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Sony MDR-100AAP On-Ear Hi-Res Audio Headphones

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  • Sony
  • MDR100AAP/B
  • MDR-100AAP/B
  • 2015



Model Name
Model Year
Item Weight
222 g
Item Model Number
Additional Features
Included Components
Headphones, Operating Instruction, Carrying Pouch
Number Of Items
Colour Screen
Microphone Form Factor
Inline remote mic
Batteries Included
Batteries Required
Connector Type
wired-3.5mm single pin
Includes Rechargable Battery
Includes Remote
Customer Reviews
4.1 out of 5 stars 80 customer reviews
Best Sellers Rank
#1,97,768 in Electronics (See top 100) #369 in Electronics > Accessories > Home Audio & Video Accessories > Headphones > On-Ear #3961 in Electronics > Accessories > Portable Audio & Video Accessories #4409 in Electronics > Portable Media Players
Date First Available
30 September 2015
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

Worthy of the HI- Res tag

Really awesome cans that show their true colour after burning in for a min of 100hrs. THE sound is natural and does not have an extra bassy feel.The mids are a bit softer but what the hell...they do a good job and along with a dac/ amp they come to life and worth every penny for the budget audiophile.

MasTerasTriX on 25 February 2017

OMG! First headphones of this price range. Hehe, I now feel like buying some High-quality albums!!!!!!!! It apparently makes you believe the difference between the H-Q song and Youtube song quality. These won't sound too high though that makes you feel so pleasant. You get an excellent base, again a friendly base! I didn't believe when my friend told that the things many people feel better after buying costlier things are Clothes and Headphones, but now I feel the real difference. The headphones make every note sound so clear and pleasant! And I feel that awesome little shake during a good base.These headphones are lightweight and look super cool with that radiant finish. The pads are comfortable, and it has that nice slant backspace for ear endings at the top. The material feels so soft and shiny ... I don't know if it's plastic or some metal, but looks like some metallic coating! The wire doesn't get tangled at all, so thick wire and the connecting ends of the wire feel solid. You feel a little sweaty after using em for about hour or so on a hot sunny day normally you wouldn't get that below average temperatures. The pads are pretty big cover all your ear though sometimes you feel your bottom ear ending might get under the pad. Btw I bought the Cinnabar Red one! And hey the mic sound good, and the button has multiple clicks option (I don't know what's that called) It only works on the phone, you can customise the various clicks options using the app.Will post some pics soon!The quality gets better and better as you use it...

Amarnath Sadhu on 5 July 2017

(TLDR) Better than M50x's, Urbanite and other in same tier by a million miles.

I am currently having these (these are over ear actually despite the name), and these are by far the best headphones that I have tried in this price range. To the people from India. Go for these. These are comparatively cheaper in India. These actually share the same territory as audio technica's Msr7. These are perfectly balanced with just a bit misty mids, very comfortable and available in a variety of colors to go with your look. If you are about that Hi-Res audio, you need to have these as you cannot possibly get better cans at this price in India. And to the people who think about getting M50x's, Urbanite and all and all, please don't. It would be a waste of your money. None of them sound as neutral as these. If you have money to grab a more expensive set, I'd say go for Msr7's. I have tried most of the headphones in 50-250 USD price range, and I like ATH M40x's, oppos's pm-3, MDR-100AAP and msr7's the best. Please try your headphones somewhere before blindly ordering them based on reviews and all. Saying this because ATH M50x's are so highly praised on the internet and when I tried them they sounded like crap. Too much in-your-face bass and treble. It's like +2dB on lows and highs and the high frequency response is not consistent.ProsOverall neutral frequency responseVery comfortableconsistent retention (didn't lose it's clamping force at all in 2 months)Low impedance (can be powered by a smartphone)Has a micdetachable cableConsMisty mids (means they are clear still sound a bit unsatisfying if compared to other high end headphones)These don't swivel all the way around (But still swivel enough to fit comfortably)Not made with actual leatherEarpads are a bit shallowLow clamping force (may cause problems due to a bit lacking sound isolation but this also imparts comfort for a longer use periods)

Abhishek Pal on 29 January 2018

Five Stars

amazing product highly recommend it.package is good.

