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Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 & Mp4 MP330 8GB
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Transcend Digital Music Player Mp3 Mp4 MP330 8GB

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  • Transcend
  • MP330 8 GB Digital Music Player
  • Ipods, MP3 & MP4 Players
  • 11.5 X 25.5 X 83 MM



MP330 8 GB Digital Music Player
Ipods, MP3 MP4 Players
11.5 X 25.5 X 83 MM
Key Features
MP3 Player8 GB Memory1 Inch Display12 Hrs Audio Playbackfm Supportapprox. 1600 Songs
Audio Playback Time 12 Hrs Audio File Format MP3, WMA, Wma-drm10, WAV, FLAC
Io Device Headphone (3.5 Mm), USB
Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Memory Size 8 GB
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Pc Interface
High speed USB 2.0
Number Of Colour Options Available
3 Colours
Capacity (Gb)
8 GB
Depth (Mm)
11.5 mm
USB 2.0
Weight (Grams)
25 Gm
Item Height
10.6 Centimeters
Screen Size
1 Inches
Lithium Battery Energy Content
1 Watt Hours
Best Sellers Rank
#322 in Computers & Accessories (See top 100) #61 in Computers & Accessories > External Devices & Data Storage > Pen Drives
Built-in Fm Radio
Card Slot
3 Years Limited
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Sales Package
MP330, Removable Earhook Earphones
128 x 32 pixels
Recharging Method
USB-based Charging
I/o Device
Headphone (3.5 mm), USB
Play Mode
25.5 mm
Covered In Warranty
Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects
Included Components
MP300, Earphones, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide
2.71653 Inches
5 GB - 8 GB
Personal Computer
10 Ratings | 7 Reviews

Awesome product

Working superb, no problem till now.

Mayur... by Mayur... on Jul 14, 2017

Excellent Product

worth of money $ and better than any other available in same or higher rate

harjeet.singh202020 by harjeet.singh202020 on Feb 02, 2017

Good Product

awesome...product for multiple usage ...

nr8845 by nr8845 on Dec 22, 2016

Good Product

product received in good condition very much satisfied.thanks Snapdeal

nanasayee by nanasayee on Dec 05, 2016

Nice product

Nice to use

wils by wils on Nov 29, 2016

Good product..lasts long and decent audio quality

I have been using this product for the last 2 years. I bought this after my previous sony mp3 player got destroyed in a fall. It has pretty good audio quality and a single recharge lasts for a long time. It is also quite light and sturdy. It has taken a lot of beating having been dropped many times, but has survived so far without any problems. The only issue is the headphone provided along with this product is not that good and has low volume. I replaced it with a seinheiser headphone and its been pretty good since that.

Adder by Adder on Nov 05, 2016

Good product for music loveres

I am loving it. Giving rest to my phone and enjoying uninterrupted service like call,chat,message etc. Batery backup is almost

vishu by vishu on Nov 01, 2016

Total 5 stars

Received in good condition.served the described purpose..

k.yassu by k.yassu on Jul 15, 2016

snapdeal service

Very good work snapdeal.

Biswa by Biswa on Jun 12, 2016

very happy

awesome device at such a reasonable rate

vibhor.bulbul by vibhor.bulbul on Apr 23, 2016

Really Good MP3 Player at this price.

I've been using this MP3 player from June 2011, and much more impressed with this player. This is the best MP3 Player that you can get in this price range. After seeing and experiencing this MP3 player, 4 of my friends had told me to order one for each of them, and I've bought one more for my friend too. My Ratings: (Out of 10) ------------------------- Audio Processing: 10.0 FM Tuner: 10.0 Equalizer: 10.0 Headset Quality: 9.5 Bass: 9.0 Treble: 9.5 Folder Navigation: 8.0 (You'll find it difficult at first, but you can master it very soon!) Audio Recording (MIC & Line-In): 8.0 (Designed for Speech Recording, in 92kbps) Overall Rating: 9.5/10 This one will be very helpful if you are having a Car-Stereo/Audio Systems with a 3.5mm Aux-In (with a 3.5mm male-to-male connector)

Vishnu H 17 Sep, 2011

Transcend's Falling standards

I own a Transcend 320, and hence decided to buy this one because my experience with the that was awesome. Here is my analysis. pros: Easy to load music on to Light and very comfortable to use The clip is more useful than you can ever imagine cons: Much slower than the MP320 takes about 30 seconds to start up with half the storage occupied buttons feel cheap and fragile very sluggish designers have wasted a lot of effort trying to add graphics, which are of low quality and subtract from user experience. if you're purchasing this player just to listen to audiobooks (like I did) this may be the right player for you because once you start, there's little navigation required. However, if you're a music buff and would be switching a lot between songs etc, I would suggest going for something a little more sophisticated.

Ajit Nathaniel 8 Dec, 2011

very decent player

This player is cool and comes with all loaded features. flipkart service makes it even more cooler. 1. U will never know when was the last time you've charged it. 2. You wouldn't even think sport clip is this important until you've used in this gadget. 3. Load lots of songs and you will be tired of adding your favorites as there is a lot of space. 4. The size of the player is good when compared to others like iball. Loved the white display. 5. U can create playlist, access folder-wise of your favs. 6. Using other headphones than the company ones gives you a much better experience. 7. Comes with an extra accessory, the "Line-in Cable" An audiophile doesn't like this player much. Quality of bass is compromised to the space i guess [Heard ipod.. of course it is double the price and half the space :P ]. My final verdict is go for this "Pen drive Voice recorder FM MP3 player".

abhinav kethiri 28 Aug, 2011

A long term ownership report of the MP330

Hi guys, I wish to share with you my ownership experience with the MP330. I bought my first MP300 about one and a half years ago.It was on of the best mp3 players I've ever owned.Sound quality was excellent,battery life was amazing and it came with nice features too(which I will come to later). I was very satisfied with the player.I'm not a great fan of those small headphones.So I bought an iball Rocky for use with it.I thought it would drain the battery very quickly but it still gave me very very good playback time.I believe I have some common sense so I'm not going to recommend to you a headset that costs Rs.5000 nor I'm going to compare it with an ipod Nano or a Creative Zen. But I can guarantee you the sound quality is very good.My first MP330 died recently mainly because of some rough usage.The upper part of the body just came off and it soon died. So I decided to buy another one. Which one to go for?I was convinced that I don't need to go for the costly ones.A friend of mine has a more expensive Sony NWZ-B16 but both me and him find the MP330's sound quality very much at the same level.And I find the MP330 much more easy to use.I hate that 'twist the ring' next button in the Sony. So I was left with only 2 options.The Philips Gogear Mix 2GB and the MP330.The Philips badge is something hard to ignore.So I had keen interest in that one also.I read several reviews,checked the specs and came up with the following conclusion(the features comparo I promised early) Gogear mix will be a better thing to show off.It looks pretty,has a 3 line LCD screen.Other positives include better folder navigation system,slightly better battery backup etc.I saw mixed reviews on the sound quality. Now about the MP330.I will get a 4GB MP330 for the same price.It has a lot of nice, easy to use features viz. A-B repeat which allows you to repeat a particular section of music(I use it a lot),time-date display(again very useful during the night ;) ),adjustable sleep time,auto shut off etc.Moreover I'm very happy with its sound quality.Then why should I go for the Philips that has a smaller memory and not so attractive feature list.I'm not gonna use up even the 11-12hr playback time of the Transcend.3 line LCD screen and a better folder navigation system are good but it lacks the more important(to me)features the MP330 has.And I'm not so sure about the sound quality either. So I went for the MP330 once again.Flipkart's delivery times are amazing.I'm happy with the performance of the player so far.The black one I ordered looks pretty too(previously had white).I use it with the Philips SHP1900 headphone(which is v.good)I bought from Flipkart. This is what I have to say about the MP300.This is not a comparo of the MP3 players.The intention of this review is to inform the potential buyers who are bit doubtful about the Transcend brand about this wonderful,value for money device.There might be better ones.But I can assure you that you will not regret buying this device. A request to the bunch of people who bash these devices(especially Gogear Mix) for their voice recording capabilities:These devices are not created with voice recording in mind.There are devices created specifically for that purpose(at about the same price range).Please go ahead and buy them if you want and stop misleading the potential buyers because the low ratings that you give will affect the average user rating based on which many people buy things here.

Ram Madhav Mohan 4 Dec, 2011

have to be careful while disconnecting from charge

I have experienced this a couple of times. If you shutdown the computer while leaving the mp3 player charging, then the player wont start, it will become hot and won't even start, you have to give some time to completely discharge the battery by itself. If you switch on after a few hours, it gives battery low error, and after you charge and properly remove using remove hardware in windows, it will work again. Transcend people should solve this problem by bringing out a new firmware.

Chetan 3 Oct, 2011

Best in 2k Range with Good feature set...!!

I have been using this MP3 player for more than One n Half year now. Bought it from shop for 2k from retailer. I am bass lover and I used to listen music on my Sony phone with HPM70 Earphones before this. The headphones comes with it are Shit. After some research I bought Sony XB30EX In ear Earphones for 1.5k. I will directly get to Pros & Cons of this product- Pros:- 1. Works as Pen-drive. 2. Works fine Connected with Aux cable or Directly in Car Audio players via USB 2.0 slot. Just Plug & Play. 3. Lightweight 25g. 4. Decent Audio output. Tested with Samsung in Ear Earphones (which ships with S4, grand) doesn't felt that good. Samsung ones sound better with Samsung smartphones. Sounds Great with my Sony XB30EX though Also sounds good with Sennheiser ones. 5. Tested with VBR (variable bit rate) songs which worked fine. Has capacity of 32-320kbps. 6. Battery life lasted for 13.5 hrs. with continuous playback when fully charged, with screen saver on and with VBR songs. 7. FM quality is decent, have 87-108 MHz band capacities. 8. Have six equalizer settings with one custom setting. 9. Bass response is good not great (tested with Sony XB30EX & Sennheiser PX80 & CX300-II). 10. Great feature set in this price range like Screen saver, Date and time display, contrast adjustment, Lyrics Sync, Sleep timer, Auto power off, FM Recording, FM Band settings, Rec. Settings etc. 11. The best feature I believe is Play speed in which you can increase or decrease speed of song while playing & External Audio Recording feature with Line In or with build in microphone. 12. Good user-interface and cool small animations while starting & shutting down. 13. There is clip inside USB Cap which holds it tight on USB slot. Cap didn't have loosened up after 1.5 year of usage. 14. Never used recording feature also I don't use FM much so cant say much @ that. Cons: 1. Only one custom equalizer setting is a con for me may be not for some people. 2. Symbols on buttons are totally faded. For a new person my mp3 player looks like totally white player with lots of buttons with nothing written on them. 3. If unplugged directly from laptop/Pc it will not start. Then you have to again connect it & remove it safely (Safe to remove hardware function). 4. Takes 18-20 sec. after start-up to be fully operational. 5. Doesn't start easily sometimes have to use lock-unlock button it for couple times while holding play/pause button then starts, if this lock-unlock button trick doesn't work then have to connect it to Pc/laptop. 6. Doesn't give good output with all headphones brands as per my experience. As per my tests works fine with Sony and Sennheiser In the ear & Over the ear headphones. 7. Full battery charging takes approx. 45min. to 1 hr. never checked properly. I think I overcharged it. After all pros & cons I think this is best MP3 player you can get if you are on budget with decent quality. Apple, Sony, Phillips MP3 players comes with 2GB in this price bracket with some plus/minuses in feature sets. This comes with 8GB with lesser cost then the competition. If yow want to take most out of this then you will have to buy good quality headphones. No Regrets. Thanks for your time.

