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  • Transcend
  • 2 GB (8 x 128) DDR2 SO DIMMS
  • DDR2-800/PC2-6400
  • Laptop



Memory Type
2 GB (8 x 128) DDR2 SO DIMMS
Memory Standard
Compatible Device
Error Check
Model Id
Memory Clock
400 MHz
Cas Latency
4, 5, 6
Memory Configuration
Specified Voltage
1.8 V
Other Features
RoHS compliant product, Range of operation frequencies programmable latencies allow the same device to be useful for a variety of high bandwidth high performance memory system applications
Item Height
25 Millimeters
Product Dimensions
20.5 x 14.7 x 2.5 cm
Processor Count
Ram Size
1 GB
Customer Reviews
3.3 out of 5 stars 24 customer reviews
Best Sellers Rank
#18,145 in Computers & Accessories (See top 100) #299 in Computers & Accessories > Components > Memory
Date First Available
1 October 2013
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

Good product

I use Dell Vostro 1015(Been using it for 4 years). Bought this ram for an upgrade from 2GB to 4GB. The cost is lesser than couple of shops I inquired. I myself opened the laptop and inserted the RAM. When I started the laptop, it started working straight away. The performance has improved drastically. I use my machine for web app development. Previously I could not any apps. But now it has become a possibility.Overall, the product is good. Advisable to buy if you are thinking about upgrading.

Aravamudhan A on 26 December 2015

Works well. I was able to fit it myself ...

Works well. I was able to fit it myself.Had to look up a few Youtube video to understand how to reach the RAM compartment and fit this into the extra slot.

AmzCust on 21 November 2016

Great DDR2 ram

My old laptop was getting slow, i knew i needed more Ram. Got this one, Not complaining about my computer any more.Great product. lifetime warranty. 800 MHZ, Original Product, cost effectiveTo sum up Great product

Deeps on 22 June 2014


Amazon packaging goodProduct packaging goodQuality goodVery nice productUsing it from last 6 month

Vidyut on 23 September 2017

Duplicate brand

It's not the actual transcend memory. On the memory chips transcend brand is not printed only the sticker is, so I guess the seller is fooling us. Very bad. I'm going to take action on this.

Kaushik Basak on 21 April 2018

Bon Produit

As per the expectation. It was compatible with my cq40 330tu compaq presario. So 5 star to this

Aarshabh on 30 July 2016

Five Stars

Very good seller and very good product also.

Biswanath L. on 3 August 2016

Very bad product and bad quality

The product got damaged, just 3 months down the line

Cyril Varkey on 24 July 2017

Four Stars

product is ok. But not Transcend

Avilash B. on 10 August 2016

don't not order, u will get a Kinston ram ...

don't not order , u will get a Kinston ram instead of this and also without any serial number and bill do forget warranty !!!

Amazon Customer on 5 January 2016

Five Stars

My Brother's Lenovo Lappie is running much much Faster & Smoother.

MJK on 8 May 2015

Positive- on Lenovo 3000 y500

I have been using this product for around 1year or so. It does work fine. It surely boosted up my old laptop.

Aljo on 3 August 2015

Works perfectly

Works perfectly on my Lenovo thinkpad R61 which is around 6 years old. Now having 2x2gb=4gb ram Transcend ddr2 800mhz model and it works much faster.

Abhijeet on 8 March 2014

Five Stars

It's perfect

Niraj Kumar Sharma on 13 September 2016

Five Stars

Cool deal. .

JAVED AKHTAR on 6 November 2016

One Star

product was not exactly same as shown..some how it is working

Faiyaz on 16 March 2015


after upgrading from 1 gb to 2 gb, my 8 year laptop got new life. no more heating.no more hang issues. thanks

Mayank Raj Chauhan on 6 July 2014

Five Stars

I just installed and working perfectly

Joseph on 8 January 2016

Four Stars

It is good.

SARBENDU G. on 10 February 2016

Four Stars


RAVIKUMAR A on 28 August 2014

Beware the seller "Guru27" defrauds people by sending refurbished products with lower specs than advertised in the product details

I ordered a DDR2 RAM and noticed chalk marks (writings) and marker pen marks on the delivered product, implied that the product is neither branded and neither is it new. A new product does not carry any pen/chalk marks, this quite obviously states that the seller in question is fleecing customers by selling them refurbished products in the garb of new one. The packaging was supposed to imply it was a new product. Also, I was promised a DDR2 RAM with DDR2-800, and PC2-6400. I have been delivered an order with a lower specification of DDR2-666, and PC2-5300 refurbished/used. The biggest issue is that you can not know what is the spec of a computer hardware accessory unless you go online and use a tool to check, if I was not suspicious I would have never checked the specs of the item delivered to me. Now, I do no think I can trust this seller to sell me correct thing and I will always be concerned that the product will stop working even if he delivers a genuine product next time (which I highly doubt). Anyone ordering with "Guru27" is taking a big headache of dealing with a fraudster !