Amazon Customer on 3 January 2017

they sound good, with deep lows

I bought it for my sister for her birthday. Ya I will update this review once I buy my own pair. I have tried a pair of these headphones but in black at my friends house, they sound good, with deep lows, somewhat good mids, ya much better highs than other headphones in this category. U will not get a better headphone for this price with such wide frequency response. I will recommend u to buy from amazon cloudtail, as they r more trusted than other sellers. If you r getting it cheaper offline, but it, this product is made for travelers & is gr8 outdoors. I thought it’s a perfect gift for my sister who listens to a lot of songs <3

Amazon Customer on 11 November 2017

Amazing Sound!!

These headphones sound amazing, got it only for Rs.8990, These headphones have perfect bass and the clarity is just amazing! they sound much better than the Bose SoundTrue which cost around Rs 14000.

Roshan Jha on 25 August 2016

These headphones are extremely comfortable with an excellent sound quality you can get from ...

These headphones are extremely comfortable with an excellent sound quality you can get from a headphone at such a decent price.

Edulambda on 2 April 2017

This is just sooooooo beautiful!!

This is just sooooooo beautiful!!...The sound quality is also decent not that suprising but if you are looking for design and comfort just buy it... it is a fashion accessory plus great sound

moki on 28 October 2017

Best product

Best in class product for listening to High quality sound even from a mobile phone provided the phone deliver better gain. Best for any headphones amp.

Amazon Customer on 20 September 2018

Superb Headphones!!!

One of the best I've used..Go for it.

Kislai on 18 June 2016

Sexy AF

These are really really good sounding monitors. Definitely better than ATH M50X. I'm super impressed with the sound quality. Though I'm not sure why Sony decided to take these out of production. This product is only available on Amazon now.

Shubham Sharma on 9 April 2018


Always best as Sony supposed to be. Just love it

Qais on 3 February 2018

Best for the money you pay

One of the best headphones at its price range and sound quality is amazing.Im selling my headphone as im moving on to the wireless model, so if anyone is interested hit me up @abhim11 on insta!!

Abhishek Makkattil on 31 January 2018

Excellent for Natural and Flat Sound lovers

This is my foray into above budget headphones (My previous gears were Sennheiser CX 3.00 and Brainwavz AP001 amplifier). So this was an upgrade in the true sense and will write the review from this point of view.Coming to the headphone, i did some research about which would be better in my budget of around Rs 9000-10000. I am a fan of Sennheiser and i have used a lot of their budget products and was impressed with their performance. I have thought about going for some other brand this time and zeroed on Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Over-Ear Professional Studio Monitor Headphone (Black),Sony MDR-XB950BT Extra Bass (XB) Headphones (Black),Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO-32 Closed Dynamic Headphone for Mobile Control and Monitoring Applications 32 Ohms and Sony MDR-100AAP On-Ear Hi-Res Audio Headphones (Charcoal Black). About my music preference, I am not a bass head and dont like more woofy bass. I like them rather tight and clean, not muddy. Though i am in no way an audiophile, I want my music to be pleasant, natural but not compromising with the right amount of bass. So the final showdown was between ATH M50X and MDR 100AAP and 100AAP won due to its great looks, lightweight, microphone and around 800 bucks cheaper.I wanted to review this after good amount of use and after one month i am writing this. At first i want to tell that this headphone needs around 100 hrs of burn in time, so please give them that and be patient. You will feel noticeable difference in the sound quality. Use good quality burn in files available in the internet;especially in youtube.Now come to the Pros and Cons of the product. Once again i am mentioning that this is my first headphone in this range. I didnt have luxury of physically comparing it with other products of this range.Pros-1. LOOKS & DESIGN - Look wise i must say they are one of the best in this range. Its trendy design gives it an On-The-GO look which is not common among its competitors i have mentioned before. They are very lightweight and looks sturdy. Though most of it is made of plastic they feel good and premium. Cable is flat and tangle-free but only 1.2m long. So u have to purchase extra cable if u need one. Microphone and remote works fine with Android phones.2. COMFORT - They are extremely comfortable, lightweight and easy on your ears. I was not used to headphones much before and preferred my IEMs as i was not comfortable with my previous headphones. I wear specs which is another problem. But these are very much easy on your ears and do not feel extra tight. The ear pads have faux leather but feel very soft and premium.3. SOUND - Coming to the all important part of sound, they are excellent. The clarity and natural sound reproduction is just amazing. As these pairs have quite a long frequency range, u can feel them be it the extremely low bass or highs. Dynamic range is also very good. Bass is not extra heavy but tight. You wont hear the 'woofy' baas but a 'thumpy' one. Highs are also very much there and pleasant. But the best part is its Vocals. They are crisp and clear. So if you are into more bollywood music, u will love them. All this provided u are using good player or dac and good quality audio files(320 Kbps at worst). This doesn't mean u need an amplifier or high res players compulsory but a decent amplifier for budget phones or DAC for older computers is recommended.Cons-1. SOUND - If you want extra thump to your bass, then better go for others like XB950. These are more natural sounding. If u want some powerful sound which will blow your mind, they are not for you. If you enjoy your music with its natural quality and want to go on hours listening to them enjoying the vocals then this one is for you. They are not fast foods which will be very good for your taste buds, but they are your everyday Dal-Roti of highest quality. Some people may feel some Shrillness to the sound in higher volumes which could be unpleasant for some people having sensitive ears. As you burn these for 100 hrs or more, this problem will be lessened.2. NOISE ISOLATION - If you are traveling by bus or train or in a crowded place you may have to up your volume quite bit to isolate the noise. I felt noise isolation could have been a little better as they are designed for outdoor usage though i had been using in-ears most of the time and it is a little harsh to compare both of them. But dont worry they are more than enough for home environment. Again if u are so choosy about isolation, go for some active noise cancelling headphones.Setting the pros and cons aside, these are an excellent pair of headphones and if you like natural, flat response sound then you are gonna enjoy these. Also they are great for watching movies and other videos. pros are much more prominent than the cons and u won't regret going for these pairs.