Aniket Apte 31 Mar, 2014

Very Good Mp3 player but no power adapter in package

Hi, Transcend has given so many facilities in this mp3 player. Very happy !! Pro: 1. Excellent sound quality 2. Good earphones (I mostly play on speakers though) 3. FM recording capability 4. Voice recorder 5. Transcend has provided auxillary cable for using it in car !! Con: 1. It doesnt come with a power adapter. i.e you can charge it only through PC/Laptop USB. If you are traveling and dont have laptop/PC, you will have to buy a USB power adaptor seperatley. This was a big turndown thing, coz a in a youtube video about the same mp3 player the package contained the power adapter. May be in indian version they have not included. Thats the only con !! Amazing device otherwise :) Removing one star for no adapter.

Dhawal Joshi 8 Apr, 2013

Great value for money

This is an excellent package for the money. The other reviews have already covered most of the salient points, so mentioning only a couple of things. You'll have to adjust the equalizer to match whatever headphones you use with the device. The included earphones are good, but sound somewhat muffled in the human voice frequencies. To get better sound from them, go to Settings>Equalizer, select User EQ, press the right arrow to adjust individual bands, and then adjust them to have a smooth curve peaking at the 1khz level. Finally press the Play/Pause button to save. Values of +1, +4, +6, +4, +1 for the five bands work very well to give clear, crisp sound (+1,3,5,3,1 for a more subtle effect). Testing with better headphones (Sony & Philips) found that the player itself gives good output across the entire bass-treble range. Considering a 4GB pen drive and reasonable earphones would themselves cost Rs 600-800, the additional cost of the player isn't that much. The line-in function is a surprise in such a tiny cheap device. The recording from both mic and line-in (tested by sending output of an iPod into this device) is ok-ok, radio quality. Low sampling rate and a mild hum in the background. Good enough if you want to record conversations or something from the radio, not for serious music. An Auxiliary cable is included to take output on large speakers, and for line-in. The included Quick Start guide is on the dot. Gives all necessary instructions in 6-7 pages, doesn't waste any time in technicalities. Technical stuff is there in a PDF on the player itself for those who want it. Overall, an excellent buy.

Vishal Bondwal 3 Feb, 2012

This review will also help you trouble shoot it ... just in case.

Flipkart Service: Awesome.... got it in good time... Product: "For what it's worth" ... excellent.... it has varied features.... listen to songs, record voice and record using line-in cable... fm facilities.... this is an "all mix fruit juice" ... a really tasty one if u ask me :P Okay.... Now....there is a known issue with this mp3 player.... Usually the player is detected as an ordinary flash drive with a folder 'songs' visible in it. sometimes when one plugs the player in, system displays 'new hardware found' and then detects the mp330 as a 'music player' and one cannot see 'songs' folder. Hence one will not be able to copy songs to it or view them either.... in this case....Just go to settings in the music player. In the MTP option, change it to USB... Problem solved Thanks Ravi

Ravikanth Vijapurapu 27 Mar, 2012

Pretty good

It is an amazing mp3. But the thing that is not good abt it is that if you are listening to a song and you go to the all songs menu then your current song stops. The sound quality however is amazing.

Flipkart Customer 20 Mar, 2017

Value for money!!

hi guys, if u r looking for a cheap and good mp3 player then this is the one for U. it is a very good mp3 player with very good features and descent enough battery life. it has very good mp3 playback and audio quality even with the headphones which come along with it. i would strongly recommend this product... :)

Manoj(Sultan) 26 Aug, 2011

Disappointing Product Experience

For the past few days I am continuously facing issues with the mp3 player. The player gets frozen while in use and then I have no option as the keys stop responding. When I plug it to the USB port on my laptop, nothing happens. I have to wait 6-8 hours till the battery completely drains and then only after re-charging does it start working again. This has happened three times in the last week. The reason to buy this was to use it while commuting to office but that purpose seems to be totally defeated. Buying this product has been a disappointing experience for me.

Ashutosh Tewari 19 Sep, 2011

Transcend..only sales, no service in India

Hi I was happy with the Mp3 player's performance when I got it. However, its battery became weak after 2 months. I have tried my best to locate Transcend service centres, but I understand that Transcend has no service centres in India. So, basically, they can sell you their product, but cannot service it. So think twice before buying ANY transcend product.. For transcend as a product, I would rate it poor bcoz of lack of service. But I would like to rate Flipkart service as excellent because they have taken back the product and refunded the money to my wallet account. Excellent service by Flipkart and the seller.

sindhu anand 7 Dec, 2013

protable music player

my shuffle gave up, so i went ahead and bought this...was confused between philips and gogear..but went ahead and purchased this coz of the 4 gb capacity, line in cable (included) and the neck strap/sports clip as i need it for the gym mostly... really good sound quality....ease of direct drag and drop/charge thru usb...still new so cannot comment on battery life yet. bright screen, and sll in all a very decent portable mp3 that doubles up as a pen drive. cons: 1) headphones provided are not that comfy, but then, neither are the philips ones...so if u hv ur ipod headphones, those will provide an AMAZING sound quality..i additioanlly bought the Panasonic Stereo In-Earphones RP-HJE120E-R and the combo is FAB. 2) biggest drawbak vis-a-vis the philips go gear is that there is no flap that attaches the cap to the main body..its completely detachable and there is always the risk of losing it. tht is the main reason i knoecked off one star. 3)lil bit of a fingerprint magnet, but that really shudnt be a worry overall, very happy with the purchase, at half the cost of a shuffle, i got a more versatile mp3 player with an equally good sound quality (RIP Mr. Jobs) A word for our good friend flipkart: thanks for delivering it in 1 day. u guys are super-truper.

Aatmika Barhat 12 Nov, 2011


Ok good!!

jithendra prasad jasthi 16 Oct, 2016

Flash is slow but the player is okay.

The good 1. Decent battery life. 2. Recording is good, especially if you connect it with a line in. 3. Quite handy for recording lectures and stuff. The bad: 1.Slow flash. 2.Not sure if battery will keep performing optimally as the product becomes older than one year. 3. Servicing would be a huge problem. 4. Earphones suck but that is to be expected. 5. No charger.

Rohan Kaushal 16 Nov, 2014



Kaushik Rao 11 May, 2014

Very Good player for all purpose

This is a good product in budget price. Audio quality is good in vocal and speech play and Bass Treble is ok. good battery backup.


the best value for money

i wanted to get a device with a display with good memory and battery backup so i got the right product with a special feature of line in recording a lot of good function

avinash Soni 11 Jan, 2014

Worth it....

I think it's quite good .... People if u like music in ur ear all the time within 2 grand....then u can buy this white beauty.....

Toni McCrea 8 Jan, 2014

Fairly a good product with such price !

I have used this product for over 6 months now and have not found any issues what so ever. However, as observed by others, the ear piece is not the best that you could expect. Altogether, a good economic item for mp3 songs and FM radio. Flipkart, as always have been great in service !!!

Sanjeet Thakur 20 Dec, 2013

better value for money

nice product. It having little more size than i expected. Easy to use. Overall rating 8/10 Design 8/10 Sound 7/10 battery backup 9/10 sound clarity 9/10 Recorder 8/10 FM 7/10 Head Phone 4/10

Jaise Augustine 27 Nov, 2013

Good Value for Money !!!

hey frnds, I bought this product about 3 months ago and I m using it often to give a review for u. Here r some Pros & Cons of this product. Pros : 1.I found its 8 GB memory is the USP of the product. 2.The recordings r loud and clear both with line-in and with the mic. 3.Built in USB connector is another plus point for person who has a laptop everytime. 4.Radio works properly and finds every channels at one go. 5.A good device to handle with curves on side. 6.Two yrs warranty is another plus. Cons : 1.Earphone is the biggest letdown, especially while walking. Sometimes, they create irritations in ears after long usage. 2.Songs r only shown as u store. No built in sorter as Sony devices. So finding songs may get boring if u hve a long list. 3.Songs r stored in order u copy into the device and not alphabetically. So i recommend Fat Sorter software to u. 4.If u dont hve a PC/Laptop then u hve to buy a USB charger. Overall its a good value for money product for abt Rs 2050. Go for it !!!

Bhargav Patil 12 Oct, 2013


Its good. I mean at such low price a good Mp3 transcend has provided us with. I wont say its great coz i have heard other mp3's too but for this price, this product is good go.. oh but the headphones suck like hell !! had to buy new ones. over all talking only of Mp3.. this product is good. You can surely go for it no doubt. :)

Adheesha Charak 12 Oct, 2013

Bad, worst product.

The compnay has been removed the variable track play back speed feature is the nosence decision. Again in new product A-B- repeat seprate button is not included. One of the Bad product of transcend

Sachin Jagtap 9 Oct, 2013

Very good product without charger.

Good product. But sound is little bit low. User interface is bit confusing.Charger not bundled. Price must be up t 1500/-.

Dinesh kumar singh 6 Oct, 2013

A good purchase- 8 GB MP3 player ...but the ear phones are not good at all.

It's a very good player ..voice clarity, battery are also good. But 2 things which i did not like is definitely the very rough & hard ear phones that is very uncomfortable. Secondly the max. sound volume is not sufficient. If you are in a noisy place ..you may not be able to hear at all from the player.