Anurag 7 Dec, 2014

Works to upgrade Asus eee pc

I used this to upgrade the 1gb ram on my old asus eeepc 1000H netbook to 2gb so that I could upgrade the os from win xp to win 7. Previously I had only 512Mb ram available for the OS and would often run into memory issues reading large pdf files or with browser open for extended times. Now with the ram and os upgrade, the netbook has a new lease of life - apps are responsive and no more memory paging to disk.

Hari Nair 17 Dec, 2012

All buyers please Review your RAM

This is my request to all the buyers to run CPU-Z tool before reviewing these product. Your review is appreciated but i found most of then non technical, just because something is compatible with your system doesn't makes it good. Please find the Make of your RAM because most of the seller will repack the ram with Transcend packaging and fool us.

VInod Srivastav 29 Sep, 2014

No Blue Screen

I have been using a HP MINI 110-3000TU with Win 7 Startp Edition . It was installed with a 1GB RAM while i have purchased. When i have tried to upgrade with a 2GB i got only the ZION brand in the local market. But the problem arised when ever i have tried to install the OS(Windows 7) a "Blue Screen" appeared. What i did is installed the OS using the 1GB-RAM supplied by HP an then i have replaced the RAM with 2GB -ZION PC6400. But here also several problems arised and that was with installing some application softwares and also system hanged up while using internet. As my desktop i have been using since 4 years and it was installed with a Transcend RAM and i never have faced such problems. Now i am using the 2GB Transcend PC2-6400 but, with ZERO Problem. No Blue Screen, No hangups while using internet etc... Finally a lot of thanks to the Flipkart Team for support and service provided to me regarding this product.

Ashish K Mandal 30 Dec, 2011

Please be careful before purchasing any RAM

100% agree with you Mr. Vinod. I purchased this RAM from Flipkart last week and received it yesterday. In my Vostro 1510, I had two 1GB RAM in 2 different slots, I replaced one of those 1 GB with this new Transcend 2 GB RAM (as per CPUZ this is compatible). After opening the back cover, I put the new 2 GB in slot 1 and one of the old 1 GB in slot 2. System accepted it immediately and both BIOS and CPUZ were showing it 2 GB + 1 GB. However, the manufacturing company was mentioned as Micron - not sure if this is how Transcend works, I thought Transcend manufactures RAM. Anyway, after running successfully for 1 full day, today when I started it, I could see my laptop LEDs are on with a black screen. Caps lock and Scroll Lock LEDs are on while Num lock LED is blinking. After a whole lot of research of taking out RAM from each slot with multiple combination, I finally figured out that my slot 1 where I put this new 2GB RAM has gone bad :-( Unfortunately now I am left with no choice but to use only 1 GB RAM in slot 2 as cannot take any more risk of putting that new 2GB RAM. Else my only alternative is to replace the motherboard as slots cannot be repaired anywhere. Going with a neutral 3 rating due to the delay in shipment but cannot blame Flipkart/selling company for this.

soumik mondal 23 Jun, 2015

Low quality and risk of warranty

I purchased this RAM and its stopped working in 8 months. I search for warranty store, but there is no support from transcend. All are third party shop who dont care about our problem. And they told that RAM will take at least 3 month to replace. Very bad.. Instead of better to by from local shop, they would give better support.

Dharmesh Kaklotar 7 Sep, 2015

Works for Dell Latitude D510

It was a risky purchase for three reasons. 1. There is no document available showing mapping between suitable parts (e.g. ram) laptop. 2. You will never find a 100% match.(e.g. ram memory speed) 3. There are limitations.(e.g. only 2 slots for ram & laptop’s max capacity of recognizing ram ) My laptop had 256 MB ram installed and it was dying to get some help. I went to accessories.us.dell.com and it suggested 2 rams of 1 GB each. Each of them was at a price of $22.99. You can do the math. Suggestion from a satisfied customer to readers… 1. If you laptop can handle more ram you should buy it. 2. If you live in India and want to avoid dollar rates flipkart is your best friend.

