, 2013

Nice Product

Quick delivery by Flipkart, Nice product by SONY. Buzzer volume is on the low side. Though tuning is manual, i don't mind.

Prabir Majumdar 19 Nov, 2013

Please Note ! Radio is not battery powered

It runs on AC power only , specifications wrongly mention battery powered by which you may get confused. Battery is only for the clock , same as in PC. I tried complaining in this regard but poor response from Flipkart. Apart from that product is very good.

Flipkart Customer 26 Oct, 2013

Good Product

The sound output could have been better ,I found the signals are weak if the device is kept away from windows. and manual tuning of the stations is a painful especially if you wish to switch channels frequently. Overall a good device for people who like to have light FM radio music going on in the background while working or cooking in the kitchen. Good Product for this price

Mithun Deshpande 25 Sep, 2013

Excellent Product

This is really a very excellent Radio. Which will give good sound, Excellent feature of Alarm. FM and AM Radio stations are simply supremo. The build quality is generally good. Only the switch to set the alarm mode to off/radio/buzzer feels to be a bit flimsy.

Sreedhar Mc 24 Aug, 2013

Good, Compact but very basic Clock Radio - Sony ICF - C218

The 1st thing i realized when i set up this radio was the clock with 24 hour format of the clock, it was a real upset. You out get feel of railway station clock whenever you have a look at the time. Pros: 1. Good reception. 2. Descent brightness of the clock led 3. Very friendly operating 4. Very Compact and light weight Cons: 1. 24 hour clock format 2. Mono Speakers 3. Manual tuning 4. Volume of alarm in snooze mode is pretty low Overall verdict is you can go for this Product as there are not much options available in Clock Radio section in India. Still a paisa Vasool!!

Sriniwas Sharma 19 Jul, 2013

A VFM Product

I have been on the look out for this kind of a product...browsed many a brands finally zeroed in on this one. Absolutely satisfied with this product from Sony. Though would have loved if it had a digital tuning system for radio instead of the manual one, but never the more i simply love its simplicity and the features that come along with it. Best part is Flipkart is the best!!! Received it in just 2 days. Thanks Flipkart!

Anupam Majumdar 13 Jul, 2013

Works Well

I bought this watch after using it in western countries, simply good as expected does have some pros and cons as always. Cons:- 1.Mannaul frequency adjustment. 2.An extra antenne wire (not found in AC user countries) Pros:- 1.Good Signal reception 2.Good Bright display (at this price) 3.Back up (battery inducted) 4.Sony warranty (basic) 5.Adjustable Snooz. But Pros are >>> than Cons Over all good.

Mayank 2 May, 2013

Wonderful Product

I bought this product as I was looking for AM & FM Radio. I am very satisfied by the quality of the product. Reception is excellent here in Bangalore. Clock is very pleasant to sleep with at night as its adequately bright. I would you recomend that you definitely buy this product. Flipkart delivery was perfect and product was delivered in 24 hrs. Thanx.

Aditya Kulkarni 11 Apr, 2013

Amazing product

It is very simple to use and adds some sophistication to your bedroom. The manual tuner is not so difficult to use. Unlike written in some reviews, the large LED display is not so bright to lighten up the room to disturb sleep. Overall it is a great product from Sony. I have bought lots of products on your site and every time you delight me with your record shipping time and excellent quality products from order to shipping. THANK YOU, FLIPKART.

Suryanarayana Bollapragada 26 Mar, 2013


The product is worth buying. Radio is very powerful & sensitive. Also provided by the back-up powered in case of power failure. Very compact and good looking. One minus point - no choice for colour selection.


Nice Clock...!!

I have been using this for almost 2 years now..although I did not purchase this from Flip kart :) its still working without any issues till date ... the price a little too much but its affordable............................................

Tej Rali 11 Mar, 2013

Overall, good piece of buy.

Though expensive, meets the quality requirements. Read the features carefully before you buy :)

B Nitin Mangesh 9 Feb, 2013

Very good product

I have been using this product for almost 6 months and no complaints. I do not have to worry about the clock getting reset because of the power cuts. The battery holds the clock time for a long time. I had unplugged this device from power supply and when i plugged it in after 2 days the date and time setting was right. The only problem will be because of analogue tuner it will take some time to get tuned to the right frequency. As always Flipkart did a good job in packing and delivery.

Shankar Kiran 13 Jan, 2013

Not fit for Indian cities where we have frequent power cut :(

Back up should have been standard AA or AAA batteries... Not available. Manual FM tuning is a pain... Digital tuning would have been any time better with presets however that will also fail due to frequent power cuts :D Good built... product is good. but misfit for Indian cities. Buy only if you have whole house/office with continuous power backup ... preferably in UPS mode... not just inverter or DG set. Display is good & bold...I like it !!!