Manish Sawhney 2 Oct, 2013


ok guys....now being frank i'll try to give my best review abt this product..... Pros: 1. Battery looks good ( 7hrs minimum ) 2. The screen looks cool and veryyyy useful 3. The Folder Navigation Option makes this a must buy mp3 player 4. The sound is pretty impressive (not the best) 5. Charging can also be done in ur TV if ur TV supports USB....(tried and its ok) 6. Indications (Battery, song, suffle mode or normal mode, track time, song number in folder etc (perfect for the display) 7. Equlaiser option gives u make ur own adjustments and pre installed 4 options) 8. FM seems good in clarity. 9. Recording also good voice quality. 10. The hot keys r well positioned and easy to handle....:) Now coming to cons: 1. The pen drive model given doesnt have a extension to hold the CAP of the player...once its lost the entire look comes down. 2. The Earphone is very big actually such that it does not fits smoothly in ur ears....feels terrible pain in ear walls if used for long time.... 3. The sports Clip....plz dont call it clip cause if u beleive it and keep it in ur shirts or pants ur defenetly gonna lost ur player...it looks soooooo cheap and veryyy loose so tht u'll never use it forever. 4. The Clownish Tag given by the makers looks makin fun of us....y do a mp3 player need neck tag....GOD oly knows.... Finally coming to the Judgement...this is a nice piece to buy since the same quality players comes with less memory and highly priced....this product is Worth and totally make ur budjet to 2.5k cause u need better headphones to get the best of this.....:)

Jerry Berc 29 Sep, 2013


If you need a stylish value-added music player for all occasions, look no further than the MP330. Featuring a compact size and a convenient built-in USB connector, the MP330 is a perfect combination of a digital music player and a portable storage device, which offers an impressive collection of useful functions. Boasting familiar good looks in an extremely small and lightweight design, the MP330 has a carefully crafted smooth shape and a brilliant white monochrome OLED display that is easy to read from any angle, even in broad daylight. The included detachable sport clip lets you freely connect to pockets, backpacks, jackets or sport suits, giving you convenient hands-free music in any occasion. The versatile MP330 supports MP3, WMA, and WAV audio file types allowing you to store the most popular high-quality music formats. More than just a music player, the MP330 also functions as a USB flash drive, so you can transport, store and share files without the hassle of carrying around bulky cables or extra gadgets. Aside from offering superb portable entertainment, the MP330 can record up to 20 hours of audio in three distinct methods, including FM radio, Line-in, and Voice. An excellent tool for both students and professionals, the MP330 allows careful review of important class lectures, business meetings or even foreign language lessons. Want to use the MP330 for your next workout or daily commute but the battery is empty and there’s no time to wait for a full recharge? Don’t spend a moment without music with the MP330’s quick charge option. Simply plug it in to any computer or USB charger and after only 6 minutes you can enjoy non-stop playback of your favorite songs for a full hour Versatile Design Ultra-Portable Smart Recording Quick Charge if you want superb sound quality go for superb headsets like jbl, senhsr, bose. but u will be definitely satisfied with this headset. best best features in low price. excellent product.

vismen vishnu menon 27 Sep, 2013

Worth buying

# I have purchased it in Aug-2011 # One good feature in MP330 is that it can be tucked in the pocket/ shirt etc. like a lapel mic while recording # Listening to music is good in MP-330, when compared with 610, 630 # There is some bass enhancement while recording through internal mic in MP330. The feature of external mic in MP630 is really good which is absent in both MP330 Recording in MP330 is done at 64Kbps wth Linein or mic, # The response time in MP330 is slow be it navigation, playing files, saving the recordings etc. # The stand by time time of battery is not up to the mark. It discharges quickly. But I have recorded 4-5 hrs many times continuosly.

Maruti Bhargava 18 Sep, 2013

best at this price

i have bought this mp3 player few days back.. first of all i want to appreciate flipkart teams performance.. i got it with in two days from the date i have ordered.. The player is very cool by look and performance.. light weight, very handy to carry and easy to use.. storage capacity is enough to store 2000 or more songs.. display area is also ok.. base is not that good but overall music is ok.. The only minus point is the earphone which is awful.. if u use any other earphone as m using philips it ll rock..i have bought it for 1999 from flipkart but now m noticing that the price of the product has increased a little still good at this price.. if u r looking for something within this range then u should go for it without thinking much.. u ll love it.. i would have given it five stars if the earphones were better..

anuva gupta 29 Aug, 2013

Nice Mp3 player in budget price...

Its a nice Mp3 player in budget price with great capacity. I am using it from more than 1.5 yrs and it is performing well. Battery backup is also going good enough around 8-10 hrs. So , if you are planning to buy a decent MP3 player within budget and with 8GB memory then no doubt it is the best.

Amrapali Omer 16 Apr, 2013

a bad mp3 player

I already own a Transcend mp840 and have no issues for the past 3 years. Bought this for my sis and just the plasticky feel made me feel bad. After charging for more than 8 hours it remained dead. Cannot switch it on. Really cheap look and feel. But flipkart service was good and they quickly offered me a refund.

Lingeswaran U 4 Dec, 2012

Nowhere in comparison to Phillips GoGear series

Quality of headset wires, sound quality, navigation, ease of use..in almost all department this device lags behind Phillips GoGear. I am using Phillips GoGear 2GB and thought of buying another one for my mother, while browsing the products I saw many people rating this device equally as Phillips so bought this one since it was having 4GB in the price of 2GB in comparison with Phillips. But now after using it I sincerely feel that Phillips was the correct choice. I would recommend Phillips over this device. If budget is really a problem then only buy this one. I can't say its bad but being user of something better already I felt disappointed a lot with it. I wish there was an option to sell it with 50-100 bucks loss and buy Phillips :)

Sachin 4 May, 2012


In times when every second person around you has an ipod strung to his shirt, this product from Transcend comes as a refreshment! Coming to the point, why is this the right choice? >> First off, PRICE! At 1699 with a 4GB storage, this is a steal! >> The name, Transcend, might raise eyebrows since they are mostly known for flash drives and not MP3 players... But, this product lives up to its expectations! >> It has a display! A two line small display but enough to see the name of the song, the time, the settings, the profile and much more... >> It also has a file navigator that requires some time to get used to.. There's some practice required to navigate the menus but use it five times and you will be a pro! >> There is a Line-In recording function as well as a Mic-In recording.. For me, the Mic-In serves as a very good reminder function as well as any thoughts that might come in my mind and can be recorded for later perusal. >> It also has an FM radio.. Yea, it does.. :) >> The equaliser presets are fine but limited. I wish they had included a stereo-widening option as well since it would give a better quality sound on certain headphones. >> The battery life is great! >> It has a built-in USB connector... Built-in... No cables.. Just pop the cap and plug it in your PC.. And it supports mass storage so you can use it as you flash drive.. C'mon, its TRANSCEND after all... :) Personally, this device scores highly over an iPod... Sure, the packaged headphones are worthless if you are a music afficianado but plug in your favourite ones and it will explode with life... I recommend TekFusion's TwinWoofers since I have got excellent results with the combination! Transcend's MP330 is the best music companion you will ever have!

Apurv Inamdar 2 May, 2012



Flipkart Customer 15 Apr, 2012

Hi Online shoppers...

FlipKart services: No complainsâ?¦! Transcend MP330 4 GB MP3 Player : Pros: 1.Sound quality is good and the earphone considering the price. 2.The Battery life is good. Cons: 1.Processing in really slow. The taken to fetch the next song is really toooo much. 2.File browsing speed is ok (may be for the same reason). I recommend it if u have a little patients while handlingâ?¦

Jayacharan C 26 Mar, 2012

Must for all music lovers out there..

I ordered this product from flipkart and must say packaging was excellent,genuine & sealed... PROS: -lightweight & sexy design. -12 hr batter backup (long hours of music on the go). -awesome head phones(best with sony headsets). -sports clip (while jogging etc). -build quality and buttons are solid. -OLED display. -in line recording. -great file browser(easy to select when there are lot of songs). -5 equalizer settings. CONS:(NOT A DEAL BREAKER) -Takes some time to start the device. -display could have been a little bigger. -power button seems to be irritating while turning on the device (sometimes). VERDICT: its a must buy for all music lovers..highly recommended than philips go gear 2.

Atul Thejas K 8 Mar, 2012

Value for money

This product is total value for money - ups - good sound - great file navigation - wont get 4gb at this price - good design and responsive buttons - good battery life downs - not so great ear phones - well dont care as i got many - radio is not clear And special mention about flipkart - amazing service and super fast delivery - in just 2 days

Siddharth Gaur 6 Feb, 2012

Value For Money-Its a great buy.

Transcend is very trustworthy brand and Flipkart shipment was quick too. This player has easy to use functions/menu and very good sound quality. Only thing i did not like is the Headphones.They are very basic. I will recommend this product.

Niranjan Panse 22 Jan, 2012

Great MP3 player

First of all hats off to flipkart's service. Now the mp3 player is too good. It has a great look. Great Sound. And great connectivity & ease of use. Treble, Bass & Clarity of sound is good enough to hook you up for hours. The sound is crisp & gives a super music listening experience. The case is hardy. But the company should give a USB charger with the package. I am using my old micromax mobile usb charger to charge this. The player doesn't sort songs by album, artist name but it supports m3u playlist, which is pretty useful. And the quality of sound of the bundled headphone is pretty good. The bass is very good also and it gives a thump effect, but it doesn't fit in my ears, always loosens. I ordered a Philips headphone from flipkart to compensate this. Recommended for music lovers, but be ready to buy another headphone.

Neellohit Bose 18 Oct, 2011

Just the thing i want

I ama music freak my cellphone got busted and i dont have any device to listen to the music on the go and i also wanted a pen drive for so long so this is when it comes out right. A perfect mp3 player and pendrive's marriage. I am thinking of buying this prodcut and i muist also say flipkart provides best deal at a price thats impossible to have. So flipkart rocks.

Subhra Ranjan Patra 14 Oct, 2011

just awesome

i have been using it for a month now, its pretty good sound quality, best part being, earphones are not plugging types, its easy on ears and price is modest. refrain all ideas if u have any, strongly recommended product.


to rg666

@rg666 do the following to see songs in folder view, while playing a song, hold the menu button for 1 second, then you will get 2 options File Navigator and Playlists. Select File navigator and scroll up to go to previous folder etc.. See the manual for details. I own Mp330 4gb, except bass and bad fm recording quality everything is good in this player.