Manojit on 17 July 2016

bang for your bucks

everything is just damn goodhighly recommend

shahkaal on 28 April 2017

Fine quality

After using a day i realized that audio technica headphones at 3000 are much better in case of soind quality.... I should say please buy some expensive one if u r going for sony

Vijay sharma on 24 January 2017

Five Stars


SUMAN RAKSHIT on 8 July 2017

Five Stars

Nice headphones from Sony...

Ravikumar Shanmugam on 12 October 2016

Love these!

Amazinggg headphones, complete value for money it's been more than a year I am using it the audio quality is just phenomenal

Aryaman on 1 July 2018

Loved it

Best Headphones Ever

Hriti Parekh on 15 February 2017

Amazing Sound Quality.......

It's just too good.

Payel on 10 June 2018

This is an amazing pair to own

This is an amazing pair to own, from build quality to sound it has it all!!Love to own them

Saurabh Kalra on 9 October 2016

Before this, I never knew Martin Garrix had put ...

Before this , I never knew Martin Garrix had put so much in "Animals"Totally worth it. Go for it and treat your ears !

Akshat Garg on 24 October 2017

Five Stars

World class headset....As usual Amazon service is perfect

Anila A on 20 July 2018

Five Stars

Awesome headphone.Must go for it. No match. Look is eye Turner.

Kapil S. on 27 July 2016

Durable product

Slightly heavy for my head and neck but sound quality is ok.

Amazon Customer on 2 September 2018

sony is class

amazing headphoneslooks sexybass is niceworth every penny spent

Amazon Customer on 30 April 2017

Five Stars

Great quality

Anwaar Ahmed on 14 February 2017

Five Stars

Awesome pair of headphones. A must buy if you are an audiophile.

Amazon Customer on 28 April 2017

And sweat like

After an hour.. U dont want to wear it. And sweat like hell

Amazon Customer on 23 June 2018

Five Stars

good but pricey

dragonsden on 5 September 2017

Five Stars

best product

Manoranjan M. on 19 November 2017

Five Stars

Loved the product

Surender g. on 6 October 2016

Five Stars

Love u SONY...........

Amazon Customer on 8 July 2018

Four Stars

Very Good product at this price point

Anutosh on 31 December 2016

Four Stars

Best of the best.

Harkamalpreet Singh on 23 October 2017

Two Stars

Stopped working after 4 months.

Amazon Customer on 9 July 2018

just loved it

superb audio. just loved it

dipankar panda on 3 March 2017

A great value product from Sony...

Compact, sleek, sturdy and above all great sound. A great product from Sony...