Jayanta Mukherjee 1 Jul, 2012

Higly recommend this RAM

I purchased this from flipkart to upgrade my DELL Vostro 1014 laptop from 2 GB to 4 GB. Cost of the RAM on very reasonable. The performance of the laptop increased considerably. The flipkart service is fast and commendable.

Rajasekhar M 5 Aug, 2013

duplicate ram - check hardware detail by installing CPU-Z software in ur pc

bought this ram but seller sent me JM800QLU instead but still i installed it but when i check the manufacturing detail on CPU-Z ( a software which provide manufacturing details installed in your pc/laptop), it shows some A to Z technology company not a genuine one so i complaint to flipkart they arranged replacement of this ram again i go JM800QLU but still i checked it and again and this time it shows manufacturing detail - SRM company ... so i contacted to transcend company and they told me some people are selling duplicate ram and labelling transcend sicker on it, so i asked flipkart for return and they provide me my return guys dont think if this ram is compatible with ur pc so its a good ram check the detail first with CPU-Z

Lokesh Kumar 29 Jul, 2015

Meets expectation

I have Dell Vostro 1015n and occasionally I had blue screens and sometimes slow operation on Windows 7. So I was looking for some RAM and one day got some Flipkart coupons. Though the priced increased the day I made my sale from 1307 to 1364. But with coupons I got the Ram for 1100. As far RAM, I installed it myself and its working fine till now. (PS It has been only 3-4 hrs after the installation and I am writing this review) :) Going by others feedback, I hope it works well. By the way, today Price again increased to 1428.

Shekhar Singh 29 Jan, 2013


Product is fine and is working as expected. Unfortunately, technical information regarding the product from Flipkart was insufficient to conclude the purchase decision. My personal search and other means of collecting product info are what helped in purchase decision.

Gurudath Sathyavan 18 Mar, 2012

It's original product.

I received transcend RAM is original and now my laptop is working fast. I have verified this product on Transcend official site with product no, it's genuine product and company is giving life time warranty. For buying RAM please check Your system information using this "speccy" software and check the correct specification of your current RAM.

Ganpatlal Patidar 7 Jun, 2015

Works as described, sped up my NetBook

Bought this as a replacement for the 1GB module in the Asus EeePC NetBook I was using. Worked great and increased the speed of the netbook considerably! Applications run better now and has improved the experience of using the Netbook. Even Skype runs great now!

Glifford Menezes 15 Feb, 2013

impressed me , and it is 800mhz and jet ram

1. quite good 2. jet ram always faster than simple ram 3 800mhz 4. improve computer performance 5. most useful because in cheap price good qualitt 6. DDR2 ram in not supported after 2009 notebook so if u spend more money no use because if you change ur pc in 3 years after its waste no use

Rajender Singh Deepak 8 Jan, 2013



ANIKET MANTRI 21 Sep, 2017

Slightly disappointed

Not so good, only have 1 GB usable

Piyush Sukhadiya 18 Sep, 2017


Using this product since 2 years. Working perfectly till date.

Dibyesh Chand 17 Aug, 2017


Great product I was worried that it may not support my lappy but it did Great product i got this for 800 Go for it without thinking twice

Samar Jaiswal 18 Jul, 2017



sajalendu ghosh 30 Jun, 2017



Flipkart Customer 29 Jun, 2017

Don't waste your money

It's a fake rio off. Do not buy this. RAM doesn't work. Issues within 5 mins of usage.

Thomas Wilfred P A 25 Jun, 2017

Decent product

Work good

Ashish Kumar 12 Jun, 2017


the ram which I received is not as per the specification given , I aslo raise a request to return but not possible was the answer

Flipkart Customer 12 Oct, 2016


A genuine ddr2 ram for old laptops only. Outdated. No resale value. A recommended purchase for your old lappy. Thanks.

Swarna Kamal Banerjee 10 Oct, 2016


Best RAM

Narender Kumar 7 Oct, 2016

Appear duplicate but its performance is awesome.

I installed and checked with CPU-Z manufacturer details, it was not transcend but after research the RAM was from a reputed manufacturer who is supplier to transcend. then cancelled my refund request on flipkart. Using this RAM on my Sony Vaio- VGNCS15GN. Performance is awesome. Now laptop is working on windows 10 with 64 bit with 4GB RAM architecture seamlessly. Satisfied.

Virat Jain 21 Sep, 2016

Best in the market!