Chetan 3 Oct, 2011

Good Packing by Flipkart But headphone Quality Very Poor

the product looks awasome and the box packing done by flipkart awasome. it was packed wid proper air bags so that product wont get damaged. Good job. But quality of headphones is very very poor, I literally throughed those headphones in dustbin and using samsung corby 2 headphones with it and the music quality on this headphones is just amazing :)

Kedar Naik 1 Oct, 2011

Mp330 vs Gogear

Hi, I bought this a month back and here are my findings. I had a Philips GoGear earlier and when I had to buy new one, i thought of buying this for a change. (I found people giving good reviews also..!): 1) Data transfer rate is pretty slow from USB - Philips wins 2) Earphone they provide is just bakwas... I had to by one creative isolation earplug. Philips had provided a pretty decent one, though it was not an isolation plug. - Philips wins 3) When u connect it to USB potrt for charging, it stops playing music - Philips had 2 modes: - to play and charge, to transfer data and charge - Philips wins 4) I liked the UI provided by philips than this one 5) This one has 4 GB - Transend wins I had a GoGear mix which had 24 hour backup but now they don's sell that anymore so battery backup is around 12 hours for both... Hope this helps while making u r dcision

Amit Hegde 13 Jan, 2012

Mp3 Player with Brain

I bought this with high hope. Transcend MP3 player is simply superb in terms of FM, Voice Quality, Interface, Recording etc., The storage capacity is awesome. I created many sub folders for music and I find we can easily navigate for each Folders and select songs. Good Sound Quaity. Headset is good, since we can listen to music while riding without any disturbance and excluding outside noise, to an extent. Unable to leave it anywhere because really enjoying its company at home and in office too. The price is ultimate and no online site is offering for Rs.1900/-. Flipkart is simply superb and the product of Transcend is too impressive.

Bhashkar R 16 Sep, 2011


I got this product in 4 days. This mp3 player doesnt give you crystal clarity sound and clear bass,no thump effect.The earphones given with this mp3 player are worst,fit for nothing. Those who only think about price only should go for this product. It is better to go for apple ipod shuffle although it is double the price of this mp3 player. It has very slow access.The buttons on the player look like cheap buttons ,loose and gives a inferior quality plastic outlook . Earphones must be purchased extra with this player.Another disadvantage is this player doesnt have Playlist which is very important feature to be given , while providing mass storage of 4gb, every song should be forwarded to reach the desired song this is waste of time.

Kurumoju Ravi Teja Jagannadh 8 Nov, 2011

Mind-blowing purchase

The product is good. Recording sound is sometimes low . But it does the job. The other features are all good.

Mayuresh 8 Aug, 2018

Must buy!


Flipkart Customer 7 Jun, 2018


Super product

Flipkart Customer 20 May, 2018

Pretty good


de desin 19 Apr, 2018

Pretty good

Good buy.

Flipkart Customer 22 Oct, 2017

Mind-blowing purchase


Flipkart Customer 20 Oct, 2017



Flipkart Customer 2 Oct, 2017

Best in the market!

Superb!!! Amazing product. Sound is superb and battery life also amazing.????

sachin verma 1 Oct, 2017

Just wow!

Good product

RAJ 20 Sep, 2017

Great product

Life time worth use . Bought this and using since last 3 years.

Debasis Mohabhoi 19 Sep, 2017


A good piece with good volume.

KL Bhaskaran 17 Sep, 2017



Flipkart Customer 15 Sep, 2017

Three Stars

As a mp3 it's okay

Vinod Bishnoi 30 Jul, 2017

One Star

Actual cost of this product is written on its box as 2200 , but here they are charging more then 1k extra. Beside this mp3 is cool i will definitely give it 5 stars.

Tanishka Choudhary 27 Jul, 2017

Mind-blowing purchase


Vinay Vinnu 27 May, 2017

Could be way better

Clarity of sound is ok

Vasanthakumari Mohan 18 Apr, 2017

Pretty good

Good product from transcend... It has customize sound adjustment to suit your music with bass and treble...and many more... Won't regret buying it...

Flipkart Customer 26 Feb, 2017


Nice product

shikha katrolia 19 Jan, 2017


2 stars because you sent a pink one when I ordered for the white one. 4 stars for the music player..very easy to use and music quality is very good.

Rajiv Choudhary 28 Dec, 2016

Awesome player with super battery back up

Nice product got for Rs1000/- deal.

Anudeep Budankayala 4 Nov, 2016

Really Nice


jakir Hussain 28 Oct, 2016


Original music player

M.VINOTH KUMAR 22 Oct, 2016


Good Mp3 player use any other gud headphone for absolute effect of this device

Asharaf k 14 Oct, 2016

nice ipod

Awesome product thanks to flipkart

Flipkart Customer 7 Aug, 2016

awsm product worth price

I have been using this product since 8 months and frankly speaking this is way too gud ... I feel like for me 8gb seems to b less ... Over all performance superub battery backup is just out standing only problem with this is it takes time to change the song if it is totally full

muniba syed 11 Jun, 2016


Long lasting!!!! I din found any problem yet!!!!!Cheap and best .....if u hve sumother earphones really it'll b awsum

Vishnuvarthan B 3 Jun, 2016

Sound is low, navigation is difficult

The sound is low and the supplementary earphones are poor in quality. The battery life is impressive. Navigation is a bit tiresome. Auto turn off feature needs to be activated from out side the music menu. Yet the product is a good purchase because considering 8GB storage, very few mp3 players are available in this price range. I had a Phillips player whose navigation and interface were much much better.

Abir 11 Mar, 2016

Low quality volume on all MP3 Files

I have brought this product two month back.Currently the problem is low volume on all mp3 files. It is producing good sound on FM radio with the same headphone. Now i was trying get the warranty of this ,but there is no customer care number for this. I have registered in their site but still no response from them. If anybody know how to get it replaced please let me know.

syamji 4 Jun, 2015


I have bought it from flipkart , very timingly delivery,and more over the product is very awesome. You can connect it directly to your Output device thru wire for line recording,so that outside noise is not recorded ,Thumpsup to this product

ANUJ AGARWAL 25 Mar, 2015


The device works prety fast and the storage of 8 gb is pretty good and the specifications look good . We can also hear F.M radio and can record voice in this device which is a good thing. the playback settings are good and the price is also mean. But lyrics arent be played in this device which i have noticed and excluding that overall this device is pretty good device. Overall ratingn3.0/5

Radhe shyam 12 Dec, 2014

Mr. Dependable

I've been using it for some months now, and it is good to know that I have with me a music player that has plenty of songs(8GB), and has a great battery life that i can listen to anywhere i want. It produces great sound and you can just plug in your headphones and listen to a lot of songs in a single go. Custom equalizer setting available, recording option available, option to display lyrics on screen is also there but i haven't tried yet. All in all a good MP3 player. Don't rely on the earphones that come with it, they are just test dummy, horrible sound, buy a good pair of headphones separately.

Shagun Sharma 9 Dec, 2014

bought today,,good but in terms of build quality its very cheap

everything is working fine,, i have soundmagic es18 earphone before hand only,, only problem is its build,, its very cheap ,, i hope it doesnt open up someday,, ha ha ha,,trust me if you want good mp3 ,, this is the one,, you should try!

Aditya deb Banik 19 Nov, 2014

Really worth Buying!!

Well firstly, hats off to Flipkart for their consistent delivery before stipulated time. Now lets come to the product..well to say the least, its really really wonderful...easy connectivity to PC, playing all the versions of the songs & very very easy to operate..even for old people(bought this as a retiremement gift for my father's friend).....the only con that I found was the headphones were not equipped with ear buds...that's a downer coz every headphone nowadays has that...other than that...I'm more than happy with the allover performance....

Anirban Samanta 15 Aug, 2014

Amazing product in its range..

I have presented this to my sister as her B'Day gift. She was very happy. The Sound quality is awesome and I'm loving it..

MCN 12 Aug, 2014

For the amount you pay it's great!

This is the bomb! Only problem with it is that for safety reasons the default volume is really low so you'll need to use headphones/earphones with a decent driver or you could just fiddle with the equilizer to try and increase the overall volume! But it's worth the money!

arsh shaikh 22 Jun, 2014


this is the best portable music player available both in terms of cost and functionality.....and the display is very helpful.buying from brands such as apple and cowan with no display is a waste of money. pros 1.good battery 2.portable 3.display 4.good build quality 5.normal sound quality cons 1.Use in car is difficult because of its size. 2.inbox earphone are bad..and hurt the ear.

roni 8 Jun, 2014

No Product like this one.

One of the most fine music players ever I have seen. Just update the latest software from net. You can use it as a pen drive. Headphones were also good. Please do enquire about service centres before buying. Never stuff it completely with songs. It may make it a bit slow. I even used it as a mini flashlight using the contrast button settings Best sound quality. You may damage your ears at full sound

Faiz Imam 9 May, 2014

nice but high in cost...

It has good features playlist, good looking and simple, fm was nice, can use it as usb, one bad thing was backup was not nice just ok, but given earphones was very very baddd,


Nice Budget Mp3 Player

Good 1. good capacity. the usb connectivity should have been better. i feel its feeble. it should have got a mini or micro usb port to be connected using an usb cable. also i find the battery backup very low. charger should have been included. my verdict:go for it if you are tight on the budget else choose from better brands live creative,sony and apple.

Siddarth G 9 Mar, 2014

handy, cheap, worth of everything

bought it for my mom ... she uses it everyday without any trouble... the sound quality of the earphone is not that great with the provided earphones .. but okay if u buy a good headphone with it.. surprisingly it has two audio output.. all in all ... its worth of the money

pinaki Roy 5 Mar, 2014

I gifted this to my husband & he luvd it & vry happy using it. Colour is different & unique and easily recognisable, has huge capacity to store songs.

Manali Mirashi 4 Mar, 2014

Awesome Awesome

This is the best product I have ever used.Best of the best, so portable, cool looks , 8gb memory large enough to store our favourite songs,It was my first product which I have bought from Flipkart,since then I became a big fan and regular customer of Flipkart.So many times, Flipkart has proved that they are the best.Very honest, professional,trusted,reliable online store.It becomes my habit to buy from it. Transcend MP330 8 GB MP3 Player is the best mp3 player.

Aditi Chawla 27 Feb, 2014

Good Product.

Thanks Flipkart, for delivering the Quality. Always remember, If you keep delivering Quality, people would always want to Come back.

Vivek Sarma R 22 Feb, 2014


Price is more than the product quality. You can say that this is an average product. If you go with the other one then this will be a good thing.