Devabrata Sanyal 6 Jan, 2013

Worth buying

The sound quality is okay (you can't compare this mono with stereo speakers though). But features are really gud! One thing to notice is: Clock shows time only when powered from AC socket. Once turned off, the DC battery inside will ensure it keeps time updated. But it will not be displayed until turn ON the AC power again. If you can't live without Digital tuning, think twice before going for this one... It only has analog tuning. Though analog has its own charm of being the "good old" :) and you anyways don't switch radio channels as fast as you flip TV channels!

Ankit Wadhwa 20 Dec, 2012

Owsome product by SONY (Dream Machine)

Very good light weight product having some pros and cons comes up with a big name called SONY. Currently i am using it, in fact First day of use. Pros: 1. Provided by internal battery for time (without power purpose). 2. Snooze is provided. 3. Best FM reception quality i have ever heard. 4. Compact and easily movable Cons: 1. 24 hours time format 2. Sound output must be stereo 3. No headphone/Audio out provided. 4. No facility of Audio IN for cellphone music output.

Nilay Nagdeve 10 Dec, 2012

Could have been much better

This device is a good enough device but could have been much better. Pros: Digital Clock is very soothing even in low light and equally readable when its bright Cons: 1. Should come with battery backup option 2. Should have MW radio also 3. Speaker can be better This is the only option in its price range and as for value for money its almost there So if you are looking to buy such a product juts keep the cons in mind and if can do without these features you will not be disappointed

Rishminder Singh Sidhu 9 Dec, 2012

Excellent performance, nice buy.

I have previously used an imported digital clock and every day we had to reset the time as it would either run too fast or too slow depending upo its own logic!! I have used this product now for over a fortnight and time shown is extremely accurate. Radio sound quality is good. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Deepak Puri 22 Oct, 2012

Good buy

Hi, I bought this radio from flipkart after doing some basic research.Bought it for my mom. The tuning and volume buttons are good and have a nice feel when operated. Its a strong and good looking product.Its simple to use and doubles up as a clock too. The product is finely crafted and makes you feel good about owning it. Only thing which i didnt like about the product is the wire antenna.I have found these wire antennas very troublesome and they spoil the look too. Overall an excellent product and am happy with it. NB- Put the supplied battery as I didnt do that and kept wondering why the clock goes back to zero after restarting.

Avinash Ghule 2 Sep, 2012

Value for money

Nice and a decent product, If you do not want to take chances with cheap chinese products and want to buy an economical product with best of its quality this is the one, go for it. Good sound quality, good performance and reception.

Rishi Shah 19 Aug, 2012

A good alarm clock.

The display is decent and is just perfect for the night (not too bright to light up the entire room and not too dim so that one can't understand the time). The battery is a small coin cell battery primarily present to save the time. It DOES NOT show the time or do anything when it is on battery power. The FM reception is not great (one mono speaker with mediocre audio quality and if you're expecting any type of bass, you won't find any). But, even when it has its problems, its just perfect. You can't help but love it. It adapts and fuses itself to your life. Its simple and I absolutely love it.

Kabir Sharma 12 Aug, 2012


Its an Excellent Product. Only thing which is missing is audio jack & Lithium battery. Sounds a little squeaky...sometime. other than that its fantastic.. good radio signal.. excellent display...good built.

Vijayant Das 3 Jun, 2012

Value for money... sleek n smart

I was initially a bit skeptical while purchasing this. But when I got this product, it was a value for money satisfaction that I experienced. The only design flaw (if I could put it that way) is the manual tuning for FM which reminds me of my toddler Murphy radio days. But nevertheless, a product worth its value charged. No question about it.

Viji Damodaran 25 May, 2012

Great Value for money!

Received the product yesterday after 5 days (probably, since i ordered it on Sunday). Great Value for money. Could have been better if it had digital tuning. Speaker output just ok! Great gift for my mother!

Vikas Gupta 18 May, 2012


hi, its really a worth ..nice .. super. you can use this .without any re-thinking. alarm option with digital led, sound quality , style . everything superb. and now my dad, mom all like this product

Sam Oommen 19 Apr, 2012

Great as a clock... not so much for a radio

The Sony clock works well to display time. Not too bright in the night and still clear in daytime. A big let down is the radio... it just doesnt tune to right frequency. My music system is able to in the same location, but the clock does not.

Jayakumar Sundaramurthy 3 Apr, 2012

Excellent Delivery and Nice Product

FM and Alarm are wonderful , in fact Sony product is reliable and worth for money... and mostly Flipkart is awesome, good in delivering product like taking care of customer products.

Pravin Kumar Palanisamy 5 Sep, 2014


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