Excellent product as well as your service. Revieved the product so quickly, before the expected time....

AMIT BHATT 4 Sep, 2016

Using this on old compaq laptop for few months

Got my old laptop spiced up a bit. Glad that flipkart is selling ddr2 ram, tough to find one in the market.

Sandeep Bagchi 15 Jun, 2016

RAM was counterfeit, sold by: BESTSHOPPING

The RAM that i received was counterfeit, sold by seller: BESTSHOPPING. Because Transcend denied its serial number(SR.No: 563845-6191) to be original in their email reply. I emailed Transcend when the product was not registering on Trasncend's website to honor the warranty on it. There was just one sticker of Transcend on the RAM, and the hardware part had some other name on it.

sameer mahoolkar 28 Apr, 2016

Perfect for my Dell Inspiron 1545

After lot of research boiled down to this product, felt anxious whether it will fit to my Laptop model, but it is working fine, using it from past 6 months

Srinivas 6 Feb, 2016

Good RAM for Acer One Nettops

I had a 2009 Acer Aspire One Nettop with 1G Stock RAM, wanted to use it for learning Ubuntu so was looking out for a RAM upgrade, so far so good, the performance has improved and i'm able to use the Nettop to some coding and downloading.

Yogi 26 Jan, 2016

Rate October second week 2015

I saw the final rate Rs.one thousand three hundred and ninety nine only on October second week 2015. Today it is Rs.one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine. This is festival offer. WOW

R P 15 Oct, 2015

Good product

Working fine for my DELL INSPIRON 1545 DDR2 1600mhz u can go for it . You will get lifetime warranty with it.

Sanjay Chakravorty 23 Aug, 2015

Great price

Flipkart delivered it in good time best price(Cheaper than the one on retail shops and other sites) Transcend-so no need to worry

Rakshit Ajmeria 17 Jun, 2015

Very good product.

Very good product. Worth the money. After inserting into the slot, happy for the RAM increased perfectly by 1GB. Giving me good service.

Sw Sn 14 Feb, 2015


My laptop has been running very smoothly after using the RAM. I will recommend it, if u r eyeing to buy it. Thanks

Gaurav Gupta 30 Dec, 2014

Average performance but cheap RAM

I bought this RAM for my DELL inspiron laptop. (One of the RAMs had failed.) Recived my order in 2 business days. Awesome shipping and delivery. Kudos to Flipkart team. Now about the RAM, In the reviews mentioned here, I could'nt find any technical information like speed and timing of the RAM. So here goes, the info DIMM # 1 SMBus address 0x50 Memory type DDR2 Module format SO-DIMM Manufacturer (ID) Transcend Information (7F4F0000000000000000) Size 2048 MBytes Max bandwidth PC2-6400 (400 MHz) Part number JM800QSU-2G Serial number 00041CB6 Manufacturing date Week 29/Year 09 Number of banks 2 Data width 64 bits Correction None Nominal Voltage 1.80 Volts EPP no XMP no AMP no JEDEC timings table CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC @ frequency JEDEC #1 4.0-4-4-12-16 @ 266 MHz JEDEC #2 5.0-5-5-15-20 @ 333 MHz JEDEC #3 6.0-6-6-18-24 @ 400 MHz So as you can see its pretty average, with a 6-6-6-18 timing. It gets your work done though. My rating 7/10. Those looking for a cheap replacement/upgrade can go for it.

Siddharth Pradhan 2 Nov, 2014

Good product

I received the product for what i was applied for. I was a bit scared about it as i read many reviews about product delivery.

Vijay Jain 28 Oct, 2014

Awesome Product

Hi received the product within 4 days...works great on my Dell Inspiron 1545.. First I had thought of buying a new laptop for me. But after installing the Transcend DDR2 RAM I intend to use it as long as it goes...

Ameen Ansari 31 Aug, 2014

Worked well

Used it for RAM upgrade on a HP netbook with Windows 7. Did not give any problem. Worked as expected.

Sandeep Biswas 24 Jul, 2014

good memory

bought these to upgrade the memory on my dad's old macbook and my sister's dell laptop. memories by themselves didn't have any problems and are working just fine. but beware i bought these ddr2-800 as they were a good 400 bucks cheaper than the ddr2-667. ideally ddr2-800 should work fine at 667 speed but the chipset (2008) model doesn't work above 667. so when it reads the mem id config or whatever and sees 800 on both dimms it just freezes. instead if you run this with a ddr2 - 667 ddr2 - 800 config then it works fine. well it has nothing to do with the memory per-se but something worth noting. overall i am very happy with this purchase and as usual flipkart rocks!!!

kumaran natarajan 18 Jul, 2014

DDR2 for Dell Studio 1555

I bought this for my Dell Studio 1555 and it is working pretty smooth. Good and genuine product from the Seller

Lekhraj Mandal 3 Jun, 2014

does the job.