Sachin Thakur 10 Feb, 2014

A Good product

The product is good, The player comes with FM radio and recorder, The sound quality is good, However you may not feel the sound with the transcend earphones, so it is better to go for some standard headphones.( I used a skull candy and my experience was just WOOOOWWWWWW).

Dinesh Kumar 27 Jan, 2014

Value for money and durable mp3 player

Bought this MP3 player in September 2012, and it has lived up to expectations. My usage is daily 1 hour while jogging, and i needed a simple player with capability of holding about 300-400 fast tempo songs and with a clip on for pocket or waist. The combined headphones are of good quality but not suitable for jogging as they pop out continuously, hence have been using this player with my in-ear headphones made by other manufacturer. Volume and song selection control are easy to use while jogging without needing to look at the player screen. Battery life is also good as it lasts 5-6 sessions of 1 hour each without needing a charge, even after 1.5 years of use. It has carried me through two half-marathons and has far outlived its expected usability. Totally a value for money and durable product. Happy with it.

Kushal Borlikar 25 Jan, 2014

no charger included

the product is okay. it does what its supposed to do. music quality is not bad. the deal breaker is that they do not include a charger. i had bought this for my mother. since she does not have a computer, she cant charge'it. u need to buy a charger separately.

Anish thomas 15 Dec, 2013

Good MP-3 Player

This is very good mp-3 player. especially when you need to record a programme from FM. I use it frequently and have no problem since last 06 months. Battery is also good. One thing about this device is different from Sony and other brand is that this device has Line-in recording while the other have not. I Like it very much. Another thing is that my device has lost hold button. I deposited it to the service provider and they replaced it with 08 GB Model as the 04 GB model was shorted. However it taken six month but after all they give me new device without any cost.

SVS Kundu 20 Nov, 2013

Awesome purchase

This purchase proved me worth. I got it almost 1.5 years back, still it was running smoothly. headpieces are not good so i used Samsung galaxy's headpieces which gave a new level of music. unfortunately last week my mp3 player dipped in cold drink i tried many things but its not getting on. when i connect to PC its working but not getting on by button pls help if someone can. rest this one is worth purchasing

Krishanu Nandan 11 Nov, 2013

Poor product

After one year of use the battery doesn't last for an hour, in spite of charging it full. I do not recommend this product.

Dipanjan Paul 30 Oct, 2013

Simply awesome!!!!

I've been using this product since last two years and I find it pretty amazing for the price I paid. Pros: 1. Easy to use with its navigation keys. 2. Battery last long for 14-15 hours even with continuous use. 3. Sound output with good headphones is quite cool 4. Radio and recording functions are quite a handy tools! 5. great packaging. Cons: 1. One and only con is poor headphones in the box. Regards, DJ

Deepak Jain 25 Oct, 2013

Good one...

Its good player for who don't use smartphones... Received this within expected time from Flipkart with good package. The stock earphone sucks, Dont worry for all Transcend players he will provide same earphones, I tried with ear bud headset of my LG Optimus G, It was awesome experience... :-) This player is giving better output, But we need to have good headphones to get it... Tried FM, its receiving signals very good even inside home too... The latest firmware is v3.16(u can download from transcend website and update its firmware to get new features).

Praveen Gull 25 Oct, 2013

Disappointed.. keys get stuck

Have been using this product for more than 2 years now and finally decided to write a review on this. This device was OK for very few months before the navigation keys would either simply not work or it would mess up the volume. The keys get stuck and switching on the device requires a lifetime of an effort. I am now using this device only as a pen drive. Disappointed bigtime, since I have used Transcend T.sonic 610 (2gb) before this which I bought about 8 years ago and it still rocks! This is probably one of the worthless models from Transcend among many of their successful products.

Anu 20 Oct, 2013

Transcend MP330

the product is good ,i thank Flip kart for its delivery services . overall what i fell about this mp3 player is really good, the music is good .if you want to bring on of these then bring a black color ,this is the color which will protect it from getting dirty..

suraj behera 20 Oct, 2013

Great Product!!!!

I bought this product from flipkart about a year ago. Believe me the product is worth its cost. exceptional sound quality and durability.

ANISH ALI%20SARKAR 1 Oct, 2013


bought this more than 15 months ago from flipkart and its working great!! has a cool sleek look..holds so many songs that i am not even attempting to count..radio reception is beyond any praise..and sound quality is to die for!! the ear-phones have a very long cord, and the ear-buds are quite comfortable.. one of the best things i love about my mp3 player is that its battery is amazing, -can go on for 12 hrs straight (as flipkart says) if you only listen to your playlist..when the radio is turned on it works for less than that though..but takes an amazingly short time for recharging the battery.. i am very happy with this product.. :-)

Promita Das 18 Sep, 2013

Good one

Purchased the item and it was surprisingly delivered on the next day..with COD. the item is well packed as usual. everything looks good and the player is working perfectly. instead of : 1) the ear piece is very large and making pain to the ear if listening more than a hour (as i preferred the earphone with bud) 2) As i am listening FM daily feels the MP3 max volume is very less as compared to the FM . Else the mp3 player works great.

Bidesi Gauda 21 Aug, 2013

very low sound... waste

I got mp3 player last week flipkart... flipkart delivery s good... the product is very waste... head phones are worst... very low volume... Previously I was having a transcend ... by tat conditions

Nirmal 27 Jul, 2013


Not happy with MP330. The quality of audio playback is OK, but the recording be it line in or through internal mic is not up to the mark. The feature of recording (line in or internal mic) in Transcend 630 was much better with much more customizations. Also slow in response through device itself or as pen-drive. some times it did not switch on but when we try after few minutes it switches on. I purchased MP330 as my T630 was got damaged. Got it replaced within 30 days as i thought the problem with the piece but same thing was there with the other one. I sincerely thank FLIPKART as without any delay they replaced the MP3 Player within 2 days

Maruti Bhargava 13 Jun, 2013


It's v.good for this price. Earphone is okay, if you want more bass and better sound you can buy an another earphone. Bought it from the flipkart and got it in 2 days. Excellent service + packing. Go for it.

Nirav 6 Jun, 2013

Totally worth the money

Sad to see this item has been discontinued by Flipkart. But this review will help in case they decide to continue it in the future. I would say the product is definitely worth the money. Excellent battery backup, excellent recording quality & good sound quality. It provides quite a few features for a device this size. Just go through the manual. And whats more, you can use it as a pen drive too. Only negative i feel is the earphone they provide with the [layer. But now a days almost everyone has a spare earphone lying somewhere, so I feel this shouldn't be a problem. I would definitely recommend this product.


Transcend MP330 8GB MP3 Player

I bought this item purely to use for the small size and the fact that it had line in to record with. All of the specs made this perfect for what I needed it for. I didn't try out the playing side of it or the built in mic so can't comment on those parts. This records at best 64kps WAV format. If you know anything about quality then you know the best that you can get is 320kps which is normally what you hear these days. I wasn't expecting 320kps or perfect quality but if I had know this before hand I wouldn't have bought it. 64kps is nowhere near good enough for me so I will be returning it.

sharad kumar 29 May, 2013

Excellent Product, Multi-purpose, Value for Money!!!

I have been using this product since last 2 years and I must say it has given me an awesome performance. Sound quality is good, can play most of the audio formats, battery backup is great, radio connection good and a whole lots of other options like repeat, shuffle etc. I use it in my gym as it is very light weight and in my car through an AUX Cable. This is really an all-rounder product with great value for money...

Vikas Sharma 7 May, 2013

Good Choice

I bought this in flipkart a year back.Except for earphone and navigation problems.This mp3 player is a good one.It is the worth the money you spend.Battery time is also good. I recommend it.They delivered the product within 3 days of purchase but only thing i paid online and they delivered to my security when my mom was present in my house.

Uma Chandrasekaran 5 Apr, 2013

one of my best buys from Flipkart

I enjoy listening to music till late night and since using speakers is definitely not an option say at 2am, this is my perfect companion. The battery lasts for at least a couple of days. The audio quality is PERFECT and the storage space of 4GB allows me to keep a lot of stuff, from music to audio tapes on it. At 1600 bucks this is a superlative product. Go for it:)

Mala Roy 3 Feb, 2013

Start up time is too high

It takes long time to start up after switching ON the device. It is unacceptable for such a small device (No windows OS inside this device that takes hell lot of time). device should be ready in less than 5 secs or so. This helps us to start recording immediately after switching ON. Hope Transcend will update their software for this.

Mahesha 7 Dec, 2012

Worth a buy :)

What a product .!! Pros : Good battery backup. I used it for almost a week and it still has battery left. Easy to use too. Cons: Headphones are not that good. Better for Creative or Sony earphones Flipkart service is , as usual , awesome..!!!!

Praneeth Bobba 2 Dec, 2012

mp330 is economical

If you are looking for an mp3 player which comes within your budget then just go for it. It looks pretty decent. Sound quality is also good. i would say it is better than Sony. And it will be delivered to you on time by Flipkart as usual.

Nabamita Ghosh 21 Nov, 2012

Unhappy !!

I have bought this product few months back and suddenly it stopped working. Also, the head phones are of bad quality. I am trying to replace this but looks like its a lengthy process. I have previously used Sandisk and it was the best.

Krishna Chaitanya 8 Nov, 2012


man this a great MP3 player indeed for a so less cost...if u lokin for a mp3 player and don't want to spend loads on apple's ipod..this is a great option.......Actually i jst bought this because i wanted music to be with me while i am joging or at the gym......well the final verdict is that this is good enough..

Aayush Patel 7 Nov, 2012

not 2 boast of this but a best mp3 player

since this is my 1st mp3 player,i found it a cut above the others.i went thru sony,philips,they are really no match 2 dis.its sound quality is superb.it can only b compared 2 ipod.at such a price its a must grab gadget.while im on the go i have my music on the go.it never made me upset of its powerful cell capability.i really feel good dat i made a good choice.not 2 forget its recording capabilities,its better when you are through radio and u want to record the stuff in it.now u never miss ur favorite music on the go.well u have to master dis gadget which at first will b a bit messy but u will b used to it, now its your call.

siddhartha chandan dash 4 Nov, 2012

Obviously a must buy!!

I recently ordered and got the mp3 player.It is just fabulous. The screen display is very catchy and cool.Though, at a first go, it will take time to adjust with the controls, but u will get used to it. Sound is quite good, though I wont say excellent. It does all the work of a pen drive, a fm radio and a voice recorder. The design is sleek and the sport clip does all the work while on go. At 2295 rs, this is a must buy for any music lover who don't afford to buy ipods..