Sanjay R. on 14 January 2017

superb headphone

Initially I was interested in sennheiser mommentum 2.0 over the ears, but it was not available on any website so I sent an message to sennheiser India asking about release date and pricing. They did not reply to my 2-3 messages, so I decided with this. I got a better product at a better priceHeadphone comes in a nice jewelry box like packing. Build quality is good and comfortable to wear from day one.This headphone needs minimum 50 hours of burn in, to perform good. After 100 hours of burn in performance will be at it's best. With proper eq setting you can make it sing the way you want it. Bass is also good, tight and punchy . Good for fast paced music, like Indian film music.Soundstage is pretty good for a 40mm driver headphone. Overall a good buy, nothing to regret.

Ritz Bitz on 15 February 2016

Amazing sound and mid blowing clarity

I am not a audiophile. So while buying this was very skeptical and did not understand if it was worth spending so much after a headphone. Well after using this i was more than happy.Pros :1. Sound quality is just too good. You can hear every beat clearly2. Clarity is very pure. For someone like me who likes untampered sound this is the right one. I also tried out the Sony MDR-XB950AP but i was not happy with it because the sound was very thumpy coz of the high BassCons :1. Although its foldable, but still little bulky to carry2. Since the ears gets covered completely to give a good insulation and noice cancelling.... the ears become hot after sometime and can be a bit uncomfortable in summers.Overall i am very happy with this.

NEO on 7 May 2017

Worth buying headphones from sony

A true hi-res headphone from sony... What a beautiful sound it produces yeh but sometimes it lacks some mids but it provides a great bass treble and every single reproduction of sound is awesome. It is a very light weight and stylish indeed. U can keep it as long as u want... I can keep it straight for 10 hours without any problem. Ear cups are well fitted for a standard size ears and are very soft indeed... Good quality materials have been used in this headphone so if u want to buy it then go for it without any hesitation.

Debraj Ghosh on 4 February 2017

Sony is the best!!!

One cannot possibly find a better pair of headphones than these under 9k.

Jai S. on 24 October 2016

Great pair for the money!

Ordered these cans in Cinnabar red and received them really quickly.About the service by amazon:1.) The delivery was quick.2.) The product was packed with adequate amount of air wraps.3.) The condition of package was great and no bends or dents whatsoever!About the headphones themselves:I am not an audiophile and this is my 1st pair of headphones in this price range, i have tried and owned budget pairs like sony xb50 and skullcandy hesh 2.0 earlier and those are a bit heavy on low. But these headphones:1.) They sound phenomenon.2.) Have a really nice and accurate bass response.3.) Clearity is on par.4.) These are really comfortable and these even look great.5.) Sound stage is great and they sound warm.I generally listen to Rock, Metal, Electro Music and being a flat pair of headphones these serve good for any kind of music as bass is not dominating and is present wherever is needed!

Prajwal Pathak on 21 March 2017

Very precise sound clarity and foam factor is good too Could not have asked for more

Superb value at this price point. Very precise sound clarity and foam factor is good tooCould not have asked for more . This one is a keeper . Not going to purchase another headset in a very long time

Amit on 31 August 2016

Awesome product.

Awesome product....definitely you can go ahead and buy this product.All the iOS users try out the "boom" app the music enhanced will be to a whole new level and the headphones are pushed to their limits...awesome bass and sound quality is satisfying.

Abhishek Babladi on 18 July 2016

Amazing every aspect.

Mind Blowing Resolution i have ever heard.Neutral sound signature boring for some people as no boost in any frequency.Perfect for sound mixing also.Padding is ultimately relaxing.After wearing this headphone in some time you will forget that you had wearing anything.Asthetics are also amazing.Highly recomended under 9K rupees.Also Thanx amazon for delivery in advance & genuine product.

Amazon Customer on 28 February 2017

Wow product

Excellent sound quality with itunes music. Extremely comfortable for long hours. Must buy.

Shirish Maheshwari on 6 December 2016

Worth the money

Loved themSound quality is awesome and well balanced.ComfortableGood Build Quality.

Abhyuday Pratap Singh on 27 August 2017

Its awesome. I have used almost 7 headphones

Its awesome. I have used almost 7 headphones, this is the best I have used till now. I have used klipsh, bose, skullcandy, JBL (within the same range as of this). I have been using it for last 6-7 months. It looks good. No sound leak. Audio quality is awesome.Earlier I had bought Bose SoundTrue 626237-0040 On-Ear Headphones (Purple/Mint). Audio quality was good. But, it had issue of sound leak. So, returned it and bought this.

praneet pushpal on 30 March 2018


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