Nothing special about this one except being the cheapest one available. And does whats its supposed to do very well.

Rohit K 31 May, 2014

very good for dell inspiron 1545 laptop.and very fast delivery at pin 800001.

i want order ram at 15 march at evening.and in 19th march afternoon it was deliverd to my home.i thanks for flipcart for very fast delivery.and this product is very useful for dell inspiron laptop


Laptop RAM

Used it to replace my 1 gb RAM. and replaced it myself. works perfectly good and averall performance of Laptop got better. Happy with the product

John Ralte 18 Mar, 2014

Compatible with Inspiron 1545

Nicely packaged and delivered by Flipkart. It is compatible with Inspiron 1545, and I have been using it for the past 2 months, without any problems.

Ishaan Gupta 12 Feb, 2014

Fabulous as usual!

I ordered 2 modules for my old Dell Latitude e5400. Worked without any issue as was expected from transcend. We are now used to smooth and hiccup-less transactions with flipkart! Only thing that flipkart should take care in future: When delivering products in office premises, the delivery boy should atleast verify identity of the receiver.

Sharewithkinjal 24 Jan, 2014


Transcend semiconductors are always good. This RAM being an example. Stable and efficient. I haven't had any issues with this one.

Arijit Ray 22 Jan, 2014


So fast..so smooth..right from searching for the product to buying and installing it in my laptop VAIO NW series...and now working with excellent speed...

Dr Anindya Bhattacharyya 13 Jan, 2014

Its Nice to purchase from filpKart

I upgraded ram in dell vostro 1015 and its working little fast now. First I was not able to fit it into the slot so I contacted flip kart and they created and replacement order for me. However, when I went to the repair shop the gay fitted it in the ram slot and the ram was working fine. There might be something I was not able to fit into the slot correctly..

Sumit Sharma 10 Jan, 2014

amazing performance

I have Lenovo 300n100 purchased make 2007 which has a ram 500MB. Due to low ram net browse speed became very slow. When i know this product from flipkart i ordered and flipkart send this product within 2days. After installing it net speed increases ten times also my antivirus software work successfull. Thanks flipkart for quick service also this product amazing and its performance is value for money.

b.b. bisoi 10 Jan, 2014


I installed it by myself. Felt good. working fine, i had 1 Gb of RAM :( so I updated it to 3GB those who have 1 or 2 GB of RAM and their laptop can support 4GB can try it, as I saw the booting speed has very good after istalling this. If You are not totally non-technical You can install it by tourself. There are so many videos for helping You out.

Krishnendu Bera 24 Dec, 2013

value ram

fulfilled all my memory needs , and working like a charm , if u are looking for upgrading memory than this one is for u.

Shailesh Parihar 26 Nov, 2013

The RAM is good

It's a DDR 2 ram meant for old laptops , and its good quite fast, as descried in product info. Flipkart delivery was at its best received within 3 days of ordering.

Nirjhar Pal 4 Oct, 2013

Great RAM upgrade

Product is delivered ontime and had no trouble assembling it to my laptop. Now my laptop boots faster, opens application faster. Its worth every single bucks paid to this product. My O.S is Windows vista and had 2 GB initially. I strongly recommend buy on this product.

Yuva Raju Chamarthi 4 Jun, 2013

Perfect memory

Ordered this item a few months ago for my dell laptop as my existing 2gb ram had stopped working and the laptop had started giving the blue screen on startup. This ram worked perfectly for me without any issues. Now my laptop is back to speed. Got it delivered in time and for a few hundred bucks less than its current price. don't know why flip kart has increased its price now.

Nitin Rathor 19 May, 2013

Excellent upgrade

I own a HP Pavilion DV6767 Laptop, which is more than 5 years old now. I didn't want to sell it off for new one, since it is still a decent laptop and loaded with many features. What was simply needed was a RAM and Hard Drive upgrade. And both these are very easy to replace yourself without even going to the service center. After upgrading to 4GB Transcend DDR2-800/PC2-6400 RAM and installing Window7 (64bit) operating system, I noticed a major boost in performance. I think I will keep my laptop for a couple years.