Anirban Nath 4 Oct, 2012


wowwwwwwwww............ this is what this tiny player is. & else what everything an mp3 player should have, it has like amazing sq, equalizers, bass, treble and everything. only sony lovers should not satisfy with this coz budy sony is sony, and noone can beat it when it comes to quality on every aspect. but I can definitely say to Philips, BEWARE. This player can easily beat philips gogear seires. so, waiting for an mp3 player with awesome features, then go for it. and last but not least, flipkart thank you for continuing your delivery in Bareilly again.

Deep Verma 26 Sep, 2012

Best mp3 player!!

Best mp3 player at affordable price...received it within 2 days of ordering!!...change the equilizer settings for best results with the given headphones...battery backup is not a prob....change the screen saver to blank and turn off lyrics sync for long battery life...

Rahul Ananth 15 Aug, 2012

Very GOOD!!!

This mp3 player is just AMAZING for the price at which its given. The sound quality is really good and the battery too lasts long enough and the delivery from the flipkart guys was real quick one. Dint expect it to be delivered that quick. All in all a very good buy.

Sandeep Shinge 1 Aug, 2012

Good but has issues for sure

Price wise, it sure has got the punch at the bucks it demands. But there are certain issues with one month use or so. Like it wont switch ON...after 10 trials it would finally. Sometimes, songs would not fast forward... Battery life is decent... Anyways dont expect any performance comparisons with Apple,SONY or the likes.

Dwaipayan Pradhan 1 Aug, 2012

Awesome player :):)

I bought this 1 yr ago for my dad, although I am using it most of the time :p Its really awesome, compact & very cheap for its 4GB. Sound quality is good & the charges last for an entire day or so. Worth its money & an awesome product for outdoor trips, hiking or jogging, its too resilient. Totally worth the money :>:)

Dr. Pon Malar 30 Jul, 2012

Not bad

I would say that its sound qulaity is not good. but battery life is good.. withsatnds for atleast a week without recharging it again.Gets stuck very often , while changing songs. Overall nt really A good choice of buy.

Mars 17 Jul, 2012

I m Haapy With That

Friends I ordered it one evening at 5pm and I got it a day after tomorrow. Very good service and packaging. If I say about the player, I liked it a lot except the earphones...as it may make u feel look line a china Earphone..though they sounds well ....I am very much impressed by its voice recording quality.The device has a good noise reduction quality. The sound is quite soft so if you are looking for a heavy bass like sound...this is not the one you should prefer but if u like soft sounds than its made for you only. The device is also available in white color which looks awesome,so search for white one if u can find it out..

Ankit Kulkarni 15 Jul, 2012


WOW to flipkart and its delivery u are great as usual Coming to the product Even i was confused at first between the PHILIPS Go Gear 2 GB and this product.Because when compared to this philips has its brand name and beautiful and stylish looks, But after a lot of research i preferred this product coz im gettin an additional 2gb for nearly same cost,And i personally read it from the reviews of flipkart that its a better choice than philips and they were right. Without any second thought go for it.U will never regret it

krishna tej 11 Jul, 2012

m lovin it

this my very first mp3 player and im very satisfied with it.the best thin bout this is the folder navigation option it lets you get the song you want in a few seconds.this device is also very easy to use.a good pair of headphones would make this player be the best in the world...can anyone believe my luck i got the last product (guessin it was the last product availible) jus before it ran out of stock...must buy

Omkar Pai 10 Jul, 2012

"BEST MP3 PLAYER in '1000-2000'Rs RANGE.! "keep it up Transcend


jigar dave 10 Jul, 2012

class product worth each rupees close ur eyes nd buy it

really amazing mp3 player to buy nd the cheapest mp3 player worth every rupee 2500 rupees 8gb player is not a joke only thing is that you should change the earphones as the earphones is not that good with sennheiser earphones player rocks like anything max volume should have been a bit more but adorable really excellent mp3 player close your eyes nd buy it

Abhradeep Saha 8 Jul, 2012

value for money

low cost 4gb mp3 player runnin is great. nice sound quality but if you want more change to some high performance headphones. good battery back up. few of things i dont like is a bit long startup/shutdown time. also keys are a bit difficult to operate while riding on a bike perhaps same problems with other mp3 players too. software ugradation is easy download from site about 10MB but before update back up data.also always safely remove frm PC.

Kuldip Das 4 Jul, 2012

Excellent MP3 Player

MP330 from Transcend is pretty good. I have been using it for the last one month. Simple to operate and good features including FM radio. Sound quality is good.Better with Panasonic RP-HJE120E-A Headphone.Battery charge comfortably lasts for over 4 hours. As such I am very happy I purchased this Player. Good value for money. Flipkart delivered the product in less than 48hours!

M.Jayasankar 3 Jul, 2012

Awesome Product...

Hey everyone. Dont just waste your time in reading all the reviews before purchasing it. I have done that work for you. I have got the product from Flipkart. Its perfect. Its a bit low on Bass for music lovers. But at this price its really perfect. In reliance digital store, the price is 40% more. So just order this product right away without any second thoughts.

nagacharan teja 1 Jul, 2012

Satisfactory product!!!!!!

Really nice product from transcend. User friendly interface and bright screen. Unlike any other company's mp3 player only this model gives you 4gb memory at this cost, which is the primary reason for buying this device. All though I would have been more satisfied if I had got an separate charging system for charging. Now I have to either switch on my PC or Laptop to charge it via USB, which is neither convenient nor fast. The drag and drop facility is also great for my mom to add music in this device!! Sound is simply great for both the ear piece and if you connect to a big speaker. You can also connect to a line in for playing the tracks in your car!!! :) Overall its simply a great product and very stylish and pleasing to the eye!! :)

Rup Choudhury 28 Jun, 2012

good product

I bought this product after losing my two SONY MP3 players, and don't want to lose a costly player for the third time. When the first song i heard on this player.. i was a bit disappoited..but later on i plugged in my samsung/sony headphones, it worked fine.. 1. Good product with bad headphones. 2. Replace the headphones with the one u have. 3. Great product at this cost.

Abhilasha Mandeliya 23 Jun, 2012

Cute Pink piece

The Transcend product is very handy and especially if you are goin for walk/Jog. Its light and has 4GB capacity which can handle lot many songs. The white display is clear and the shuffling part of songs is added advantage. The sound quality is also nice. The only drawback are the headphones which come with the product they are useless and you have to get your own from market. But this product is way to better then the I-pod shuffle which is very pricey and has no screen to view your songs. I would recommend to buy the product its a good deal

Gouri 19 Jun, 2012


I like this product very much. The product was delivered in a very nice manner in package vice and prompt delivery. The music player is very nice in quality. It supports all formats like mp3, FLAC, etc.

HARI PRASATH 18 Jun, 2012

Not that great

I bought MP3 player 2 weeks back..Product is OK not that great. FM tuner is quite ordinary and headphone sucks ...FM tuning is very tedious and sound quality is OK. I would suggest to try out this player before making a bug.

Ajay Singh 14 Jun, 2012

One Word : Awesome !!

Just had one day with this MP3 but still its the best! *Cons Looks 5/5 : Looks nice and sleek Screen 5/5 : it may be just 1 inch but its so nice and tiny UI 5/5 : While reading reviews people said that it takes some time to learn it, but it took me just 10 mins to master it Storage 5/5 : It say 4GB but usable is 3.80GB (I hardly used 800MB till now) FM 5/5 : Its so tiny, yet its got FM! and that its got all good channels preset Battery 5/5 : Just connected it to my comp for 10 mins but even after 2 hours of usage its got full battery(pretty awesome battery) Other things : Also displays Time and Date, Also you can record with this device *Cons The only con i found was that buttons are bit hard to press (not a big issue though) I am using this with "Skullcandy S2DUDZ-083 In-the-ear Headphone" and its just so awesome, my volume is just at 2 but still its loud enough for me I would say this is the perfect MP3 at this price

Taher Vasowala 13 Jun, 2012

I ordered this player mainly for my gym sessions. A very lighweight, compact player. Great stuff. The headset is not that great when it comes to music. Good product for this price. Never mind, i was anyways planning to get a Sony In-Ear headset for this.

Suganya Vellaisamy 11 Jun, 2012


Really cool mp3 player this. I brought this for my father, eho is 61. He has no problems using this device from which one can probably infer it's ease of use.

Sonik Velingkar 10 Jun, 2012


I purchased Transcend MP330 today on 10th of june and fount it better than Apple ipod suffel it has some amazing features like 1. Equalizer 2. play speed 3. Lyrics sync 4. Sleep timer 5. different language setting After so much of research there is only 2 drawbacks that i was able to find 1. You Cant delete a song form the player itself 2. It hangs while pressing the next button while swaping the songs (like you are on "a" and you wish to go on "g" then you have to press the next button for a long time at that time it hangs ) but there is a solution for it you can reset your player... there fore 4.5 stars to this amazing player

Ashish Singh 10 Jun, 2012

Amazing Product with low price

Great Product Low price fast & Good very Super Sound. Quality Sound,Average Quality Headphone. 2 Mb data transfer speed in Windows 7. 4 GB is enough to store up to 1000 songs.So its a user friendly product.

karthik krishna baiju 6 Jun, 2012

Worth for cost

Positives : Got the package in three days from the date of order.its clip is really a plus to it... battery back up is awesome. it stands up to 14 hours.. FM preset is very easy to use and useful.. equalizer is working good.. Negatives : It taking few sec of time to go to next song while in shuffle mode. And as mentioned in audio supported formats its not supporting FLAC format. it would be much better if the headphones in covered up with sponge material(since ear pain comes while using for long time).

Praveen Kumar J 6 Jun, 2012

A Wonderful Experience!!

Firstly, I got this product delivered in a day. That was simply amazing. Secondly, about the player itself. The form factor of the product is like a slightly oversized pen-drive. The miniature display is good, with great visibility both in darkness and in the sunlight. The audio quality is EXCELLENT, though I would recommend using an alternate set of earphones/headphones. The control buttons are responsive if you are gentle enough with it. As soon as you start increasing your speed of navigation, the UI begins to lag a little - not a lot, maybe by a half a second or so. Audio - 5/5 File Transfer - 5/5 UI - 3/5 Navigation - 4/5 Earphones - 2/5

Rahul Nair 6 Jun, 2012

Best for its price

Hmm.. lets see what can i say This product is simply good!! The audio clarity is awesome and the lyrics also sync perfectly with the songs .