Ajit Pal Singh 18 Apr, 2013

Good performance and low price really worth it.......

transcend have given good value for our money its a good quality product for this price. I appreciate their work and thanks flipkart...i got the product on the fourth day of order...i would be much glad if u increase the product availability of areas in India...

Sarath G 17 Mar, 2013

Very good performance

I have purchased this product 15 days back, after placing this ram my laptop working very fast. Performance was very good and fast. Good product, worth for the money. Compatible for my Dell Inspiron 1545.Thank to flipkart i got the product within 3 days after placing order.

santha ram 2 Mar, 2013

Working fine with Compaq CQ40-108TU laptop

I had received this product in Sept’12 and using with Compaq laptop for last 4 months with zero problems. My system comes with 1 GB ram. After install window 7, I had faced speed problem. After lot of searching install it with existing ram and found full satisfactory result. And after all delivery & support by Flipkart is outstanding, as usually I found in every order from last one year of accompany with them.

ABDUL SAMAD 3 Jan, 2013

great product

hi, i purchased this product from flipkart. very easy to install, work fine with my acer aspire one 532h netbook. got deliered in delhi next day of order, but flipkart need to look on packing. thanks great work considering we are in india

Anshuman Chandel 30 Dec, 2012

Cheapest price of this item on flipkart

It gave my slow lappy a pretty good boost. After using Transcend pen drives I almost lost my faith in them but this one is s good product. Good buy!!!!!!!!!

Vivek Rai 26 Dec, 2012

Replaced RAM and BSOD Gone

One of my RAM blew out and I was left with just 2 GB of RAM. Found out that this was the best fit for my laptop. Added this RAM to the existing 2GB RAM with my fingers crossed and it worked! Now working with 4GB of RAM. I use Virtual Box and play lot of intense 3D games such as modern warfare 3. The performance is just amazing. Using it for the past 4 months and till now no issues. Got it a bit late. Won't blame flipkart for that. My location is remote and AFL took a hell lot of time to deliver it!

Saquib Dongarkar 26 Dec, 2012

BLUE screen gone!

I was having nightmares every 2 minutes or so- My Dell Vostro 1015 laptop was experiencing blue screen problems due to faulty RAM. Dell actually installed some chinese company (nanya technology) RAM which got faulty just after my warranty ended. But after installing this RAM, I never got any problem. Plus, it comes with lifetime warranty. An advice: Never buy Dell laptops. Its customer service may be good, but quality of products used-zero.

Mohit Kumar 27 Aug, 2012

cheapest affordable memory upgrade!

I have used in on hp pavilion dv6767tx special edition laptop..the previous ram in hp laptop couldn't keep up the pace with huge memory hungry games and apps.Now after install 2gigs of Transcend DDR2800/pc2-6400 everything runs smoothly.and sorry for bad English.!!

A.K. Azad 3 Aug, 2012


Purchased this to upgrade my lapy RAM from 1 GB to 3 GB. Been 3 months now, it works very well, machine boots way faster now. No issues so far. value for money.

Aditya Desai 15 Jul, 2012

i placed the order for this RAM on flipkart.com and it was delivered in 5 days. i found it perfect for my Sony Vaio laptop. and it really boost my laptop performance. initial i was some hesitant to place order of RAM online as i was not sure if it would work on my laptop or not. but it worked . would recommend for others to purchase this

Vikash%20Kumar Sharma 12 Jul, 2012

As Expected!

First of all, thanks to flipkart for its packaging and also its on time delivery.. Now For The Product; Its Works Well, it doesn't flashes out the screen and also doesn't hangs up the lappy..and i have two slots on my lappy with pre-installed samsung Ram DDR2 and the Transcend Ram DDR2 Works well.. So, If u want To buy..go for it without hesitation..

Sudip Mondal 4 Apr, 2012

Very nice product

I have inserted this 2gb ram on my laptop and my laptop performance got very improved. Must buy product if go for 2gb ram for laptop. My laptop performance is ultimate after inserting dis ram. enjoy friends after buying dis product.

Shivam Chopra 25 Mar, 2012

Transcend DDR2-800/PC2-6400 DDR2 2 GB Laptop RAM (JM800QSU-2G)

Got this product delivered early this morning. Immediately installed it and started my laptop. It really did improve my system performance and multitasking ability. Mine is a tablet PC HP-TX1218AU, With Win7 installed, works like gem, much faster then earlier it used to. I do recommend this product. Happy Flipping :)

Ajit Prasad 15 Mar, 2012

Best and cheap

Received the product today, and it's working fine in my old laptop (Dell Inspiron 1545). The RAM's memory clock cycle is 800Mhz and not 400Mhz as mentioned. I guess this is the cheapest rate you will find anywhere. Even dell service centers charges around rs 1700/- for installing a 2Gb Ram.

Jahnu 29 Oct, 2012

Product is good but rating for the poor customer sevice

I ordered this product for my laptop and after I got this product I realized that this is not compatible with my laptop. I placed a return request to flipkart and asked for refund (as I already got the compatible RAM from the market). They denied for the refund stating that the seller does not accepts the return. I also gave them option to refund the money to the wallet so that I can make another purchase from flipkart but the denied that too. Till now that product is with me and is kept as it is without use. This is not expected out of brand like flipkart. Earlier they had policy of return and refund. But from the time they started making alliance from other seller their services become worse. Instead of filling own pocket you should also take care of customer's pocket.

Rahul Tayal 2 May, 2015

Tampered and used product with no packing and seal

I didnt expected this one from flipkart. I ordered a new 2GB RAM for laptop but when I received the order it was packed in plastic hand bag. And RAM was open and in a loose container. There was no seal at all on the packing from Transcend as the RAM was from Transcend which is a proof that its new and not used. Guys please do not buy from this seller : Guru27.

Sushil 12 Feb, 2015

Absolute rubbish!

This product is not working... And it's not original transcend products...

Rajan ravi 30 Sep, 2017

Not Original Transcend Ram

It is Not Original Transcend Ram, Its of Elpida Company Which is also Pretty Good. But Specs Are Incorrect Written-800 Mhz But its 336 Mhz(Bad Things) Overall It Good.(Not Excellent)

Flipkart Customer-Gaurav S 14 Jul, 2017

Used product

Pack was opened and wrote on RAM by black marker.

JItendra Kumar 13 Jun, 2017


i used this in 10 different PC but it still didn't work i m going to consumer forum tomorrow

Sohom Banerjee 13 May, 2017


Very nicely packaged and Delivery was as usual before the estimated time

NAVEEN GUPTA 19 Jan, 2017

Fraud flipkart

There is a frogery with me,I have ordered trascend DDR2 laptop ram and the ram which has been dilevered to me is hynix brand and the trascend sticker has been stick on it.Now i am very upset due to fraud of flipkart.

SUDHIR YADAV 6 Jul, 2015

Nice Product

Will see these five years how it performance............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Good one... On time delivary

Transcend ram is working fine and more ever delivered the correct product on time and service is also statisfied

Pranith Pulakunta 12 Feb, 2015

Flipkart cheated

Flipkart did not sent the product as advertised. Sent me Micron ram instead of Transcend. Even specification was of low. FSB was 666Mhz instead of 800. Am pretty sure Flipkart cheated everyone on this. Avoid flipkart for specially for electronics goods. You will never know when you will get screwed. When I complained Flipkart they can not do anything as I crossed 10 days refund policy timeline. Frauds.

Chandan 24 Jan, 2015

LOSING MONEY... If purchase

Flip kart is fraud in case of electronic items. He does not cooperate with you and send item which is not working and cannot replace it and give excuess about term and condition. So my dear buyers.. do not purchase electronic items from flip kart or other e-commerce site, otherwise you will lost money and time. Always go store for electronics items because you can check your items at spot. Please save your time and save your money. Thanks

Dinesh Singh 5 Dec, 2014

This Seller not Proper. Do not Purchase any products with this seller

Please do not purchase any products with this seller in flipkart Flipkart also supporting this kind of seller who can't provide products and prices.

Vishal Patel 1 Nov, 2014

Seller is Fraud

This seller is a fraud. Unfortunately I was ordered two banks of 2GB RAM from this seller, after receiving the package one unit is faulty. Upon my return request on 2 Sept 2014, these dumb people are asking for my laptop model/make?... Whereas one RAM is working fine I was mention them at first place. At the time of this review (as on 9th of Sept) I have not received any return or reply from this seller. So in one word Friends Please do not buy from this seller. Please watch feedback carefully before you order anything I am writing to aware others.

Deepak Vashistha 8 Sep, 2014

Till Now, working good........ seems like repaired one

I purchased this from ACl seller, delivery was on time (quick), it is working fine till now... I bill or any slip wasn't mention 5 Years Transcend Warranty, product seems like repaired one which wasn't mention on site. I think electronic chip type items should be packed in safe box, to prevent breakage and spoilage....... it was packed in bubble wrap.