Princy Isaac 2 Jun, 2012


i bought this last weeek & charged that time but still im usin this really excellent battery backup(13 hrs). sound quality is wow. but pls throw out the earphone which they re providing with player. im using Creative EP-630 earphone , which is more comfortable for me . one word go for it ....

Santhosh Kumar 1 Jun, 2012


Hi guyz, I bought this player recenlty and the Flipkart delivered the same in 3 days. The player is cool with a great sound quality. I suggest to go with this player withoug thinking of any other option.

Rajesh Murthy 30 May, 2012

Transcend MP330 4 GB MP3 Player

First of all, thanx to FlipKart to delivered this product with in 2 days. Sound quality is superb as compaired to other Mp3 players which I had used. Its very slick in size and stylish in look. If u search the same item in other online merchant stores, u need to pay Rs.100-200 more. I must say overall it is superb product... It is definitely pick item..everyone should purchase the same.

Nilesh Lonkar 28 May, 2012


I ordered this player while i was in my friends home. flipkart delivered this product to my home in less than 2 days(in 46 hours only). ABOUT PLAYER: Battery: Battery backup is amazing no need to worry about Display & Navigation: Display will be in 2-LINE But navigation between folders and main menu will be difficult. lyrics Support feature:About 90% of my playlist contains English so i feel trouble in understanding some songs thanks to this feature. Infact this feature is 70% accuracy only.You cannot view if it is a long sentence till end Software Update & Warranty:This player initially comes with ""V2.10"" you can update it to ""V2.13"" by downloading it from official site For warranty you have to register in transcend site by using S/N that you will find it in Player or on the Box

Hara Gopal 27 May, 2012

Awesome and Cheap

Very good player.Bought recently. The sound quality is very good. The product is very easy to handle. The file navigation system is great. You can navigate file while listening to a song. The REPEAT feature is very good. Sound capture quality is also good. In short its a MUST BUY PRODUCT.

Paramjeet Ganguly 23 May, 2012

Go for it

I bought this a couple of months ago. It's my 1st MP3 player. I would really recommend it. Pros: Easy to use. Good sound with right headphones. Looks great. Recording is good quality too. Ample storage. You can create different folders instead of playlists. I find the auto switch off timer option very handy. Cons: Earphone provided is pretty bad. Sound is bad & they slip off. Summary: I bought new earphones (Rs. 400) & it's great now.

Dipanwita Saha 22 May, 2012

Worth the money! totally!

I received it within 2days, thanks to Flipkart. Hands down amazing service!i was so excited to get it and it totally lived up to my expectation! Amazing sleek design, wen u start up u r greeted with cute music notes. M still exploring it.. the sound system is good and of course like other people have already told, the earphones are crappy but i already had Panasonic earphones which also i got from flipkart, now i have complete package! My advice.. looking for reasonable, lasting mp3.. Go for it!

Lopa 16 May, 2012

Good in this range

I ordered this product on 6th May 12, 12:09 A.M and I received it on 9th May 12, 2.00 PM. This is the best Mp3 player i this range. Very good sound, nice display.earphone would be better. There is no charger with it, so you have to charge it with USB. The worst thing about this product is that there is no service center here in jaipur till 9th May 12:( .

Ankit Maini 15 May, 2012

A Useful Product from Transcend

A handy device with lots of useful functions such as usb flash drive, music player, radio, and the out standing in-line recording and voice recording options. Pros: 1. Small and light weight. 2. FLAC support. 3. Easy to use buttons and menus. 4. Out standing in-line recording and voice recording options. 5. The FM radio works well. Cons: 1. Buggy firmware. 2 The recording is only avaliable in wave format which means you'll need a convertor software to change it into mp3 or wma if prefer 3. Sometimes the buttons are not responsive. 4. Sometimes hangs. 5. Battery life not so great. 6. Sound quality average for this type of device. Anyway, it does exactly what it says it does and very well at that. Highly recommended.

Sandhu S 15 May, 2012

Pocket Size Powerhouse

Guys!! I am using this MP3 Player from last 2 months and its working above my expectation. Not only while walking but otherwise also i use it regularly. Excellent battery back up,Fantastic sound quality with different sound controls and playlist option. i can rate it 5 out of 5 Worth Buying.. :)

shruti 12 May, 2012

Greater than expectations

i never would have thought that there could be so many features at this price. the main thing i like is the convenience to use...no worrying of the trouble of manually clicking the next button to go from one song to another located away in the folder. such good convenience in fm too.. superb...product

Soham De 11 May, 2012

A very good music player

It's really a value for money player. The max volume of the player could have been a bit high, though the sound quality is as good as other branded music players. I have replaced the ear phone of the player with Philips SHE1360/97 Headphone, which costs 150/- more and considerable difference in quality of sound. Another difference what I observed is, albums are not sorted alphabetically. Not sure why. Overall it's above average

Sriharsha G 10 May, 2012

Earphones are crap.

Crap earphones....Sound quality is worst........lot of sound from earphones and the quality is bad....not recommended for anyone who genuinely loves music as the experience is bad..........Not recommended

Abbas Mithaiwala 2 May, 2012


I purchased this product for presentation to my daughter. She liked the product. Happy with the product. Timely delivery of the Flipkart helped me in delivering to her on her visit. If it has memory card slot also on this will be further good.

RY Seshan 30 Apr, 2012

Full paisa wasool

The best mp3 player under rs.2000. sound quality is decent, earphones provided are not very comfortable though!! also it supports flac format :) i would recommend it if you are looking for a good low budget mp3 player!!

akash prasad 29 Apr, 2012


I got this a couple of Years back in my birthday not from flipkart..!! nd i m using it till now [like 3yrs].. it is a pretty good mp3 player.. clearly better than Zebronics stuff at this range.. bt the 5-key system in the middle are hideous.. Sometimes i press next , the volume starts increasing.. this is the only problem i have faced with this product.. PRO Pretty decent mp3-palyer at this range CONS 5-key problem.. key will be compromised after using 1 yr or so. charge last upto 8-10 hours.[that is not so good] you have to buy usb charger or use computer every tym ur using it..!!! i would say save some money and go for better..!!!

Jayanta Patra 23 Apr, 2012

not bad...but earphones are crap..!!

i received this gadget few hours ago.sound is ok but the ear phones are crap...the one we get with a 70 bucks radio player...my advice is if u want to buy this mp3 player then also get a new pair of earphones

Amit Nehra 19 Apr, 2012

Transcend MP3 30 4GB mp3 player

Very good product at this price, Pros: Recording quality is very good for the students to record the lessons and listen. Line in feature is really great, I have been recording live music concerts. The shape is convenient and gives a feel of a pen drive in the procket. Cons: Headphones are to be upgraded It needs an amplifier for a loudspeaker output, The USB male pin is delicate. Best bye for the Budget people.

STP RAGHUNATH 18 Apr, 2012

Player is good, but song navigation is poor.

player is good. (max sound a little low, but you don't need that much anyway) But problem is in song navigation. It feels like one can be better without Display Menu in it. Like a micromax phone; it updates all the songs from all folders in one list. Anyway player is light and fine.

Vivekanand Dwivedi 15 Apr, 2012

Awesome product

I have been using this player and its working very good. Its battery life is pretty good and the quality of sound is above the bar, having folder navigation is more feature and fm is also fine. I would recommend this to music lovers...

Ramadheni Narender 13 Apr, 2012

Good budget MP3 player

This is my first MP3 player, and I have been using it over 1 month now. First a word about Flipkart service, 'superb', in time, well packaged, well serviced. Now about the player, it looks good, even good to flaunt(ok not like the ipod but still :) )..feature rich..it packs a mp3 player+FM radio+voice recorder+FM recorder...playlist option etc etc. You can also lock the screen, comes handy in crowded buses. FM reception is good not great, lot like we get in our cellphones, standby time is less than 8 hours , I get around 4-5 hours. Though sound quality is satisfactory, it could have bundled some better earphones, or you can buy one ;) Overall I would recommend this player considering the price, looks and features


very good mp3 player

i am using this product since last couple of days... it has awesome display... beside fm radio and voice recorder, it also has line in recording...which is a welcome add on.. regarding sound quality, the supplied earphone is a crap..replace it with a sony earphone and it rocks!! a great value for money product and good build quality also.

saikat bhattacharyya 10 Apr, 2012

Awesome !!!

I got this MP3 player as agift from my closedst friend. I am a music buff & listen to music most of the time. This is the best gift for a person like me. The player is good, sound quality is awesome. Capacity is more than sufficient. All in all a good product to hang around with.

Prodyut Paul 30 Mar, 2012

good mp3 at this price

I am using this mini miracle digital music MP3 player and is superb.Its working smooth n properly.I liked this black n sleek body player and its design,you can clip it or keep in your pocket. pros: Good sound quality Adjustable sleeptimer is a superb feature Cons: Battery life average Earphones are cheap quality Takes some time to start Display could have been a little bigger. overall a nice MP3 player from trascend at such a cost.Thanks to flipkart for such a good service.

milind mane 25 Mar, 2012




Excellent device at lowest price

Transcend MP330 is an Excellent device at cheap price. Previously I had Samsung YP-U2 MP3 digital audio player and its cost is very high. Features almost same. Transcend MP330 has additional features like display of date & time & line in recording, but Its display height is small. Overall ,Transcend MP330 player is good in all aspect. I recommend you to buy Transcend Mp330 at the price than other available brand.

Anirban Mondal 23 Mar, 2012

Value for money product

I have given this 4 stars because the feedback of keys is not up to the mark, write speed is only 2MB/s and there is no option to expand the memory . The good points are : the karaoke system is awesome. FM with recording also impresses Now how to create karaoke file (.lrc) 1. find lyrics online and copy it in txt file 2. download divx media subtitler ( freeware) 3. open mp3 and txt file in media subtitler and set it to sync 4. save the end file as .lrc and rename it as the song name is 5. copy in the same directory as of song and you are good to go

Rajshekhar Sirimala 22 Mar, 2012

Apt for the price

Recently bought this Mp3 player from flipkart and really loving it. Needed one which was small and handy for my jogging needs. Can't get a better one for the storage and display that it provides. Nothing to complain but could be quipped with better headfones.

mrik 17 Mar, 2012

GOOD ONE.........

flipkart service is very fast with in four days i got my pm3 player , that is very less compared other sites pros: good sound quality earphone is average cons: battery life average transfer speed is slow

kamlesh singh 16 Mar, 2012

A wonderful player

This product is good as a gift especially for girls (as I bought a Pink player). The sound quality is amazing and the bass is really good. Some of the other good features are high sound and connectivity. Overall, good product at this price.

Rohit Dassani 14 Mar, 2012

very very amazing sound by using philips earphone...!!!

hello guys..!!! this mp3 player is superb in all its features. the price of this which is providing by flipkart is also amazing because the same mp3 player i saw with the higher price in showroom. the service of flipkart is also very very good, i ordered this on saturday and got it on tuesday with my option and my choice. if you want very high sound then try to use philips earphone with device..!!!

PAWAN%20KUMAR 8125 14 Mar, 2012

Works Great but turning off and on is prob

Works really great amazing battery backup and just a pen drive that can sing but has difficulty in turning it on but clicking on the reset button resolves the issue. Also the shuffling options are good and is good for traveling and listening to songs since it is small can be used as a pen drive overall satisfied

Karan Shah 13 Mar, 2012

Amazing .Transcend MP330 4 GB MP3 Player

#bestbuy The player is awesome . Distinct Features : lyrics sync , sleep timer , auto shutdown timer , appropriate battery back up , sports clip . Issues with earphones. Those provided along are not up to the mark. You can buy another pair. I have tried Philips , skullcandy, Samsung galaxy headset and Sennheiser . They work pretty fine as per the order. Philips being above average and Sennheiser giving the best output.

Bhavan Shah 13 Mar, 2012

Super Cool & Value for Money

I just got this MP3 last week and I am already in love with it. Its super handy, easy to operate, download songs great effects and overall its value for money... The reason I bought this is I can switch on to the FM when I am bored with MP3.

Sushma 12 Mar, 2012

Best buy ...

This is the best MP3 Player that you can get in this price range.Bought this MP3 player on Aug'11, and much more impressed with this player. My Ratings: (Out of 10) ------------------------- Audio Processing: 10.0 Battery backup: 9.0 FM Tuner: 10.0 Equalizer: 9.0 Headset Quality: 9.5 Folder Navigation: 5.0 (You cant navigate and select a particulr song) Overall Rating: 9/10

Vivek Varanasi 9 Mar, 2012


After a long search to get a good Mp3 at a reasonable budget... I bought this Mp3... and Im loving it!! It was my first purchase frm Flipkart!! Amazing service... I received my Mp3 within 2 days.. The music quality is good.. d headphones are little irritating... But if u join in a good pair of Headphones it give awesome sound... :) Over all i loved My first experience here! :)

Sharvari B. 8 Mar, 2012

Fantastic Value for money

I had been using my 2006 sixth gen 80 gig Apple Ipod classic till now and it started to be very cumbersome and bulky. I ordered this player on the 6th and got it delivered the next day (thanks flipkart). As far as the review goes: This is an amazing product for the price. Pairing it up with my Skullcandy riot(purchased together), this mp3 player makes an excellent device for wearing during exercise routines/jogging etc. It's compact and perfect. The Audio quality is very good especially the equalizers and the built in FM tuner along with voice recording is awesome! I'm happy :)

Sidd Nath 8 Mar, 2012

An OK product for those who just want music in any form......

Well its a good looking mp3 player but just a bit bulky and with hilarious data transfer speed so you might just think twice before you try to fill the entire 8 GB , so hold on playa, you might just get a better one , but at this price point , I DON'T THINK SO! Rated O.K!

Avanish Rai 7 Mar, 2012

MP3 Player is not bad, upgrade to Ver 2.13 is required.

I booked it on 4th March 2012, got it on 6th March 2012. Packaging for Flip Kart was good. I listened to songs about 4 hours late that night. On 7tn March 2012 listen to songs for a while and on some track, the player got hung. Tried hard to turn if off and then turned it back on, it took ages to load back and performance on it degraded to 50%, lost few songs i think cause i found the free space on the device had increased. Then i had to Google for firmware, went to official link - My current version is 2.10 and version 2.13 was available for download. Now planning to upgrade to version 2.13. Transcend claim the device hung up issue will be resolved. Hope it should resolve or else... its a waste of money on this thing. Use this link to upgrade the firmware. Log to Transcend official web page and search for it. I found it and it is there, so don't give up. All the best, hope it should help at-least few who are facing this Hung up issue. As everybody told - Earphones are cheap, U will be lost in balancing the Volume and Bass on the device. Don't know about the battery backup since its been less than 24 Hours that i had this MP3 Player. Will post a review after the firmware Upgrade.

Santosh Patil Kandagal 7 Mar, 2012

Charging the device is an issue.........be informed..

The only apparent disadvantage i could observe on receiving the product was that, it has USB head for charging which can be charged through laptop/desktop. A seperate charger is not included in the package. It is widely accepted fact that one should avoid direct attachment of a electronic device to a PC/laptop since it may tranfer the virus (if any on PC/laptop) and or interfere with the software of the device. When i am looking for a independent USB charger, i am not finding one and the ones available are costing > Rs. 600 with no warranty...... One should keep this fact in mind while purchasing this product or similar products. "

Vikas kedia 6 Mar, 2012

A worth product for this tag price

This MP3 player is a simply best. Good siund quality, Even FM clarity is good. For this price this Music player is far better. Earphones which come along in box is not good.... with sony or any other Ear phones the sound output is really good. Best product for this price tag. Thanks Flipkart and also Transcend.....

Prabhod K 5 Mar, 2012


I bought this mp3 player this week and I must say dat d quality of music it demonstrates is really good...you have to buy a new pair of headphones to match up with its quality, otherwise the bass, treble everything is perfect as you would expect them to be. The one problem I am facing using this mp3 player is that its not getting detected on my computer.The player is showing connected to the computer and is also getting charged but its not getting detected on my computer. I attached it to my friend `s laptop and its easily getting detected there. My friend`s computer and mine both are Windows xp 2007. I called d customer care executive and they said to reformat the player on the computer on which it gets detected. I wonder if that will help....

RIA%20 SAHA 4 Mar, 2012

Good Value for Money

This product I'd bought in December 2011 and I'm all for it if you're looking for a handy device to listen and record. The unit might not be sleek; but can definitely gel well with any outfit. The buttons might look a bit fragile; but as long as the unit is used by 'you' and nobody else guess it can withstand. The battery life too is fair. The flip side I felt is that the volume level even when it's the highest is not loud enough especially when one uses the player in the public transport. Hope the makers do something about it. Soon after you buy please remember to register the unit online so as to ensure that you get your warranty in the company's records too. It's simple and won't take much time. Overall, Transcend MP330 4 GB MP3 player is a very good companion to listen to your favourite music or talk in your strolls or jogging or rest-time.

Cherry Mathew Philipose 26 Feb, 2012


This mp3 player is a real good one.Especially its functions.It has in addition a radio,a record function within it.A complete package with full-fledged accessories.Also some music settings that make it a must buy product.

Darshan Patil 14 Feb, 2012

not satisfactory

Those who love quality music, This product is just a wastage.. Music quality is very poor.....I got it on 8th feb 2012 but I want to sell it now........, What I found wrong in this product. 1. The quality of the earphone is very poor 2. quality of the music out put is cheap. 3. when u listen music it chuck my ear even with low volume 4. The time of the battery is also very low, hardly two hours

Anup Kumar Sutar 10 Feb, 2012

Value for money(Xcept the headset)

This is a nice mp3 player from transcend.Sometimes I have problem while starting the player after removing it from the laptop after charging.otherwise it hassle free and the menus are very much in the comfy zone.The headset bundled with the player sucks...

Brahan madhav 8 Feb, 2012

Good Functions than other players

Usually when we listen to music on Laptop/Desktop we go for playlist.. and that's what this player does at this affordable price with 4GB capacity.Playlist, Custom EQ, Clock, Auto turn off timer, Display screen, FM, and many other functions. I owe Sony NWZ B162F and it doesn't support playlist but sound a little bit better than this for bass lovers!!! But still transcend is Good Product for those who don't wish to invest more than 2,000/- go for it!!! Flipkart service is great and they always sell Genuine/Original products and not the fake one like others do!! Flipkart and Transcend Mp330 Rocks !!!

Yeshwant Bhangare 6 Feb, 2012

Quality music 'on the go'

Transcend MP330 is cheaper alternative for your 'on the go' music tastes. The product is absolutely stunning at a price tag of less than 2k but what attracted me most was an audio cable provided in the package. What's the use? many i would say... you can get this little one play in your car, with USB or with this audio cable. For those who do not have a USB built-in audio system, the audio cable works as miracle. Secondly, you can record your poems, songs, classes, lectures and play them over and over, with this player. Lastly, you do not have to charge it too much. The battery lets you play up to 3-4 hours and it charges itself as soon as you copy songs through USB port. The only negative point goes to the earphones. It's cheap, looks like the ones you get from roadside shops at 20-30 bucks. I rather suggest you to go for a better earphone with this player. I do not use the earphones because I mostly use this system with my car audio system. Overall, I am satisfied. Good buy.

Amal Biswas 4 Feb, 2012

not great thing

actually i ordered this player for my mom. this is not so easy to use for old age people as the function of the keys are not so simple. there is no facility for deleting the recorded tracks. recording key is so much sensitive that even by mistake while listening to songs, you click it once, ,then it'll start recording. and contrastingly, for power on/off you have to wait for such a long time

adi mehta 3 Feb, 2012

Nice buy..

I bruoght this last month, its very nice. you can enjoy misic all the day.. +ive: Great performance.. loud music.. Best Bass.. Best settings.. Long Battery.. -ive: Slow file transfer --- Flipkart is doing great job. Thank you

Sundara Balaji 1 Feb, 2012

Product decent & Flipkart Customer service brilliant

Review for Product: Product is decent, But you have to get used to the usability part. Headphones that come with the player does not sit in the ear well....especially if cycling or running...so will have to go for better ones. The headphone sorta gives a rough feeling. Battery backup is also decent...i Didn't calculate the hours played but i think it must be 8 hours Review for Flipkart Service: One word "Awesumm".They gave me a quick delivery that helped me carry this to one of my best cycling trips (Bangalore-Madikere-Bangalore)

Saju Thomas 1 Feb, 2012


Its a fine product, compact, easily fits in small pockets visibility is good....but headphones r bit low bass effect anyway its enough for safety nd future of ears... but plugin ll be good for those who like loud music....FM recorded is good but not so perfect.....

NAVEEN 25 Jan, 2012

Good item

Worth Buying all options available including radio and great battery backup.. 95% satisfied with the product other colours are recomemded exept black, as it is not looking so attractive .................................................................................

Sattiraju Abhishek 23 Jan, 2012


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