Vijay negi 21 Jul, 2014


This is not a genuine product of Transcend. These are refurbished product. The seller is repacking the old RAM with a new Transcend RAM seal.I got this RAM which was manufactured in the year of 2008 by SAMSUNG. This is really pathetic. If you will purchase also, you won't get proper service from Transcend as these are not genuine products of Transcend. These peoples are attaching new seal on these RAM and selling as New one with cheapest price. Don't Buy otherwise you will definitely be suffered !!

Omprakash Mohapatra 9 Jun, 2015

Fake Product.

They Sended me a Hynix Ram with Transcend Sticker on the RAM & packed it with Transcend packing. But in the Product page they are showing Original product & fooling the Customers.

T.Raja sekhar Reddy 3 Jun, 2015

Wrong ram received - twice

I've received wrong ram twice now or the model number on this page is incorrect. Instead of JM800QSU-2G, I've received JM800QLU-2G. I need to use this on Dell Inspiron 1545. Can anyone with the same model confirm the model number of the ram they received.

Prashant Agrawal 24 May, 2015

Misleading clock speed

I was expecting a performance improvement of my laptop after I added this 2GB ram to my laptop's already existing 2GB DDR2-800 ram (clock speed 400 MHz). However, it turned out that instead of published specification of DDR2-800 (400 MHz), the one I bought fromm FLipkart turned out to be actually a DDR2-666 !! This incompatibility with existing RAM actually brought down my laptop's speed! What more!? The BIOS doesn't even show Transcend name of this installed RAM (name is blank compared to my previously installed RAM from Nanya) Beware of such fraudulent sellers on FlipKart. @ ATTN: Flipkart team - Do your homework well before allowing other sellers to sell via your website. You are going to take bad name for their actions!!

G Gupta 28 Feb, 2016

Recieved duplicate product

I have recieved duplicate product. This I come to know when it stopped working 12th day of my delivery. I rushed to the service center for replacement where they declared it duplicate. For checking fake product "check the name trancsend is also present on the black chips displayed on the RAM". In my product and the product displayed this was the difference.

Prakhar Arya 13 Sep, 2015

Ordered DDR2 instead of DDR3 and now everything waste

After Browsing many RAM I need RAM for Dell Vostro 1015 which support DDR3 RAM, As many tab open in my browser i ordered by mistake DDR2 RAM around 10.30PM instead of DDR3 when product received slot fitment is the issue, so requested to customer care and seller for same issue and request to send DDR3 RAM(Rs.1400/-) wheres as DDR2(Rs.1800/-) also i dont need excess money refund.... then flipkart shows their real image for just Rs. 1800/- where as i purchased 1-2 Lac Rupees product from them in past 2-3 years and what they did with loyal customer......????????? sorry our policy is not allow for wrong product ....gr8.................Deleting my FK account and i hope Rs.1800/- will contribute your Billions of Sales ................ Good bye Forever FK.....................

Shyam Singh Patel 23 Jun, 2015

Not Genuine Product....Betraying Customers

They described that it is Transcend. But I did not received the same. They put the label of transcend on Samsung RAM. Refurbished products They are Selling. This people changing the meaning of E-Commerce. Betraying Customers is not good thing and they have should be realized once they fail in their Business. If they could not to supply a product for less price, They should tell the Customers it is not Original. Why this sort of Cheats. BIG CHEAT.....(NO OTHER BIG WORD I KNOW).

Hemadri M 14 Nov, 2014

The most pathetic experience I have ever had with Flipkart and the seller both

I ordered this product after properly checking my laptop needs and official websites. It mentioned that I needed a DDR2-800 PC2-6400 RAM and hence I found it on Flipkart and ordered the product. Once I received the product and installed it, it didn't support the machine and it didn't boot so after checking on the existing RAM, I found that both RAM in a laptop needs to be same and existing one was DDR2-670 so I thought of exchanging or returning the product. The seller called me and said he will send another version of RAM I need. After few days, I received the same product again which I rejected and wrote to customer care and also mentioned my discussion with seller but after repeated emails, they refused to replace or return the product citing a No Return and 10 Day Replacement policy although I had placed the replacement request in 5 days itself. Sad to see Flipkart not standing by its commitments of Return/Replacement and its probably my last order on Flipkart.

Robin Dhanwani 29 May, 2014


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